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Miss World 2001



                The world was shocked after the terrorist attacks by Al-Qaeda against the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Virginia, with almost 3,000 victims, in that fateful and always remembered September 11. The attacks, which apparently were in revenge for the US bombings of Baghdad (Iraq), forced to reinforce air security in the world. The US invades Afghanistan in search of the culprits of the terrorist attacks, starting the war against terrorism. The US also suffers attacks with Anthrax spores. In Nepal, the Royal Massacre occurs where King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya are killed by Prince Dipendra, who later committed suicide. The OAS approves the Inter-American Democratic Charter. El Salvador adopts the dollar as its national currency and, shortly after, two strong earthquakes, which occurred on January 13 and February 13, mourn this Central American nation with almost 1,500 victims. Other earthquakes hit Gujarat (India) with more than 20,000 deaths and southern Peru, with almost 150 victims, most of them the result of a tsunami that followed the earthquake. Hurricane Michelle devastates Cuba and Tropical Storm Allison affects Houston (Texas). An American Airlines (AA) plane that had taken off for the Dominican Republic crashes in Queens (New York). AA absorbs the disappearing TWA airline. George W. Bush assumes the US presidency, Sila Calderón becomes the first female governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro Toledo is elected President in Peru and Fernando de la Rúa resigns from the Argentine presidency after demonstrations and looting as a result of the “Corralito” in which the government froze bank accounts for twelve months. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is reopened, after being closed for 11 years for repairs. ITunes, Wikipedia and Belleza Venezolana Internet pages, and iPod players are created and Windows XP is launched on the market.

                Puerto Rican Denise Quiñones achieves the fourth Miss Universe crown for the ‘Island of Enchantment’ in her own country, Polish Małgorzata Rozniecka obtains the third Miss International title for her land in Japan, Estonia wins Eurovision in Denmark with the theme “Everybody” by Tanel Padar, Dave Benton & 2XL and “Gladiator” wins the Oscar for Best Picture. This year the films “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, “The Fast and the Furious”, “The Mummy Returns”, “Planet of the Apes”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Hannibal”, “Shrek”, “Jurassic Park III”, “Scary Movie 2”, “Monsters Inc.”, “Ocean’s Eleven”, “Moulin Rouge!”, “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”, “Atlantis, the Lost Empire”, “Dr. Dolittle 2”, “Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles”, “American Pie 2”, “The Wedding Planner” and “The Mexican”. We listened these songs in the radios: “Color Esperanza” by Diego Torres, “Ain´t It Funny” and “Love Don´t Cost a Thing” by Jennifer Lopez, “Played-A-Live” by Safri Duo, “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child, “Angel” by Shaggy & Rayvon, “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by Kylie Minogue, “Drowning” by Backstreet Boys, “In The End” by Linkin Park, “It’s Raining Men” by Geri Halliwell, “Lady Marmalade” and “But I Remember You” by Christina Aguilera, “Supreme” by Robbie Williams, “Uptown Girl” by Westlife, “Suerte” by Shakira and “Azul” by Cristian Castro. They passed away this year: actors Anthony Quinn and Jack Lemmon, actress Arlene Francis, The Beatles singer George Harrison, Venezuelan writer Arturo Uslar Pietri, Venezuelan dictator Marcos Pérez Jiménez, South African surgeon Christian Barnard, TV commentator Barbara Olson (in the September 11 attacks) and the new American singer Aaliyah, who was only 22 years old and known as the “Queen of Urban Pop” (in a plane crash in the Bahamas).


                After the death of Eric Morley, Julia had to go through some legal issues in January 2001. An American citizen named Gerald L. Goldfaden, from New Jersey (USA) had registered the website on March 12, 1996 , even though the Morleys had the MISS WORLD trademark registered worldwide. Eric Morley contacted Goldfaden via fax in August 1996 to claim his rights to the use of his Miss World trade name. After unsuccessful attempts by Morley to settle the matter “for good” without litigation, Goldfaden ignored his requests. The Miss World (Jersey) organization was later renamed Miss World Limited and on January 19, 2001, it filed a lawsuit against Goldfaden for using a trade name that did not correspond to it. The defendant defended himself by saying that he was holding a Miss World Wide Web pageant. In 1999, the new director of Miss World for the USA, David Altman, who was also in charge of negotiating to bring the Miss World pageant to Las Vegas in 1999 and 2000, also tried to negotiate the name of the website for his personal use (Miss World USA). But Morley revoked Altman’s franchise in December 1999 because he claimed he had not paid the franchise fees, so negotiations to hold Miss World in Las Vegas fell apart. However, after several months of trial, the court ruled in favor of Goldfaden and the Miss World organization could not access the name of, thus having to register the site as the official website of Miss World, which officially premiered on October 23, 2001. But this story continues for years to come.


                Julia Morley, widow of Miss World creator Eric Morley, called the beauty pageant, which she now leads, as “stupid and horrible” so she was reinventing the competition to make it ‘more positive’ for women. In an interview on the Observer on Monday, April 16, Julia condemned the infamous ‘swimsuit’ parade, in which contestants walked across the stage before being interviewed about their life ambitions. “It seemed very unnatural to me as a woman that girls should twist and turn on stage to begin with. And I wasn’t comfortable in swimsuits on stage. Not because I thought there was something wrong, horrible, and unnatural about them, but I thought you generally don’t feel comfortable if someone is interviewing you in a tux and you are in a bathing suit. I thought it was pretty awful to see women standing there with practically nothing, with Aspel saying ‘What did you eat for breakfast?’ – it was so stupid”. Five months after the death of her husband, Julia, who began working behind the scenes at Miss World in 1969, had taken full control of the organization. The new Miss World would be more respectful to the contestants and more positive. “We have a new concept for the show and we are discussing ways that we can do something quite positive for the education of the contestants, with scholarships”, she said. She had just sold satellite television rights around the world with projected viewership figures of more than two billion. She was also designing an international lifestyle magazine and wanted to create a ‘global network’. “It’s a lot to talk about, I know. But I know it’s going to happen. It’s just that I have the reins and it’s a fun feeling to be able to walk the roads I’ve always dreamed of”, Julia Morley said before concluding the interview.


                The fifty-first edition of Miss World would be held, initially, again in the city of London with preliminaries filmed in Portugal. However, this did not materialize because Channel 5 decided not to continue with the exclusive broadcasting contract after two consecutive years. Because of this, Julia Morley looked for new horizons and turned her gaze to Sun City, South Africa, a city that had hosted the event on several occasions, from 1992 to 1995. But the Mayor of the city of Durban, Obed Mlaba, signed, sealed and almost handed over this year’s Miss World pageant to the city of surfing. Mlaba closed the deal on Monday, July 9, 2001 with representatives of the competition to bring the 100 most beautiful women in the world to Durban in November, after receiving instructions from the municipality’s executive committee to ensure that Durban obtained the contest. Now, subject to the city’s legal experts scrutinizing a “letter of intent” to host the massive event, Durban would host the contest, which would draw some two billion viewers. The direct and indirect benefits were worth around R1.3 billion. This year’s pageant had been planned to be held in Sun City, but the venue would be moved to Durban, which would discuss what it had to pay after the letter was signed. And for every rand the city would be asked to organize the event, it would receive about R6000.00 back on display. The Miss World contestants would be in town for three weeks in the run-up to the big night. They would be filmed at various local and provincial tourist attractions, all the places that local tourism chiefs wanted the world to know about. This year, the BBC and Sky TV would collaborate to produce a special program about the making of Miss World. Carl Eaton, CEO of In Tyme Inc, was the person in charge of negotiating with the city on behalf of Julia Morley, and said that he had always wanted his hometown to host the contest.

                However, it is not known for sure why Durban then gave up on hosting the final of the contest. Perhaps it was because of the location issue, although the city of Durban had a Convention Center large enough to host the contest. Perhaps the provincial government has not authorized the allocation of resources for the pageant despite the approval of the Mayor of Durban or it could be because Sun City could have offered better alternatives for Julia Morley, thanks to Sun International, who brought the pageant back to South Africa. The fact is that Durban continued to be considered as one of the cities where part of the filming of the Miss World 2001 pageant would take place because of its wonderful beaches.


                Of the 113 nations (and territories) that had the rights to Miss World in 2001, 106 of them had confirmed their participation in the pageant that year. Interestingly, Hawaii would send a representative, despite being a US state and would return to Miss World, since in 1959 it had sent a candidate a few months after becoming the 50th state of the American union. The Miss World Hawaii franchise went into the hands of Bob Peyton, who would work with Luana Alapa-Hee of LA Image to produce the local pageant and, in addition, the Miss Samoa World pageant. Ultimately, he was unable to find candidates from Samoa and had to settle solely for Hawaii. Taiwan and Zambia did not hold a national Miss World contest this year due to economic issues, while the directors of Sri Lanka and Swaziland, who had chosen their queens (Rozelle Plunkett from Sri Lanka and Glenda Joyful Mabuza from Swaziland), apologized for not being able to cover the costs of the franchise, so its candidates would not be present. For its part, Lithuania announced that the final of its national contest would be held in November by agreements with its sponsors, so that the queen elected in 2001 would not participate in Miss World 2001 but would be sent to the 2002 pageant. And Belarus, a country that held its national contest every two years, gave up sending its 2000 winner, as Anna Sticjnskaja did not want to participate.

                In addition to Hawaii, representatives from Antigua, the People’s Republic of China, Cote D’Ivoire, Egypt, Guyana, Macedonia, Nicaragua, Thailand and Uganda were returning to the contest while Malawi and Uzbekistan would make their Miss World debut this year. For their part, Armenia, Liberia and Seychelles did not continue with the Morley franchise. In Argentina and Uruguay, closed castings were held to choose their representatives for Miss World, with Miss Virginia Di Salvo being privileged in Argentina and Daniela Abásolo in Uruguay, who had competed and was a semifinalist in Miss International 1999. In Estonia there was no contest, but they appointed Liina Helstein as the delegate of that country in Miss World. Raivo Kiisler, the national director, proposed her to participate in Miss World just four weeks before the start of the competition. In Estonia, Liina participated in Miss Estonia 1996, where she did not reach the finalists, and also in Miss Estonia for Miss Universe in 1999. However, Helstein won a tourism pageant in Odessa, Ukraine. The national final was not held in Curaçao either and the first runner-up of Miss Curaçao 1999-2000, Fatima Sint Jago, cousin of former Miss Curaçao Verna Vasquez, was appointed on March 26 to represent the island in both Miss Universe and Miss World. On the other hand, due to the tragedy that mourned the planet after the terrorist attacks in New York, the Miss Switzerland pageant, which would initially take place on September 15, was postponed to November 10 and the winner would go to Miss Universe and Miss World in 2002. Therefore, the Swiss representative to Miss World 2001 would be the first runner-up of 2000, Mascha Santschi. On the other hand, the Miss Nepal pageant was canceled at the last minute due to the royal massacre that occurred in June, while Honduras and Paraguay also canceled their nationals at the last minute due to economic issues. Here are the details of the finals of most of the countries that chose their candidates for Miss World:

* MISS JAPAN INTERNATIONAL.- It was held at the Koseinenkin Hall in Tokyo on Wednesday, October 4, 2000, together with Miss International. The winners were Hanako Suzuki (to Miss International 2001) and Yuka Hamano (to Miss World 2001).

* MISS COSTA RICA.- Held on Saturday October 21, 2000 at the National Auditorium of the Costa Rican Center for Science and Culture at the Children’s Museum, with 10 candidates. The winner was Paola Calderon Hütt, 19 years old, heading to Miss Universe 2001 while Piarella Peralta, was second to represent the country in Miss World 2001 and María del Mar Ruiz in third place.

* MISS TEEN BAHAMAS.- The Miss Bahamas pageant was not held in 2001 due to the loss of the Miss Universe franchise, so the national directors decided to appoint Kiara Sherman, who won the crown of “Miss Teen Bahamas 2000”, among 25 young girls, on Sunday 12th of November.

* MISS BELGIUM.- It was held on Friday, December 8, 2000 at Londerzeel. The winner, heading to Miss Universe and Miss World 2001, was 21-year-old Dina Tersago, from Puurs (Flanders). The finalists were Caroline Costermans, from Braaschat and Lynn de Merlier, from Vilvoorde.

* MISS SOUTH AFRICA.- Jo-Ann Strauss, 19, from Blackheath (Western Cape) was crowned Miss South Africa at the Sun City Superbowl on Saturday, December 9, 2000, for Miss Universe and Miss World 2001. The first runner-up was Layla Jeevanantham, 22, from Naturena, and the second runner-up was Claire Drew, also 22, from Sandton. Bathabile Msimango and Mapule Kgomongoe (Miss Photogenic) completed the Top 5. 16 finalists competed.

* MISS ANGOLA.- Hidianeth Luisa Cussema, 19, from Bie province, was crowned Miss Angola for Miss Universe ’01 on Monday, December 18. The finalists were Adalgisa Da Rocha Goncalves (also Miss Sympathy) for Miss World 2001 and Suzana Matamba Chaves. For her part, Ucilia Mariza Fafala won the Miss Silky Skin award and Maria De Fatima Ndentontonha won the Best African Costume.

* MISS & MISTER LATVIA.- Gunta Rudzite, 18, from Valmiera, was crowned on Friday, December 29 as “Miss Latvia 2000” while Ilmars Lipskis, from Sigulda, was awarded as “Mister Latvia 2000”. The finalists were Lienite Stugle (Miss) and Helmuts Vanags (Mister).

* FEMINA MISS INDIA.- The NSE Grounds in Mumbai hosted the contest which brought together 30 contestants on Saturday, January 27. The winners were Celina Jaitley, 21, from Kalcota as “Femina Miss India Universe”, Sara Corner, a native of Bangalore and 20 years old as “Femina Miss India World” and Maheswari Thyagarajan, a native of Chennai and also 20 years old, as “Femina Miss India Asia Pacific”. Namita Mukesh Vankawala and Kanwal Toor (who was sent to Miss International) completed the Top 5. The new beauty queens were crowned by their predecessors, the reigning Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific, all from India.

* MISS NICARAGUA.- After two years without the event, the “Miss Nicaragua” contest was celebrated again on Saturday, February 3 at the Holiday Inn Select Hotel in Managua. It was won by Ligia Cristina Arguello Roa, heading for Miss Universe and Miss World 2001. The finalists were Renée Fabiola Dávila (also Miss Photogenic), Karla Leclair, Valeria Guzmán and Indra Palma. 12 girls participated.

* MISS SPAIN.- Lorena Van Heerde, Miss Alicante, aged 17, was proclaimed “Miss Spain 2001” on Sunday, February 25 at the Francisco Ballester sports hall in Xátiva (Valencia). The gala was presented by Natalia Estrada, Juanto Artero and Félix Alvarez and was attended by 52 candidates. The representative of Lleida, Eva Sisó Casals, received the title of First Maid of honor and the titles of Miss Elegance, Best Body, Miss Filodoro, Miss Pepe Jeans and Miss Internet, while the Sevillian Macarena García Naranjo won the award of Second Maid of Honor. As the new queen was only 17 years old, she could not go to Miss Universe, so the organization, chaired by Andrés Cid, decided that she would go to Miss World and her First Maid of Honor, Miss Lleida, would go to Miss Universe, and Miss Seville would go to Miss Europe. However, Lorena decided not to participate in Miss World and was replaced by the Second Maid of Honor, Macarena García, from Seville, in that contest, while Miss Bizkaia was sent to Miss Europe. The semifinalists were completed by the representatives of A Coruña (Martina López Canicoba), Bizkaia (Verónica Martín García), Castellón (Ayola Molina Carrasco), Jaén (Mayte Martos García), Málaga (Marta Gracia Martín), Melilla (Elisabeth Martínez Núñez), Tenerife (María Cristo Gil Carballo), Toledo (María Soria Perille) and Valladolid (Lorena Domínguez González).

* MISS ANTIGUA & BARBUDA.- After many years, the contest was held again, this time organized by designer Calvin Southwell. It took place on Saturday, March 3, with Janil Bird (for Miss Universe), Janelle Williams (for Miss World) and Zara Razzaq (for Miss Intercontinental) being elected.

* BINIBINING PILIPINAS.- It was held on Saturday, March 10 at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City with 26 contestants. The winners were Zorayda Andam (to Miss Universe), Gilrhea Quinzon (to Miss World) and Maricarl Tolosa (to Miss International). The finalists were Michelle Cueva Reyes and Maricar Manalaysay Balagtas. The semifinalists were Andrea Angela Silverio, Sheryl Lou Franco, Aline Ramirez, Christina Gracia Fandino and Jeanie Andersen.

* MISS BULGARIA.- Ivayla Bakalova, 19, from the city of Varna, became “Miss Bulgaria 2001” on Sunday, March 11 in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia and the organizers decided that this year, unlike previous, the winner would be sent to Miss Universe, while Tanya Karabelova from Shumen, who won the Trud newspaper poll, won her pass to Miss World. For her part, Teodora Burgazlieva was Miss Internet. The final had 31 candidates.

* MISS GUATEMALA.- It was held at the Camino Real Convention Center in Guatemala City on Monday, March 12, and the winner was the birthday girl Rosa María Castañeda Aldana, on her way to Miss Universe 2001 in Puerto Rico. As Miss World Guatemala was Claudia Sarti Sturge and the finalists were Catherine von Annscheel and Dina Marisol Rueda Koosemans.

* FROKEN NORGE.- The Norwegian beauty event held on Wednesday, March 14 chose Linda Marshall for Miss Universe and Malin Johansen for Miss World. 16 young girls participated.

* UNGFRU ISLAND.IS.- Iceland’s representative for Miss World 2001 was crowned on Friday, March 16 at the Reykjavik Museum of Art with 16 candidates. It was won by Kolbrún Helgadóttir while Rakel Sif Sigurðardóttir was in second place and Chloe Ophelia Gorbulew in third place.

* FROKEN SVERIGE.- The Swedes chose Miss Dalarna, Malin Olsson, for Miss Universe, while for Miss World was chosen Linda Camilla Back, Miss Dalsland. Third place went to Miss Blekinge, llka Kenyeres. The final took place on Saturday, March 17th in a Stockholm TV studio.

