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Miss Universe 1982 special


By Julio Rodriguez Matute

The 31st Miss Universe pageant was held on July 26th, 1982 and, in 2017, we will celebrate 35 years since the most exciting beauty competition in the world was broadcasted live from the Amauta Coliseum in Lima, the capital city of Peru. It was in 1982 when Canadian Karen Baldwin gave her homeland the first Miss Universe crown beating other 76 contestants from all over the globe. In this special, we will remember and get to know many facts that were involved in this Miss Universe edition that was held, for the first time in history, in South America.

Leading up to…

The previous year, Venezuelan beauty Irene Saez Conde had gotten the second Miss Universe crown in three years for her country. That contest was held at the Minskoff Theater in New York City. Then, Irene moved to New York City and shared the apartment 24H in a luxury building near Lincoln Center with Kim Seelbrede from Ohio, who was Miss USA 1981. Miss Universe Inc. decided the two of their winners, both Miss Universe and Miss USA, would share the same apartment in New York since 1977 along with their official chaperone, Mrs Marie-Helene Rosenberg. After the 1981 Miss Universe pageant, Kim incurred several breach of advertising contracts due to serious differences with Miss Universe Inc. directed by Harold Glasser. But those advertising contracts already subscribed by Miss Universe Inc. could not be discarded so the newly crowned Miss Universe, Irene Saez, had to take them over. Despite how laborious it would be to undertake both tasks, Miss Universe’s and Miss USA’s, Saez developed a great work, which was publicly recognized by Glasser. He indicated that her work, until then, could not be compared with that of any of her predecessors; She was offered to hold the title for another year: “Five Miss Universes together have not done everything you’ve accomplished so far” said Glasser. But the truth was that the great economic recession in the United States at that time, which began in July 1981, had caused many sponsors to withdraw and thus the company’s income. Irene was overworked and, in just six months, visited some 115 cities not only in the U.S. but worldwide (she visited more than 35 countries). Saez cordially declined Glasser´s offer because she thought one year was enough. She felt tired and wanted to come back to study and finish her career of Civil Engineer in her native Venezuela (later, Irene changed her mind and started studying Political Science that helped her to do a Political career and became Mayoress of the Municipality of Chacao years later).

Due to the economic crisis, Miss Universe Inc., that belonged to the Kaiser-Roth Corporation, a company of Golf & Western CO, sold some stocks to the Paramount Pictures and the programming of the site for the 1982 pageant was delayed. Usually, the host city was negotiated one year in advance.

It was in January of 1982 when Genaro Delgado Parker of Panamericana Television (PANTEL) of Lima, approached Miss Universe Inc. and showed the interest of Peru to be the host for the 1982 pageant. After weeks of negotiations, Delgado Parker got the rights to hold the famous beauty contest in Peruvian soil. His company, Producciones Panamericana, would work along with Miss Universe Inc. and CBS to bring one of the most spectacular Miss Universe pageants ever. Finally, the official contract was signed on February 16th, 1982 after members of the Miss Universe commission had been visiting Lima for a week. They said the Peruvian capital was chosen because of its television facilities, hotel accommodations and enthusiastic support. The date they informed that the pageant was going to be held was, at first, June 26th but they later corrected it to July 26th. After the contract was signed, Genaro Delgado Parker started looking for support from the Peruvian government and also, from possible local sponsors.

Feminists against the hosting

The news of Peru being the host country of the 1982 Miss Universe pageant was soon on all of the Peruvian newspapers. But not everyone was happy with the news. A couple of days after the signing of the contract, feminists had sent a protest letter to the Peruvian President Fernando Belaunde Terry claiming that it would be financially and sexually exploitative to hold the 1982 Miss Universe beauty pageant there. The letter, signed by the leaders of 12 women’s organizations, was published Monday February 22nd in the leftist daily newspaper El Diario Marka. The letter said the contest would be “an insult to the dignity of Peruvian women, as it will give false hopes to our children and use women for the enrichment of certain groups”. They claimed the Miss Universe contest would represent an ostentatious hemorrhage of money and a luxury that would contrast with the government’s austerity policy. “It will be impossible to separate the ‘private initiative’ from an official celebration by the government, as surely the contestants will be wined and dined by the officials involved”. “We also denounce the contradiction between this project and the government’s campaign against pornography, since pornography, like beauty contests, reduces women simply to objects of exploitation, stripping them of their real value”. But the local organizers of the pageant have stressed the importance of the event in presenting an attractive image of Peru to the rest of the world.

Early preparations

After the critics, the Peruvian government declined to give money for the pageant. Genaro Delgado Parker had already invested USD 650,000 in the contract with Miss Universe Inc. for hosting fees and needed millions of Peruvian soles to continue with the organization of the project. The Ministry of Tourism of Peru, approached by Delgado Parker, didn’t give the monetary support he asked but offered the Municipal Theater of Lima for free. The offer was rejected because Producciones Panamericana (PROPAN) needed a bigger site for the event.

Finally, the scenery chosen by PANTEL was the Amauta Coliseum located in the section of Chacra Rios in Lima, a former bullring with capacity for 10,000 people which had been purchased by PROPAN in 1981. It was built 30 years before for bullfights but used more recently for volleyball and track meets. They had already invested more than 100 million soles (the rate in that time was about 705 soles per one USD) for repairing the Amauta and needed some 500 millions more to finish it for the pageant, including the assembly of an escalator, lighting equipment, parking improvements, installing a press office, etc.

AmautaColiseum in 1982

While the National Institute of Cultura of Peru (INC) denied funds for the pageant, PROPAN found the support of FOPTUR and it gave some 300 millions of soles for the restoration of the Amauta. FOPTUR (Tourism Promotion Fund) was a state agency in charge of promoting Peru as a tourist attraction. Natural landscapes, archaeological remains, tradition and folklore were some of the aspects of Peru that FOPTUR spread through print, radio and television commercials. FOPTUR was created in 1977 and its commercials often appeared on television.

Amauta Coliseum today

Meanwhile, a staff from CBS arrived to Peru in April 1982 to see locations for the pageant. They visited, besides Lima, the cities of Cusco, Arequipa and Iquitos. After a meeting with PROPAN and a visit to the instalations of Panamericana Television (PANTEL), they saw they didn’t have a good TV technology as they expected. They informed Harold Glasser of Miss Universe Inc. about this so he personally requested CBS to bring their own equipment which was sent by ship to Peru, including cameras, cranes and the technology to make the filming, achieve the via-satelite transmission and build the stage. Many of that equipment brought by the CBS stayed in Peru because of the high costs involved in returning them to the United States. After the pageant, Glasser confessed the pageant had cost about USD 3 million, one million more of what they had expected…

Weeks later, Genaro Delgado Parker of PROPAN found the support of the head of the ministers, Manuel Ulloa, who tried to give Peru a greater opening to foreign investment and tourism. The TV equipment that was brought by CBS entered Peru apparently, with certain facilities granted by Ulloa himself that eluded even the payment of taxes. The main equipment would only stay in Peru for the competition but those that remain in Peru would pay the respective customs duties.

However, the first public organization to express its support to the Miss Universe project in Lima was MITI – Ministry of Industry, Integration and Tourism, which, through its director, Dr. Roberto Persivale, offered full government support to the representatives of the local television network for the best organization and success of the contest. “MITI will support and sponsor this event, which will have representatives from 80 countries around the world”. Similarly, the full support of the Provincial Council of Lima was communicated for the realization of the contest; In this way, the mayor of Lima, Eduardo Orrego, conveyed his support for the crystallization of the show.

Gran Hotel Bolivar, the oldest and the most famous hotel of the city of Lima

The hotel chosen for the delegates and the Miss Universe staff was the Gran Hotel Bolívar, in Plaza San Martín, thanks to an sponsor agreement signed by Miss Universe Inc. The entire North American production team, International delegates and the full staff of chaperones and local coordinators would be accommodated there. This hotel, the oldest in Lima, was inaugurated on December 6th, 1924 but it was refurbished for the pageant.

Gran Hotel Bolivar today

The Sheraton hotel of Lima, opened in 1973, was chosen to accommodate the judges and special guests. The Miss Universe Inc. wanted them to be separated of the young ladies. Bus transportation was in hands of the renowned company Ormeño.


A former Miss Peru, Irma Vargas Fuller, who proudly represented her country at the Miss International of 1960, was chosen as the General Coordinator and Chief of Chaperones.

She did a casting call and also invited personal of the different Embassies in Peru to select some 70 ladies between 30 and 50 years of age, who spoke different languages ​​and who were willing to work as volunteers, without payment, during the month of the competition.

The Miss Universe staff consisted of about 70 people. They included the producer Sid Smith, with 16 years of experience in the TV production business; the television director Clark Jones, with experience in the direction of the Tony Awards; Bob Lissner, with experience working on NBC for almost 30 years; the writer, Frank Scolum; the art director, Don Shirley; the musical director, Elliot Lawrence who created the music and lyrics of the Opening Number and the Production Number; Director of Lighting, Phil Hymes; and the director of Choreography, Judith Houghton. The television production staff was joined by the executive board of Miss Universe Inc., led by Mr. Harold Glasser as the Chairman, along with Frank Sweeney, Kerry Glasser and Denise Scalso in the vice-presidency.

National finals

After being announced that Peru was going to be the host country for the 31st edition of the Miss Universe pageant, many countries had chosen or were about to crown their delegates for the competition. Miss Universe Inc had expected 85 countries to take part in the 1982 event although a last minute new comer, New Caledonia, got the rights to send their representative for the first time in history, making them 86.

Among the first countries or territories that crowned their delegates were Tahiti, Gibraltar, Martinique, British Virgin Islands, Aruba, Bahamas, Spain, Turks & Caicos, Reunion, Belize,  Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, Canada and France, all of them in the second half of 1981. But, we can say that the very first woman elected to Miss Universe 1982 was indeed Miss Italy, Cinzia Fiordeponti, who was crowned on September 2, 1979, almost three years before!!. The reason was because the local organizers didn’t have a very special interest in Miss Universe and just asked among the previous contestants or winners who was able to compete internationally. They preferred not to send the current titleholder because the Miss Italy pageant was very important in their own country and the winner had a lot of presentations which meant a lot of money for the organizer’s pockets. Another one who was chosen earlier was Miss Switzerland, Jeannette Linkenheil, who was crowned in June 1980 and went to Miss World that year (in 1979 and 1980, the Miss Switzerland titleholders went to Miss World and a runner-up to Miss Universe). As the Miss Switzerland 1982 contest was held late, then the local organizers chose the 1980 winner, Jeannette, to go to Lima, Peru.

Miss Italy 1979 and Miss Switzerland 1980 went to Miss Universe 1982

Miss Bahamas was chosen on September 6th,1981 and Miss Spain on September 11th,1981

Miss Canada, Karen Dianne Baldwin, was crowned on November 2nd, 1981. She beated other 35 local contenders

The rest of the national finals were held during the first half of 1982. May and June were busy as usual with the crownings of  Miss Dominican Republic (May 5th), Miss Venezuela (May 6th), Miss Singapore (May 8th), Miss India (May 8th), Miss Curacao (May 8th), Miss Chile (May 10th), Miss USA (May 13th), Miss Bolivia (May 14th), Miss Korea (May 15th), Miss England (May 19th), Miss Holland (May 22nd), Miss Denmark (May 27th), Miss Hong Kong (May 29th), Miss Honduras (May 29th), Miss Mexico (May 30th), Miss Panama (June 4th), Miss Germany (June 5th), Miss Iceland (June 6th) and Miss Argentina (June 7th) among others.

The Miss El Salvador pageant, the first beauty competition held for Miss Universe in the last three years due to the civil war in that country, crowned their delegate on Friday, June 18th. Few minutes after the crowning, by midnight, a strong earthquake of 7.3 in the Richter scale struck the whole nation. It was the earth’s gift for Jeannette Marroquin to have won the crown in the middle of a complicated political scenario.

The last two queens that had been chosen were Miss Peru, Maria Francesca Zaza, who just was crowned on June 23rd in the same Amauta Coliseum, only one week away of the first Miss Universe contestants’ arrivals to Lima, and Miss Brazil, Celice Pinto Marques Da Silva, elected on June 26th.

What a reaction!!, one of the most memorable’s in the Miss USA history

The largest known number of local aspirants was 51 at Miss USA while the lowest was just three at the Miss Norway pageant…

And talking about Miss USA, organizers invited Dr. Manuel Bentin, member of the Counsel and representative of the Mayor of Lima, along with Miss Peru 1981, Gladys Silva, to the finals held on May 13th in Biloxi, Mississippi. Bentin gave the newly crowned Miss USA the official invitation of the government of Peru to come to Lima for the Miss Universe pageant.

Terri Utley was not going to be the only Miss USA representative at the international finals in Lima. Miss Alaska, Toni Lynn McFadden, who had won the coveted Miss Amity award during the preliminaries of the Miss USA pageant, had won a free trip to Lima as a special guest.

