Miss Universe 1979 – candidates

MISS UNIVERSE 1979 Beauty delegates Meet the 75 candidates for Miss Universe 1979 held in Perth, Western Australia on July 20th, 1979 ANTIGUA Elsie Maynard St. John's Prelim.Swim Suit Score: 5.582 (70th) Roommate: Brazil       ARGENTINA Adriana Virginia Alvarez Buenos Aires Prelim.Swim Suit Score: 6.936 (28th) Prelim. Average Score: 7.515 (11th) Semifinal Average … Continue reading Miss Universe 1979 – candidates

Irán habría debutado en Miss Universo 1972

Miss Irán 1972, Roya Rouhani Moghaddam El desarrollo tecnológico traería la primera transmisión en vivo, vía satélite, del concurso Miss Universo en 1972. Estados Unidos y otros 33 países lo verían en vivo desde el hotel Cerromar Beach en Dorado, Puerto Rico. Fue la primera vez que el concurso se llevó a cabo fuera de … Continue reading Irán habría debutado en Miss Universo 1972

Iran would have debuted at Miss Universe 1972

Miss Iran 1972, Roya Rouhani Moghaddam Technology development would bring the first ever live telecast, via satellite, of the Miss Universe pageant in 1972. The United States and 33 other countries would watch it live from the Cerromar Beach Hotel in Dorado, Puerto Rico. It was the first time the pageant was held out of … Continue reading Iran would have debuted at Miss Universe 1972

Los dientes más duros del Universo!

Si los jueces del concurso Miss Universo de 1964 hubieran sabido sobre el talento oculto de Miss Turquía, los resultados de la competencia de belleza podrían haber sido diferentes. Miss Turquía, la pelirroja Inci Duran, de 18 años, no llegó a la final, pero ella podía hacer algo que ninguna de las otras bellezas de … Continue reading Los dientes más duros del Universo!

Miss Universe’s Toughest Teeth!!

If the 1964 Miss Universe pageant judges had known about Miss Turkey's hidden talent, the results of the beauty competition might have been different. Miss Turkey, redhaired Inci Duran, 18, didn't make the finals, but she could do something none of the other beauties from around the world can duplicate. She opens pop bottles with … Continue reading Miss Universe’s Toughest Teeth!!

Miss Universe 1967

The 16th Miss Universe pageant was held from July 6-15th, 1967 in Miami Beach, Florida, United States. From some months before, 75 countries and territories started choosing their national queens of beauty. Suriname and Haiti didn't hold a national pageant that year, while Nicaragua sent their titleholder to Miss International and didn't choose anyone for … Continue reading Miss Universe 1967