* MISS ISRAEL.- Israel’s new beauty queen was crowned on Wednesday, March 21. The winner was Ilanit Levy, 18 1/2, from Haifa, heading for Miss Universe. The favorite of the public, and with the title of Maiden of Beauty, was Karen Shlimovich (to Miss World). The Queen of Grace was Dikla Elkabetz (to Miss International) and Teenage Queen was Hanni Mayers (who did not go to Miss Europe because it was held in Lebanon). The finalists were Hagit Strikovsky and Nina Kabesa. 20 girls participated.

* MISS ECUADOR.- Jéssica Bermúdez was crowned for Miss Universe, and Carla Revelo for Miss World. The event was held on Thursday, March 22 at the National Theater of the Casa de la Cultura in Quito with 13 candidates. The finalists were María Gabriela Gresely, María Gabriela Jaramillo and Claudia Pinargote.

* MISS AUSTRIA.- Held on Saturday, March 24 at the Casino Baden. The winner was Daniela Rockenschaub, from Wels. The finalists were Carina Friedl (Miss Elegance), from Braunau am inn, Sabrina Wittmann from Plankenburg, Birgit Feichtinger from Roggendorf and Christine Maria Nagele from Moosburg.

* THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN NIGERIA.- It was held on Friday, March 30 in Lagos. The winner was Miss Rivers, Agbani Darego (to Miss Universe and Miss World) and the first runner-up was Miss Abuja, Ann Suinner.

* MISS PERU UNIVERSE.- This year, the DeELITE group, chaired by Jéssica Newton, also acquired the Miss Universe franchise, choosing Viviana Rivas-Plata from Chiclayo, who was crowned “Miss Peru Universe” on Sunday, April 1 at the Swissotel in San Isidro, Lima, in a televised show that was animated by Newton herself, the Uruguayan Santiago Salaverry from E! Entertainment and Venezuelan actress Marian Valero. The contest, which initially had fifteen registered candidates, was carried out with 12 girls who already had previous experience in beauty competitions. One of the 15 girls, Thalia Estabridis, had to withdraw because she was pregnant. Before the coronation, the organization awarded Marina Mora (Miss World Tourism 2001) as “The Most Beautiful Face”, Viviana Rivas-Plata won the “Miss Silhouette”, Gisela Fuentes was “The Most Beautiful Hair”, Geraldine Cateriano (Miss Teenage ’95) won “Miss Legs” and Silvana Pimentel (Miss Latin America ’99 Finalist) won “Miss Cheff”. This Miss Peru contest had the singularity that it did not have finalists, only the name of the queen was announced, and the other girls would then participate in Miss Peru World, an event that would be held on October 13 and then moved to the 19 of that same month. But the contest had to be postponed again until November, so Newton decided to send Rivas-Plata to Miss World.

* STAR HELLAS.- The Greek national competition was won by Evelina Papantoniou on Tuesday, April 3 at the Vergina Theater of the Hyatt Regency Casino in Thessaloniki with 19 candidates. Evelina was sent to Miss Universe 2001 where she qualified as the first runner-up. For her part, Valentini Daskaloudi won the title of “Miss Hellas” towards Miss World 2001. The finalists were Fotini Kokari (to Miss International), Eleftheria Pantelidaki (to Miss Europe), Anna Karagiannopoulou and Vivi Katsani.

* MISS CZECH REPUBLIC- It was held at the Boby Center in Brno on Saturday, April 7. The winner was Diana Kobzanová, whom they later decided to send to Miss Universe ’02 instead of Miss World, but who was later stripped of the crown for breach of contract by posing for a pornographic magazine after returning from Miss Universe. As finalists were Andrea Fiserova (to Miss World 2001 and who later inherited the title of Miss Czech Republic) and Andrea Vranova (to Miss International 2001).

* MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.- In 2001, channel 7 once again used the title of “Miss Dominican Republic” and the contest was held at the Hotel Jaragua on Saturday, April 7, where 5 Queens were chosen. They were Claudia Cruz De Los Santos as Miss Dominican Republic for Miss Universe; Miss Dominican Republic for Miss World was Jeimy Castillo; and Miss Dominican Intercontinental, Flor Kuret. Queen of the Coffee Yesenia Rosario (who did not travel) was crowned and Miss Atlántico Dominicana was awarded to Carolina Peña.

* MISS TURKEY.- It was held on Tuesday, April 10 at the Lütfi Kırdar International Congress and Exhibition Center in Istanbul. Tugçe Kazaz was chosen as the Turkish beauty queen among the 20 girls who participated in the competition. Second was Sedef Avci (to Miss Universe 2001), third Hatice Şendil (to Miss Europe), fourth Ece İncedursun (to Miss International) and fifth Gönül Uzunoglu.

* CARNIVAL QUEEN OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS.- Cherrisse Woods won the competition on Saturday, April 14 at Lionel Roberts Stadium in St. Thomas, earning her the right to go to Miss World. The finalists were LaMonique Morris and LaStarr Wattley. 6 candidates participated.

* MISS EGYPT.- Held on Wednesday, April 18 in Cairo. It was won by Sarah Shaheen (to Miss Universe ’01). The finalists were Sally Shaheen (for Miss World) and Heba Abo-Mandour (for Miss International).

* MISS SLOVAKIA.- The contest was held on Saturday, April 21 in Bratislava, and the winner was Jana Ivanova, who also won the title of Miss Press, heading to Miss World. The Princesses were Lucia Pilkova (to Miss Europe and who also won the Miss Internet and Miss Congeniality awards) and Barbara Pappova (to Miss International 2001).

* MISS UKRAINE.- Oleksandra Nikolayenko, from the city of Odessa, was crowned on Saturday, April 28 at the Lesia Ukrainka theater in Kiev, with the opportunity to participate in Miss World 2001 and Miss Universe 2002 (she did not compete in 2002 but was sent in 2004). The finalists were Lilianna Gorovaya, Irina Primenko, Katerina Matveeva and Yulia Ferafontova. Anna Shevchuk was “Miss Photogenic”, Irina Zelinskaya “Miss Charm”; “Miss Telegenic” was given to Natalia Shestakova and “Miss Audience” to Tatiana Nekrasova. 27 girls from 15 regions of Ukraine participated.

* MISS NAMIBIA.- Michelle Heitha was crowned Miss Namibia in Windhoek on Friday, May 18, heading for Miss World ’01 and Miss Universe ’02. The finalists were Celeste Hough and Jeimo Jason.

* MISS CROATIA FOR MISS WORLD.- Rajna Rugaz won the crown on Saturday, May 19 and her first finalist was Karla Milinovic (for Miss Europe). In the same event, Mister Croatia was chosen. It was won by Matej Mejaskia and his runner-up was Vinko Filipic.

* MISS ALBANIA.- The beauty pageant was organized in a medieval castle in the northwestern town of Shkoder on Saturday, May 26 and the winner was Denisa Cela, 15 years old.

* MISS KOREA.- Min-kyoung Kim won on Sunday, May 27 at the Auditorium of the Sejong Cultural Center in Seoul, heading to Miss Universe ´02. The finalists were Hyun-jin Seo (for Miss World and also Miss Photogenic), Myoung-hee Baek (for Miss International), Yoon-mi Goh, Ji-hye Kim, Ah-reum Chung and Ji-won Han.

* MISS COTE D’IVOIRE.- It was held on Saturday, June 2 at the Congress Palace of the Hotel Ivoire in Abidjan. It was won by Nadia Gaëlle Yobouet, who would go to Miss World ’01. The 1st. runner-up was Ferima Cissé.

* MISS TAHITI.- Held at Place To’ata in Papeete on Friday, June 8. The winner was Ravanui Teriitaumihau (to Miss World 2001). The finalists were Mereani Ateni and Tania Pani (Miss Hieva).

* MISS NORTHERN IRELAND.- Angela McCarthy was crowned on Monday, June 11 for Miss World.

* MISS MOLDOVA.- The Miss Moldova competition was held in Kishinev on Saturday, June 16, with 15-year-old Nadia Corcimari winning. The finalists were 16-year-old Diana Spatarel and 18-year-old Larissa Kovalchuk. 24 women from all regions of the country competed.

* MISS WORLD OF PUERTO RICO.- Barbara Serrano, first runner-up of Miss World of Puerto Rico 2000, was designated on Thursday, July 5, as the island’s representative in Miss World 2001, due to the fact that the national pageant was postponed to 2002.

* STAR CYPRUS.- Demetra Eleutheriou was crowned “Star Cyprus” on Friday, July 6 to represent the country in Miss Universe 2002, while Krystiana Aristotelous was chosen “Miss Cyprus” for Miss World 2001. Despina Romanaki was selected as Miss Carlsberg and Nickol Stylianou as Miss Mediterranean. The finalists were Georgia Georgiou and Victoria Eythivoulou.

* MISS GIBRALTAR.- The new Miss Gibraltar was crowned on Saturday, July 7th among 9 entrants at the Alameda Open Air Theater. The winner was Luanne Richardson, 18, who traveled to Miss World. The finalists were Sueyenne McNeice and Lyzanne Zammitt.

* MISS ARUBA.- It was won by 21-year-old Deyanira Frank (to Miss Universe 2002) on Saturday, July 14. As a representative to Miss World 2001, Lainda Westerhoof was selected and as a delegate to Miss International 2001, Dione Croes. The finalists were Zizi Lee and Ruthlene Flemming. Subsequently, on August 5, it was announced that Lainda Westerhoof had renounced the Miss Aruba World crown for the issue of her university studies, so that the title of her passed into the hands of the finalist Zizi Lee.

* MISS HONG KONG.- Held on Sunday, July 15 at the Hung Hom Coliseum. The winner was Shirley Yeung Sze, at Miss Chinese Intl. (Hong Kong lost the Miss Universe franchise in 2001 by passing the territory to China). The finalists were Gigi Chung (for Miss World) and Heidi Chu (for Miss International).

* MISS VENEZUELA WORLD.- Without major surprises, on the night of Thursday, July 26, the 19-year-old Maracaibo’s Andreína Prieto was anointed as Miss Venezuela World 2001, who was crowned in a bathing suit by Vanessa Cárdenas and Osmel Sousa, and for the first time in more than 20 years, a blue cape was placed on her, as a symbol of her royal beauty. The 2 and a half hour show featured the musical participation of the Mexican Eduardo Verástegui, the Cuban Amaury and the Spanish Dyango. For their part, former misses Veruska Ramírez, Daira Lambis and Christina Dieckmann were in charge of the opening number along with the 40 candidates. As was done the previous year, there were no finalists and the remaining candidates would go on to compete, after a filter, in the Miss Venezuela for Miss Universe. It should be noted that the only candidate who went to Miss Venezuela without participating in this event was Cynthia Lander, who, in the end, was crowned “Miss Venezuela 2001” at the Poliedro on Friday, September 14.

* MISS UZBEKISTAN.- The third edition of the Miss Uzbekistan pageant was held at the Turkiston Palace of Arts in Tashkent on Saturday, July 28 and featured 21 candidates from all regions of the country. The winner was 23-year-old Olesya Loshkareva, from Tashkent, an interpreter guide with excellent command of English, and the finalists were Lobar Akhmedzhanova, from the Tashkent Region, and Nigora Nurzulaeva, from Bukhara. The contest was criticized by the Uzbek press for the fact that there were only 4 Uzbek participants against 15 of Russian descent.

* MISS CANADA INTERNATIONAL.- Tara Hall (Miss Thornhill), won the pageant towards Miss World on Saturday, July 28 in Mississauga, Ontario. The finalists were Rhonell Austin, from Toronto, and Jo-Annie Elward, from the Acadia Peninsula (New Brunswick).

* MISS UGANDA.- Victoria Nabunya, a 19-year-old student, was crowned Miss Uganda on Friday, August 3 at the Speke Resort in Munyonyo. The finalists were Juliet Epenu and Natasha Sinayobe.

* MISS PORTUGAL WORLD.- In a very modern show on the Troia Peninsula, in Sétubal, the Madeira model, Claudia Borges, won the title of “Miss Portugal World 2001” on Sunday, August 5. The finalists were Vanessa Paixao and Heloisa Pimenta. 16 candidates participated.

* MISS MALAYSIA WORLD.- Sasha Tan, from Johor, a senior in psychology at the University of Northern British Columbia, Canada, prevailed over 19 other contestants in the contest held at the Renaissance hotel in Kuala Lumpur on Friday, August 10. The finalists were Mandy Ng, 23, from Selangor and Adele Lim, 23, who represented the Federal Territory. Miss Sarawak, Norazlin Johari, was disqualified because she was of Muslim religion.

* MISS WORLD COLOMBIA.- The election was held in Hall 4 of Corferias in Bogotá on Sunday, August 12. The presenters of the event were Daniela Kosan, ex-Venezuelan Miss, and the Uruguayan Santiago Salaverry, both from E! Entertainment. The winner was Miss San Andrés, Karol de la Torre and the finalists were Miss Caldas, Jeisyl Vélez (to Miss Asia Pacific, who the previous year had competed in Miss Antioquia without success) and Miss Cundinamarca, Catalina Zuluaga (to Top Model of the World). The Top 7 was completed by contestants from Antioquia, (Catalina Calle Ospina), Atlántico (Shirley Pereira), Cesar (Natalia Botero Argote) and Guajira (Johana Cañizales). The semifinalists were the candidates from Amazonas (Luisa Fernanda Mejía Castro), Cartagena (Giselle Borja), Huila (Paola Laverde), Magdalena (Vivian Gagliani) and Tolima (Adriana María Aya).

* MISS BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS WORLD.- It was won by Melinda McGlore, among 4 candidates, on Saturday, August 25. In principle there were seven entrants but three of them withdrew a day before the finals.

* MISS PANAMA.- The contest was held on Thursday, August 30 with a gala dinner in the Great Hall of the Riande Continental Hotel in Panama City, where 12 contestants competed in swimsuits and evening dresses. The winners were Justine Pasek, 22 years old and born in Ukraine (to Miss Universe 2002), and Lourdes González, 20 years old (to Miss World). The remaining finalists were Carolina Troncoso, Melissa Bocharel and Karin Sempf. Bocharel won the Miss Sympathy and Miss Photogenic awards while Lourdes González was the winner of Miss Internet.

* MISS TANZANIA.- Miss Temeke, Happiness Magesse, a 23-year-old student, won the crown on Friday, August 31 at the Diamond Jubilee Hall in Dar-es-Salaam. 24 contestants from all over the country participated. The finalists were Aminata Keita and Sharon Pownall.

* MISS WORLD HUNGARY.- It was held on Friday, August 31 in the town of Heviz. It was won by Zsoka Kapocs among 16 contestants, who, after winning the crown, underwent a nose job to participate with better physical condition in Miss World.

* MISS BOLIVIA.- It was held on Friday, August 31 at the Japanese Club Hall in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. To Miss Universe was chosen Miss Santa Cruz, Paola Coimbra, while to Miss World was Claudia Etmüller, Miss Santa Cruz. Paola also won the Best Smile award, while Claudia won the Most Beautiful Face award. Miss Bolivia International was Miss La Paz, Priscila Quiroga. The finalists were Ingrid Kholberg (Miss Tarija), María Claudia Canedo (Miss Chuquisaca) and Liz Cuenca (Miss Tarija). 18 candidates participated.

* MISS NEW ZEALAND WORLD.- Amie Hewett won the title on Saturday, September 1 in Auckland.

* MISS JAMAICA WORLD.- It took place on Saturday, September 1 at the Hilton Hotel in Kingston with 21 girls. The winner was Regina Beavers while the finalists were Annaleise Ulett and Gail Davis.

* MISS IRELAND.- Miss Cork Photogenic, Catrina Supple, 18, was crowned the new Miss Ireland on Tuesday, September 4 on her way to Miss World. The finalists were Miss Kerry, Lisa O’Sullivan (to Miss Universe 2002), Miss Limerick, Elaine Carroll and Miss Cork, Sarah O’Connell.

* MISS MADAGASCAR.- It was held on Saturday, September 8 at the Hotel Panorama. The winner was Tassiana Boba, 19, from Toamasina Province. The finalists were Suzanna Boanalidy, Miss Sofia; and Harimalala Hanitrinianina Brigitte Raharison, Miss Handled. 9 contestants participated.

* MISS GUYANA.- Olive Gopaul was crowned among 10 girls on Saturday, September 8 at the Georgetown National Cultural Center. The 1st. runner-up was 20-year-old Shamane Joseph from Berbice.

* MISS SAINT MAARTEN.- It was held at the Maho Beach Convention Center on Saturday, September 8 with 6 contestants. Two queens were chosen at the event: Bernice Gumbs (to Miss Universe 2002) and Natacha Richardson (to Miss World 2001), who was later replaced by the first runner-up, Genesis Romney.

* MISS CAYMAN ISLANDS.- The winner was Shannon McLean, from East End, heading to Miss World 2001 and Miss Universe 2002. She also won the Miss Personality, Miss Photogenic, Best Smile and Best Gown awards among the five contestants. The finalists were Melanie McField and Cindy Braggs. The event took place at the Lions Civic Center on Saturday, September 8.

* SUOMEN NEITO.- The Finns chose Jenni Hietanen, from Turku, as their Miss World representative on Friday, September 14, from among 10 girls. The finalists were Anna Strömberg and Saara Hiivola.

* MISS MALTESE ISLANDS.- Christine Camilleri, 19 years old, from Zejtun, won the contest on Saturday, September 15, which gave her the right to represent Malta in the Miss World 2001 pageant. The finalists were Joanne Portelli (Victoria) and Charlene Bugeja (Tarxien). 24 girls participated in this contest, held in the Oracle Suite of the New Dolmen Hotel.

* MISS LEBANON.- It was won by 21-year-old Christina Sawaya, from Dhour Choueir (to Miss World ’01 and Miss Universe ’02) among 20 contestants. The finalists were Bethany Kehdy and Wasnisrine Azizi. Jeanne d’Arc Sakr and Mireille Ziade completed the Top 5. Meanwhile, Justine Daoud, Cynthia Kiame and Mireille Ziade were selected as Miss Personality, Miss Elegance and Miss Photogenic. The final was held in the Hall of Ambassadors of the Casino Du Liban on Friday, September 21.