Miss USA, Terri Utley had breakfast in bed, like a real queen, the following day she was crowned in Biloxi, Mississippi

Miss Venezuela Miss Chile Miss Singapore
Miss Finland Miss Hong Kong Miss Greece
Miss Holland Miss Ecuador Miss Mexico
Miss Cayman Islands Miss Brazil Miss Honduras
Miss Peru Miss Colombia Miss Belize
Miss South Africa Miss Costa Rica Miss Belgium
Miss Namibia Miss Turkey Miss Bolivia
Miss Iceland Miss Dominican Republic Miss Israel
Miss Argentina Miss India
Miss Denmark Miss Korea



Two queens already chosen for Miss Universe were dethroned in 1982. The first one was Miss Indonesia, Rita Noni, who was chosen at closed doors because the pageant was banned and forbidden by the government. After she was crowned, the local organizer, Andi Nurhayati, dethroned her because she was not “pure Indonesian” as she had Chinese heritage. Then, the first runner-up, Sri Yulianti, the niece of a general who had no Chinese heritage, took over her place.

The other one was the French delegate. The Miss France contest was held on December 29th, 1981 in Paris, and the winner was 16 year-old Sabrina Belleval who was close to turn 17 which made her eligible for Miss Universe. At that time, Miss Universe accepted girls from 17 to 28.

When Sabrina came back to her country after the Miss Europe competition which was held on June 11th in Istanbul, Turkey (some of the European contestants, like Sabrina and Misses Spain, Portugal, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Gibraltar and Ireland were going to Lima for Miss Universe after competing in Miss Europe), she was informed she had been dethroned because of publicity agreements she had committed with Japan without the authorization of the Miss France Committee. On June 28th, the Miss France committee named Martine Philipps, the former Miss Franche-Comté who was born in Senegal and first runner-up of Sabrina, as the new Miss France 1982. Martine was the last contestant officially registered for Miss Universe.

Martine Philipps, the new Miss France 1982


Like almost every year, some crowned beauty queens were replaced at the last minute due to age or health problems. Others just didn’t want to go to Miss Universe because of their school or employment commitments. Miss Wales 1982,  Caroline Jane Williams, went to Miss Europe and became the 3rd runner-up, but she didn’t go to Peru. She was told by the Morleys (owners of the Miss Universe franchise for England, Wales and Scotland) that she looked too young for Miss Universe. The Morleys asked Michele Donnelly, the current “Miss United Kingdom” from Wales and who was a runner-up at Miss World the previous year, to go to Peru to the Miss Universe pageant and she agreed. Williams competed later that year in Miss International, where she made the Top 15, and Miss Intercontinental, where she got the 1st runner-up prize.

Caroline Jane Williams, Miss Wales 1982 Yvette Maria Bellido, Miss Gibraltar 1981

Gibraltar debuted in Miss Universe 1981 with her 1980 queen and Miss Gibraltar 1981, Yvette Maria Bellido, crowned on September of that year, was supposed to go to both Miss World and Miss Universe as her predecessor did. But she resigned on her return from the Miss World 1981 Contest. After countless efforts for her to change her mind proved fruitless the crown was passed to 1st Princess, Pilar Ford. But just when problems seemed over, Pilar cut short a visit to Morocco, where she was representing the Rock at the Miss Nations contest, and returned home stepping down from Miss Gibraltar. The crown was then handed over to 2nd Princess Michelle Lara who went on to win the title of Miss Friendship at the 1982 Miss Europe Contest.

Another replacement was the one of Miss Cyprus 1982. Due to undisclosed reasons, the winner, Maria Panayiotou, could not travel to Peru to compete in Miss Universe. In her place, the local organizers chose Silvia Spanias Nitsa, who was elected as Miss Carlsberg at the Star Cyprus 1982 pageant.


As I mentioned earlier, 86 countries were expected to compete in the 1982 Miss Universe pageant, including the late registration of the debuting territory of New Caledonia. But two of them announced they would not longer compete at the end of May. They were Miss Fiji, Loretta Marie Ragg and Miss Cook Islands, Celine Tommy (these Pacific Ocean islands would have debuted in 1982, but they did the following year). Both of them withdrew due to sponsorship issues.

Celine Tommy, Miss Cook Islands 1981 in a recent photo of 2015

By the end of June, the local organizers still expected 84 queens from all over the world. Then, two more contestants withdrew due to lack of sponsors (Miss St.Kitts, Ichel Jeffers and Miss St.Vincent, Charmine Theobalds ).

Three other delegates were not sent by their local organizers because of different reasons. Miss Tahiti, Maimiti Kinnander did not go to Miss Universe because she didn’t place at Miss France (the two previous Miss Tahiti had been selected as Miss France D’Outre Mer and they also made the semifinals in Miss Universe). Maimiti, crowned on July 4th, 1981, went to compete only in Miss International and Miss World 1981.

After the two replacements at Miss Gibraltar explained earlier, Michelle Lara, who got the crown months before, got sick after her return from Miss Europe, preventing her from traveling to Lima.

And Miss Lebanon, Dolly Michel El-Khoury, who was expected until July 7th in Lima, announced she refused to participate in the pageant the day after Miss Israel, 19-year-old army sergeant Deborah Naomi Hess, arrived in the Peruvian capital. Contest organizers would only say Miss El Khoury’s decision “had to do with problems confronting her nation”.

Miss Tahiti, Maimiti Kinnander Miss Fiji, Loreta Marie Ragg Miss Gibraltar, Michelle Lara

Would not compete with Miss South Africa

On April 4th 1982, Irene Saez, Miss Universe 1981 crowned Nancy Ann Martin, 17, from Kingston, as the new “Miss Jamaica Universe 1982” who won over other 14 entries. But her participation in the 1982 Miss Universe finals was conditioned if South Africa was not represented. One official said that “the Jamaican Government does not condone or recognise the participation of any Jamaican in any contest, international or otherwise, in which a South African may be participating, and will not support any such contest for that purpose. Jamaica has won a deserved recognition on the world beauty scene, for beauty, dignity and dedication to the principle of anti-racism”. The local organizers were waiting for the confirmation if a South African entry would arrive to Lima in order to send the very first Miss Jamaica Universe in years. When Miss South Africa 1982, Odette Scrooby arrived to Peru on the first days of July, their plans of sending the Jamaican beauty were gone.

Discontinued pageant

After Miss Mauritius 1981, Carole Fitzgerald, withdrew the Miss Universe pageant just few days before the finals, the organizer of the Miss Mauritius contest, Mrs Primerose Obeegadoo, decided to cancel the national competition and moved to London from 1982 to 1985 with her husband, who had been assigned as Ambassador of Mauritius to the United Kingdom. On the other hand, Antigua, Haiti and St.Lucia decided to drop out the Miss Universe franchise.



MEET THE 77 DELEGATES FOR MISS UNIVERSE 1982 ARGENTINA Maria Alejandra Basile   Hometown: Buenos Aires Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 10 inches   ARUBA Noriza Antonio Helder   Hometown: Oranjestad Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 8 inches  
AUSTRALIA Lou-Anne Caroline Ronchi   Hometown: Perth Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 10 inches   AUSTRIA Elisabeth Kawan   Hometown: Graz Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 9 inches   BAHAMAS Ava Marilyn Burke   Hometown: Nassau Age: 24 Height: 5 feet 11 inches  
BELGIUM Marie-Pierre Lemaître   Hometown: Brussels Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 10 inches   BELIZE Sharon Kay Auxillou   Hometown: Belize City Age: 18 Height: 5 feet 5 inches   BERMUDA Heather Michelle Ross   Hometown: Somerset Age: 22 Height: 5 feet 11.5 inches  
BOLIVIA Sandra Irene Villarroel Gallati   Hometown: Santa Cruz Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 9 inches   BRAZIL Celice Pinto Marques da Silva   Hometown: Belem do Para Age: 18 Height: 5 feet 10.5 inches   BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS Luce Dahlia Hodge   Hometown: Road Town, Tortola Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 8 inches  
CANADA Karen Dianne Baldwin   Hometown: London,Ontario Age: 18 Height: 5 feet 10 inches   CAYMAN ISLANDS Maureen Theresa Lewis   Hometown: Bodden Town, Grand Cayman Age: 21 Height: 5 feet 9.5 inches   CHILE Jenny Purto Arab   Hometown: Melipilla Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 11.5 inches  
COLOMBIA Nadya Santacruz Quintero   Hometown: Cali Age: 22 Height: 5 feet 8.5 inches   COSTA RICA Lilliana Corella Espinoza   Hometown: Alajuela Age: 18 Height: 5 feet 5.5 inches   CURACAO Minerva Ranila Hieroms   Hometown: Willemstad Age: 23 Height: 5 feet 6 inches  
DENMARK Tina-Maria Nielsen   Hometown: Copenhagen Age: 17 Height: 5 feet 7 inches   DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Soraya Josephina Morey Molina   Hometown: San Pedro de Macoris Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 11 inches   ECUADOR Lorena Jackeline Burgos García   Hometown: Guayaquil Age: 21 Height: 5 feet 6 inches  
EL SALVADOR Jeannette Orietta Marroquín   Hometown: San Vicente Age: 21 Height: 5 feet 8 inches   ENGLAND Della Frances Dolan   Hometown: Grimsby Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 9 inches   FINLAND Sari Kaarina Aspholm   Hometown: Vaanta Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 9.5 inches  
FRANCE Martine Marie Philipps   Hometown:Audincourt,Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Age: 23 Height: 5 feet 10.5 inches   GERMANY Kerstin Natalie Paeserack   Hometown: Wilhelmshaven Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 11 inches   GREECE Tina Roussou   Hometown: Athens Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 9 inches  
GUADELOUPE Lydia Martine Galin   Hometown: Les Abymes Age: 18 Height: 5 feet 8 inches   GUAM Patty Chong Kerkos   Hometown: Tamuning Age: 18 Height: 5 feet 4.5 inches   GUATEMALA Edith Suzanne Whitbeck Cain   Hometown: Guatemala City Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 8 inches  
HOLLAND Brigitte Dierickx   Hometown: Maastricht Age: 19 Height: 6 feet   HONDURAS Eva Lissete Barahona Dheming   Hometown: La Ceiba Age: 21 Height: 5 feet 6.5 inches   HONG KONG Anglie Leon Leung   Hometown: Kowloon Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 5.5 inches  
ICELAND Gudrun Moller   Hometown: Reykjavik Age: 17 Height: 5 feet 7.5 inches   INDIA Pamela Chaudhry Singh   Hometown: Bombay (now Mumbai) Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 8 inches   INDONESIA Sri Yulianti   Hometown: Jakarta Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 5 inches  
IRELAND Geraldine Mary McGrory   Hometown: Derry Age: 23 Height: 5 feet 8.5 inches   ISRAEL Deborah Naomi Hess   Hometown: Jerusalem Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 9.5 inches   ITALY Cinzia Fiordeponti   Hometown: Pescara, Abruzzo Age: 21 Height: 5 feet 9 inches  
JAPAN Eri Okuwaki   Hometown: Machida Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 8 inches   KOREA Sun-hee Park   Hometown: Daegu Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 5.5 inches   MALAYSIA Siti Rohani Binte Wahid   Hometown: Kuala Lumpur Age: 25 Height: 5 feet 4.5 inches  
MALTA Rita Ann Falzon   Hometown: Hamrun Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 8 inches   MARTINIQUE Corine Soler   Hometown: Les Troits-Ilets Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 4.5 inches   MEXICO Maria del Carmen Lopez Flores   Hometown: Mexico City Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 6.5 inches  
NAMIBIA Desere Anita Kotze   Hometown: Windhoek Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 11 inches   NEW CALEDONIA Lenka Topalovitch   Hometown: Noumea Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 4.5 inches   NEW ZEALAND Sandra Helen Dexter   Hometown: Auckland Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 7 inches  
NORTHERN MARIANAS Sheryl Sonoda Sizemore   Hometown: Chalan Kanoa, Saipan Age: 17 Height: 5 feet 5 inches   NORWAY Janett Carine Krefting   Hometown: Oslo Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 6 inches   PANAMA Isora de Lourdes Moreno Lopez   Hometown: Panama City Age: 23 Height: 5 feet 9 inches  
PAPUA NEW GUINEA Moi Eli   Hometown: Port Moresby Age: 24 Height: 5 feet 6.5 inches   PARAGUAY Maris Stella Villalba Mendoza   Hometown: Asuncion Age: 18 Height: 5 feet 7 inches   PERU Maria Francesca Zaza Reinoso   Hometown: Lima Age: 17 Height: 5 feet 9 inches  
PHILIPPINES Maria Isabel Lopez   Hometown: Manila Age: 22 Height: 5 feet 6 inches   PORTUGAL Ana Maria Valdiz Wilson   Hometown: Lisbon Age: 18 Height: 5 feet 9.5 inches   PUERTO RICO Lourdes Milagros Mantero Hormazabal   Hometown: Juncos Age: 23 Height: 5 feet 7 inches  
REUNION Ginon Marie Micheline Manthe   Hometown: Sainte Clotilde Age: 22 Height: 5 feet 3.5 inches   SCOTLAND Georgina Lee Kearney   Hometown: Coatbridge, Lanarkshire Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 6 inches   SINGAPORE Telma Judicia Mary Nonis   Hometown: Singapore City Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 4 inches  
SOUTH AFRICA Odette Octavia Scrooby   Hometown: Brits Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 9 inches   SPAIN Cristina Pérez Cottrell   Hometown: Madrid Age: 18 Height: 5 feet 8.5 inches   SRI LANKA Ann Monica Tradigo   Hometown: Ratmalana Age: 24 Height: 5 feet 7 inches  
ST. MAARTEN Liana Elviara Brown   Hometown: South Reward Age: 18 Height: 5 feet 7 inches   SURINAME Vanessa de Vries   Hometown: Paramaribo Age: 17 Height: 5 feet 11 inches   SWEDEN Anna-Kari Maria Bergström   Hometown: Pitea Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 9 inches  
SWITZERLAND Jeanette Linkenheil   Hometown: Lausanne Age: 24 Height: 5 feet 7 inches   THAILAND Nipaporn Narapanieh   Hometown: Bangkok Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 7 inches   TRANSKEI Nomxolisi Mji   Hometown: Umtata Age: 17 Height: 5 feet 6 inches  
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Suzanne Traboulay   Hometown: San Fernando Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 5.5 inches   TURKEY Canan Emine Kakmaci   Hometown: Istanbul Age: 21 Height: 5 feet 6 inches   TURKS & CAICOS Jacqueline Paula Ann Astwood   Hometown: Cockburn Town, Grand Turk Age: 18 Height: 5 feet 3.5 inches  
URUGUAY Silvia Beatriz Vila Abayian   Hometown: Montevideo Age: 18 Height: 5 feet 9 inches   USA Terri Lea Utley   Hometown: Cabot, Arkansas Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 8 inches   U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS Ingerborg Hendricks   Hometown: Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas Age: 23 Height: 5 feet 9.5 inches  
VENEZUELA Ana Teresa Oropeza Villavicencio   Hometown: Caracas Age: 18 Height: 5 feet 11 inches   WALES Michele Donnelly   Hometown: Cardiff Age: 20 Height: 5 feet 11.5 inches   WESTERN SAMOA Ivy Evelyn Warner   Hometown: Apia Age: 17 Height: 5 feet 5.5 inches  


The arrival to Lima of the first group of delegates was on June 30th, 1982. The ladies were received at the Jorge Chavez International Airport of Callao by the new Miss Peru, Maria Francesca Zaza. At that time, there was a sponsorship agreement with an airline, which became the official airline of the Miss Universe pageant and gave free air tickets to the candidates from somewhere in the United States or any country from where that airline would fly to the host country of the contest. In 1982, Eastern Airlines was chosen as the official airline of the beauty competition.

– Wednesday, June 30th: Arrival of contestants from Austria, Venezuela, Belgium, Aruba, Argentina, Switzerland and Portugal. Miss Venezuela arrived wearing an elegant white dress. They were received by the host delegate, Miss Peru, at a special office installed at the Jorge Chavez International Airport.

Registration at the Gran Hotel Bolivar. The contestants stayed in the 5th floor of the hotel. Miss Venezuela and Miss Peru became very good friends from the very beginning. The girls were informed about the rules. No drinking, no smoking, no kissing men and no dancing twice with the same man…

The Civil Guard and the National Police of Investigations has highlighted more than 70 personnel to guard the Gran Hotel Bolivar.

– Thursday, July 1st: Arrival of delegates from Bermuda, USA, Panama, Finland, Belize, Bolivia and Martinique. Miss Panama broke one of her heels when she arrived at the airport. Six of the girls (USA, Martinique, Bolivia, Finland, Venezuela and Peru) went to a cocktail and dinner at the Restaurant “Pabellon de Caza” in Santiago de Surco, Lima invited by its owner, Javier Trias. Irene Saez, Miss Universe 1981, arrived today but felt sick with flu.

A first group of 7 young ladies traveled to the jungle, to the northern city of Iquitos to do some pre-recordings for the finals. They were Misses Austria, Argentina, Portugal, Panama, Belgium, Aruba and Bermuda. They flew in a plane of the Naval Force of Lima and stayed at the Hotel Holiday Inn of Iquitos. The girls rode in canoes on the Amazon River and shared with the local indians while they were filmed by the crew of CBS and Miss Universe Inc. Miss Venezuela got a flu due to the weather and could not go to Iquitos. Her chaperone Gladys Olcese, took care of her.

Miss Universe tickets went on sale at a special office opened by PROPAN at the mall Camino Real of San Isidro. The rank was from 5,000 to 40,000 soles for the finals and 3,000 to 30,000 soles for the other events such as the Inaugural Show and Presentation Show. (1 USD = 705 soles). Much of the money raised would be donated to the Peruvian Cancer Foundation.

PROPAN opened a transitory Press Office at the Gran Hotel Bolivar while they finished the refurbishment of the Amauta Coliseum.

– Friday, July 2nd: Arrival of Misses from Spain, Chile, Ireland, Italy, France, India, Sweden, Turkey, Malta, Australia, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Norway, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Northern Marianas, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. Miss Singapore felt stomach cramps and her luggage didn’t arrive with her. Miss Chile arrived wearing a “Huasa” costume (typical dress of the Chilean).

Miss Puerto Rico was interviewed by the press and she told them her father is Peruvian, so she felt half Peruvian too.

36 of 80 expected delegates already in Lima. At noon of the 2nd of July, Miss USA and Miss Peru were invited by the Ambassador Frank Ortiz and his wife Dolores de Ortiz to the US Embassy in Lima to commemorate the 205th anniversary of the US Independence.

At night, the whole group went to the Embassy of Italy in San Isidro for a special dinner, invited by the Ambassador Federico Di Roberto and his wife Beatrice de Di Roberto. Miss Venezuela received ampicillin to recover from her flu.

– Saturday, July 3rd: Arrivals of the candidates from the Dominican Republic, Curacao, Honduras, Paraguay, New Zealand, Colombia, England, Wales, Scotland, Holland, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Guam, New Caledonia, Western Samoa, Philippines and Guadeloupe.

Irene Saez was in bed with tonsillitis. Miss Dominican Republic, who is a surgeon, was visited by the Dominican Ambassador Nilo Soto and his wife, Constanza de Soto at the hotel.

In the morning, there were photo shoots for the program book. In the afternoon, 28 contestants went to the mall Camino Real in San Isidro for shopping and having lunch and they also enjoyed a city tour. Dinner was served in a restaurant of Camino Real. The group who went to Iquitos returned to Lima that night.

– Sunday, July 4th: Today, the girls from Suriname, South Africa, Brazil, Uruguay, Namibia, Turks & Caicos, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, St. Maarten, Iceland and Ecuador arrived to Lima.

In the morning, one group of 10 girls (Venezuela, Finland, Peru, Korea, USA, Switzerland, Philippines, Australia, Colombia and Bolivia) went to the workshop of the Peruvian Sculptor Victor Delfin to do some filming for the finals.

Another group of 27 candidates went to the Andes Tennis Camp in Los Condores (Chaclacayo), some 25 miles to the east of Lima (today known as Club Los Condores). They left the hotel just before noon to enjoy the day and have lunch. They were welcomed with souvenirs made of ceramics while a music band played for them. The Minister of Industry and Tourism, Dr. Roberto Persivale, attended the Club.

Miss England and Miss Argentina shared together all the time despite the war between the two countries because of the Falkland Islands. Some of the girls enjoyed the pool and posed in their swim suits for the press photographers for few minutes because the chaperones didn’t allow them to work and they were evicted from the site. Miss Italy was scolded by her chaperone because she wore a very little white bikini. There was a false rumor that she could be disqualified for that reason… Miss India played Tennis with the owner of the Club while Miss Aruba had a lot of fun and was considered one of the nicest girls by the press. She sang, danced and swam in the pool. The delegates stayed in Chaclacayo until 4 pm and then, they returned to the hotel.

At night, they had the official welcome dinner at Gran Hotel Bolivar courtesy of Banco Latino. Miss Spain didn’t attend any of today’s activities because she got a flu and stayed at the hotel.



* Not confirmed. ** Expected but didn’t arrive

Miss Holland and Miss Belgium

– Monday, July 5th: Arrivals of the delegates from Canada, Cyprus and Denmark. Jamaica announced their contestant would not come because South Africa is taking part in the Miss Universe contest.

Miss Argentina had an argue with Miss USA about the war in the Falkland Islands and they asked to change rooms (they were roommates at that time). Miss Korea was sent to the Ricardo Palma Clinic in San Isidro because she had a severe stomach ache (she drank water from the sink). Miss Singapore‘s luggage finally arrived to Lima. The baggage had been landed in Bogota due to a mistake from the airline.

Early in the morning, a group of 10 candidates, wearing a Jones New York uniform specially designed for them, went to Pachacamac, located at some 25 miles south of Lima, and visited the Ancient Ruins, a very well known Peruvian Archaeological Sanctuary for some filming. The group included Misses Sweden, New Caledonia, India, Dominican Republic, Chile, Singapore and Ireland.

At noon, the rest of the girls went to Huachipa and visited the Haras “Santa Juanita” where they had lunch courtesy of its owner, Ernesto Lanatta and enjoyed an exhibition of the Peruvian  “Paso Fino” horses and some like Miss Suriname, Miss Colombia, Miss Switzerland, Miss Italy and Miss New Zealand showed their equestrian skills riding a horse. Miss Peru confesed she was afraid of horses. Miss Venezuela left her camera on a table and it just disappeared… Someone stole it… At the end of the afternoon, they returned to Lima.

Miss Dominican Republic expressed her feelings after the sad death of the Dominican President Antonio Guzman.

Miss Suriname

The young ladies had a special dinner at the restaurant “Les Brochettes” of San Isidro. Miss Chile ate three plates of “Aji de Gallina” (thick cream made with chicken) while Miss Belgium did the same with “Picarones” (a Peruvian typical Sweet in the form of rings made with dough of wheat flour mixed with pumpkin and sometimes sweet potato and bathed in chancaca).

An anonymous phone call announced the placement of a bomb in the Gran Hotel Bolivar. The National Police of Investigations thoroughly reviewed the hotel taking advantage of the absence of the beauty queens but found nothing.


BERNARDO: Hong Kong, Bolivia, Chile, Puerto Rico, Israel, Guam, Guadeloupe ELIAS: Singapore, Ireland, Scotland, Martinique, Uruguay, Paraguay FERNANDO: Thailand, Italy, Spain, Australia, USA, Panama GIANCARLO: Namibia, Transkei, New Zealand, Turkey, Holland, Turks & Caicos, Finland HECTOR: Guatemala, Ecuador, Papua New Guinea, Greece, South Africa, Suriname HERNAN ARANA: Colombia, Peru, Sweden, Iceland, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Indonesia LUCHO: England, Wales, Cyprus, St.Maarten, Trinidad & Tobago, Sri Lanka, India MIGUEL COLLINS: Curacao, New Caledonia, Reunion, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Malaysia, France RAFO: Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Bermuda, Korea, Philippines, Denmark SAMUEL: Norway, Canada, Germany, U.S.Virgin Islands, El Salvador, Honduras VICTOR: Jamaica, Bahamas, Japan, Portugal, Brazil, Northern Marianas, Western Samoa ISIDRO: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Malta, Aruba, Belize

– Tuesday, July 6th: Arrivals of Misses Israel and Sri Lanka. Miss Greece was supposed to arrive but one of her connecting flights had been canceled. Miss Israel told the press at the airport (she arrived at 3 am) that she was a Sargeant at the Israeli army since 11 months ago and that she had requested a special permission to attend the competition. She didn’t want to talk (and was not allowed to) about politics and the Lebanese war. The Miss Gibraltar Organization informed their delegate would not compete in Miss Universe due to illness. The girls brought to Lima an average of 7 suitcases each.

The chaperones asked each contestant to draw their National Costumes to order them on stage. Rehearsals started at Salon America of the Gran Hotel Bolivar because the Amauta Coliseum was not ready yet. The young ladies rehearsed the full day and they received the lyrics of the songs they had to learn for the show.

At night, they had dinner at the Gran Hotel Bolivar courtesy of Productos Paraiso. Irene Saez finally recovered of her tonsills.

Pageant officials announced John Schneider, star of “The Dukes of Hazzard” would be the special guest star on the 1982 Miss Universe finals. Donny Osmond, the popular American singer who had participated in the pageants of 1979 and 1980, and most recently at the 1982 Miss USA contest, had been “fired” by Harold Glasser of Miss Universe Inc. when he refused to shave his beard during the Miss USA finals on May 13th. The famous Jazz singer Al Jarreau had been also announced as a musical guest of the pageant but he canceled such an honor due to previous commitments. He sadly died on February 12th, 2017 of respiratory failure at the age of 76.

At the end, John Schneider also canceled due to some commitments and the organization called Rex Smith as the musical guest star of the pageant.

– Wednesday, July 7th: Arrivals of Miss Papua New Guinea, Miss Reunion and Miss Greece. Miss Reunion suffered a fainting from the fatigue of the long journey when she arrived to the hotel. Miss Lebanon officially announced she was not coming to Lima because of the war in her country. Some media said she had refused to compete with Miss Israel.