* NUESTRA BELLEZA WORLD MEXICO.- The contest, hosted by Mónica Noguera and Julio Bracho, was held on Friday, September 21 at the Presidential Hangar of the Lic. Adolfo López Mateos International Airport in Toluca and the winner was Tatiana Rodríguez Romero, from Campeche, who beat 46 other contestants. Erika Yadira Cruz Escalante from Yucatán was appointed as a substitute at the event. In it there was a shortlist of 21 finalists from which the winner came out. The other 20 girls, Greta Galindo from Coahuila, Nancy Esparza from Chihuahua, Gabriela Hurtado from DF, Anabel Mendoza from Guanajuato, Karín Huerta from Guanajuato, Ana Inés Santoyo from Jalisco, Miriam Ayala from Jalisco, Saray Álvarez from Jalisco, Diana García from Nuevo León, Elsa Burgos from Nuevo León, Claudia Collado from Sinaloa, Mónica Psihas from Sinaloa, Alicia León from Sinaloa, Carmen Varela from Sonora, Erika Peña from Sonora, Lizeth Pérez from Sonora, Mónica Aragón from Tamaulipas, Adriana Loya from Veracruz and Andrea Pérez Together with the alternate, Erika Cruz from Yucatán, would participate in the Nuestra Belleza México final on September 28 and where, coincidentally, Erika Cruz was crowned Nuestra Belleza México for Miss Universe.

* MISS WORLD CHILE.- Christianne Balmelli Fournier, 22 years old and 1.77 m, from the southern city of Temuco, was elected on Monday, September 24 at the Hidalgo Castle on Santa Lucía Hill, Santiago, in an event broadcast by Televisión Nacional de Chile and organized by the ex-Miss Daniella Campos and her organization “A Queen for the World”. Balmelli had finished second the year before. The first runner-up was Erika Niklitschek Schmidt, from Viña del Mar, while the second runner-up was Macarena Carmona, 4th. finalist of Miss Italia Nel Mondo ’01. There were 10 girls who competed for the title.

* MISS ENGLAND.- The 18-year-old model Sally Kettle, from Leicester, won her passport to Miss World 2001 at the Trafalgar Hotel in London on Tuesday, September 25, among 10 finalists.

* MISS AUSTRALIA WORLD.- Eva Milic, of Croatian origin, became the representative of Australia to Miss World in a pageant held in Gold Coast, Queensland, on Thursday, September 27.

* MISS WORLD FRANCE.- It was held in Paris on Friday, September 28. Emmanuelle Chossat won it.

* MISS & MISTER BRAZIL WORLD.- Miss Brazil World was held at the Shopping Guararapes, in Jaboatão dos Guararapes (Pernambuco) on Friday, September 28. It was won by Miss Sao Paulo, Joyce Aguiar, from the city of Votuporanga, the first mulatto to win the Miss Brazil World title and who had already finished in 3rd. place in the Miss Brazil for Miss Universe 2001 held on March 26. The finalists were Miss Pernambuco, Deborah Daggy and Miss Goias, Lara Brito. 27 candidates competed. The Brazilian representative to Mister World was elected jointly. The winner was Mr. Rio de Janeiro, Gustavo Gianetti and his finalists were Mr. Goias, Gustavo Leao and Mr. Pernambuco, Walter Baracho.

* MISS THAILAND WORLD.- Lada Engchawadechasilp, an economics student at the University of California, in Los Angeles, was crowned “Miss Thailand World 2001” at the Impact Arena in Bangkok on Saturday, September 29. The finalists were Pattraporn Petcharitt and Wannaporn Phumijit.

* MISS POLAND.- She was chosen by televoting on Saturday, September 29 at the TVN studio in Krakow among 16 girls. The winner was Joanna Drozdowska, a pharmacy student from Szczecin, heading to Miss World ’01 and Miss Universe ’02. The finalists were Malgorzata Kantorowska and Monica Laskowska. Miss Internet was Anna Krolicka, Miss Photogenic was Marta Przebierala, and Miss Elegance, Agnieszka Pawlak.

* MISS SLOVENIA.- Rebeka Dremelj from Senovo won the title on Saturday, September 29 at Cankarjev Dom’s Gallus Hall in Ljubljana. The finalists were Mihaela Kukovec and Lucija Gubensek. The title of Miss Internet went to Brigitta Zvokelj, and Miss Photogenic was Maja Petric. 15 girls participated.

* MISS ZIMBABWE – 18-year-old Nokhuthula Mpuli from Harare won the crown at the Harare International Conference Center on Saturday, September 29, beating 14 other contestants. This was the second attempt for Mpuli, who had already participated in the 1999 event. As first runners-up were tied Angeline Munyeriwa from Bulawayo and Krystel Dollie from Harare.

* MISS GHANA.- Selasi Kwawu, a student at Takoradi Polytechnic, was crowned “Miss Ghana 2001” at the Pleasure Club in Accra on Saturday, September 29. The finalists were Ama Solomon and Stephanie Abla Walkins-Fia. 19 candidates participated.

* MISS WORLD HAWAII.- It was held on Sunday, September 30 at the Mamiya Theater in Honolulu. The winner was 23-year-old Radasha Leialoha Ho’ohuli from Waianae, Oahu.

* MISS MACEDONIA FOR MISS WORLD.- Sandra Spasovska, a student of interdisciplinary environmental studies, from Skopje, was chosen on Sunday, September 30 and will defend the Macedonian colors in this year’s Miss World. Unusually, this time the first and second runner-up titles were not awarded. The special Miss Charm award was presented to Suzana Al-Salkini and Miss Photogenic to Marija Gavriloska.

* MISS BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA.- It was won by Ana Mirjana Racanovic on Sunday, September 30 in Sarajevo. The finalists were Branka Cvijanovic (to Miss Europe) and Mirela Mevkic while Marijana Kvasina was Miss Friendship, Suzana Marjanovic was Miss Photogenic and Elza Sahinovic, Miss Media.

* MISS ITALY WORLD.- Paola D´Antonino, from Messina, won the title on Monday, October 1, heading to Miss World. The finalists were Eleonora Cavallari and Lozanova Svetoslava. The Miss Elegance title went to Georgia Pennarossa, Miss Personality to Antonella Cappelli and Miss Photogenic to Claudia Cedro.

* MISS GERMANY WORLD.- In a contest held on Tuesday, October 2 at the Fun Expo Hall in Hannover, the new Miss Germany World was crowned. The winner was Adina Wilhelmi, 21, from Wolfach. The finalists were Tanja Fenske, 24, from Siegen and Jennifer Dietrich, 18, from Saarland.

* MISS KENYA.- Daniella Kimaru was crowned at the Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi on Friday, October 5. The finalists were Helvi Rissanen and Christine Sogomo.

* MISS BARBADOS WORLD.- Held at the Sherbourne Conference Center among 8 contestants on Friday, October 5. Stephanie Chase won it.

* MISS YUGOSLAVIA.- The new Miss Yugoslavia was crowned at the Sava Center in Belgrade on Monday, October 8. The winner was Tijana Stajsic (to Miss World ’01), while the finalists were Sladjana Bozovic (to Miss Universe ’02), Nevena Djordjevic (to Miss Europe ’01), Sladjana Kukolj (to Miss Intercontinental ’01), Aleksandra Kokotovic (to Miss International ’01) and Nina Stanisic (to World Miss University). As a novelty, this year monthly contests were held towards the grand final.

* BEAUTY OF RUSSIA.- It was held on Wednesday, October 10 in the concert hall of the hotel “Orlyonok” in Moscow, with 42 participants. The winner was Irina Kovalenko, 16, from Murmansk (to Miss World) and the finalists were Tatyana Kuznetsova, 18, from Nizhny Novgorod – Kirov region, Irina Kosyanenko, 19, from Novosibirsk and Anastasia Semesenko, 18, from Kaluga.

* MISS NEDERLAND.- Irena Pantelic won the national crown for Miss World 2001 on Friday, October 12, and the finalists were Jacobijn Slegtkamp and Sara-Lynn Dijkhof. Twelve competitors participated.

* NEW SILK ROAD MODEL LOOK CHINA.- It was held in Sanya, Hainan, on Saturday, October 13. Li Bing, 18, won the Miss Sanya title and the right to represent China at Miss World 2001.

* MISS KAZAKHSTAN.- It was won by Gulmira Makhambetova, 15, from Astana, on Friday, October 19 in Almaty, in an event that brought together 30 candidates. The finalists were Olga Khripchenko, Alina Dokuchaeva and Asel Kurmangaliyeva.





                On Friday, August 24, days after Karol De La Torre was crowned Miss World Colombia, a video made in 2000 by some of her colleagues from the Faculty of Communication of the Autonomous University of Barranquilla began to circulate, where Karol admitted to being married, but claimed that it did not frustrate her aspirations as a model. The alleged spouse was the Barranquilla basketball player Jimmy Mosquera. That same Friday, the newscast Teleheraldo, produced in Barranquilla, also took from their archives a note, made in September 1999, in which the current Miss World Colombia argued that her commitment would not hinder her career. For her part, Alberto Nieto, director of the Chica Med modeling contest, in which Karol ranked third in 1999, maintained that Karol admitted that she had been married a few years ago. The queen defended herself and on Monday, August 27, she gave a press conference in Barranquilla in which she reiterated her innocence and did not deny her relationship with the athlete: “He was my boyfriend, I loved him very much, but I never married or lived with him”. Before the journalists, she mentioned her number from her civil registry and baptism certificate, without a marriage note, belonging to a parish in Barranquilla. That is why she asked for evidence of the recordings of her alleged interviews. For his part, Edgar Botero, president of the Miss World Colombia contest, said that the contest had the documents that were required to register, and that there was no proof of any marital union. Two days later (on Wednesday, August 29), Karol decided to renounce her title of Miss World Colombia to dedicate herself fully to verifying her singleness. “The malicious accusations made by private individuals and by some media when they affirm that I am married, require the dedication of all my time to distort them and leave my name as a woman, the tradition of my family and the prestige of the Miss World Colombia pageant high”, said Karol. The title then went to the first runner-up, Jeisyl Vélez.


                Fred Goble and Tony Caine of Crown Star Productions and organizers of the Miss United States Teen acquired the rights to “Miss United States World” in July 2001 and as it was too late to organize a national event, on Saturday, July 28, they named Carrie Stroup, who was Miss America Teen 1998 and Miss Hawaiian Tropic North Carolina 2000, as the US representative to Miss World 2001. But, on Saturday, August 25, the organizers sent out a press release notifying that Carrie Stroup would not represent the United States at Miss World in South Africa, as she had decided to start an acting career (although the real reason was that she had resigned due to a contractual disagreement). In her place would go Starla Smith, from Dothan, Alabama who assumed the title and would represent the United States in South Africa. Starla Smith, 20, had been Miss America Teen 2000, Miss Alabama Teen 2000 and Miss Alabama Teen USA 1999.

               But that did not stop there. The “MUST World” organization representing Starla Smith had its Miss World franchise pending, and the company never received a letter of approval from Ms. Morley, who had confirmed Carrie Stroup as Miss USA for Miss World. Apparently, the organization “MUST World” did not accept this fact, and its president traveled to London with Starla Smith and tried to approach Ms Morley without success. The ugly controversy over who would be the US candidate in Miss World 2001 was resolved when Julia Morley demanded that Carrie Stroup, who had been originally elected and later removed, be reinstated by decision of the Miss World authorities in London. The disagreement was primarily due to a business dispute between Stroup and Crown Star Productions, and a dispute between Crown Star Productions and Pageantry magazine, a Florida-based publication. Charles Dunn of Pageantry magazine insisted that he had not become the American franchisor for Miss World, but Stroup said she was grateful to him for her role in obtaining the title. Finally, Carrie packed her bags and traveled to South Africa on Saturday October 20 for the Miss World 2001 pageant.


                The Miss World Organization would have shown interest in holding its 2002 pageant in Puerto Rico, as was announced on Tuesday, July 3. Delia Cruz, organizer of Miss World from Puerto Rico, would travel to London at the end of that month to meet with Julia Morley, and other national directors interested in signing a final agreement. “Julia loves Puerto Rico, she has been here several times because of her excellent relationship with Wilnelia (Miss World ’75). There is a 90% chance that Miss World will come to the island in November 2002”, Cruz told El Nuevo Dia newspaper. That is why this year the 1st. runner-up from the previous year was going to compete in Miss World 2001 and possibly in April or May 2002, there would be a local pageant. The winner would thus have more time to prepare for the competition and to be the host delegate for Miss World. For her part, Julia Morley had signed the previous week (end of June 2001) a contract to celebrate Miss World 2003 in China.


                On Friday, August 24, it was announced that this year’s Miss World would broadcast three beauty specials. The first would be the Miss World talent show, in which the contestants would demonstrate their skills; the second would be the swimsuit show from Sun City, which would allow the audience to meet the 100 contestants before the final and allow them to vote for their favorites for the Top 10. According to the statement, viewers could participate in the procedure final voting on the program called “U Decide” that would air a week before the event, on Friday, November 9, and that would be presented by former Miss United Kingdom and first runner-up of Miss World ’92, Claire Smith. The “U Decide” program would feature recorded footage of the contestants at locations across southern Africa, including Victoria Falls, Table Mountain and the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. As contestants are introduced to viewers, the public could call and cast a telephone vote. According to the organizers, all competing countries would have exclusive voting lines, through which the public of those countries could cast their vote. During the “U Decide” program, the results of the public telephone vote would be added to the judges’ votes and a table with the leaders would be displayed on stage. After the television show, the votes of the top 10 candidates cast by each country would be collected for an overall top 10. This would then account for 50% of the votes for the Miss World 2001 swimsuit section. The other 50% of the votes for that section would be left to the judges. The interview, poise and presence, would be judged separately. The third program would be the final on November 16 where the new Miss World 2001 is crowned. At the last minute, the Talents program was discarded to give “U Decide” more weight and importance. The telephone number that viewers should call was 09011-500-005 and, when the call fell, they should enter the three digits corresponding to the three countries of their choice (the cost was 50 pence per minute, or 0.75 USD approximately). For the vote to be valid, one had to vote for three different candidates. Next, the three digits of each candidate for the public to vote for them in the “U Decide”:

001American Virgin Islands026Cyprus051Japan076Puerto Rico
002Angola027Czech Republic052Kazakhstan077Romania
003Antigua & Barbuda028Dominican Republic053Kenya078Russia
004Argentina029Ecuador054Korea079Saint Maarten
009Bangladesh034Germany059Malawi084South Africa
013Bosnia & Herzegovina038Guatemala063Namibia088Tahiti
015Brazil040Hawaii065New Zealand090Thailand
016British Virgin Islands041Holland066Nicaragua091Trinidad & Tobago
018Canada043Hong Kong068Northern Ireland093Uganda
019Cayman Islands044Hungary069Norway094Ukraine
020Chile045Iceland070Panama095United States
023Costa Rica048Israel073Philippines098Wales


                The candidates for Miss World 2001 began traveling to South Africa on Saturday, October 20 and Sunday, the 21st as the date on which the pageant officially began this year was Tuesday, the 23rd. Some, like Miss Guyana, first traveled to London to buy accessories and wardrobe, and to give press conferences to publicize their participation in the contest. Venezuelan Andreína Prieto traveled with seven suitcases on Sunday, October 21. Her itinerary was: Caracas-Miami-Chicago-London-Johannesburg. She arrived in South Africa at 7 am on Tuesday, the 23rd. Miss Iceland, Kolbrun Helgadottir, spent five hours in London before leaving for her final destination. There she met with the Icelandic missologist Heidar Jonsson, from whom she received some last minute advice and suggestions. She boarded a flight on Sunday night (October 21) to Johannesburg with Miss Sweden and Miss Jamaica. For her part, Miss Aruba, Zizi Lee, trained with Colombian designer Jaime Arango and was one of the first to arrive in South Africa. As the contestants arrived at the Johannesburg International Airport, they were dispatched in Vans to Sun City, the host city of the event, about 200 km northwest of there.

                Sun City comprises four excellent hotels, with the possibility of practicing different sports, good recreation, live entertainment and games. It is one of the few complexes in the world with two 18-hole golf courses. The resort also has the best conference facilities in South Africa. The Lost City in Sun City is a R830 million African fantasy world with an artificial forest and a huge wave pool. The Palace of the Lost City is one of the best hotels in the world. Sun City was founded by South African entertainment mogul Sol Kerzner. In the mid-1970s, he had the idea to build a luxury casino complex in the heart of the African bush. The works began on July 15, 1978 and the complex was inaugurated on December 7, 1979. The cost of the original complex was R30 million. Today the investment amounts to more than R1.18 billion. 380 million rand was invested in the Lost City. This year, the Miss World participants stayed at the Cascades Hotel, located within the Sun City tourist complex, which provided 241 beautiful rooms. The girls were staying on floors 5 through 8.

                93 of the 106 originally expected candidates arrived at Johannesburg International Airport. Three of the contestants had been disqualified by the Miss World organization for being just 15 years old, since the minimum accepted age was 16. They were Miss ALBANIA (Denisa Cela), a country that was finally going to debut in the contest after several failed attempts. Miss MOLDOVA (Nadezhda “Nadia” Corcimari) and Miss KAZAKHSTAN (Gulmira Makhambetova). The Kazakhs tried to fix it and send the first runner-up instead. The same happened in Moldova. This country would send Diana Spatarel, first runner-up of Miss Moldova 2001 and who even appeared on the official Miss World website as a competitor, but who finally gave up competing due to visa problems. Due to economic issues, Miss COTE D’IVOIRE (Nadia Gaëlle Yobouet), Miss CURAÇAO (Fatima Maria Sint Jago) and Miss DENMARK (Maj Buchholtz Petersen) gave up, while Miss EGYPT (Sally Shaheen) and Miss UZBEKISTAN (Olesya Loshkareva) canceled their participation due to security concerns after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and, perhaps, the recent US war with Afghanistan. And although they were expected until the last minute, Miss GUATEMALA (Claudia Sarti Sturge), Miss KAZAKHSTAN (Olga Khripchenko) and Miss BAHAMAS (Kiara Sherman) did not arrive. The directors of the Bahamas gave up sending her at the last minute because, according to, the girl had not had time to prepare for the Miss World and because she had not been the winner of the Miss Bahamas, an event that had been canceled that year. The Guatemalan gave up due to economic issues and Miss Kazakhstan did not have time to process her visa, as the titleholder had been disqualified a few days before the trip to South Africa.