Irene Saez and a group of 11 beauty delegates traveled to Arequipa for a couple of days in a flight of Faucett. Upon arrival at the airport of Arequipa, a false policeman stole Irene’s luggage. The man, Hernan Carpio, 32, was soon discovered and arrested and Irene could recover her two bags.

The group that went to Arequipa was composed by Misses Namibia, Uruguay, Brazil, Turks & Caicos, U.S.Virgin Islands, Ireland, Ecuador, Canada, France, Guatemala and Sri Lanka. They visited the convent of Santa Catalina, the “Casa Goyonoche”, the Mill of Sabandia and the Cathedral and made some filming there.

The rest of the contestants stayed in Lima and continued the rehearsals. Some of them protested against the treatment of their chaperones and the strenuous 8-hour daily rehearsals.

Ambassador Gideon Tabor visited Miss Israel at the Gran Hotel Bolivar.

The night before, Miss Universe officials discovered Miss Cyprus, Sylvia Spanias Nitsa, 17, had broken rules because she had not lived in Cyprus for 6 months previous to the competition. She actually lived in London, England with her mother and she just went to Cyprus to visit her father and entered the Miss Cyprus contest 9 days before the national finals. She had also shown a British passport as her official ID. The Miss Universe officials decided to disqualify her inmediately.

One of the few organized protests against the beauty contest ocurred late wednesday when a small group of women, including a nun, marched in front of the hotel where the contestants were lodged. Police rapidly shoved away the women, some of whom were carrying signs saying “Tourism isn’t done on the ruins of women’s dignity”.

At night, the young ladies went to the popular discoteque “Shannon” located in the Mall Camino Real in San Isidro (it does not exist anymore), to relax, dance and have fun.

– Thursday, July 8th: Miss Mexico lost her flight again for the fourth time… Four contestants are still missing and have not arrived yet to Lima (Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Germany and Transkei).

Miss Cyprus, who was disqualified the day before because she didn’t live in the Mediterranean Island, departed to London via Bogota, San Juan and Frankfurt by Lufthansa at 8:30 thursday morning. PROPAN invited her to stay as a special guest but she refused the offer and preferred to fly home. She said “I don’t deserve to share so beautiful moments”.

Harold Glasser told the press the Miss Universe Organization had contacted the local organizers in Cyprus to send a replacement, a runner-up, but she would only be accepted until July 13th. He didn’t know that Sylvia was already a replacement of the original winner…

Most of the delegates wore “mini-skirts” during rehearsals at Gran Hotel Bolivar.

Contestants visited the Peruvian President Fernando Belaunde Terry and his wife Violeta Correa at the Government Palace at 7pm. They were received at the Salon Dorado (Golden Room).

Dinner was at “La Caleta” Restaurant.

– Friday, July  9th: Miss Trinidad & Tobago and Miss Germany arrived. A company from Arequipa gave all of the contestants some beige alpaca’s ponchos as a gift. In their free time, the contestants met in a room of the fifth floor of the Gran Hotel Bolivar to eat chocolates and to smoke…

The girls went to the Amauta Coliseum for the first time for rehearsals. They rehearsed inside some awnings at the outside of the coliseum because it was not finished yet.

Lunch was sponsored by Coca-Cola.

The Miss Universe finals’ tickets were sold out.

Argentinian Ambassador Luis Sanchez Moreno invited Misses Argentina, USA, Peru, Panama and Dominican Republic to a cocktail in his residency.

Dinner at the “Club de la Marina” in San Borja.

– Saturday, July 10th: Finally, Miss Mexico arrived at 8 pm. She had visa problems. She explained that her National Costume’s name is “The Goddess of the jingle bells on the face” in honor of a Mayan Goddess.

The group of delegates who had traveled to Arequipa returned to Lima. Irene Saez traveled to Iquitos.

Early in the morning, a group of contestants went to the Peruvian Indian Market at Avenida La Marina in Pueblo Libre to do some shopping and filming. Another group went to a chocolate factory in Lima. Miss Curacao was happy because her mother and sister arrived to Lima to support her.

At 10:30 am, the contestants attended Lima’s City Hall and were received by the Mayor Eduardo Orrego Villacorta at the Salon Azul (Blue Room). The girls were named “Illustrious Daughters” of the city of Lima. The Mayor gave each delegate a copy of the act of proclamation of independence and the Foundation of Lima. They also received long plays of typical Peruvian music.

The Folkloric Ballet of the INC entertained the ladies. Misses Italy, Colombia, Western Samoa, Aruba, Curacao, Malta, Guam and Papua New Guinea danced a “Zamacueca” (Peruvian dance) with the members of the Folkloric Ballet. Miss Australia almost fainted during the visit to the City Hall.


Lunch at the “Centro Naval” in San Borja and rehearsals in the afternoon.

At night, they had dinner at the Gran Hotel of Miraflores and then went to a dancing party at the “Escuela Naval del Peru” (Peruvian Naval School) in San Borja

The contestants were grouped in 7 teams for filming the oudoors in swim suit.

Late at night, twelve contestants traveled to Cusco for filming. They were the young ladies of Austria, Belgium, Panama, Malta, Bermuda, Aruba, Belize, England, South Africa, Philippines, Switzerland and Venezuela.

Miss Argentina and Miss USA solved their differences and became friends again

– Sunday, July 11th: The last contestant, Miss Transkei, arrived very late at night after sorting out some problems with her visa. She couldn’t arrive on time for the program book’s official photo because the photographers traveled to Cusco the day before. With her, there are officially 77 candidates competing this year (there were 78 girls who arrived to Peru but Miss Cyprus returned home).

The group of candidates in Cusco filmed today with their swim suits at the Plaza de Armas of that city. Miss Austria fainted due to the altitude.

Cusco’s Plaza de Armas nowadays

The contestants who stayed in Lima went to the church in the morning, then more rehearsals and lunch at the Amauta Coliseum. 64 of them rehearsed today but Misses Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Guam, Reunion, Paraguay, Turkey and Portugal returned to the hotel after feeling sick. They all had stomach cramps. The girls had lunch at the Amauta and they were sitting on the floor…

Miss Italy and Miss Germany gave a press conference after rehearsals because of the final match of the World Cup of Soccer. Cinzia Fiordeponti was happy because of the triumph of the Italian team. Italy defeated West Germany 3-1. She said “The order and discipline reign here, fundamental conditions for the success of a contest of this magnitude”, denying that the rehearsals were too rough.

Miss St.Maarten criticized her chaperone and said she felt ignored by her. She felt alone because her roommate of Jamaica never arrived to the pageant…

At night, the girls enjoyed a typical Peruvian night at “La Rinconada Club” in La Molina.

– Monday, July 12th: One group of ladies went to Club Los Condores in Chaclacayo to do the filming in swim suits. They were Miss Italy, Miss Spain, Miss Mexico, Miss Bolivia, Miss Chile, Miss Thailand, Miss Hong Kong, Miss British Virgin Islands, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Argentina and Miss USA.

Miss Mexico

Los Condores nowadays

Misses Colombia, Sri Lanka, Japan and Cayman Islands got a cold and stayed at the hotel while the rest of the ladies continued with the rehearsals. After lunch, Miss Martinique felt sick with fever and returned to the hotel. The founder of the Haare Krishna movement in Peru visited Miss India at the hotel and gave her his blessings.

The group who went to Cusco returned to Lima. The dinner was served at the Restaurant Mediterraneo in San Isidro. Irene Saez and Miss Venezuela sang “Alma Llanera” together at the restaurant.

Two moderate earthquakes, one of them of 4.1 Richter, struck Lima at night. The press said it was due to the detonations of French nuclear bombs on Mururoa Atoll in the Pacific.

– Tuesday, July 13th: One group of delegates went to the “Club centro de esparcimiento de la PIP” in Santa Maria Beach, south of Lima. They were Misses Brazil, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Guam, Israel, Japan, Indonesia and Northern Marianas. Miss Guam did a bodybuilding demonstration at the club. All of the ladies enjoyed the beach but Misses Bahamas, Japan and Northern Marianas remained inside the building. The photographers were denied to enter the private club.

Santa Maria Beach’s Police private club nowadays

Another group of young ladies went to “Hacienda Villa” in Chorrillos for filming in swim suits. They were the contestants from Singapore, Malaysia, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Curacao, Paraguay and Dominican Republic. Miss Uruguay didn’t attend because she was sick.

Former Hacienda Villa today. It no longer exists and now it is the place of a very well known University

The night before it rained and the Amauta awnings, where the girls did the rehearsals, got flooded, so they had to rehearse back to the hotel. They sang a Peruvian Carnival song adapted for the pageant and that would be used in the opening number. The original lyrics said “Carnaval, Carnaval, es el grito general, Carnaval, Carnaval, de alegria sin igual”…

Letra: Filomeno Ormeño ¡Todos a reír y a gozar!
¡Todos a gozar del Carnaval!
Mascaritas, vamos a danzar
con ritmo triunfal. Alegremos Lima virreinal,
nuestras reinas se divertiran
y sus risas nos animarán
en el Carnaval. ¡Carnaval, Carnaval!,
es el grito general.
¡Carnaval, Carnaval!,
de alegría sin igual. (bis)
Lyrics: Filomeno Ormeño ¡Everybody laughs and enjoys!
¡Let’s enjoy the Carnival!
Little masks, let’s dance
with a triumphal rithm. Let’s merry the viceregal Lima,
our queens will have fun
and their laugh will cheer up us
in the Carnival. ¡Carnival, Carnival!,
is the general shout.
¡Carnival, Carnival!,
Of unparalleled joy

On the evening of Tuesday, at 9pm of July 13th, 69 of the 77 candidates attended a very special reception at the Embassy of Italy in Lima, located in the prestigious San Isidro neighborhood. The girls were received by the Ambassador Federico Di Roberto and it was shown on national TV.

It was organized by the wife of the Ambassador, Beatrice de Di Roberto and it was made to benefit the “Peruvian league of fight against cancer”.

Misses Spain, Australia, Western Samoa, Costa Rica, Colombia, Martinique, Namibia and Thailand didn’t attend because they felt sick. The Peruvian singer Edith Barr entertained the audience. Miss Bolivia and Miss Guadeloupe also sang during the party. The cocktail ended after midnight, when the girls returned to the hotel.

Visit to the Italian Embassy

– Wednesday, July 14th: At 10:45 am, the Miss Universe contestants arrived to the Lima’s Plaza de Armas. They changed into their swim suits aboard the buses that brought them to the location. While waiting for the cameramen to be ready, they wore the Alpaca’s Ponchos they received days earlier.

The vehicle and pedestrian traffic was closed for the filming and the girls could see the Change of the Guards at the Goverment Palace in front of the square. This tradition is shown everyday at noon in Lima.

At 11:30 am they were filmed in swim suits in front of the fountain of the site and the filming lasted about one hour. Only 66 of the candidates attended. Among the no-shows were Misses Italy, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Australia, Spain and Namibia, who were sick.

In the afternoon, Miss Peru, the hostess, showed how well she did her job when she offered typical Peruvian gifts to all of the contestants at the hotel during a break of the rehearsals.

A group of young ladies went to Playa Embajadores (Ambassador’s beach) located near Santa Maria del Mar, where they filmed at the bridge near a lighthouse known as “La Casa del Faro” just before the sunset . They were the contestants of Suriname, New Zealand, Turkey, Ecuador, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Transkei, Sweden and Greece.

Later, the delegates attended a private ceremony at the District Council of Miraflores, they also did a very short visit to the Miraflores’ casino and they had dinner at the “Club Social de Miraflores” where Miss Greece celebrated her birthday.

Miss Scotland fainted after the filming in Plaza de Armas. She got an intestinal infection. Miss Spain, who was born in Wales but moved to Madrid at the age of 7, told the press she didn’t like Mario Vargas Llosa. She had read one of his books and found it terrible. She didn’t know Vargas Llosa was going to be a judge!!!.

La Casa del Faro, then and now

Miss France was invited to a special reception in the Embassy of France to commemorate the Bastille Day. It also was attended by Misses New Caledonia, Reunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Switzerland, Curacao and Belgium.

One of the Peruvian stylists, named Chocco, got his official credentials revoked after he said some bad critics against Miss Peru in a TV program.

Miss Denmark

Harold Glasser of Miss Universe Inc. told the press he was in talks with officials from Yugoslavia and Hungary to hold the pageant in Eastern Europe after 1984.

PROPAN general coordinator, Dante Capella, informed the press that the TV team was comprised of about 150 people, including cameramen, producers and coordinators.

The Venezuelan National Director Osmel Sousa, Miss Venezuela’s mother, Venezuelan TV presenter Gilberto Correa and Venezuelan singer Mirla Castellanos arrived to Lima. Venevision was helping Panamericana Television to telecast the Inaugural Show.

– Thursday, July 15th: A group of girls went to Chorrillos for filming in swim suits. The location was the Chorrillos’ Pier. They were Misses Canada, Holland, Germany, Norway, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, US Virgin Islands and Turks & Caicos.

Chorrillos’ Pier nowadays

Miraflores’ lighthouse nowadays…

…And back then

The last group of contestants, most of them the ones who were sick when they had to, filmed at the Lighthouse of Miraflores in their swim suits. They were the aspirants from New Caledonia, Reunion, St.Maarten, Sri Lanka, Korea, Western Samoa, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Iceland, Australia and Namibia. Miss India, who had to film that day, could not because she got a cold and was the only contestant who was not shown on the outdoors presentation in swim wear. Even though this was the last segment to be filmed, it was the first group video shown on TV during the finals.

While they were filming, the rest of the candidates kept rehearsing at the hotel. Lyne Campbell, the Coreographer’s Assistant, fainted during the rehearsals because she was too tired… Miss Costa Rica received a bouquet of flowers in a daily basis from a secret admirer. The flowers arrived everyday to the lobby ot the Gran Hotel Bolivar.

Miss Spain, although she was sick with fever, approached the press again to say she was upset due to the heavy security measures but she denied she had said the contestants lived like in dictatorship and that they didn’t have a voice and vote in the competition.

Miss Chile was also upset because of false testimony published in a Chilean newspaper. She said she had given a phone interview to the Chilean Newspaper “El Mercurio” and not to “La Tercera” which was the one that published the wrong thing. The press said she had done a tantrum because she wanted to scape to a discoteque. The truth was that Miss Chile was late the day of the visit to the Shannon Discoteque and the buses of the contestants left the hotel without her. When she wanted to go by herself, her chaperone did not let her to go alone. She felt sad and said it was a campaign against her. She also said Peru had received her very welcomed.

22 contestants were chosen for the Fashion Show of today. The casting was done by former Miss Peru, Carmen Amelia Ampuero, who chose the girls due to their height and modelling skills. They were the young ladies from Austria, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Colombia, England, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malta, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, USA, Venezuela and Wales.

They would model 120 dresses and gowns of Boutique’s Saks of the USA and the Peruvian Silvania Printz and Jessica & Bea. The funds would be donated  to the “Peruvian league to fight against cancer”.

Miss USA declined to have her makeup done by the Peruvian staff. Instead, she preferred the ones from Maybelline, one of the official sponsors of the Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Universe Moda Show Part I

Miss Universe Moda Show Part II

Miss Universe Moda Show Part III

At 5pm, the 1982 Miss Universe Fashion Show started at the Main Room of the Gran Hotel Bolivar. It was hosted by Peruvian Silvia Maccera and Horacio Paredes while Carmen Amelia Ampuero described the gowns. At the end, only 21 contestants participated. Miss Italy and Miss Malta did not because they had a flu while Miss Argentina was called as a replacement. A funny thing was that the ladies were dancing while doing the fashion show. The show was also attended by the rest of the candidates and Harold Glasser. Some newspapers said the most applauded were Miss Portugal and Miss Cayman Islands. Peruvian singer Regina Alcover was in charge of the musical intermission.

Irene Saez, Miss Universe 1981, closed the Fashion Show with her presence wearing a beautiful white gown. This event was also shown on national TV.

Dinner was served at the restaurant “Los Tenedores de Oro”.

Miss Venezuela during the Miss Universe Moda Show

Miss Cayman Islands and Miss Panama during the Miss Universe Moda Show

Interview: Irene Saez

– Friday, July 16th:  In the morning, the contestants visited the beaches of “Costa Verde” that surrounds Miraflores and went to Waikiki Beach where some of them enjoyed the beach for half an hour.

Miss Turks & Caicos fainted after she woke up. Her roommate from US Virgin Islands said she had taken two valium pills before sleeping the night before. She was sent to the Clinic “Padre Luis Tessa” of Monterrico after she presented a state of mental confusion. Doctors made some plaques in her brain and found out it was a hereditary disease. Miss Turks & Caicos was admitted to the clinic for two days…

The girls had lunch at the Gran Hotel Bolivar courtesy of Isaac Lindley, owner of “Embotelladora Inka Kola”.

The ladies went back to the Amauta Coliseum for rehearsals the whole day. That day was Miss South Africa‘s birthday. She turned 20 but the Miss Universe statistics still showed her as 19. Miss Paraguay denied she wanted to be President of her country. She said she was “apolitic”… Miss Trinidad & Tobago got stomach cramps and Miss Spain (sick again) had rheumatism… Also sick were the delegates from Belize, Colombia, France, Italy, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Austria.

Irene Saez and Miss Venezuela attended that night a special reception made at the home of the Cultural attaché of the embassy of Venezuela in Lima.

La Republica newspaper had accused the Miss Universe organization to avoid the payment of taxes. Harold Glasser denied that information and said they were going to pay the correspondent taxes after the event. It was said the journalist who wrote the article did it because Miss Universe Inc. revoked their photographers’ press credentials. Glasser said they were revoked because they only took and published photos of the girls’ back and that was not professional. He said that was not the meaning of “Press Freedom” but unrespectfull and offensive to the contestants.

– Saturday, July 17th: Finally, the Amauta Coliseum was ready for the Inaugural Show of Miss Universe 1982. The girls went early to the coliseum to do the final rehearsal. 

Arriving to the site, Miss Paraguay had an accident. While accesing the Amauta Coliseum, she felt down the stairs and she had to be sent to the Clinic Maison de Sante located in Lima’s downtown. In her way to the clinic, the ambulance where she was hit a car and she suffered some bruises. The ambulance accident happened in the corners of Paseo Colon and Garcilazo de la Vega, in Lima’s downtown. A female police officer, Sargeant Beatriz Reyes who was along with Miss Paraguay in the ambulance, also suffered strong blows in different parts of her body that incurred in her hospitalization. The doctors ordered Miss Paraguay to stay in bed for two days. She had bruises in her right knee and a slight injury to the pelvis.

Thirteen of the contestants, including Miss Reunion, Miss St.Maarten, Miss Papua New Guinea, Miss Northern Marianas, Miss Bahamas, Miss Curacao, Miss Guadeloupe, Miss Guam, Miss Martinique, Miss Honduras, Miss Transkei, Miss US Virgin Islands and Miss British Virgin Islands made a press conference at the Amauta to complain of preferences and racism by the press. They said they didn’t feel any discrimination from the organization or staff but they felt ignored by the press as they only published pictures or interviews of the contestants from major countries. Miss England supported her fellows.

The Chorrillos’ Military School denied permission to their military men to escort the 77 delegates during the Inaugural Show. But the Naval School and Aeronautic School offered theirs as well as cadets of the Civil Guard and the Research National Police of Peru.

The inaugural show started at 8 pm Peruvian time. The show was hosted by Pepe Ludmir of Panamericana Television and Gilberto Correa of Venevision. The show started with some words from Harold Glasser of Miss Universe Inc. and Genaro Delgado Parker of Panamericana Television. Irene Saez, Miss Universe 1981, read the Miss Universe Creed.

MISS UNIVERSE CREED “We, the young women of the universe, believe people everywhere are seeking peace, tolerance and mutual understanding. We pledge to spread this message in every way we can, wherever we go.”

Irene Saez reads the Miss Universe Creed


Miss Argentina: Argentinian poncho with the national colors Miss Aruba: Wood piece made of a typical Aruban tree Miss Australia: Opal stone Miss Austria: Porcelain vase of Vienna  Miss Bahamas: Decorated plate Miss Belgium: Handmade flower rug Miss Belize: Two golden coins of Belizean independence Miss Bermuda: Bermudian painting Miss Bolivia: Hammock made by Bolivian Indians Miss Brazil: Hand-carved gemstone case Miss British Virgin Islands: Typical painting Miss Canada: Sculpture made in metal Miss Cayman Islands: Horn-shaped marine shell Miss Chile: Multicolored handmade blanket Miss Colombia: Porcelain plaque hand painted Miss Costa Rica: Typical plaque made in metal Miss Curacao: Handmade painting with water engraving Miss Denmark: A little bodyguard of the Queen Miss Dominican Republic: Wood carved chest Miss Ecuador: Handmade wooden statue Miss El Salvador: Handmade ceramic bowl Miss England: Paperweight symbolizing a famous British bridge Miss Finland: Finnish recipe book Miss France: French perfume Miss Germany: Wine jar Miss Greece: Book of wonders of Greece Miss Guadeloupe: Typical Guadeloupean doll Miss Guam: Chamorro song and legends of Guam Miss Guatemala: Silver medal of Hermano Pedro Miss Holland: Two wooden shoes Miss Honduras: Mahogany wood dish Miss Hong Kong: Sandal carved in wood Miss Iceland: Decorated vases Miss India: Handmade metal container Miss Indonesia: Indonesian shield worked in metal Miss Ireland: Glass bell with silver base Miss Israel: Chandelier Miss Italy: Gold chain medal Miss Japan: Japanese fan Miss Korea: Dish with figure of the Korean national flower Miss Malaysia: Tin plate Miss Malta: Handmade copper carriage Miss Martinique: Tourist book of Martinique Miss Mexico: Silver coin of Mexico City Miss Namibia: Clock made in agate Miss New Caledonia: Melanesian weapon converted into clock Miss New Zealand: Carved jade Miss Northern Marianas: Laminated stone Miss Norway: Cheese cutter and pewter wine opener Miss Panama: Typical Panamanian ceramic bust of a woman Miss Papua New Guinea: Papuan shield carved in wood Miss Paraguay: ———- Miss Peru: Two copper plates Miss Philippines: Table cloths made of hemp Miss Portugal: Four crystal glasses Miss Puerto Rico: Painting done in silk-screen Miss Reunion: Two typical dolls Miss Scotland: Mini Scottish bagpipes Miss Singapore: Plate made in felt Miss South Africa: Elephant statue made in ivory Miss Spain: Spanish doll made in felt Miss Sri Lanka: Carved wooden box embossed Miss St.Maarten: Painting Miss Suriname: Wooden clock representing the map of Suriname Miss Sweden: Hand painted glass cup Miss Switzerland: Old horse harness Miss Thailand: Metal plate Miss Transkei: Two artistic wall portrait Miss Trinidad & Tobago: Handmade carnival mask Miss Turkey: Handmade rug Miss Turks & Caicos: ——— Miss Uruguay: Sculpture made of wood Miss USA: Glass eagle representing freedom Miss US Virgin Islands: Wooden board made of mahogany Miss Venezuela: Painting of Carlos Cruz Diez Miss Wales: ——————– Miss Western Samoa: Wooden vessel where liquor is prepared

The 1982 Miss Universe delegates paraded alphabetically in their National Costumes and also presented their National Gifts to Peru in front of a live audience of 7,000 people. Miss Honduras brought with her a pigeon as a symbol of peace. 74 out of 77 contestants were introduced that evening. Missing were Miss Paraguay (due to her accident), Miss Turks & Caicos (due to her mental turmoil) and Miss Wales who had a severe diarrhea and had to stay at the hotel. The show was telecasted via satelite to some countries in Latin America, including Peru and Venezuela.

A panel of judges voted for the best National Costume winners. The judges were the Peruvian writer of history and folklore Alfonsina Barrionuevo, Businessman Pablo D’Onofrio who was the General Manager of the Sheraton Hotel in Lima; the President of the Peruvian Asociation of Publicists, Eduardo Rodrigo, the Lawyer and Journalist Jorge Salmon Jordan, Oscar Dufour of Interandina and Joaquin Ormeño of the Ormeño Bus company.

Didn’t attend the Peruvian painter Fernando De Szyszlo, the writer Manuel Scorza, the President of the Society of Industries Ernesto Lanatta Piaggio, Ronny Suero (VicePresident of Foptur) and the international sub-champion of voleyball  Cecilia Tait. They were replaced by Antero Aspillaga of the Peruvian League of Fight Against Cancer, the Director of “Bellas Artes” Carlos Aitor and Fernando Tena of Dismoda. They all had to choose the costume that best demonstrates originality of concept and design.

The Spanish singer Rocio Durcal had been announced as one of the entertainers of that night but she didn’t arrive. She was replaced by the Peruvian singer Edith Barr, the Chilean singer Maria Ines Naveillan and Venezuelan Mirla Castellanos, known as “La Primerisima”.

At the end of the show, Harold Glasser of Miss Universe Inc., announced the three winners of the Costume award in reverse order. The third place winner was Miss Uruguay, Silvia Beatriz Vila who wore a black and blue Gaucho costume; second place went to Miss Brazil, Celice Pinto Marques who brought a golden fantasy of the Indian people of the state of Para; and first place to the host country, Miss Peru, Maria Francesca Zaza, wearing a beautiful “Palla de Corongo” costume of Ancash. The three winners received special trophies.

Miss Turks & Caicos left the clinic and returned to the hotel.

National Costumes competition

Sunday, July 18th: The contestants paraded in a “corso” by the streets of downtown Lima. This event was about to be canceled because there was poor support of the private sector. At the end, it could happen after the company “Jose Blume Hermanos” gave the 43 cars used in the parade. Each car hosted two contestants.