                Ladbrokes, the world’s largest betting house and the official bookmaker for this year’s Miss World pageant, was offering Miss USA Carrie Stroup 6-1 odds to win Miss World in South Africa on November 16. Carrie Stroup, a 19-year-old model and actress, was the favorite on October 27, a few days after the contest began. In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, large numbers of people around the world were expected to show their support by voting for Miss U.S.A.. And with as the official bookmaker for the event, voters also had the opportunity to put their money on their favorites. The joint second favorites were Miss India and Miss Venezuela at 10-1, while Miss Brazil was the next highest ranked at 14-1.

                Among UK girls, Miss England was 20-1, Miss Northern Ireland 25-1, Miss Wales 50-1 and Miss Scotland was also 50-1. For her part, Miss Ireland had a 40-1 chance. Ladbrokes predicted that this year’s contest would be one of the largest non-sports betting events in history, especially as it accepted bets in 7 languages, 23 currencies, and had customers in more than 160 countries online. Miss World spokesperson (and odds compiler) Andy Clifton said: “Miss World has traditionally been part of the fun for many of our customers and this year, being the official bookmaker and with a Miss World website for the first time ever, betting is sure to be ‘fast and furious.’ It will be fascinating to see how the telephone voting system impacts betting and, let’s face it, where else can you look at beautiful women on the internet, call on the phone to vote for them and then see them on television in a bathing suit without having problems?”.


                Here is the table with the roommates of the contestants of Miss World 2001:

American Virgin Islands – British Virgin IslandsArgentina – PortugalAruba – Bolivia
Brazil – AngolaAustralia – CroatiaAustria – Germany
Chile – ColombiaCosta Rica – Dominican RepublicUganda – Zimbabwe
Russia – UkraineEstonia – LatviaRomania
Singapore – ChinaVenezuela – MexicoNicaragua – Uruguay
Holland – CanadaUSA – EnglandSouth Africa – Switzerland
Bangladesh – IndiaHawaii – ScotlandTahiti – New Zealand
Norway – NamibiaJapan – KoreaIsrael – Turkey
Ghana – TanzaniaFrance – BelgiumIceland – Italy
Cayman Islands – AntiguaMacedoniaCyprus – Wales
Gibraltar – PeruPanama – SpainGreece – Lebanon
Puerto Rico – EcuadorMalaysia – ThailandGuyana – Northern Ireland
Hungary – Czech RepublicJamaica – Trinidad & TobagoBulgaria – Bosnia & Herzegovina
Slovenia – SlovakiaBotswana – KenyaBarbados
Madagascar – Saint MaartenNigeria – MalawiPhilippines – Hong Kong
Sweden – FinlandIreland – MaltaPoland – Yugoslavia


               On the night of Tuesday, October 23, the welcome party was held at the Hotel Palace in Sun City and on Thursday, the 25th the first Presentation to the Press was held, in which the 93 contestants posed for local and international photographers in the Valley of the Waves of Sun City. On the other hand, it was announced that Jerry Springer would be the host of the contest again. M-Net, the company that negotiated Springer’s stake for the second year in a row, called Springer’s appearance “a hit,” adding in a statement that he “has built a large following in South Africa with his compelling reality brand”. On Friday, October 26, the filming in swimsuits began in different locations. As in previous years, the participants were divided into 8 groups of a dozen girls. Two groups traveled to neighboring Zambia to film at Victoria Falls. The girls from one of these two groups stayed at the Zambezi Sun hotel in the vicinity of the falls and sailed down the Zambezi River, where they were able to observe elephants and hippos in their natural environment. They also toured the falls and observed the practice of jumping in benji, in a fall of 150 meters. Obviously, they were not allowed to do the same! The second group was at the Royal Livingstone Hotel (Zambia) and rode on elephants.

                Two other groups went to Durban, staying at the Zimbali Lodge. One of these groups visited the Zulu farm “Shakaland” in the town of Eshowe, and the other rode on horseback on the shores of the city. Three more groups went to Cape Town, including the host Miss South Africa. There they stayed at the Table Bay Hotel and the Grand Hotel at the GrandWest Casino. Some filmed in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden and visited Table Mountain and Camps Bay, another group flew in helicopters from the company WIN to observe the whales in the sea and the last group enjoyed a ride on the sailboat “Spirit of Victoria” that set sail from the port of Cape Town. “I am proud that the pageant is back in South Africa and it has been really wonderful to show the girls Cape Town” said the South African beauty. The last group visited the Pilanesberg Forest Reserve, near Sun City, where they went on safari and took hot air balloons. The filming outdoors lasted a week and included the Valley of the Waves in the Lost City. The following days were spent rehearsals and doing “Beauty with a Purpose” work in the villages near Sun City. Similarly, a charity dinner was held at the Palace Hotel, with the auction of the national gifts that each of the entrants brought from her countries of origin. They also enjoyed a holiday with the children of the Mandela Foundation, to whom they donated books from their countries to form a world library and with whom they sang the South African National Anthem.

                On Friday, November 2, 58 of the participants visited the Shambala Private Game Reserve, near Vaalwater, where former President Nelson Mandela inaugurated the Center for Reconciliation. This Center is part of a private residence built especially for Mr. Mandela. Located in a remote location in the Northern Province, it provides Mr. Mandela with peace of mind and is an ideal setting for high-level peace talks with senior members of foreign governments. The candidates also had the opportunity to tour the park on safari and feed baby lions. In addition, they had the opportunity to have dinner with the former South African president. Then they stayed that night in a hotel in the middle of the jungle, to return to Sun City on Saturday, November 3. Some candidates complained about this hotel because it was not very comfortable. Candidates from groups 4, 6 and 7 did not attend this meeting with Mandela, as they were at the time filming in Cape Town and Durban.

               On Sunday, November 11, the “Miss World Family Party” was held at the Palace hotel in the Lost City. The performance was a huge success as it was like an “Early Christmas Party” where even Santa Claus made a special appearance. In addition, some of the delegates performed their special talents, including Miss Korea, with a traditional dance, Miss Jamaica, who recited a very beautiful poem written by Miss Barbados, Miss Northern Ireland performed “A Song for Ireland”, a song dedicated to Miss Ireland; Miss Hawaii performed a Hula dance to “Imagine” by John Lennon. Miss Brazil danced samba and Miss Bolivia did a choreography with the musical theme “La Bomba” by the Bolivian band “Azul Azul”. The highlight of the night was Miss Barbados singing “The Wind Beneath my Wings” with a tremendous voice. She dedicated the song to Miss Jamaica’s mom, since it was her birthday. Without a doubt, she won the Best Talent award from her that night. The chaperones of the delegates offered the fun note of the night, by setting up their own “pageant” and pretending to be ‘beauty queens’, wearing sashes with names like “Miss-Dressed”, “Miss-Understood” and “Miss Late”. They performed in a mini play, danced, and received thunderous applause from all the delegates. After the dinner, the conviviality and the talent show, the candidates danced the night away, with a mixture of music from the seventies, eighties and contemporary. They even performed the opening number, with an African-style song during the Family Dinner offered by the Miss World Organization to the delegates, their families and friends.

                In the final week of the contest, the participants attended two new photo sessions with the press on Tuesday, November 13 and Thursday, November 15. In the latter, they all posed in a group from the Lost City amphitheater, with the exception of Miss Tanzania, who felt unwell. Wednesday, November 14 was the day selected for the evaluation with the judges, who interviewed all the contestants for three minutes. This year, the interview system was different from previous years. The participants passed three by three to a large hall, in their evening dresses, in front of a table where the nine judges were, who interviewed them as a group. Another last minute change that was not very welcome by non-English speakers was the fact that this year there would be no professional interpreters during interviews. Instead, the chaperones would be in charge of translating for the judges. If ‘professional interpreters’ have already been heavily criticized in previous years, God knows what to expect from this ‘innovation’. This year, the judges also did not see the contestants in swimsuits in person. To vote in this category, they had to see the video that the public saw in the special “U DECIDE” that began to be broadcast in various countries around the world as of November 9. The fact that the swimsuit preliminary was canceled was a relief to some candidates who had gained a few pounds since arriving in South Africa, and from what was known, that was the vast majority. On the other hand, another group of delegates, who had been very careful and in good shape, were not happy with the decision, as they believed that they could lose some advantage.

                After the evaluation, the judges had to issue two lists with who they thought should be the 10 semifinalists, in the two categories evaluated, interview and beauty in the swimsuit video. It is also worth mentioning that the jury’s vote in this last category was equivalent to only 50%, since the other 50% was cast through the public’s telephone vote. After the meeting with the judges, optionally, some of the girls attended another interview, this time to opt for a four-year scholarship offered by a university. For the first time in history, the Miss World Organization had partnered with “Hawaii Pacific University” to give a deserving contestant the opportunity to fulfill her hopes and dreams on the beautiful island of Oahu. That same day the 14th, the participants celebrated Miss Croatia’s birthday after dinner. Finally, on Thursday, November 15, the Dress Rehearsal was held at the Sun City Superbowl to which the press did not have access, where, for rehearsal purposes, they symbolically crowned as Miss World to the representative from Singapore.


                Candidates from Belgium, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru and South Africa had previously competed in Miss Universe 2001, where the Nigerian was a semifinalist. The Nicaraguan also competed in Miss Mesoamerica 2001 as well as Miss Costa Rica, who also competed in the International Flower Queen and the Uruguayan was a semifinalist in Miss International 1999. For her part, the Peruvian was World Queen of Beaches ’98, semi-finalist of Miss Asia Pacific ’98 and International Queen of the Sea 2001. The Hungarian was a finalist of Miss Universe Hungary 1998 and represented her country in Queen of the World 2000. Miss USA was 1st. runner-up in Miss Teen International 1999 and participated in Miss Hawaiian Tropic Intl. 2000, Miss China participated in SuperModel of the World 1999 where she was a semifinalist, the English girl went to Miss Hawaiian Tropic Intl. 2001 and the Ukrainian was first runner-up of Miss Tourism Planet 1999. Below is a table with the most important data of the candidates for Miss World 2001:

01AMERICAN VIRGIN ISLANDSCherrisse Woods18Youth Mentor, works on the paediatric ward at the local hospital. Wants to pursue a career in Broadcasting. She enjoys public speaking and acting. Hobbies: playing volleyball and softball, singing in Spanish and playing the Conga Drums. Her ambition is to open a children’s rehabilitation centre.
02ANGOLAAdalgisa Alexandre Da Rocha Goncalves21Completed a pre-University course in Social Sciences and wants to become a lawyer. She loves music, cooking, reading, writing, swimming and going to the beach. Her talent is performing traditional dances of Angola.
03ANTIGUA & BARBUDAJanelle Williams23Mathematics and organic chemistry lecturer. Wants to study Medicine or Physical Therapy. She loves gardening, dancing and singing in the church choir.
04ARGENTINAVirginia Luz Di Salvo22Hotel Management student. She enjoys going to the gym, listening to music, spending time with friends, Artesian Decoration, playing handball and volleyball and dancing salsa and merengue. She speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese.
05ARUBAZeralda “Zizi” Candice Wai-Yien Lee19Law student. She speaks English, Papiamento, Spanish and Dutch. Her hobbies are dancing, windsurfing, tennis, shopping, listening to music and spending time with friends and family.
06AUSTRALIAEva Milic23Has a degree in Marketing and Human Resources. Her ambition is to be a Television Presenter. Her hobbies are reading and sports, especially swimming, netball and tennis. Speaks English and Croatian.
07AUSTRIADaniela Rockenschaub20Business student and started to train as an optician. She enjoys running, in-line skating, spending time with her dog, ballet and jazz dancing. She speaks German and English and her ambition is to be an international model.
08BANGLADESHTabassum Ferdous Shaon18Science student but wants to be a lawyer. Her hobbies are reading, writing poetry, playing handball, driving and travelling in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Music is her passion and she is a talented classical dancer. She speaks Bengali, English and Hindi.
09BARBADOSStephanie Chase22Performing Arts student and have completed a basic counselling course in Child Adolescents and Social Psychology. Her ambition is to be a Guidance Counsellor. She enjoys reading, writing letters, travelling and working with the disabled. She’s a talented singer and likes to jog for exercise.
10BELGIUMDina Tersago22Maths teacher student and trained in child psychology. She speaks Dutch, French and English. She likes dancing, gymnastics and being a member of a youth club.
11BOLIVIAClaudia Etmüller Spinato19Dentistry student. She speaks Spanish and English. She enjoys ballet, modelling, writing, playing the flute and organ, and going to the gym for aerobics. she is a talented singer and loves traditional Bolivian folk music.
12BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINAAna Mirjana Racanovic19Economy student. Her ambition is to be a businesswoman. Her hobbies are dancing, listening to all kinds of music, reading, swimming and playing handball. She is also a talented singer. She speaks Bosnian and English.
13BOTSWANAMolly Masego Sebedi22Community Support Coordinator and a Information Technology student who has a diploma in Public Relations. She loves writing, has a beauty column in a Botswana newspaper and is a member of the junior Rotary club. She speaks Setswana and English and enjoys reading, travelling, playing softball and shopping. Her ambition is to start her own Event Management Consultancy.
14BRAZILJoyce Yara da Silva Aguiar18Law Student. She enjoys listening and dancing to music with a Brazilian rhythm especially Samba. She speaks Spanish and Portuguese and plays volleyball.
15BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDSMelinda McGlore23Has a Degree in Business Administration. She is a talented singer and loves dancing, modelling and socialising.
16BULGARIAStanislava “Tanya” Karabelova23Has a bachelor degree and wants to study journalism. She enjoys psychology, writing poetry, fitness, swimming, classical and traditional folk music and travelling in Bulgaria.
17CANADATara Lynn Hall21Traffic Reporter, graduated in Broadcast Journalism. She likes creative writing, painting, performing arts. She is an accomplished public speaker. Her ambition is to have her own documentary talk show. Her hobbies are going to the movies, spending time with her family, jazz dance and running. She produced, shot and edited a short film.
18CAYMAN ISLANDSShannon McLean23Marketing and Information Technology student who has a degree in Business. Her ambition is to work in Marketing Analysis. She loves travelling and worked for Cayman Airways. Her hobbies are volleyball, basketball, softball, going to the beach and dancing (especially soca, calypso, ballroom, R&B and hip hop).
19CHILEChristianne Balmelli Fournier22Publicity student. Her ambition is to have her own TV program. She loves listening to music, dancing (salsa, merengue and pop music), travelling, bike riding and volleyball.
20CHINA, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OFBing Li18She is studying at the University of Tianjin and wants to become a teacher. She speaks Mandarin and English. She loves to play the piano, ballet and disco dancing, climbing mountains, reading and writing.
21COLOMBIAJeisyl Amparo Vélez Giraldo20Business Administration student. Has studied computers technology. She speaks Spanish and English and her ambition is to work in Public Relations. Her hobbies are  playing the organ and flute, writing poetry, listening to classical music, going to Art Exhibitions, horse riding, volleyball, swimming, all kinds of music and Colombian dance.
22COSTA RICAPiarella Peralta Rodríguez20Psychology student. She speaks Spanish, English, French and a little Italian and Portuguese. Her ambition is to work to defend human rights. She enjoys travelling, reading literature, writing, painting the Costa Rican landscape, football, kickboxing and music (salsa, cumbia and merengue). She also plays the xylophone.
23CROATIARajna Raguz17Attends grammar school and wants to study law or psychology. She speaks English, German and Croatian. She loves all kinds of sports, especially basketball and running, folklore dance, reading and environmental conservation. She is a talented actress.
24CYPRUSChristiana Aristotelous18Wants to study Marketing and Communications. She loves dancing, playing volleyball, swimming, aerobics, reading and fashion designing. Speaks Greek, English and Spanish.
25CZECH REPUBLICAndrea Fiserova19Wants to study Economics. She loves learning languages, playing basketball, swimming, bowling, tennis, dancing, volleyball, travelling and playing with children.
26DOMINICAN REPUBLICJeimy Castillo Molina24Studied Diplomacy, International Laws and Marketing. She enjoys handicrafts like cross-stitching, puzzles and reading. Her hobbies are volleyball, soccer, athletics, tap, merengue, salsa and pop music dancing. She is a talented actress.
27ECUADORCarla Lorena Revelo Pérez19Science student. She speaks Spanish and English. She enjoys action sports like bungee jumping, rafting, cycling and basketball, modern and latin dance, photography, acting and painting. She loves to cook Ecuadorian cuisine.
28ENGLANDSally Kettle19She works in Beauty Therapy, Science and Exercise. Wants to be a Disc Jockey (DJ) and a TV Presenter. She enjoys skiing, snowboarding, singing, aerobics, running, swimming and freestyle contemporary dancing. She speaks English and basic French.
29ESTONIALiina Helstein23Agricultural student. She speaks English and Russian. Her ambition is to have her own business and a large family. Her hobbies are playing tennis, squash, swimming and horseback riding.
30FINLANDJenni Hietanen21Media student. She speaks Finnish, Swedish, French and English. She enjoys reading, doing aerobics at the gym and she is a talented hip-hop dancer.
31FRANCEEmmanuelle Chossat22Has studied Journalism Communication, specializing in Cosmetic Journalism with a view to becoming a Fashion Critic. She speaks English, French and Spanish. Her hobbies are designing cocktail dresses, choreograph dances, singing pop and blues, all sports, from swimming and surfing to hiking, dancing oriental, modern jazz, classical, salsa and samba, travelling and exploring new countries.
32GERMANYAdina Wilhelmi21Commerce student. She speaks German, English and French and enjoys all sorts of different sports, dancing and playing Viola.
33GHANASelasi Kwawu20Fashion and Modelling student. Her ambition is to be a Textile Designer and her hobbies are drawing, sewing, listening to music and swimming.
34GIBRALTARLuann Richardson18She works in Public Relations and her ambition is to be a Nursery School Teacher. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing hockey and dancing disco dance. She speaks English and Spanish.
35GREECEValentini Daskaloudi22Graduated in Dress Making and Computer Science and wants to study Drama. She enjoys reading, travelling, going to the cinema, target practice and Tai-kwon-do. She is trained in jazz and traditional Greek dance. Her talents are cooking and dress designing. She speaks Greek and English and learning Italian and Spanish.
36GUYANAOlive Gopaul22Marketing student and a Spanish Teacher. She speaks English and Spanish. She enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures, dramatising, writing poems, cooking, making friends, volleyball, athletics, Indian and Latino dance and climbing trees!.
37HAWAIIRadasha Leialoha Ho’ohuli21Student. She enjoys good books, swimming, hula dancing and flying planes. Her ambition is to become a doctor of optometry.
38HOLLANDIrena Pantelic22Tourism and Management student. She speaks Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Yugoslavian. Her ambition is to become a travel journalist. She likes reading about old civilizations, swimming and Latino dancing.
39HONG KONG, CHINAGigi Chung Pui-Chi19Shipping Assistant. She speaks English and Mandarin. She loves listening to music, singing, Para-Para dancing and playing badminton.
40HUNGARYZsoka Kapocs22About to study Communication Sciences. She speaks English and a little German and Italian. She enjoys singing, dancing, driving fast and taking fitness classes.
41ICELANDKolbrún Palina Helgadóttir21Graduated as a Makeup Artist and have studied Dress Design. Her ambition is to finish a degree in Computers and Marketing while continuing with her Arts. She enjoys working with the Red Cross, travelling, exotic food, football, swimming, gymnastics, yoga and salsa dance. She is a spokesperson for the Anti-Smoking organization in Iceland and writes weekly articles for one of the most popular websites in her country.
42INDIASara Corner21Travel and Tourism student. She likes travelling, adventure sports, high jumping and abstract glass painting. She speaks Hindi and English and her ambition is to open an airline of her own. She is a member of the Little Princess Foundation, a charity that supports the development of girls in India. She is trained in classical Indian dance and jazz ballet and she is a talented singer.
43IRELANDCatrina Supple18Business and Tourism student. She is from Yougal. Her ambition is to specialize in the Fashion Industry. She likes playing football, athletics, swimming, modern dance and reading. She speaks English, French and Irish.
44ISRAELKaren Shlimovich22She was born in Lugansk, Ukraine and immigrated to Israel alone at the age of 15. She studies Industrial Engineering and Management and wants to work as a Systems Analyst and supervise construction and project management. Her hobbies are ballroom dancing, gymnastics, teaching children mathematics, reading books, going to the theatre and bowling. She speaks Hebrew, Russian and English.
45ITALYPaola D’Antonino19Art Teacher and wants to become a Picture Restorer. She speaks English, French and Italian. She likes visiting galleries, going to the cinema, reading literature, painting, volleyball and beach volleyball and she is trained in modern dance.
46JAMAICARegina Beavers17Psychology and Philosophy student. She enjoys writing poetry, going to the movies, playing basketball, swimming, dancing  and outdoor activities. She speaks English and Jamaican Patois.
47JAPANYuka Hamano21Graduated in International Culture. She likes pottery, Tea Ceremony, swimming, ‘cutter boat’, kendo, jazz dance, playing the ‘Taiko’ (Japanese drums) and she is a flag signaller.
48KENYADaniella Kimaru21Pharmacy student. Her ambition is to find a cure for cancer. She enjoys swimming, singing and making friends.
49KOREAHyun-Jin Seo21Korean Traditional dance student, and also taking ballet, modern dance and jazz. She speaks Korean and English and would like to become a Dancing Event Producer and Social Worker. She enjoys reading books, listening to music, swimming, cheerleading and snowboarding.
50LATVIADina Kalandarova21Economics student. She speaks Latvian, Russian, English and German. She enjoys crossword puzzles, opera, skydiving, philosophy, reading, psychology, roller skating, jogging, playing tennis, basketball, drawing and designing. She is an accomplished dancer and include the waltz, tango, Latin and folk dance among her favourites.
51LEBANONChristina Sawaya21Graduated of Business and Economics She speaks English and Arabic. She loves modern, jazz and classical ballet dancing, singing and swimming.
52MACEDONIA F.Y.R.O.Sandra Spasovska21Ecology Engineering student. She speaks Macedonian and English. She enjoys writing poetry, reading books and playing volleyball. She is a talented actress and model.
53MADAGASCARTassiana “Cardia” Boba18Textile and Fashion Design student. Her ambition is to become a couturier. Her hobbies are cooking, swimming, modern and classic dancing and designing clothes.
54MALAWIElizabeth Caroline Pullu22Has a degree in Agricultural Economics. Her ambition is to be a Doctor of Economics. She speaks English, Chicheka and basic French. Her hobbies are sightseeing, reading, playing and watching basketball and soccer and social disco dancing.
55MALAYSIASasha Tan Hwee Teng24Psychology student and worked as a Flight Attendant for Singapore Airlines. She speaks English, Malay, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. She enjoys music, backgammon, dancing, cooking, cinema, tennis, volleyball, go-karting, rhythmic gymnastics and theater. She is a talented dancer.
56MALTAChristine Camilleri19Hairdresser and has studied biology. She speaks Maltese, English and Italian. Her ambition is to be a TV Presenter. Her hobbies are Cha-Cha dancing, jogging, kickboxing and swimming.
57MEXICOTatiana Rodríguez Romero20Her ambition is to become a professional in the World Media Communication. She loves to write, read poetry, going camping, cinema, theatre, acting, swimming, skating and mountain biking.
58NAMIBIAMichelle Heitha25Graduated in Human Resources Management. Her ambition is to be a Consultant in Human Resources specializing in Industrial Relations. She likes writing poetry, reading, surfing the net, spending time with her family, travelling, netball, swimming, tennis, kwaito and modern dancing. Children are her passion.
59NEW ZEALANDAmie Hewett18Qualified in Travel, Tourism, Makeup Artistry and Production Design. She likes snowboarding, rugby and cheerleading. She is interested in fashion, drama and modern dance including jazz, hip-hop and jazz ballet. Her ambition is to be a Flight Attendant.
60NICARAGUALigia Cristina Argüello Roa21Has a degree in Business and Marketing. She speaks English and Spanish and she is studying French and Italian. Her ambition is to have her own Publicity Agency. She likes photography, reading, making cards, athletics, climbing and dancing Latin music.
61NIGERIAIbiagbanidokibubo “Agbani” Asenite Darego18Has a pre-degree in Computer Science and she wants to become a Super Model. She enjoys reading novels, meeting people, making new friends, hiking and dance the traditional ‘Riverine’ dance of Nigeria.
62NORTHERN IRELANDAngela McCarthy21Sports Management student, Lifeguard, Piano Teacher & Coach. She loves musical theatre, singing in her church, playing the silver flute and tennis. She is on the Women’s Irish National Volleyball Team. Her ambitions are to be a Personal Fitness Trainer, a P.E Teacher and a Television Presenter.
63NORWAYMalin Johansen22Confectioner who works for a multinational company. She likes horses, music, fashion, kickboxing, disco, swing and lambada dancing and the outdoor life. She is from Senja island. Her ambition is to be a Physiotherapist and to have her own training centre.
64PANAMALourdes Cristina González Montenegro20Law and Political student. Her ambition is to do a Masters degree in Maritime Law and to specialize in human rights. She likes roller skating, weight lifting, swimming. She is a talented dancer and trained in salsa, merengue and traditional Panamanian folk dance.
65PERUViviana Magaly del Rocío Rivasplata Aita24Interior Designer, Model and TV Presenter. She enjoys athletics, dancing (marinera, huayno, merengue, salsa and aero), playing the piano, painting, going to museums, art galleries and the movies. She is a talented Heptathlete.
66PHILIPPINESGilrhea Castañeda Quinzon19Sciences and Community Nutrition student. Her ambition is to have her own restaurant featuring Filipino and Chinese cuisine. She enjoys reading, swimming, snorkelling, mountain climbing, cooking, ballroom dancing, ethnic and folk dances of the Philippines. She speaks English and Tagalog.
67POLANDJoanna Drozdowska22Graduated from Pharmaceutical Medical College and wants to continue her medical studies. She enjoys cultivating herbs, riding horses and motorbikes, playing the piano and her dream is to run her own Pharmacy and conduct research into herbal medicine.
68PORTUGALClaudia Jesús Lopes Borges18High school student and wants to be a Child Psychologist. She enjoys acrobatic gymnastics and works as a volunteer for her hometown fire department. She speaks French and a little English.
69PUERTO RICOBárbara Serrano Negrón23TV Presenter, has a degree in Marketing and Accounting and has been training as a Real Estate Broker. She wants to be an Entertainment lawyer. She likes playing tennis, volleyball, Ping Pong, modelling, reading and dancing salsa. Speaks English and Spanish.
70ROMANIAVanda Georgiana Petre18High School and Japanese student and her ambition is to attend the University of Diplomatic Relationship in the European community. She enjoys learning foreign languages, reading, swimming, ice skating, aerobics, singing and disco dancing.
71RUSSIAIrina Alekseyevna Kovalenko16Economics student and wants to study linguistics. She enjoys gymnastics, swimming, skiing and ballet dancing.
72SAINT MAARTENGenesis Romney18High School student and her ambition is to become a Gynaecologist. She enjoys reading, listening to music, public speaking, playing basketball, Ballroom dance, hip hop music and playing the steel drums. She speaks English, French, Spanish and Dutch.
73SCOTLANDJuliet-Jane Horne18Media student and hopes to qualify as a Television and Film Producer. Her ambition is to travel the world and make documentaries. She enjoys working with the charity ‘Tickled Pink’ for Breast Cancer, reading, swimming, cycling, scuba diving, modern jazz dancing,singing and writing her own songs and poetry. She speaks French.
74SINGAPOREAngelia Johnson20Has a degree in Marketing and she speaks English and Mandarin. She enjoys shooting, netball, beach volleyball, hip hop dancing and creating handicrafts.
75SLOVAKIAJana Ivanova19Economics student. She speaks German and English. She enjoys swimming, running, fitness, roller-skating, reading, listening to music and going to the cinema. She is a talented singer.
76SLOVENIARebeka Dremelj21Economics student and Model. She likes reading, theatre, fashion, cycling, jogging, dancing  (jazz, ballet and hip hop) and travelling. Her talents are singing and acting.
77SOUTH AFRICAJo-Ann Cindy Strauss20Journalism student. Her ambition is to become managing Director of her own media company. She loves hiking, river rafting, abseiling and playing soccer. Has trained in classical ballet. Her special skills are for public speaking and writing.
78SPAINMacarena García Naranjo23Spanish, Philosophy and Dramatic Arts student. Her ambition, is to be an actress. She loves to ride horses, walk along the beach with her dog, reading, going  to the cinema, playing volleyball, tennis, jumping with her horse, flamenco, salsa and cha cha dancing. She is an accomplished pianist and loves to sing.
79SWEDENLinda Camilla Bäck22Trained as a tour guide in Venezuela and studied Theatre. She speaks Swedish, English and a little French. Her ambition is to work as an actress. She likes working out in the gym, travelling, ballet, jive and jazz dancing and skydiving.
80SWITZERLANDMascha Mila Santschi21Law student and TV and Radio Presenter. Her ambition is to specialize in media law. She has worked as a journalist for a newspaper and in a home for elderly and handicapped. Her hobbies are playing the piano, fencing, skiing and walking her dog.
81TAHITIRavanui Teriitaumihau19Law student. She speaks French, English, Spanish and Tahitian. She loves dancing, all sorts of different music and playing the piano. Wants to be an actress.
82TANZANIAHappiness Millen Magesse22Law student. Her ambition is to promote HIV/ AIDS awareness in her country. She speaks English and Kiswahili and loves music, discussing ideas, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, rumba and zouk dancing.
83THAILANDLada Engchawadechasilp21Economics student in California. She speaks English, Thai and Spanish. She enjoys snowboarding, reading, playing tennis and cookery, especially Thai food.
84TRINIDAD & TOBAGOSasha Renee St. Hill22Has a degree in Advertising, Sales Management and Information Systems Management. She enjoys swimming, tennis, cooking, baking, singing and the arts.
85TURKEYTugce Kazaz19International Relations student. She speaks English and Turkish and enjoys travelling, theatre, cinema, basketball, swimming, playing tennis and all types of dancing.
86UGANDAVictoria Nancy Nabunya Kabuye20She finished high school and speaks English, Kiswahili and Luganda. Her ambition is to obtain a degree in paediatric nursing. She is a Red Cross volunteer and working with a project to create breast cancer awareness. She enjoys travelling, camping, reading, playing tennis, volleyball and netball and writing poems, songs, short stories and plays.
87UKRAINEOleksandra Viktorivna Nikolayenko20Law student. She speaks Russian, Ukranian and English. She enjoys swimming, squash,  going on Camel Safaris and Latino dancing.
88UNITED STATESCarrie Ann Stroup19Graduated from High School. Her ambition is to become a model and actress and she speaks English and a little Spanish. She enjoys fitness, volleyball, basketball, soccer, water-skiing and running. She founded an organization called ‘SMILE’ to educate elementary and high school peers in helping and spending time with the area’s elderly.
89URUGUAYMaría Daniela Abasolo Cunietti22Communication Science student. She enjoys aerobics at the gym and she is a talented dancer. She speaks Portuguese and English. Her ambition is being a famous model.
90VENEZUELAAndreína del Carmen Prieto Rincón19Social Science and Communication student. Wants to become an entertainer for a TV station. She loves singing, cooking, playing baseball and dancing salsa.
91WALESCharlotte Faichney18She has Theatre, Media and English Literature studies. Her ambition is to work as a professional actress and have a career in television and musical theatre. Wants to have a degree in Drama. Her hobbies are going to the theatre, reading, playing the guitar, ballet, modern and tap dancing. She is also learning to drive.
92YUGOSLAVIATijana Stajsic17Pre-med student and her ambition is to become a doctor and a famous model. She speaks Yugoslavian and English and her hobbies include painting, dancing, karate, music, fashion, sports and travelling.
93ZIMBABWENokhuthula Mpuli18Has a degree in Marketing and Secretarial Studies and she speaks English, Shona, Ndebele and a little French. Her ambition is to be a successful model and Promoter and her hobbies are playing tennis, swimming, travelling, meeting new people, Zimbabwean dance, designing and cooking African dishes.


                Ever since the 93 Miss World contestants arrived in South Africa, Miss Chile, Christianne Balmelli, had been a favorite among Internet fans. On Tuesday, November 6, the Global Beauties page announced that Miss Chile had won the cyber title of the most photogenic in the opinion of the webmasters of 24 of the pages related to the most popular beauty pageants on the internet. The Chilean beauty had entered the group of 12 finalists in 2nd place, behind Miss Brazil, Joyce Aguiar. In the final round of the competition she jumped to first place with 53 points, in a surprising contest with Miss Ukraine, who finished second with 49 votes. Preliminary winner Miss Brazil finished third with 35 points, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina (fourth with 34) and Iceland (fifth with 31). The others that reached the Top 12 were the representatives of Greece, the USA, Nigeria, India, Colombia, Bolivia and Thailand. For the first time, webmasters also chose the most photogenic from each continent. Miss Nigeria won in Africa, India in Asia and Oceania, Ukraine in Europe, Aruba in the Caribbean and Chile in America.


                The moment Miss World released the information that viewer votes taken over the phone would be taken into account for the actual score sheet, pageant fans around the world began to wonder and worry about a particular reason: Miss World was not seen on television in all countries, a disadvantage compared to those who did broadcast it. Another thing to keep in mind was that if the countries broadcasting the contest were also willing to broadcast the “U-Decide” special, which began airing on November 9. Voting was not limited to occurring while the show was airing, which would give viewers an idea of ​​how the contestants looked and expressed themselves, making the process easier. The Miss World pageant had not aired in the United States since 1994, when E! Entertainment Television obtained the rights and was shown during the month of December of that year. There was no indication that the “U-Decide” program would air in this and other countries, something that people called an “unfair disadvantage” over the other nations that would have the opportunity to watch the program and vote for their favorites. The press releases said that “U-Decide” would be seen “all over the world”, but most people knew that this might not be true …


* The tallest participant was Miss Costa Rica, Piarella Peralta, at 6 feet, one inch all.

* The youngest candidate was Miss Russia, at 16, and the oldest, Miss Namibia, at 25.

* Miss Ukraine was the favorite among the contestants themselves, with an outstanding beauty. Others mentioned with potential, among themselves, were the candidates from Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Aruba, Scotland, Nigeria, Chile, China, Korea, Puerto Rico, Yugoslavia, Spain and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Others, like Miss United States, Miss India and Miss Venezuela, were not so popular.

* To questions from the press in her country about her possibilities, Miss Chile said that: “There are several girls who have many qualities. In general, here they not only evaluate the physical part, but the whole and that is why I think that the participants that mean For me, more competition is Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Colombia and Miss Brazil. Argentina is very nice but something is missing, Puerto Rico has no chance, and I don’t see Miss United States as a competition. Who knows, here everything can happen”.

* After the interview with the judges, most left the room, where they were questioned, confident and relieved. By the way, the girls were required to wear the same ball gown of the finals for the interview. Among the best in this field were said to be Miss Aruba, Miss Bangladesh and Miss Nicaragua. There were also some tears from those who did not feel so confident…

* The candidates were told to keep the windows in their hotel rooms closed. Not precisely because of the possible visit of a fan or lover. The intruders could be MONKEYS that ran freely through the open spaces of the hotel and on more than one occasion had entered the guest rooms through the windows and made a mess in them.

* Among the ‘exotic’ dishes that the contestants tried was crocodile meat.

* The Misses spent much of their time sleeping and eating because they had very few activities while other groups did their filming. One day they were notified that they had to be dressed to the nines for an event and then the girls found out that they were going on safari…

* The crown was so tempting that Miss Venezuela, 19-year-old Andreína Prieto, underwent plastic surgery three separate times to further enhance her stunning physique. When asked about the surgeries, Andreína made her philosophical opinion known, saying that “if plastic surgery makes you feel good, why not do it?” Her favorites were Spain, Russia, Chile and England.

* Miss Venezuela, Andreína Prieto, prayed to ‘La Chinita’ and told her concerns to a little bunny of the luck that her father had given her. Her goal was to be crowned Miss World 2001. “I have plenty of conditions to become the new Miss World, and I do not intend to disappoint anyone in that endeavor. I do not speak English, but I always have a concrete and precise answer to what they ask me, well It’s not about what language you answer in, but how you do it. ” She said that she was very crybaby and was affected by being away from her family. “It is very difficult to represent Venezuela in beauty. Although the contest is very hermetic and the chaperones do not leave me alone even to drink water, the public and the press always want to photograph me. The group of candidates is very receptive and I have become a close friend of Miss Mexico (her roommate). When I arrived I was very cautious with the food because it was very spicy and greasy, now they cook us chicken and fish. From the Miss Venezuela organization they always call me to watch my figure and my image. There are nights I’m so stressed that I cry, but then I take a deep breath and relax”, said Prieto from room 621 at the Hotel Cascades.