62 of the 77 delegates participated in the parade. The other 15 were sick or too tired… The ones who didn’t show up were Misses Brazil, Belgium, France, Martinique, Australia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Reunion, Holland, Malta, Trinidad & Tobago, Namibia, Wales, Suriname and Paraguay.

The parade of beauties started at 11 am at the corners of Brazil Avenue and 28 de Julio in Lima’s downtown. It continued through Plaza Bolognesi, Paseo Colon, Wilson Avenue, Colmena Avenue, Plaza San Martin, Jiron de la Union and ended at the famous Plaza de Armas. 2,000 guards and 1,800 police members guarded the parade. The first two girls who showed up were Misses Argentina and Aruba. The “corso” lasted 3 hours.

The most cheered girl in the parade was Miss Guam (she was taught how to do gestures of greetings by the hotel’s waiters). Also applauded were Misses Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Guadeloupe, Papua New Guinea and Transkei by solidarity to the discrimination to which they had been subjected. Miss Peru showed her countrymen the trophy she won the night before as the Best National Costume. Misses Bolivia, Chile, Greece, Mexico, USA and Portugal were also acclaimed by the near of 500,000 people who attended the parade. Misses USA, Israel, Argentina and England had more guards around them than any other candidate. Female police agents were aboard the car with them.

At the parade, some music bands played for the citizens. They were the Civil Guard Band called “Nichiren Soshu del Peru” (“The Angels of Peace”) and the University Tuna of Cayetano Heredia. A group of riders on passing horses accompanied the contestants during the parade. Irene Saez, Miss Universe 1981, closed the “corso”.

Once there, the girls were received by the Mayor Orrego at the Blue Room of the City Hall of Lima and enjoyed a cocktail with a folkloric show. The University Tuna of Cayetano Heredia did the entertainment. The delegates greeted the crowd from the Municipality’s balconies.

At Paseo Colon, near “La Casa del Maestro” a group of feminists had posters demanding better treatment for women and some threw flyers against the pageant. The police arrested three women: Ruth Villanueva, Gina Sedamano and one named Mrs Baracco.

The girls went back to the rehearsals and had dinner at the Amauta Coliseum. Miss Paraguay left the clinic and returned to the hotel.


– Monday, July 19th: Full day of rehearsals for the contestants of Miss Universe 1982. In the morning, the contestants had a make-up class provided by Maybelline at the Grand Hotel Bolivar.

Miss Mexico was happy because her nine brothers arrived to Lima to support her in the pageant. The mothers of Miss US Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Transkei also arrived to Peru.


Peruvian journalists elected Miss Guam as “Miss Sympathy of the Press”. She got 17 votes. The official announcement was done at noon during a break of the rehearsals at the Amauta Coliseum. The members of the press decided to do a special cocktail on the 22nd to give Miss Guam her award.

Miss Northern Marianas was the youngest contestant. She was born on January 14, 1965. The oldest was Miss Malaysia who is 25.

The First Lady of Peru, Mrs Violeta Correa, said her favorite to win Miss Universe was Miss Belgium.

Six judges arrived to Lima for the pageant: Cicely Tyson, David Merrick, David Copperfield, Ron Duguay, Belah Quo and Dong Kingman.

– Tuesday, July 20th: Another full day of rehearsals at the Amauta Coliseum. More judges arrivals. The contestants voted for Miss Congeniality.

In the morning, a group of contestants went to the Public Charity of Lima and Callao to get to know the work they do for the elderly. They raffled a brooch made of gold among the contestants who attended and it was won by Miss New Zealand.

The priest Francisco Javier Ampuero was indignant about the simulated procession in the event of the National Costumes. “A mockery has been perpetrated against the deep religious faith of the Peruvian people” said the priest when commenting about the simulated of the traditional procession of the Lord of the Miracles (el Señor de los Milagros). “The image of the Lord of the Miracles can not serve any reason for a frivolous spectacle” he added.

Miss Paraguay complained to the press and said the food was terrible and the staff of the pageant didn’t give any free time to the contestants.

Favorites before the preliminaries: Miss Brazil, Miss Italy, Miss Finland, Miss Austria, Miss Peru, Miss England and Miss Mexico.

At night, the delegates had a special dinner to welcome the judges at the Lima Sheraton hotel.

Some contestants went to the Camino Real shopping center along with their chaperones to buy a last minute evening gown for the competition because the ones they had brought from their countries were not good enough for them.

– Wednesday, July 21st: The girls did a final rehearsal at the Amauta Coliseum for the Presentation Show that was going to be held that night.

At 10 am, the judges did a Press Conference at the Salon Independencia of the Lima Sheraton Hotel and they were officially presented to the members of the press. The American actress Sally Kellerman was expected to be a judge but she never arrived to Peru. Peruvian judges Gladys Zender and Mario Vargas Llosa didn’t attend.

Before the preliminary show, Miss Brazil fainted back stage because of the pressure and nervousness.

The Presentation Show of the 1982 Miss Universe pageant started at 8 pm at the Amauta Coliseum. The show was conducted in Spanish by Pepe Ludmir of Panamericana, Gilberto Correa of Venevision, and the Peruvians Silvia Maccera, Johnny Lopez and Susana Alcantara.

The musical intermission was in charge of the Peruvian singer Cecilia Bracamonte (she sang “Brisas del Titicaca” and “Vale un Peru”), Venezuelan Mirla Castellanos and the well known Spanish singer Bertin Osborne.

The judges voted electronically using computer terminals. They gave each contestant a score from 5.00 to 9.99.

1982 MISS UNIVERSE JUDGES 01.- David Merrick, a prolific Tony Award-winning American theatrical producer (he died on April 25th, 2000). 02.- Cicely Tyson, American actress. 03.- Mario Vargas Llosa, Peruvian writer. 04.- Beulah Quo, Chinese-American actress. (Died on October 23rd, 2002). 05.- Ron Duguay, Canadian hockey player. 06.- Franco Nero, Italian actor. 07.- Peter Marshall, an American television and radio personality, singer, and actor. 08.- Carol Bouquet, French actress. 09.- Dong Kingman, Chinese-American aquarelist. (Died on May 12th, 2000). 10.- Princess Ira Von Furstenberg, a European socialite, actress and jewelry designer. 11.- David Copperfield, American illusionist. 12.- Gladys Zender, Miss Universe 1957 from Peru.

Opening Number and Parade of Nations – Preliminary Competition

The contestants performed the Opening Number with the adapted song of “Carnival, Carnival” wearing their National Costumes and then they introduced themselves to the audience of more than 6,000 people in the Amauta Coliseum. The show was telecasted live in Panamericana Television and delayed in Venevision on Saturday July 24th.

Evening Gown competition – Presentation Show

Later, the girls paraded alphabetically wearing evening gowns chosen by themselves. They were presented in 4 groups of 12 contestants, one of 14 girls and the last group of 15 delegates. Miss South Africa stepped the stage before Miss Singapore during the presentation in evening wear. Miss Italy wore a very commented yellow pants dress in this segment of the show. Miss Peru had to wear a borrowed dress because hers was not ready yet. After the musical intermission, all of the contestants appeared in swim suits, alphabetically again, wearing same style but different colors of swimming wear of the brand Catalina, using a beautiful scenery that reminded Machu Picchu. Pageant officials said they no longer provide bust, waist and hips measurements for any of the contestants.

Swim Suit competition – Presentation Show

At the end of the three hour event, Genaro Delgado Parker of Panamericana Television announced the name of Miss Congeniality, chosen by the contestants, and the winner was Miss Cayman Islands, Maureen Theresa Lewis. She received a beautiful trophy made of Peruvian silver. The trophy was designed by the Peruvian sculptor, Fernando Vasquez de Velasco. Miss Guam came very close in second place.

Miss Congeniality

The young ladies had dinner at the Gran Hotel Bolivar.

Venezuelan singer Jose Luis Rodriguez arrived to Lima.

– Thursday, July 22nd:The judges started the personal interviews at the Gran Hotel Bolivar. Groups 1 and 2 were interviewed. The rest of the contestants will continue the rehearsals at the Amauta in the afternoon.

In the morning, a group of 15 candidates went to the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Callao to film their supposed arrival aboard a plane of Eastern Airlines, the official airline of the pageant. Among them, Miss Guam, Miss Japan, Miss Norway, Miss Germany, Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Miss Cayman Islands, Miss Bolivia, Miss Malaysia, Miss Ireland, Miss Aruba, Miss Costa Rica and Miss Honduras.

Another group went to the Museo del Oro del Peru (Gold Museum of Peru).

Miss Ecuador said she was upset because the press compared her with Miss Peru.

The Cronica newspaper gave their list of favorites after the preliminaries. They were Misses Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Panama, South Africa, Switzerland, Uruguay and Wales.

Another newspaper published that the best face was Miss Finland‘s. Best hair Miss Northern Marianas, best legs the ones of Miss New Zealand, best body Miss Austria‘s and the “Most Sweet” candidate, Miss Korea.

At 6 pm, members of the press were going to give Patty Chong Kerkos, Miss Guam, her sash of Miss Press at a meeting that would be held at the Restaurant Charles of Arenales avenue (it closed in 1994), but it was postponed due to the interviews with the judges.

Venezuelan singer Jose Luis Rodriguez gave a Press Conference in Salon America of Gran Hotel Bolivar. Irene Saez, Miss Universe 1981, attended.

The popular TV host who has presented the Miss Universe pageant since 1967, Bob Barker, arrived that night.

As traditional, Mexican national director Carlos Guerrero feasted the beauty delegates with a Mexican dinner at the Gran Hotel Bolivar.

Also, there were cocktails that night at the Embassies of Brazil, Iceland, Holland and Chile and their representatives attended along with their chaperones. Miss Chile attended even though she was sick with a flu.

The police forces threatened to do a general strike for lack of payment of salaries which would jeopardize the security of the contest. At the end, it didn’t happen.

– Friday, July 23rd: Groups 3 and 4 were interviewed by the judges at the Gran Hotel Bolivar.

Bob Barker started the rehearsals with the contestants at the Amauta Coliseum.

Miss Venezuela, Ana Teresa Oropeza felt sick (got a cold) and left the rehearsals going back to her room at the hotel. During her personal interview, French actress Carol Bouquet asked her if when she loved she gave in “large installments”. Ana Teresa said she was not a supporter of free love.

At noon, during the rehearsals, Bob Barker announced the name of Miss Photogenic selected by the press photographers. The winner was Miss Bahamas, Ava Burke. She started to cry and said her country would be very proud to have won another prize in a row (the year before Bahamas won the congeniality award). Photographer Richard Drew of AP gave her a plaque and Oswaldo Sanchez, President of the Asociation of Press Photographers of Peru gave Bob Barker the sash and Bob put it on the happy winner.

The newspaper Extra gave their favorites: Misses Austria, Brazil, Chile, USA, Wales, Greece, Bolivia, Holland, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Peru, Paraguay, Cayman Islands, New Caledonia and Ecuador.

Miss El Salvador and Miss Honduras met Dr. Jose Luis Bustamante y Rivero, a former Peruvian President who achieved the peace of these two countries after the “Soccer War” (deceased on January 11th, 1989). The meeting was held at the Salon Dorado of the Gran Hotel Bolivar.

At night, a group of Misses went to “La Feria del Hogar” in La Marina Avenue to share with fans during two hours.

Miss Denmark and Rex Smith during one of the rehearsals’ break

– Saturday, July 24th: The American hostess Joan Van Ark arrived to Peru. The contestants continued with the rehearsals at the Amauta Coliseum.

Judges finished the personal interviews with groups 5 and 6 at Gran Hotel Bolivar. The Italian actor Franco Nero fainted after the interviews because he was exhausted.

Miss Guam got permission to go to the cocktail in her honor where she received her sash of Miss Press. This event was held at Restaurant Charles located in the third of Arenales Avenue. Also invited were Miss Congeniality award winner from Cayman Islands, the brand new Miss Photogenic from the Bahamas, Miss Israel and Miss Argentina.

Miss Venezuela was in quarantine for the flu. Chaperones didn’t want her to infect the other aspirants. Miss Finland, also sick, had a cough.

Favorites of Correo newspaper: Miss Mexico, Miss Brazil, Miss Chile, Miss Venezuela, Miss Finland, Miss Wales, Miss Italy, Miss Canada, Miss Austria, Miss South Africa and Miss New Caledonia.

Miss USA told reporters she preferred not to win. “Just being Miss USA, I can achieve my goals. I can develop myself better and faster in my own country”, she said.

An undetermined number of suspected leftist terrorists hurled dynamite wrapped in rags at the US embassy in downtown Lima. No one claimed responsibility for the bombs, but police arrested seven suspects. The explosions chattered windows but there were no casualties. Within 15 minutes of the attack, vandals bombed an automobile showroom but it was not known if the two incidents were related.

The Miss Universe organization feared anti-US violence against the pageant and asked the police to form a tight security net around the 77 beauty delegates. 500 police members were guarding the Amauta Coliseum.

– Sunday, July 25th: Miss Uruguay and Miss Puerto Rico celebrated their birthdays in the middle of the strenuous rehearsals.

The contestants voted on who in the world they admired the most. Pope Juan Pablo II got 22 votes and became the most popular among the ladies. Mother Theresa of Calcutta got 8 votes and Ronald Reagan got 6. Misses Turkey, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong and Greece voted for the President of their countries/territories while Miss Thailand gave her vote to the King of her nation. Five candidates chose their mothers… Miss Western Samoa picked Irene Saez, Miss South Africa chose Rudolf Nureyev, Miss Colombia to Lech Walesa and Miss Guadeloupe picked actor Lee Majors. Miss Papua New Guinea and Miss Malta said their fathers were the person they admired the most. Miss  Japan chose her grandmother and Miss Holland, the Dutch soccer player Johan Cruyff.

A computer chose Miss Brazil as the virtual winner as reported by the newspaper Expreso. She was followed by Misses Italy, Chile, Germany, Wales, Venezuela, USA, Canada, Peru, Mexico, Austria, England, Greece, South Africa, Portugal, Guam, Ecuador, Bahamas, Israel and Uruguay. Miss Brazil won with 82.44 points. Miss Italy got 72.32 and Miss Chile, 62.24. The computer was fed with votes from journalists, photographers and people related to the Miss Universe pageant and it processed some 5,000 data and surveys.

During the Dress Rehearsal, the Miss Universe Inc., chose Misses Greece, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Chile, England, New Zealand, Ecuador, Norway, Indonesia, Guam and Singapore as the Top 12. Miss Singapore was the one chosen as the winner during the rehearsal and she played she fainted when was named as the winner.

The producers recorded the musical number with Rex Smith and 75 out of 77 contestants. It was done again and again several times. The girls wore Ñustas Cusqueñas dresses while singing “In Peru!”. Miss Spain dislocated a foot when she fell down the stairs of the Amauta Coliseum during the rehearsal. She also got bruises in her right knee and leg. She suffered a nervous breakdown. The Miss Universe staff was afraid she could not compete the following day. Due to her accident, she could not be in the musical number. Miss New Caledonia neither because she was sick.

Miss Paraguay was chosen as Godmother of a prom of the “Centro Educativo Republica de Venezuela” of Callao and she accepted. The prom was going to be held the day after the Miss Universe finals.

More than one hundred international journalists arrived to Peru to cover the event.

– Monday, July 26th: The 1982 Miss Universe final day arrived. Miss Indonesia celebrated her 19th birthday just hours before the finals.

Extra Newspaper did a survey among its readers and the favorite to win Miss Universe was Miss Wales. Misses Italy, Chile, Greece and Portugal came close.

Security for the contest was extremely tight following terrorist bombings of the U.S. Embassy Saturday night, organizers said. All cars entering the site of the pageant were searched, and police spot searched audience members as they arrived.

Panamericana employees threatened to boycott the pageant because they had not received their salary.

Bob Barker and Joan Van Ark


Opening Number

1982 MISS UNIVERSE OPENING NUMBER THEME Lyrics by Elliot Lawrence Everybody, come and join the fun
Dancing, laughing, greeting everyone
This great night can come but once a year
Miss Universe is here! Universe, Universe
Es el grito general
Universe, Universe
Alegria sin igual Universe, Universe
Let’s all shout it, everyone
Universe, Universe
Yes, tonight we’ll have some fun Take your partner, hold her tight
Then start dancing: what delight!
Dancing, dancing, through the night
One-two, one-two, it’s such fun to! Happy couples fill the square
Serpentinas fill the air
Bright confetti everywhere
Let’s all stand up, strike your band up Come on and shout it, no doubt about it
From many lands we come each year
Our world’s united, and you’re invited
Tonight Miss Universe is here! Universe, Universe
Let’s all have faith, and all reprise
Universe, Universe
Así, podemos ser feliz! [Hosts and performing artists introduced] Take your partner, hold her tight
Then start dancing: what delight!
Dancing, dancing, through the night
One-two, one-two, it’s such fun to! Happy couples fill the square
Serpentinas fill the air
Bright confetti everywhere
Let’s all stand up, strike your band up (Universe) Come on and shout it,
(Universe) No doubt about it
From many lands we come each year
(Universe) Our worlds united,
(Universe) And you’re invited
Tonight Miss Universe is here! (Universe) Universe, (Universe) Universe
Let’s all have faith, and all reprise
(Universe) Universe, (Universe) Universe
And, then our world can live
Give all we have to give
And, then we all can live
In peace, in peace, in peace!

The pageant started at 8 pm Peruvian time and was telecasted live to 600 million people in more than 50 countries. Once again, 75 of the contestants did the Opening Number wearing their native costumes. Miss Spain didn’t show up because of her hurt foot (she could not dance) and Miss Greece neither because she forgot her national costume at the hotel.

After the Opening Number, Bob Barker introduced the delegates in their national costumes. This time Miss Spain appeared wearing her “Andaluza” costume but Miss Greece could not. Some rumors were made that in fact Miss Greece was about to withdraw the same night of the contest but she had decided to continue when they said to her that she had entered to the 12 semifinalists. The missing place of Miss Greece made the alphabetical order to mess up and Miss Venezuela and Miss Wales introduced themselves at the same time.

Parade of Nations

After the introductions and while the young ladies were changing to their uniforms of Jones New York, Bob presented a video with the girls in swim suits, showing their preliminary scores on screen. The music in the background was the song “El Condor Pasa” of Daniel Alomia Robles. It is the best-known Peruvian song in the English-speaking world due to a cover by Simon & Garfunkel on their Bridge over Troubled Water album. Their version is called “El Cóndor Pasa (If I Could)” and it was released in 1970.

Swim suit outdoors

1982 Miss Universe Preliminary Swim Suit Scores 01 8.542   SOUTH AFRICA 39 6.750   BAHAMAS 02 8.483   ENGLAND 40 6.725   GUADELOUPE 03 8.125   USA 41 6.725   EL SALVADOR 04 8.075   BRAZIL 42 6.708   NEW ZEALAND 05 8.050   FINLAND 43 6.700   NORWAY 06 7.883   GUAM 44 6.700   FRANCE 07 7.842   GERMANY 45 6.692   THAILAND 08 7.800   ITALY 46 6.683   NAMIBIA 09 7.733   CANADA 47 6.675   NORTHERN MARIANAS 10 7.658   PERU 48 6.650   SWITZERLAND 11 7.625   GREECE 49 6.650   REUNION 12 7.575   SWEDEN 50 6.633   PUERTO RICO 13 7.457   AUSTRIA 51 6.633   PARAGUAY 14 7.433   NEW CALEDONIA 52 6.617   WESTERN SAMOA 15 7.433   MEXICO 53 6.617   CURACAO 16 7.417   CHILE 54 6.600   US VIRGIN ISLANDS 17 7.367   ISRAEL 55 6.600   MALTA 18 7.292   URUGUAY 56 6.600   BOLIVIA 19 7.258   SCOTLAND 57 6.550   TURKS & CAICOS 20 7.250   VENEZUELA 58 6.533   DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 21 7.200   PHILIPPINES 59 6.492   SINGAPORE 22 7.183   ICELAND 60 6.483   TURKEY 23 7.167   JAPAN 61 6.475   MARTINIQUE 24 7.150   SPAIN 62 6.450   KOREA 25 7.142   HOLLAND 63 6.442   ECUADOR 26 7.133   WALES 64 6.425   IRELAND 27 7.100   AUSTRALIA 65 6.425   BELIZE 28 7.083   SURINAME 66 6.400   SRI LANKA 29 7.058   PORTUGAL 67 6.308   BERMUDA 30 7.042   HONG KONG 68 6.300   TRANSKEI 31 6.975   DENMARK 69 6.283   TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 32 6.967   ARUBA 70 6.217   MALAYSIA 33 6.900   CAYMAN ISLANDS 71 6.217   INDONESIA 34 6.892   PANAMA 72 6.117   HONDURAS 35 6.850   GUATEMALA 73 6.083   BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS 36 6.833   COLOMBIA 74 6.050   PAPUA NEW GUINEA 37 6.792   BELGIUM 75 6.033   COSTA RICA 38 6.783   ARGENTINA 76 5.950   ST.MAARTEN     77 ????? INDIA
EL CONDOR PASA LYRICS “El Condor Pasa (If I Could)”

I’d rather be a sparrow than a snail
Yes, I would
If I could
I surely would

I’d rather be a hammer than a nail
Yes, I would
If I only could
I surely would

Away, I’d rather sail away
Like a swan that’s here and gone
A man gets tied up to the ground
He gives the world its saddest sound
It’s saddest sound

I’d rather be a forest than a street
Yes, I would
If I could
I surely would

I’d rather feel the earth beneath my feet
Yes, I would
If I only could
I surely would

Joan Van Ark explained how the judges voted and then, Bob Barker was ready to announce the names of the twelve semifinalists. They were, at random:

12 semifinalists

12 SEMIFINALISTS and their AVERAGE SCORES   COUNTRY AVERAGE SCORE POSITION 01 CANADA 7.761 9th 02 BRAZIL 8.011 4th 03 ITALY 7.714 11th 04 SOUTH AFRICA 8.406 1st 05 FINLAND 7.719 10th 06 PERU 7.797 8th 07 GUAM 7.892 5th 08 USA 8.131 2nd 09 GERMANY 7.808 7th 10 GREECE 7.847 6th 11 ENGLAND 8.100 3rd 12 URUGUAY 7.594 12th


After the announcement of the 12 semifinalists, some girls who didn’t make the cut felt disappointed. Miss Chile was hysterical! She shouted and told the other girls the pageant was rigged and they should boycott and not go on stage again. The chief of chaperones, the former Miss Peru, Irma Vargas Fuller tried to calm her down but Miss Chile even accused her of being part of the complot. Then, the chaperone threw a glass of water on Miss Chile’s face and she started to cry like a baby but finally she calmed down.

While Miss Chile cried, Bob Barker proceeded to interview each one of the twelve semifinalists. The judges gave the first scores of the night. Right after that, American singer Rex Smith sang “You take my breath away” for the audience and introduced the panel of 12 judges.


12 SEMIFINALISTS INTERVIEWS   COUNTRY SCORE POSITION 01 CANADA 8.400 5th 02 BRAZIL 8.133 7th 03 ITALY 7.925 9th 04 SOUTH AFRICA 8.583 2nd 05 FINLAND 7.808 10th 06 PERU 8.218 6th 07 GUAM 8.867 1st 08 USA 8.425 4th 09 GERMANY 7.204 12th 10 GREECE 8.042 8th 11 ENGLAND 8.433 3rd 12 URUGUAY 7.692 11th

Rex Smith


Once the judges were introduced to the live and TV audience, there was a music intermission performed by the Ballet Folklorico de Peru.

Ballet Folklorico de Peru

The 12 semifinalists were ready to parade in their Catalina swim wear using a scenery of Machu Picchu. The judges voted again.

Swim Suit competition

12 SEMIFINALISTS SWIM SUIT COMPETITION   COUNTRY SCORE POSITION 01 CANADA 8.275 3rd 02 BRAZIL 7.892 6th 03 ITALY 8.067 5th 04 SOUTH AFRICA 7.225 10th 05 FINLAND 7.408 9th 06 PERU 7.508 8th 07 GUAM 8.692 1st 08 USA 8.192 4th 09 GERMANY 7.008 12th 10 GREECE 8.325 2nd 11 ENGLAND 7.808 7th 12 URUGUAY 7.167 11th

What happened to Miss South Africa?

One of the judges, Mario Vargas Llosa, wanted to give his favorite a 10 instead of the maximum allowed 9.99. He didn’t know the computer wouldn’t accept a 10 and it would convert that 10 in a 1.0. Another judge, Franco Nero, wanted Miss Guam to win, so he scored 1.0 to the girls he thought they were strong competitors (South Africa, Brazil, Finland, England, Germany, Peru and Uruguay). Miss South Africa, the front runner, was the most harmed contestant due to Vargas Llosa’s mistake and the bad will of Franco Nero, as she fell down from 1st or 2nd place to a terrible 10th position which made her miss a spot in the top 5. Harold Glasser of Miss Universe Inc., received the print out with the individual judges scores and warned Franco Nero to vote fairly in the next round and also explained Vargas Llosa that the highest possible score was 9.99 and not 10. This happening made the Miss Universe Organization to apply the Olympic System (eliminating the highest and lowest scores and averaging the rest of the valid votes) which was implemented later in 1984.

What score should have gotten Miss South Africa if the two judges would have voted fairly Miss South Africa’s final swim suit score: 7.225 (She got 8.542 during the preliminary swim suit competition) 12 judges: 7.225 x 12 = 86.7 86.7 – 1 (Vargas Llosa’s mistake) – 1 (Franco Nero’s bad will) = 84.7 84.7 + 9.99 (Vargas Llosa’s desired score) + 9.0 (Example of Franco Nero’s fairly vote) = 103.69 103.69 / 12 judges = 8.641 (Miss South Africa got 8.583 in Interview and 8.707 in evening gown so that 8.641 could be a possible score for her if the two judges above should have known how to vote).