* Before going to meet the judges, Miss Puerto Rico left her room to meet former Miss World Wilnelia Merced, who wanted to see her and give her some advice. However, the beautiful girl from Naranjito forgot to ask for permission. When she returned to her room, about 20 minutes later, the people of the organization had activated the security of Sun City and she received a scolding that made her cry.

* Miss Venezuela suffered from malpractice while in South Africa. Before traveling to Miss World, she had fat removed from her hips to put on her calves because she was so thin. In the middle of the Miss World contest she began to ooze from it, forcing her to wear only long dresses.

* The Venezuelan Ambassador to South Africa presented Miss Venezuela with a hand-carved wooden giraffe, which she still keeps.

* Miss Chile made fun of the Venezuelan contestant for her surgeries. She called her “Michael Jackson”…

* Miss Panama’s boyfriend traveled to Sun City a few weeks in advance and the Panamanian candidate seemed to be more focused on him than on the competition.

* Cape Town designer Gavin Rajah dressed all 93 candidates for the opening number. He said the Misses loved his clothes and that he was getting offers from the girls to buy his clothes.

* Daniella Campos, National Director and former Miss Chile for Miss World, was always mistaken for a candidate, people asked her for autographs in the hotel lobby and asked her which country she came from. On one occasion, they almost made her leave the meeting of national directors believing that she was one of her candidates. As a lucky charm, Daniella gave Miss Chile the same earrings that she wore in the 1998 pageant. Of Miss USA, one of the most voted in bookmakers, Daniella said “she doesn’t have a chance … because she’s short, chubby. She’s nothing to see, I swear! “. She also said that Miss Venezuela had too many surgeries and did not have much expression on her face. “From the opinions I’ve heard, nobody likes her very much,” she added. Of the Chilean representative, Daniella said that she had a style between European and South American. “She is a perfect mix of the two.” After the contest, Daniella intended to go three days on a Katama Safari with Miss Chile, but a member of the organization warned her that if Miss Chile won, she would not be able to accompany her to the safari.

* An Italian magazine selected 20 girls to appear in a special Christmas report about the contest. For Latin America Miss Chile was chosen.

* The Miss World website created a ‘fun poll’. The five girls with the most votes from the public were Miss Chile (26%), Miss Germany (13%), Miss Canada (12%), Miss Thailand (9%) and Miss Puerto Rico (5%).

* This year’s Miss World was so interactive that for the first time in history, netizens were asked to email their questions for the five finalists. The public vote would also count for the first time in the 51-year history of the pageant.

* Telephone votes would be counted fairly. Even if millions of people voted in a certain country, and only a couple in other nations, in the end they would have the same weight. Each country had the right to one vote, which would be determined by the results of the telephone votes received.

* After a 13-year hiatus, Miss World was back through ITV screens. But it would be transmitted live not by open signal but by ITV2’s digital service that could be tuned through a ‘digibox’. In an attempt to promote their property, the previous year, Channel 5 called newspaper editors to ask if they would send someone to the Maldives to meet with the contestants. For whatever reason, most of the editors didn’t pass the commission and left themselves. Even so, the advertising only alerted 1.8 million viewers, so Channel 5 decided to decline the broadcast in 2001.

* In an interview, Julia Morley said of the contest “It’s (kind of) fun. We’re not asking you to be like serious politicians or diplomats … I’d be terrified if I thought we could change the world.”

* Miss Russia’s father made racist comments in the Russian press, saying “My daughter is being touched by a monkey” in reference to a photograph of Miss Russia posing with a black employee of the Sun City hotel…

* Latin America was looking to host the 2002 pageant. In addition to Puerto Rico, Mexico and Chile had also applied to host Miss World 2002.


                What were the odds that a black African would win the Miss World pageant in South Africa? Only three winners in the history of the contest had been from Africa, and none of them were black. This year there were 12 African women competing in the Miss World pageant in Sun City, South Africa, but the odds of any of them winning were slim, according to statistics. Among the Africans, only Miss South Africa, Jo-Anne Strauss, seemed to have any chance of winning with odds of 25-1. She was optimistic about her chances and her diplomatic about how she was enjoying the contest. “Well, things are going fantastic, everyone is enjoying the spirit of the competition, I can understand that the tensions are going to start to build up very soon, but at the moment we are all really sisters, we are enjoying it and may the best one win” said the South African beauty.

                Ladbrokes, official bookmakers of the 51st Miss World beauty pageant, rated the majority of the dozen African contestants with little hope of reaching the top 10. Candidates from Botswana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, Tanzania and Uganda traded at 100-1 on the Ladbrokes betting table, which meant that a $ 1 bet would win the bettor $ 100 if either of them won. Large regions of the continent, including the entire French-speaking part, were not even represented at the event, which was criticized by its detractors as a sexist cattle market and defended by its fans as harmless entertainment. Even the story went against the victory of a black African when the contest began at 8:30 p.m. on November 16 in Sun City, the self-styled ‘Kingdom of Pleasure’. Although Miss Botswana had recently won the rival Miss Universe crown, African successes had been very rare at Miss World. There were only three winners from Africa in more than 50 years and two of them were white South Africans, in 1958 and 1974. The other, in 1954, was from Egypt. Critics of the evaluation process said that countries of origin were as important as appearance in deciding the winner. Television marketing and endorsements would almost certainly be less lucrative if the beauty crown, which for many contestants was a stepping stone to modeling, went to a small African country few in London had ever heard of.


                The Ladbrokes bookmaker had Miss USA as the winner with 3-1, followed by Miss Chile with 4-1, Miss India with 10-1, and next came Miss Venezuela and Miss Brazil with 14-1. Further behind were Miss England with 15-1, Miss South Africa with 18-1, Miss Colombia with 25-1 and Miss Croatia with 25-1. Among the Latinas, Miss Argentina, Miss Ecuador, Miss Mexico and Miss Dominican Republic were with 33-1, Miss Bolivia, Miss Costa Rica, Miss Panama and Miss Puerto Rico with 40-1, Miss Peru with 50-1, Miss Nicaragua with 66-1 and Miss Uruguay with 100-1. For its part, the William Hill agency had Miss Chile first, followed by Miss United States and Miss India. Then came Miss Venezuela, Miss Colombia, Miss Brazil, Miss Israel, Miss South Africa, Miss Canada and Miss Hawaii.



                The fifty-first edition of the Miss World pageant was held on Friday, November 16 at the Sun City Superbowl. The event, produced once again by INITIAL and distributed to the world by GEM, began at 8:30 pm local time. ITV2 from the United Kingdom broadcast it live as in Venezuela through Venevisión, at 2:30 pm. This year ZEE TV, the main sponsor of the contest the previous year, separated from Miss World. By the way, the pageant was attended by Miss World 1974, the South African Anneline Kriel, among the special guests. The opening number was done by the Zulu tribal dance group called “Umoja” (which means ‘Together’) with the theme “The Spirit of Togetherness”, with a demonstration of South African culture and traditions. They were joined by the 93 candidates, dancing to a spectacular choreography staged by Ken Warwick, dressed in pastel cocktail dresses designed by Gavin Rajah from Platinum and jewelry from Armilla.

                At the conclusion of the ‘Opening’, David Jensen, with his voiceover, called the host of the night, the American comedian Jerry Springer, to the stage, who was the host of the contest for the second year in a row. After the welcoming remarks, Springer presented a video of what the candidates have been doing in the last four weeks on African soil. Then Springer went backstage to introduce his partner in animation, former Miss United Kingdom 1992 and first runner-up for Miss World that same year, Claire Smith. She then went on to interview a group of candidates backstage. Next, Springer invited to view a video where each of the nine judges introduced themselves, which was also a first for the contest. In addition, the judges told what they were looking for in the new Miss World. They were:

1.- Bruce Forsyth, British TV personality and husband of Miss World 1975.

2.- Jo Elvin, editor of the magazine “Glamour” of Australian origin.

3.- Ashok Amritraj, film producer of Indian origin.

4.- Fiona Ellis, Recruiting Director for Models 1.

5.- Julia Morley, CEO of Miss World and Chairwoman of the Judges.

6.- Terry O’Neill, British celebrity photographer, and a Miss World judge since 1998. 

7.- Elliot M. Cohen, Israeli-born music producer.

8.- Ben de Lisi, American fashion designer.

9.- Zindziswa Mandela, patron of children’s charities and daughter of Nelson Mandela.

                Springer then showed the first group of candidates, who introduced themselves from the large pool in the Valley of the Waves. They were the representatives of Angola, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, American Virgin Islands, Bolivia, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Germany and Portugal. And as was customary, the twelve girls already presented paraded in their evening gowns on stage, with comments from David Jensen, through two catwalks along the stage to then go down to the center of it and pose for the judges. Once introduced, Springer showed the viewer public the leader board with the combined results of the judges and the public who voted through ‘U-Decide’ for this first group, which went on to lead Miss Aruba, followed by the candidates from Portugal and Angola. By that time, two candidates, Miss Germany and Miss British Virgin Islands, were already officially eliminated. Backstage, Claire interviewed contestants from Jamaica, Botswana and Slovakia before they came on stage.

                Springer went on to introduce the second group of contestants from the Sun City Royal Baths practicing martial arts. They were the girls from Barbados, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Botswana, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Jamaica, Kenya, Slovakia, Slovenia and Trinidad-Tobago. After the evening dress parade of this group, and after the first commercial break, Springer unveiled the new leader board in which, of this group, only two girls appeared: Miss Bosnia & Herzegovina (who was placed in the third place overall) and Miss Hungary, knocking out Brazil and Austria. The other ten girls in this group were already eliminated as well.

                The third group of entrants showed up from a Durban beach while jumping on a diving board. They were Miss Ukraine, Miss Chile, Miss Costa Rica, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Estonia, Miss Latvia, Miss Romania, Miss Russia, Miss Uganda, Miss Colombia and Miss Zimbabwe. Once they wore their gowns, Springer again showed the leader board and where this time, four girls entered the table: Ukraine (who went on to lead the group), Russia (in third position), Chile (in fifth overall position) and Zimbabwe (on the 10th rung). Therefore, the Misses of Argentina, Croatia, Australia and Hungary left the table and were eliminated like the other seven young girls of this third group.

                Also from the beaches of Durban, but this time dancing ‘limbo’, the fourth group of girls made up by the entrants from Ghana, Iceland, Wales, Belgium, Antigua, Cyprus, Tanzania, France, Macedonia, Italy and the Cayman Islands. After the individual parade of them in their evening dresses, Springer made it known that only one contestant, Miss France, had managed to appear in the table in eighth position, thus dismissing Miss Zimbabwe from the, until now, semifinal group.

                Playing soccer from the icy beaches of Cape Town, we met the fifth group of beauties, which was made up of young women from Singapore, South Africa, Canada, Venezuela, England, Mexico, Nicaragua, Holland, USA, China, Uruguay and Switzerland. After parading in gowns, Claire Smith interviewed the entrants from the Cayman Islands, Tanzania and Ghana from behind the scenes before going to the second commercial break of the night. Upon returning, Springer announced that four girls from this group had been the lucky ones: Miss Nicaragua (who placed second in the leader board), Miss People’s Republic of China (in third place), Miss South Africa (in sixth place) and Miss Venezuela (in eighth place). This four lucky ones eliminated contestants from Angola, France, Bolivia and the American Virgin Islands from the table.

                The sixth group of twelve girls was made up of hopefuls from Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Madagascar, Malawi, Malta, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Sweden, Yugoslavia and Saint Maarten, while playing baseball on the beaches of Cape Town. After seeing them in their ball gowns, Springer again showed the leader board, which this time included Miss Nigeria (who went on to lead the table) and Miss Yugoslavia (in fourth place overall), so Miss Bosnia-Herzegovina and Miss Chile had been eliminated from the competition. It is worth mentioning that the videos that were shown were an edition of the same that the public could appreciate in the special of ‘U-Decide’.

                The next group of girls showed up playing volleyball, also on a Cape Town beach. They were the representatives of Northern Ireland, Thailand, Spain, Guyana, Greece, Ecuador, Lebanon, Gibraltar, Puerto Rico, Peru, Panama and Malaysia. At the conclusion of the presentation of this group of beauties in their evening dresses, Springer announced that Miss Spain and Miss Peru had entered the leaderboard, the Spanish in the fourth position and the Peruvian in the tenth. Therefore, Miss Portugal and Miss Venezuela had to say goodbye to their dream of becoming Miss World.

               And the last group, made up of Miss Bangladesh, Miss Namibia, Miss Israel, Miss Hawaii, Miss Tahiti, Miss Turkey, Miss New Zealand, Miss Norway, Miss India, Miss Korea, Miss Japan and Miss Scotland, who did aerobics from a beach from Durban, were shown to the viewing public and also paraded to the audience on stage wearing their elegant evening gowns. To maintain the suspense, this time the latest leaderboard was not released. Below we can see the list of designers who dressed the 93 beauties:

AMERICAN VIRGIN ISLANDSShaul Mezzeriah – Claire´s CollectionKENYAKiko Romeo
ANGOLAAlexandre DutraKOREAHee-Soo Kim
ANTIGUA & BARBUDACalvin SouthwellLATVIASintija Shustina
ARGENTINAAiden WellesLEBANONGeorges Hobeika
ARUBAJaime ArangoMACEDONIANicola Eftimov
AUSTRIAFriederike SulzerMALAWIThandi Honde
BANGLADESHFarah Anjum BariMALAYSIAMelinda Looi
BARBADOSPatricia PrescottMALTARay Ashley
BELGIUMMoniek GheysenMEXICOJosé Luis Abarca
BOLIVIAErnesto BarahonaNAMIBIAThomas Red
BOTSWANAHorns DesignsNICARAGUALudmila Abelman de Rosales
BRAZILAlexandre DutraNIGERIAFrank Osodi, Bunor Creations
BULGARIAZhana ZhekovaNORWAYElsa Andreassen & Trine Nikolaisen
CANADABobby & Sally AckbaraliPANAMARoberto Montenegro
CHILEMiguel Ángel GuzmánPHILIPPINESNaeem Khan
COLOMBIAAlexander RojasPORTUGALFátima Lopes
COSTA RICABelinda’s DesignsPUERTO RICOCarlos Alberto
CROATIADaliborka Puz – Drazena SemrenROMANIAMichael Spier
CYPRUSKalia MonoyiouRUSSIAElena Shansiskaya
ECUADORAtelier Martha & Adela PolitSINGAPOREFrederick Lee
ENGLANDEric Way CoutureSLOVAKIALydia Eckhardh
ESTONIAMerike PaaroSLOVENIABarbara Plavec Brodnjak
FRANCEBruno RivereSPAINJuan Vara
GERMANYBurda CoutureSWEDENJeanette Silwen
GHANAIvana Annan CoutureSWITZERLANDLisbeth Egli Haute Couture
GIBRALTARMarilyn DalrympleTAHITIEdwige & Ginette
GREECEMakis TseliosTANZANIAKhadija Mwanamboka
GUYANAMr. Derek Adlai MooreTHAILANDKalawin
HAWAIIAmos KotomoriTRINIDAD & TOBAGO Omzad Khan & Nigel Eastman
HOLLANDRonald KolkTURKEYArzu Kaprol
HUNGARYDr. Tolgyesy ZoltanUKRAINEValentin Yudashkin
ICELANDTextilineUNITED STATESGregory Ellenburg
INDIAHemant TrivediURUGUAYPablo Súarez
IRELANDFiona WhyteVENEZUELAÁngel Sánchez
ISRAELGalit LevyWALESClaire Neilson & Gail Jones
JAMAICAFrancis KeaneZIMBABWEAshley Nyagumbo

                After the break, the 93 young women were already on stage to wait for the results. But first, Springer unveiled the winners of special awards, starting with BEST EVENING GOWN DESIGN, which happened to be Miss KOREA (Hyun-Jin Seo). Judging by established criteria, the judges were looking for a dress that radiated beauty, related to the contestants’ personalities, and presented her as a queen. The judges for this selection was made up of Patricia Vargas, fashion reporter for El Nuevo Día in Puerto Rico, Robert Bell, fashion editor for Style magazine, and Michael de Kock, South African PR extraordinary and fashion reporter. Miss Korea’s stunning gown, inspired by the traditional Korean royal family dress and designed by Hee-Soo Kim, lit up the runway. The beautiful nature of Korea was depicted in the white skirt with Korean ink design. The fine fabric presented a wonderful contrast to the heavy feel of the color black and highlighted the dignity and beauty of the dress. Judge Michael de Klok said: “There was a wide variety of dresses, from homemade gowns to designer dresses. This year I was looking for a gown that had less rhinestones and moved away from the ever popular fishtail cut. This dress had all the right qualities by not conforming to the traditional cabaret style”. Judge Robert Bell added: “Being a fashion editor, I wanted to see something that stood out, was different and fit for a Miss World, a Princess or an evening out. I felt the design was incredibly innovative and well presented, creatively spectacular”.

                For her part, Miss THAILAND (Lada Engchawadechasilp) won the MISS PHOTOGENIC award, chosen by the Internet users who voted for her on the official website of Miss World. A total of 54,608 people registered their vote. During the last hours of voting, the leader board was changing with a scathing ending proclaiming Miss Thailand the winner by a margin of more than 20% of the final vote with Miss Puerto Rico in a close second. The BEST TALENT was also awarded, which was Miss BARBADOS (Stephanie Chase) for her wonderful voice. Music editor and judge Eliot Cohen, one of the biggest names in the music industry, had a set criteria for the girl who should win this award. “In the music business, talent is important, but you also have to have beauty and personality, I was impressed by the education and intelligence of all the girls”. For Miss Barbados, her future looked good, as Eliot Cohen offered to help her make her dream of becoming a singer come true.