While the 12 semifinalists were changing to their evening gowns,  the rest of the beauty delegates were on stage along with singer Rex Smith to sing the theme “In Peru”. The TV audience watched the pre-recorded video of the day before while the audience of the Amauta Coliseum just saw the eliminated girls dancing on stage with Rex. Miss Spain again didn’t show up because of her foot as well as Miss Chile who was still crying backstage. Miss Paraguay didn’t participated in that show of the final night either due to undisclosed reasons…

In Peru

IN PERU Music and Lyrics by Elliot Lawrence Where does the sea meet the desert?
Tell me where are the skies always blue?
And where else can one
Have such fun in the sun?
In Peru… In Peru… In Peru! Where does the high-flying condor
Fly as high as a bird ever flew?
Over rivers and plains
Where the rain never rains
In Peru… In Peru… In Peru! In Peru, In Peru
You’ll feel like your dreams can come true
And they do, yes they do
In this wonderful land called Peru The balconied ladies of Lima
Kept their faces well hidden from view
So why if so shy,
Did they spy with one eye
In Peru… In Peru… In Peru! Where did the gold of the Incas
Disappear without even a clue?
Where you’ll find in good measure
Such treasure and pleasure
For you, in Peru, in Peru! In Peru, in Peru
Every riddle we’ve told you is true
In Peru, in Peru
Now we’ll ask you another one too In the dance they call La Marinera
Is it true that they whisper ‘I do’?
And each one that they dance,
Spells a chance for romance
Just for two, in Peru, in Peru! Where else are cities so friendly?
Combining the old with the new?
Yes, it’s perfectly clear, we would stay for a year
And never get tired of the view
Right here in Peru, in Peru! In Peru… In Peru…
All these pleasures await just for you
Yes they do, yes it’s true,
In this fabulous land, this land oh so grand,
This wonderful land of Peru. Peru!

Joan Van Ark introduced the prizes the new Miss Universe would get and also, she presented a video of the fun the girls had had since their arrival to Peru. Bob Barker also announced the attendance of Prime Minister of Peru, Dr. Manuel Ulloa as a special guest of the pageant.

Prizes for Miss Universe 1982

Miss Universe 1982 contestants having fun in Peru

After the break, Bob Barker invited Venezuelan singer Jose Luis Rodriguez to serenate the 12 semifinalists while they paraded in their elegant evening gowns. Jose Luis sang two songs: “Dueño de nada” and “Te propongo separarnos”.

Miss Universe 1982, final evening gown competition with Jose Luis Rodriguez – original Spanish lyrics

Miss Universe 1982, final evening gown competition with Jose Luis Rodriguez – English lyrics

12 SEMIFINALISTS EVENING GOWN COMPETITION   COUNTRY SCORE POSITION 01 CANADA 8.525 3rd 02 BRAZIL 7.917 9th 03 ITALY 8.608 2nd 04 SOUTH AFRICA 8.707 1st 05 FINLAND 7.908 10th 06 PERU 8.292 6th 07 GUAM 8.355 4th 08 USA 7.925 8th 09 GERMANY 7.483 12th 10 GREECE 8.317 5th 11 ENGLAND 8.167 7th 12 URUGUAY 7.783 11th

The three final competitions of the 12 semifinalists were over. Now, the computer averaged the three composed scores of each semifinalist to select the Top 5. Bob Barker announced them in random order. The audience got mad when their Latin favorites, Miss Brazil and Miss Peru didn’t make the cut. Most of the judges were surprised Miss South Africa didn’t make the Top 5 due to the mistake explained before. She missed it for just 0.009 of a point!!!. After the announcement, Joan Van Ark presented a video where Irene Saez and Gladys Silva, Miss Peru 1981, explained the mysteries of Peru and beautiful Machu Picchu.

Miss Universe 1982 Top 5 announcement

AVERAGE SCORE FOR EACH ONE OF THE SEMIFINALISTS The Interviews, swim suit and evening gowns’ scores are averaged. The five best scorers advanced to the Top 5.   COUNTRY AVERAGE SCORE POSITION 01 CANADA 8.400 2nd 02 BRAZIL 7.981 9th 03 ITALY 8.200 4th 04 SOUTH AFRICA 8.172 6th 05 FINLAND 7.708 10th 06 PERU 8.006 8th 07 GUAM 8.638 1st 08 USA 8.181 5th 09 GERMANY 7.232 12th 10 GREECE 8.228 3rd 11 ENGLAND 8.136 7th 12 URUGUAY 7.547 11th

Irene Saez and Gladys Silva shows the wonders of Peru

Now, the Top 5 were serenated by the Peruvian group known as “The Chalanes” and the judges had the chance to see close-ups of the five finalists. The music played was the very well known Peruvian song “La Flor de la Canela”. This “Final Look” was the last time the judges voted, this time giving them a position from 1 to 5. 1 meant winner, 2 meant 1st runner-up and so on. No final question was made this year.

During the telecast, it was announced that Panama would host the 1983 pageant (that thing didn’t happen). In the audience were the Minister of Tourism of Panama, Mr. Felix Extripeau and Ana Raquel de Ordaz of the Panamanian institute of tourism. The pageant was held in Panama 4 years later.

Top 5 finalists serenated by “The Chalanes”

The computer received the final vote from the judges and the American accounting firm Ernst & Whinney gave Bob Barker the final tabulation. Bob procedeed to announce the final results but before asked “where is Irene?” Irene didn’t show up when he called her for her final walk as Miss Universe 1981. Irene was trapped in one of the narrow corridors because of the voluminous neckline of her pink gown and delayed a little bit to go on stage. Misses Norway and India were the last ones to enter the stage and get into their positions. Miss India wore pants instead of an evening gown. Miss Chile, again, didn’t show up because she was still crying backstage. Former Miss Universe Ieda Maria Vargas of Brazil (1963) helped giving bouquets to the runner-ups while Luz Marina Zuluaga of Colombia (1958) put the sash to the new Miss Universe. They were never mentioned…

Miss Universe 1982 crowning moments

Irene Saez tried to help the new Miss Universe, Karen Baldwin of Canada, with her crown but Bob Barker didn’t let her and told her to go away… The 31st Miss Universe was over and it was the first crown for Canada. Minutes after being crowned, Karen said “This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me”. “It is nothing but a dream come true” she added.

In an anxious moment for pageant organizers, civil guards rushed to the stage to protect the winner from the crush of hundred of adoring fans and paparrazis who surged forward, jostled the new Miss Universe and knocked her tiara askew.

“Don’t leave me”, she shouted to a guard who scorted her safely to the wings. ‘Thank God I’m still alive’, she added. A scheduled press conference set for inmediately after the pageant was canceled without explanation. Miss Universe was whisked off to the coronation ball that was held at the Gran Hotel Bolivar and attended by most of the contestants, including Miss Chile.

JUDGES FINAL VOTE 1st = 5. 2nd = 2. 3rd = 1. 4th = 0.5. 5th = 0     JUDGE GREECE USA GUAM CANADA ITALY 01 David Merrick 2nd 4th 5th 1st 3rd 02 Cicely Tyson 3rd 4th 5th 1st 2nd 03 Mario Vargas Llosa 4th 5th 3rd 1st 2nd 04 Beulah Quo 4th 5th 1st 2nd 3rd 05 Ron Duguay 5th 3rd 2nd 1st 4th 06 Franco Nero 4th 5th 1st 3rd 2nd 07 Peter Marshall 4th 5th 2nd 1st 3rd 08 Carol Bouquet 3rd 4th 5th 1st 2nd 09 Dong Kingman 5th 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 10 Ira Von Furstemberg 3rd 4th 5th 1st 2nd 11 David Copperfield 2nd 4th 5th 1st 3rd 12 Gladys Zender 3rd 4th 5th 1st 2nd   TOTAL 10.0 (4th) 4.5 (5th) 20.0 (2nd) 50.0 (1st) 17.5 (3rd)

While the pageant was going on, two homemade bombs exploted 400 meters from the Amauta Coliseum. The terrorist group “Sendero Luminoso” was the main suspect. The news reported that three men threw them from a yellow volkswagen.

Also, it was known that some “molotov” bombs were thrown at the Bayer factory at Avenida Bolivar and police men found two packages of dynamite near the Amauta Coliseum.

Miss Holland and Miss Namibia enjoying the coronation ball

– Tuesday, July 27th: The newly crowned Miss Universe, Karen Baldwin, received the press at room 306 of Grand Hotel Bolivar for the traditional breakfast in bed. The 48 chaperones were feasted for their magnificent work. The first 23 contestants left Peru to their countries of origin. Karen Baldwin visited Peruvian President Fernando Belaunde Terry.

The day after…

– Wednesday, July 28th: Today, the contestants from Austria, Spain, Italy, Venezuela, Colombia, Aruba, Curacao, Finland, Holland, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Ecuador, Sweden, Suriname, USA and Trinidad & Tobago returned to their countries.

Miss Italy objects

Miss Italy objected her selection as second runner-up in the pageant. “I respect the final decision, but I’m not in agreement with second place going to Miss Guam” said Cinzia Fiordeponti. “It’s my opinion that Miss Guam did not merit second place – I did. I was confident that I would win the contest”, she added.

Nevertheless, Miss Italy said she did not question the selection of Baldwin as the new Miss Universe. “I believe the contest was carried out in a serious manner”,she said. “It was well organized and Miss Canada won fairly because she was a candidate with good qualifications”, she finished.

– Thursday, July 29th: The last group of contestants left Peru: Miss Brazil, Miss South Africa, Miss Guam, Miss Hong Kong, Miss Indonesia, Miss Japan, Miss Korea, Miss Malaysia, Miss Singapore, Miss Northern Marianas, Miss Papua New Guinea, Miss Philippines, Miss Thailand, Miss Western Samoa, Miss Mexico, Miss Guadeloupe and Miss Martinique.

– Friday, July 30th: The newly crowned Miss Universe flew to Caracas, Venezuela for her first international trip as the Universal queen of beauty and then she followed to New York City. In Venezuela, she was introduced in the Venevision’s saturday show “Sabado Sensacional”.


Bob Barker

Joan Van Ark

Jose Luis Rodriguez

Rex Smith

Miss Universe, Karen Baldwin

Miss Guam

Miss Italy

Miss USA

Miss Dominican Republic

Miss Western Samoa

Miss Venezuela

Miss Peru

Miss Singapore

Miss Turkey

Miss Panama

Miss Turks & Caicos

Miss Transkei

Miss Martinique

Miss Northern Marianas

Miss France

Miss Finland

Miss England

Miss Cayman Islands

Miss British Virgin Islands

Miss Belize

Miss Bahamas

Miss Aruba

Miss Bolivia

Miss Brazil

Miss Curacao

Miss Denmark

Miss Norway

Miss Holland

Miss Honduras

Miss Iceland

Miss India

Miss Philippines

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Mexico

Miss Spain

Miss South Africa

Miss Suriname

Miss Switzerland


Months later, some of the Miss Universe contestants went to London, United Kingdom, to compete for the title of Miss World. They were the contestants from Belgium, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany and Norway. After competing in Miss World, Miss Bermuda, Heather Ross was arrested at the Heathrow airport of London on charges of trying to smuggle cocaine.


Jenny Purto Arab, Miss Chile, died on June 19th, 2006 at the Hollywood Memorial Hospital in Florida, USA. The cause was a septicemia due to a pneumonia. She was 43 years of age.

Siti Rohani Wahid, Miss Malaysia, died on July 12th, 2010 in Putrajaya due to a breast cancer. She was 53.

Rest in peace angels!!!

Harold L. Glasser, President of Miss Universe Inc from 1959 to 1986. Died on July 11th, 2010 in his home in Highland Beach, Florida. The cause of death was bladder cancer. He was 91.

Frank Sweeney, VicePresident of Miss Universe Inc. Died on May 25th, 2017 in New York City. He was 84.

Genaro Delgado Parker, President of Panamericana Television, died on May 27th, 2017 in Lima. He was the one who brought Miss Universe 1982 to Peru. He died at 87.



Tina-Maria Nielsen, Sharon Urscheler, Sandra Villarroel Melean, Luce Hodge, Minerva Hieroms, Soraya Morey, Patty Chong Kerkos, Brigitte Laarmans, Eva Barahona Lamnaouar, Cinzia Fiordeponti, Janett Krefting, Isora Moreno de Lymberopulos, Francesca Zaza, Isabel Lopez, Odette Joubert, Vanessa De Vries, Canan Kakmaci, Terri Britt, Ana Teresa Oropeza, Ivy Warner, Adan Sotelo, Michael Dos Santos, Luis Torres, Michael Knittel, Roberto Macedo, Donald West, Julio Silva, Armando Mexico, Neil Craig,  Lucho Ortega, Sally-Ann Fawcett, Sergio Hernandez, Andres Carmona, Diario Cronica, Diario El Comercio, Diario Republica, Diario Expreso, Diario Correo, Diario El Observador, Diario Extra, Revista Caretas, Miss Universe Inc., CBS, La Pantalla Popular y la Transmision de Miss Universo 1982, Grupo Chaski, Panamericana Television.

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