                It was time to meet the 10 semifinalists, named by Springer, curiously in the same order in which they were in the leaderboard. They were Miss NIGERIA, Miss UKRAINE, Miss NICARAGUA, Miss SPAIN, Miss YUGOSLAVIA, Miss SCOTLAND, Miss PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, Miss ARUBA, Miss RUSSIA and Miss SOUTH AFRICA. Apparently, and from what we saw in the last leaderboard, the positions from 11 to 15 could have corresponded to the candidates of Peru, Portugal, Venezuela, Chile and Bosnia-Herzegovina, as long as in groups seven and eight there were no participants who managed to overcome them but that we did not see in the table because they had not managed to enter the first ten positions. Those two groups could have been close to Miss Thailand, Miss Lebanon, Miss Bangladesh, Miss India and Miss Korea…

01Miss NIGERIAIbiagbanidokibubo “Agbani” Asenite Darego18Port Harcourt
02Miss UKRAINEOleksandra Viktorivna Nikolayenko20Odessa
03Miss NICARAGUALigia Cristina Argüello Roa21Managua
04Miss SPAINMacarena García Naranjo23Seville
05Miss YUGOSLAVIATijana Stajsic17Sombor
06Miss SCOTLANDJuliet-Jane Horne18Aberdeen
07Miss PEOPLE’S REP. OF CHINABing Li18Nanchang, Jiangxi
08Miss ARUBAZerelda “Zizi” Candice Wai-Yien Lee19Ponton
09Miss RUSSIAIrina Alekseyevna Kovalenko16Murmansk
10Miss SOUTH AFRICAJo-Ann Cindy Strauss20Blackheath

                Claire Smith interviewed the outgoing queen, Priyanka Chopra of India, backstage, who recounted some anecdotes from her reign as Miss World, such as raising funds for the victims of the recent earthquake in her country. Springer then introduced South African singer Lebo Mathosa with hip hop group Pantsula, performing the song “Celebrate.” Claire Smith then interviewed Miss Spain, Miss Yugoslavia and Miss Nicaragua behind the scenes before Jerry Springer proceeded to interview the ten semi-finalists on a large white circular sofa. As the girls walked from backstage to center stage, David Jensen made off-tips for each of them. Springer asked about three or four questions each. He asked Miss Nigeria what three things she would take to a desert island and she replied that a bible because she was Catholic, water and a blanket … Miss Ukraine used an interpreter and when asked how she described beauty, she said that this was the harmony of your soul with your appearance. Miss Nicaragua arrived accompanied by a translator but she did not need one. When asked what she would keep, if with the boyfriend or the Miss World crown, she quickly replied “My answer is obvious because I don’t have a boyfriend!”. Miss Spain, who defended herself very well in English, was asked if she could spend a week with a stranger who was alive, she replied that it would be with Nelson Mandela, because she was one of the contestants who could not attend the meeting with the ex- South African president because she was filming in Cape Town. And Miss Yugoslavia, introduced as the “Queen of Karate”, did not have an interpreter but also did not understand the questions, so she did not give brilliant answers… Before dismissing the segment, Smith chatted with Miss Scotland and Miss South Africa backstage.

                Upon the return of commercials, Springer continued with interviews with the remaining five semifinalists, to whom he asked only two questions. He asked Miss Scotland if she was afraid of fame if she was Miss World, she replied that it depended on what she did as Miss World, but what she wanted to do was help with the charity issues of the pageant more than think to be famous. Miss People’s Republic of China needed a translator. Jerry asked her what public figure would make an ideal Miss World. She replied that someone wise and then added that this would be Nelson Mandela? … Miss Aruba said that her national pageant had been the first pageant in which she participated and that she waited until she had her high school studies ‘in control’ to enter the event and be able to come to Miss World. Miss Russia used the services of a translator and Springer asked her if there was something she would fight to the death for and she replied that it was her parents. And finally, Miss South Africa was asked how the changes of the last 10 years in her country had affected her personally. She replied that as a law student, she had been very interested in the subject of Human Rights that they now had and that because of that she had been much more aware of them and that is why she had taken the task of educating people in reference to those rights, since they not only had them but had to act in accordance with them.

                Claire was backstage with the 10 semi-finalists and showed a video-summary of everything the beauties did during their four-week stay in South Africa. Meanwhile, Springer was handed the names of the five finalists, results verified by Michael Macario of the official Miss World scrutiny firm. The five lucky ones were: Miss PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, Miss NICARAGUA, Miss SCOTLAND, MISS NIGERIA and Miss ARUBA.

                The moment of the final question had arrived, with questions asked by Internet users from all over the world. Miss People’s Republic of China was asked a question sent by Royer González from Peru: What do you think is the best thing about being a woman? She responded through her interpreter that the best thing was to be able to have wisdom and have good qualities; she also apologized for the mistake made earlier when she chose Mandela as Miss World. Miss Nicaragua’s was sent by Zmara Savagovich from Bosnia-Herzegovina: What would you do if you were a man for a day? Ligia replied that she might spend the day in some women’s showers or something similar, without using her interpreter. Miss Scotland got the question from a Malawian citizen: If you win Miss World, what would your plans be to bring true meaning to the “Beauty with a Purpose” model? She replied that she would give 100% dedication to Miss World, let everyone know the work a Miss World does and would raise the most money during her year as Miss World. Miss Nigeria was asked the question sent by a Mrs. Rose from India: In this world of men, what do you think you can change that a man cannot? Agbani said that she had entered Miss World because she knew it was a charity organization and that, even in a world for men, she would do her best to help the less privileged, because she wanted to give them the most that she could, that she would love helping those in need all the time and that all the love she felt for humanity was going to help her to do the best she could to help those people. And finally, Miss Aruba answered the question of Frances Rigardo from the Philippines: If you could design your future husband, whose mind, body and soul would it be? Zizi said that she would have the mind of her father, whom she considers the most intelligent man in the world and that she was who she was because of him; her body would be that of Brad Pitt and her soul again that of her father for him being a man of great compassion and that that was a quality that anyone should have.

                After the last commercial break, Jerry Springer announced the last special award of the night, which would be awarded by the University of the Pacific in Hawaii with a STUDY SCHOLARSHIP for four years, to which applied a significant number of candidates and was awarded by the President of said university, Chatt G. Wright. Among the four finalists were Miss Antigua, Miss Costa Rica, Miss South Africa and Miss Uganda, and the winner was Miss COSTA RICA (Piarella Peralta Rodríguez), who received a certificate from Jerry Springer. The Costa Rican said that she wanted to continue her psychology studies and that she was overwhelmed and excited about her award. The girls were evaluated by Mr. Conrad Viedge, Director of Admission for the MBA program at the Witz Business School, a faculty of the University of the Witwatersrand, who considered that Miss Costa Rica would benefit more from the scholarship. And while the final ranking of the judges was being tabulated, Springer introduced South African singer Loyiso and his special guest, Lebo Mathosa, along with the ‘Holy Jerusalem’ chorus.

                Before wrapping up the two-and-a-half hour broadcast, Claire Smith discussed the winner’s prize, which would again be $ 100,000 during her year of reign while Jerry Springer called out to the stage for the outgoing queen, Priyanka Chopra of India, for her farewell words. Then Julia Morley came to the stage to give the judges’ verdict in reverse order. Behind the scenes, the five finalists waited anxiously for the final results. The moment had come !! The SECOND RUNNER-UP was Miss SCOTLAND (Juliet-Jane Horne) and the FIRST RUNNER-UP, Miss ARUBA (Zeralda “Zizi” Candice Wai-Yien Lee). It is worth mentioning that this year, for the first time since the early 1950s, no tiaras were awarded to the finalists.

                And MISS WORLD 2001 is … Miss NIGERIA !!!. Stephen Douglas withdrew the Nigerian sash from the new winner, Ibiagbanidokibubo “Agbani” Asenite Darego, 18, and replaced it with the Miss World’s backstage. Agbani was the first Nigerian and the first black African to become Miss World in the 51 years of the pageant. Dressed in a low-cut emerald green gown dotted with diamonds, accompanied by a high cone-shaped bun, the new world beauty queen stepped on stage to sit on the zebra-skin throne and receive the crown from Priyanka Chopra. While the triumphal march of Miss World sounded, Agbani made her tour of the stage as the new Miss World 2001, the first of the new millennium, receiving a standing ovation from an audience of more than four thousand people who packed the Superbowl. At the end of her walk of triumph, she returned to the throne while Claire and Jerry dismissed the broadcast. To conclude, all the contestants came on stage to congratulate the winners while the Andy Williams song “Music to Watch Girls By” was played in the background, which was also used in 1999.


                The coronation ball followed at the Palace hotel in Sun City, where the traditional Continental Queens of Beauty were named. They were:

AFRICAMiss NIGERIA“Agbani” Asenite Darego
AMERICASMiss NICARAGUALigia Cristina Argüello Roa
CARIBBEAN ISLANDSMiss ARUBAZeralda “Zizi” Candice Wai-Yien Lee
EUROPEMiss SCOTLANDJuliet-Jane Horne

               The five queens received an acrylic trophy. Apart from the main prize for the winner, which was $ 100,000 for her reign, nothing was said this year of cash awards for the finalists, semifinalists, continental queens or winners of special awards. It was also not mentioned if there was any award, courtesy of sponsors, to the new Miss World. If it was known that the THIRD RUNNER-UP had been Miss NICARAGUA and the FOURTH RUNNER-UP, Miss PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA.


                * For the first time in history, the Miss World finals was broadcast over the internet with a ‘webcast’ through the official pageant website

                * Many of the candidates, upon learning that they were not among the 10 semifinalists, wanted to go to their hotel rooms, but the organizers did not allow it and locked them all in a dressing room until they crowned the new queen.

                * Miss Scotland was later named “Miss United Kingdom 2001”.

                * Miss Lebanon, Christina Sawaya, later became Miss International 2002 in Japan. She previously refused to compete in Miss Universe according to, due to the presence of Miss Israel …

                * Singer Lebo Mathosa passed away on October 23, 2006 in a car accident in Johannesburg. She was just 29 years old..

                * Zindzi Mandela, daughter of former South African President Nelson Mandela, died in a Johannesburg hospital on July 13, 2020 from COVID-19. She was 59 years old.


                Nigerian Agbani Darego’s victory in the Miss World pageant gave her country much-needed reason to celebrate. News of the coronation of Darego, the first black African to win the international beauty title in her 51-year history, dominated Nigerian newspapers on Sunday, November 18. Gone are the usual stories of spiraling ethnic and religious violence, such as the aftermath of the October army massacre of hundreds of people in central Nigeria and a recent series of controversial Islamic sharia rulings. Instead, Darego’s face, chosen in the pageant that was broadcast to a projected global television audience of 1.2 billion people, smiled from newsstands. “Things have been so bad lately that (her triumph) takes your mind off those things, it’s a huge distraction,” Lagos doctor Patrick Nwagbogu said. Nwagbogu said the contest, which for the first time allowed for audience voting, helped highlight the progress Nigeria had made since the military rule ended in May 1999. “Nigeria’s victory does not surprise me at all,” he said. . “I was in an internet cafe and there was a line of 50 people queuing up to vote for this young woman. She is unbelievable”.

                Guy Murray-Bruce, organizer of the ‘Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria’ pageant that sent Darego to the Miss World pageant, predicted that her victory could lead to a modeling industry in Nigeria, creating opportunities for young women in Africa’s most populous country with more than 110 million souls. Officials said half of Nigerian women were unemployed, some university graduates turned to prostitution and other women became prisoners of human trafficking networks in Europe and neighboring countries. “Suddenly the world saw Nigeria as a place where there are beautiful women. I think Nigeria is finally on the world map in a positive way,” said Murray-Bruce. He added that Darego was already blazing a trail for Nigerian women as she had already signed a contract with Donald Trump’s modeling agency in New York after finishing in the top 10 at the Miss Universe pageant in May. She had also walked with supermodel Naomi Campbell in Spain. The Nigerian government, still struggling to deliver “democratic dividends”, was also keen to cash in on Darego’s success. The first lady and two governors planned receptions for her.


                On the morning of Saturday, November 17, the new Miss World held the traditional press conference at the sumptuous Palace Hotel in Sun City. “I’m so, so happy. It’s a wonderful feeling and it’s indescribable… I know everyone at home was supporting me and I’m happy I made them proud,” said Darego, sitting on her golden throne. “I have made history,” she said, adding that she would continue her studies to be a computer scientist, in addition to fulfilling her duties as Miss World. The Nigerian government was said to have plans to appoint her as an ambassador, the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard reported. After complying with some official guidelines in South Africa for several more days, Nigerian Agbani Darego traveled to London accompanied by Julia Morley. The newly crowned Miss World was among the special guests on Friday, November 30 at a celebrity reception for ‘Reaching out for Africa’ at the Houses of Parliament in London. The charity focused on raising awareness about the spread of HIV and AIDS in Africa. And Miss World teamed up with its president, Patti Boulaye, to help promote an upcoming event at the Royal Albert Hall in 2002, produced by Sir Michael Parker. In addition to an inspiring gospel chorus and a moving speech from Ms. Boulaye, Miss Darego was also treated to a wonderful display of ‘spoon bending’ by famous paranormalist Uri Geller.

               On Friday, December 7, Julia Morley took the newly crowned Miss World back to her homeland: Nigeria. Literally tens of thousands of jubilant and proud people filled the streets to catch a glimpse of her ‘most special daughter’. Crowds of supporters chased her chauffeured car from the airport to her father’s home in Port Harcourt, a major southeastern city. The National Assembly halted legislative activities for a courtesy visit from the newly crowned beauty queen, and the federal government awarded her the national honor of Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR). A portrait of her was hung in the National Assembly. Furthermore, the oba (a traditional ruler) of Lagos, Adeyinka Oyekan, bestowed upon her the high leadership title of ‘Omoge Agbe Wage Agbaiye’ (Lady who has elevated us all over the world). The president at the time, Olusegun Obasanjo, hailed Darego’s victory as a source of national pride and a direct inversion of Nigeria’s dominant image mired in “the dark days of military rule (and) the number one haven for corruption and the bad government (to) number one in beauty and intellect”. “The crowning of 18-year-old Nigerian Agbani Darego as Miss World has enhanced Nigeria’s battered international image,” said President Olusegun Obasanjo. “You have brought honor, dignity and respectability to Nigeria… This is better than a religious crisis,” Obasanjo told the young woman. In a welcoming speech for a reception held in honor of Darego at the National Center for Women’s Development in Abuja, a representative of the Minister of Women’s Affairs and Youth Development said: “Darego has become the greatest ambassador for Nigeria and the mainland. Darego will have access to areas that not even diplomats can reach”. Agbani toured three states in four grueling days, attending dozens of celebrations in her honor. From the president’s own hug to an emotional reunion with her father, from the horseback riding through the streets to her meeting with her former classmates, the effect of Miss World’s return created a spectacle never seen before in Nigeria. During her year of reign she had the opportunity to travel extensively and, in fact, visited several countries including Puerto Rico, Scotland, the United States of America, Germany, Italy, the People’s Republic of China, Spain and France, a country that she visited quite a bit often due to her role as L’Oreal’s new international girl, a contract she landed in 2002.

                At the conclusion of her year of reign, Agbani had some parting words: “There are certain events in life that shape and experience beyond immediate imagination. I think that winning the Miss World pageant is one of those events. When I was crowned Miss World, I was introduced to a new experience of honor, respect, challenge, and far-reaching relationships. For me, in particular, it was such a sacred experience, as I became the first black African woman to be crowned Miss World. Honestly, I was overwhelmed by the expectations that accompany that crown. I must say right away that I was determined to make sure I lived up to those expectations and, by God’s grace, I look back on an entire year with meaning of accomplishment and achievement. Without a doubt, traveling in that capacity gave me the opportunity to know the best of those countries, as well as to observe the challenges that highlight the concerns of children, the sick and the needy in general. This experience has increased the depth of my awareness and my concern for disadvantaged people in our society. My commitment and participation in charitable projects through the Miss World Organization and the Variety Club has renewed my commitment to continue working for the well-being of others who are not as privileged as some of us, even after my period as Miss World”. “Looking back at the entire year as Miss World, I can rightly say that it was a great learning experience and it has provided me with great inspiration to work hard in order to excel in any chosen vocation area in life. As my reign draws to a close, I must express my deep gratitude and appreciation to all who have contributed to the success of my reign as Miss World, I am particularly grateful to my family whose love and support remains vital to my development. life, to the Miss World Organization, which provided the standard channel for realizing the purposes and objectives of being Miss World and exercising the motto ‘Beauty with a purpose’ and with God, to whom I will always be grateful for crowning my life with his love”. Agbani relinquished her crown in December 2002 in London after a series of events in her country, Nigeria, which you will read in the next article…


               Ibiagbanidokibubo “Agbani” Asenite Darego was born in the town of Abonnema in Rivers State, southern Nigeria, on December 22, 1982 into a Christian family. She is the sixth of eight siblings, the daughter of Asenite Sikibo Darego Kaladokubo Jack V (a retired customs officer) and Inaewo Darego (owner of a rice trading business and boutique owner). Later, they moved to Port Harcourt. Darego was sent to boarding school when she was ten years old. Two years later, her mother died of breast cancer and Darego later realized that she had been sent to protect her from her mother’s health condition. Her father passed away in March 2012 at age 72 from a brief illness in a London hospital. During her teens, Darego dreamed of becoming a model, a career plan that her father rejected. At five feet eight, she was unusually tall for a Nigerian (all members of her family are above average height) and she was thinner than the prevailing beauty standard (in Nigeria, as in many African countries, a fat woman was synonymous with beauty, the extra pounds were a symbol of health and prosperity). Darego attended the Federal Government Girls’ College, Abuloma. Upon completing her secondary education she attended the University of Port Harcourt, where she began studying Computer Science and Mathematics. However, she postponed her studies and began touring modeling agencies in Lagos, Nigeria’s main city, and began participating in pageants. In the modeling contest “The Face of Africa”, she was a finalist. On March 30, 2001, she won the “Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria” pageant, which made her eligible for the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants that same year. In May she traveled to Puerto Rico for Miss Universe, where she achieved, for the first time in history, a qualification as a semifinalist for her country, Nigeria. Then, on November 16, 2001, she was proclaimed Miss World in Sun City (South Africa), being the first black African woman to win it. There were mass celebrations in Nigerian cities the same night that Darego was crowned, and when she returned to Nigeria for her first official visit, she met with government ministers and participated in a four-day celebration. She even she was made an honorary member of the Lagos Council of Chiefs, an extraordinary honor of hers and which made her the youngest female chief in the country.

               Darego chose to become a spokesperson for a breast cancer awareness program and dedicated her crown to her mother. She also dedicated time during her Miss World year to an anti-malaria campaign. She spent much of the year traveling, but used London as her home base, in a house she shared with her younger sister. She walked the Great Wall of China, attended the Cannes Film Festival and England’s Royal Ascot, and was photographed for the American magazine Vogue. She also invested part of her cash prize from hers on a plot of land in Nigeria. Darego landed a three-year contract with L’Oreal, the cosmetics giant, during her year of reign as Miss World. Other brands she modeled for included Avon, Christian Dior, Sephora, Target, and Macy’s. Darego also appeared in Elle, Marie Claire, Allure, Trace, Stitch, Cosmopolitan, and Essence magazines, working with numerous designers including Oscar de la Renta, Marc Bouwer, Tommy Hillfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Gianfranco Ferre. She is a Christian, she does not drink or smoke, and she had rarely put on makeup before she was Miss World. She had ambitious plans for the rest of her career. “I’m not going to be a model for the rest of my life.” “I want to be a successful businesswoman. I want to be good at everything.”

                Darego’s year as Miss World was successful, but ruined in her last weeks by a political and religious controversy that had little to do with her: she was ready to present her Miss World crown in Nigeria, an event that was scheduled in her country as an honor for her, but at the time, widespread riots left 200 dead, and Darego and the Miss World contestants had to flee to London where Darego presented her crown to the new Miss World. After moving to New York, where she signed with Next Model Management, Ford Models, and Trump Models, she enrolled at New York University to study Psychology, graduating in May 2012. Darego has been a judge on numerous beauty, fashion contests and modeling, including Miss World 2005 and 2014, Miss England 2002, Mr. Scotland 2002, and Elite Model Look Nigeria 2012 and 2014. In 2010, she launched a style and fashion reality show ‘Stylogenic’ on Nigerian television, and three years later she announced her range of jeans, AD by Agbani Darego, which included jeans, dresses, sunglasses and bags. On April 8, 2017, Darego married her longtime partner, Ishaya Danjuma, son of billionaire General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, in a ceremony in Marrakech. Together they have two children, one who was born on September 9, 2018 and the second on December 4, 2020. They live in London.


                The candidates from the Cayman Islands, Namibia and Poland competed in Miss Universe 2002. Miss Aruba and Miss Ukraine once again saw each other in Miss Universe 2004 where neither of them had success. Miss France went to Miss Universe 2003. The Ukrainian had previously won the Miss International Tourism in 2002. The Scottish went to Miss International 2002 on behalf of the United Kingdom and did not enter the semifinalists while the Chilean went to Miss International 2003. Miss Argentina and Miss Costa Rica went to the 2002 International Coffee Queen and Miss Cyprus managed to be a semifinalist in Miss Earth 2003. Miss Hawaii was Miss Hawaii USA and competed in Miss USA 2006. Miss Bolivia took part in Miss Intercontinental 2008. The Spanish, the Yugoslav and the Ukrainian they competed at the end of 2001 in the Bahamas in the “American Dream” where the Ukrainian won. Miss Guyana was first runner-up in Miss Universe Guyana ’04 and Miss Uruguay competed unsuccessfully in Miss Uruguay for Miss Universe ’04. The Turkish went to Elite Model Look 2002. The Peruvian participated in Miss Hawaiian Tropic International 2002, leaving her as a finalist, and the following year she participated again, but this time representing Italy…

                The Aruban Zizi Lee, after her participation in the competitions, worked for documentaries and TV series. She married Belgian photographer Stijn Elshout on December 20, 2006 and has two boys. They live in Landen, Belgium. Scots Juliet-Jane Horne married businessman Kevin Simpson in 2003 and has lived in London ever since. In 2005 she participated in the British TV reality show “Make Me a Supermodel” where she did not get any placement. Nicaraguan Ligia Argüello got married and went to live in Italy, moving away from the environment. She has two children, a boy born in 2009 and a female born in 2014. Miss China, Bing Li, went to study in the UK in 2005 graduating with honors from the University of Leicester in 2010. She still lives in that country. South African Jo-Ann Strauss is the mother of a boy and three girls (born in 2014, 2016, 2018 and the last one at the end of October 2020), she is a businesswoman, international speaker and master of ceremonies. She has been married to Professor of Orthopedic Surgery Michael Held since 2012 and they live in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town. She has served as a brand ambassador for Lufthansa, Samsung and BMW in South Africa and is also on the boards of Media24 (one of the largest media companies in Africa), M&C Saatchi Abel (advertising agency), Village and Life ( a property and tourism company), as well as the advisory board of one of Africa’s best business schools, the Stellenbosch University Business School. She is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has designed a clothing range that raised funds to feed more than 8,000 families and has an inspiring microblog called “Modern Mommy.” The Spanish Macarena García Naranjo lives in Rome, Italy, where she works as an English teacher. She is married and the mother of a boy. Ukrainian Oleksandra Nikolayenko was a judge in Miss Universe 2005. Donald Trump introduced her to the man who became her husband, Phil Ruffin, whom she married in January 2008 in Palm Beach, Florida. She has two children: Richard (born in 2010) and Malena (in 2013). For many years, she was the director of Miss Universe Ukraine in the Trump era until March 2016. She also designed the “Oleksandra Spa & Salon” at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, which is owned by her husband. She starred in the movie “I love you” and the New Years musicals “Cinderella” and “Snow Queen.” She was the presenter of “Weather” and the project “Chance” on TV in her country. Yugoslav Tijana Stajsic followed her career as a model and in 2009 she participated in the reality show Big Brother VIP All Stars. She currently works as a professional makeup artist in Novi-Sad, Serbia. Russian Irina Kovalenko married a Murmask fishing magnate in the first five years of 2000 and gave him a son, withdrawing completely from public life and social networks.

                Miss American Virgin Islands, Cherrisse Woods, lived for a time in Chicago, Illinois and currently works for the island government in St. Thomas as Legal Counsel in the Office of Management and Budget. Australian Eva Milic is a journalist and news anchor for a Brisbane TV channel who also does home renovations. She is married to Marcus Dore and is the mother of two girls: Lucia and Gabriella. The Austrian Daniela Rockenschaub is still a recognized model in her country. Miss Barbados, Stephanie Chase, became a singer, actress, educator, philanthropist, blogger, and motivational speaker. She was the organizer of Miss Humanity International in 2013. Belgian Dina Tersago became a TV personality in her country. Between 2006 and 2010 she had a relationship with the dancer Wim Gevaert. She has two sons born in 2015 and 2017 named Isak and Thor. Bolivian Claudia Etmüller owns the Etmuller Landhaus country restaurant in Santa Cruz with her mother. Bosnian singer and model Ana Mirjana Racanovic is married to Alen Jevtić with whom she lives in Rastatt, Germany. She was the spokesperson for Bosnia-Herzegovina for Eurovision in 2005. She has three children: Adrian, Aleksandar and Andjela. Miss Botswana, Molly Masego Sebedi, is now Mrs. Plaatjie, is a businesswoman and has two daughters. Bulgarian Stanislava Karabelova undressed in March 2003 in front of the US Embassy in Sofia to protest a possible war against Iraq, only covering herself with a flag of her country. Canadian Tara Lynn Hall, today Mrs. Cochrane, is an entrepreneurial entrepreneur. Together with a partner, she started her own company that sells Canadian gifts.

                Chilean Christianne Balmelli Fournier participated in several TV programs and made a calendar in 2003. She participated in the organization “Misses for a cause”. She married Erico Yost on June 1, 2007 and is the mother of two children, Nicolás and Ignacio and a girl, born in 2019. Piarella Peralta from Costa Rica ended up graduating as a psychologist at the University of Leiden (Holland) and not in the one in Hawaii where she had won the scholarship. After losing her father in 2010, she decided to join the fight against cancer. Initially, she was a volunteer for Fundación Poás8, she was a fundraiser for cancer patients in Costa Rica and since 2014 as a Patient Advocate for Inspire2live. She was civilly married in November 2003 with the Dutch Tiemo Wesseling and by the religious in Costa Rica in 2006. She has two children: Pieter and Penelope and they live in Leiderdorp (Holland). Croatian Rajna Raguz is a professional photographer and mother of three children. She works for a newspaper in Zagreb. Cypriot Christiana Aristotelous has a TV show in her country called “Me Agapi Christiana” on Alpha TV. She married Georgios Efrem in 2016 and has a daughter. The Ecuadorian Carla Revelo was going to participate in the South American Queen 2002 but when going to the Airport, she suffered a terrible traffic accident where unfortunately her mother died, being replaced at the last minute by Marcela Ruete who won the crown and dedicated her triumph to Carla. She retired from the catwalks after the accident and due to her scars, she was unable to participate in the big Victoria’s Secret casting in Miami. She has lived in that city since 2006 and has a boy and a girl. The English Sally Kettle is currently working as a DJ in a London restaurant. Finnish Jenni Hietanen is the mother of a girl and currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand, where she works at the Mahidol University Faculty of Tropical Medicine in the fight against Plasmodium vivax infection.

                French Emmanuelle Chossat obtained a license to fly helicopters and worked as a fashion journalist and radio and TV presenter in Québec (Canada) in the first five years of the 2000s, after which she returned to live in France. She married Arnaud Saltet on September 23, 2007. On January 20, 2009, she gave birth to her first child, a girl named Ambre. After four years of marriage, she filed for divorce which was pronounced in 2011. She is currently in a relationship again and she is the mother of a second child born on October 21, 2014. She works as a fashion blogger. Guyanese Olive Gopaul had a TV show in her country until a few years ago, called “Olive Gopaul Show”. She currently runs an NGO Foundation called “O-zone” that is in charge of building communities of strong families and youth oriented towards life goals. She is the mother of two children and is a member of the Civil Defense Commission in her country. Greek Valentini Daskaloudi works as a fashion and jewelry designer and continues to live in Thassos. Dutch Irena Pantelic became a candidate for her country’s parliament in 2002, but she lost and did not return to politics after a sexual harassment scandal by members of parliament. She worked for many years as a model in Lebanon and South Africa. She married Tristan Arkesteijn on February 3, 2007 and currently lives in Rotterdam with her three children, Justus (2007), Luka (2009) and Nina-Sofia (2011). In 2012 she became the director of Miss Zuid-Holland. In 2013 she received the “Campaign” award at the Dutch Model Awards. She has also been a TV presenter. Hawaiian Radasha Ho’ohuli works for Hawaiian Airlines and has been married to Wilz Inocelda since May 2018. They live in Honolulu. Miss Hong Kong, Gigi Pui Chi Chung, worked as an actress adopting the stage name Zhong Peizhi and was a TV presenter and radio host.

                Hungarian Zsoka Kapocs also dedicated herself to acting and in 2009 she released her first album as a singer. In 2006 she was fired from Radio Danubio for making anti-gay comments. She married Árpád Habony in 2014 but divorced the following year. She is the mother of a child. The Icelandic Kolbrún Helgadóttir is the mother of a male and a female, she dedicated herself to acting and, in 2020, during the pandemic, she decided to study ‘Coaching’. Indian Sara Corner is dedicated to banking and finance. She got married in 2002 and went to live in Australia. She has a girl born in 2010 named Brooke Woods. Israeli Karen Shlimovich is an entrepreneur, director and founder of “CrossBorder” – Global Real Estate Investment Market. Italian Paola D’Antonino is also an entrepreneur, producer and event planner in Rome and became the mother of a girl in 2018. Jamaican Regina Beavers got married on August 30, 2015 to musician Rasheed McCallum. She is the mother of Guiomar, born in 2006 from his previous relationship with Wayne Marshall. She was the General Manager of the “Spartan Health Club” and is currently a news anchor on Klas Sports Radio. Daniella Kimaru from Kenya is now Mrs. Munene and is Director of the Pharmaceutical Society of her country and the Kenya Health Federation. She is the mother of a girl. The Korean Hyun-Jin Seo is a youtuber and mother of a boy. The Latvian Dina Kalandarova was going to compete in the Miss Antilles International 2002 in Venezuela but she apologized for having become pregnant. She is currently a bodybuilding champion. After her reign as Miss International 2002, Lebanese Christina Sawaya became a famous singer, actress, emcee and TV presenter in her land. She married sportscaster Tony Baroud in 2003, but separated from him in 2015. Christina is the mother of Dia-Maria and Angelo Baroud. Miss Malawi, Elizabeth Pullu, is now Mrs. Nkhwazi, mother of two boys and one female and lives in Mzuzu. Miss Malaysia, Sasha Tan, is married to Siong Eng, the mother of two boys, and works in financial services in Perth, Australia.

               Mexican Tatiana Rodríguez became a soap opera actress, standing out in “La Fea Más Bella”. She has also been a TV hostess. She maintains a relationship with Jesús Orantes, has a son named Mateo (2014) and lives in Miami. The New Zealander Amie Hewitt is married to Stacy Tapsell, she is the mother of Tiare, Manaia and Hendrix and lives in Auckland, where she develops as a designer. Northern Irish Angela McCarthy became a TV producer. She lives in Belfast with her husband, James Mountstephens and is the mother of two girls. Panamanian Lourdes González was the presenter of several Telemetro programs in her country. She is married to her longtime boyfriend, Ariel Vallarino, and is the mother of a girl born in 2017 named Victoria Cristina. Peruvian Viviana Rivas-Plata married soccer player Roberto Martínez Vera-Tudela on May 18, 2002, from which she separated in 2004 and divorced in 2005. In 2008 she participated as host of the Fashion TV channel. In 2009 she launched her Jeans brand under the signature VRP by Viviana Rivas-Plata, for Saga Falabella. Rivas-Plata participated in the dance reality show “The great show: first season” hosted by Gisela Valcárcel, where she obtained sixth place after two months of competition. On May 25, 2012, she married the Californian Bruce Greifenstein in the Dominican Republic and on January 17, 2014, her firstborn was born. She is currently the mother of two boys and lives in Lima with her family. Polish Joanna Drozdowska took up acting and continued her modeling career. She created the “M jak Miss club” which is the only world association that brings together beauty pageant finalists. She is married to Janusz Stupkiewicz and gave birth to a girl in March 2020. They live in Warsaw. The Portuguese Claudia Borges became a very famous TV presenter in Lisbon. She married Samuel Fortuna in 2006, with whom she has two children, Rodrigo born in 2010 and Carolina in 2018. Puerto Rican Bárbara Serrano worked as a model and TV presenter and currently owns her own company “B Real Capital Corp”, which offers all kinds of loans. She is the financial expert for Fox in Spanish (Tu Vida más Simple – Utilísima), Univisión Network (Despierta América), CNN en Español and currently on NBC Telemundo “Un Nuevo Día” and Univisión Radio 107.5 Amor. She writes financial articles for newspapers and magazines in Puerto Rico and offers mortgage seminars. She is the author of the book “Rica … Financial Freedom for Women”. She became a mother to Allegra Valentina in 2009.

                Miss Slovakia, Jana Ivanova, made a short career as a model in the Czech Republic and Italy. She married hockey player Richard Pavlikovsky in June 2008 and withdrew from public life. The Slovenian Rebeka Dremelj became a singer and represented her country at Eurovision 2008, ranking 11. She is married to Aleksander Skaler since 2011 and they have two daughters, Sajana (2012) and Sija (2016). The Swedish Linda Camilla Bäck is married to Anders Hansson, is a businesswoman in the real estate sector and lives in Uddevalla. The Swiss Mascha Santschi married in 2010 with Daniel Kallay with whom she has two daughters. She is currently the President of the Independent Complaints Authority for Radio and Television in her country. Miss Tahiti, Ravanui Teriitaumihau, today Mrs. Lucas, is a businesswoman and has three children. Miss Tanzania, Happiness Magesse, became a Supermodel, signed with the Ford agency of New York. She currently leads the “Millen Magesse Foundation” formed to empower Tanzanian women and girls and promote gender equality through access to education and reproductive health, building schools and providing educational materials and access to health services. She has a child and lives in New York. Thai Lada Engchawadechasilp worked as an actress until she married in 2011 and returned to live in California, USA. She is a mother of two. Trinidadian Sacha St. Hill is now Professor Des Anges and lives in Cumming, Georgia. The Turkish Tugce Kazaz dedicated herself to acting in her country. She was married to George Seitaridis between 2005 and 2008. She currently runs a YouTube channel where she talks a little about everything, but mainly about politics. Ugandan Victoria Nabunya is a nurse and blogger living in Waltham, Massachusetts. Uruguayan Daniela Abásolo married Augusto Ricardo Risso in 2006 and has a son named Luca. She unfortunately became widowed on July 27, 2015 when her 33-year-old husband died in a traffic accident in Alvear, Argentina.

                American Carrie Stroup moved to Los Angeles in 2002 and continued modeling and acting. While taking acting classes, she appeared as a guest on “Scrubs” (NBC), and on the series “Cellular,” “Starsky and Hutch,” “The Girl Next Door,” and “Redline.” She also on MTV’s “Living the Dream” and The Learning Channel’s “Faking It.” She modeled for advertisements for PlayersOnly, an online gambling site, and was a senior reporter for Gambling911. She married Jeffrey Lubell in 2006 and they had triplets (Kennedy, Lennon and Zeppelin, two girls and one boy, born in 2012). They live in Malibu, California. Osmel Sousa invited the Venezuelan Andreína Prieto to participate in the International Coffee Queen contest of 2002 but she did not accept. In 2002, Andreína worked as a coordinator in the Chinita Queen Fair. She then moved away from the artistic medium and dedicated herself to her studies in Social Communication. She signed a union with her lifelong boyfriend, Eduardo Terán, on September 29, 2005 before he traveled to France to do a postgraduate degree. She married him civilly on September 12, 2006. She is the mother of three children (Andrés Eduardo, Andrea and Anabella). In April 2021 Andreína fell ill with COVID-19 but managed to recover. She currently lives in La Cañada de Urdaneta (Zulia), she is a university professor at UNERMB, has a master’s degree in Higher Education and is pursuing a Doctorate in Education. Welsh Charlotte Faichney is a mentor coach with the Wrexham County City Council and is also a cosmetologist. And finally, Miss Zimbabwe, Nokhuthula Mpuli, was fined by a judge in December 2003 for shoplifting from a Harare store. Afterward, she withdrew from public life…