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Miss World 2000



                India’s population reaches 1 billion people this year. Earthquakes hit Banggai and Sumatra (Indonesia), New Ireland (Papua New Guinea), Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iceland. The Russian army carries out a massacre in Chechnya and the war ends when the Russians take the Chechen capital. Presidents George W. Bush in the US, Vladimir Putin in Russia and Vicente Fox in Mexico are elected, while in Peru Alberto Fujimori is reelected for the third time. Months later he resigns from the Presidency from Japan. In London Augusto Pinochet is released, who returns to Chile and in Ecuador, a popular revolt overthrows President Jamil Mahuad. This country adopts the US dollar as its national currency, replacing the Sucre. In Venezuela, the marches against the socialist government of Chávez began, which sought to “Cubanize” Venezuelan education. After months of disputes, the 6-year-old Elián González raft is returned to Cuba from Miami. The Concorde crashes into a hotel after taking off from Paris, which caused the suspension of supersonic flights until the end of 2001. In Denmark, the Roskilde tragedy occurs, in which several people are crushed at a concert by the band Pearl Jam. The Olympic Games are held in Sydney (Australia), Microsoft launches the Windows 2000 operating system and the Transmillennial is inaugurated in Bogotá.

                Indian Lara Dutta is proclaimed Miss Universe in Cyprus, highlighting that the reigning Miss World was also from India. For her part, in Japan, the Venezuelan Vivian Urdaneta takes the third Miss International crown for her country. In Venezuela the “Miss Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” is held for the first and only time towards Miss Universe. The Danish song “Fly On The Wings Of Love”, performed by the duo Olsen Brothers wins Eurovision in Sweden, the song “Hierba Mala” by the Chirino Sisters from the USA wins the last OTI festival in history in Acapulco (Mexico) and the film “American Beauty” wins the Oscar for Best Picture. The Playstation 2 goes on sale worldwide. The following films are released: “Miss Congeniality”, “Mission Impossible 2”, “Gladiator”, “Cast Away” (with Tom Hanks), “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “Dinosaur”, “Meet the Parents”, “What women want”, “The Perfect Storm”, “X-Men”, “What Lies Beneath”, “Scream 3”, “The Beach”, “Erin Brockovich”, “Final Destination”, “Men of Honor”, “102 Dalmatians”, “Charlie’s Angels” and “Scary Movie”. In Spain the reality show “Big Brother” begins to be broadcast, while in the United States this same reality series is premiered under the name of “Big Brother” together with “Survivor” and the series “Queer as Folk” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. In Venezuela the soap-opera “Amantes de Luna Llena” and the game show “The War of the Sexes” are broadcast.

                On the radio we hear the songs “Around the World (La la la la la)” by ATC, “Music” and “American Pie” by Madonna, “Be With You” by Enrique Iglesias, “Born to Make You Happy”, ” Stronger “,” Lucky “and” Oops! I Did It Again” by Britney Spears, “It´s Gonna Be Me” and “Bye Bye Bye” by NCYNC, “It´s My Life” by Bon Jovi, “Can´ t Fight the Moonlight” by Leann Rimes, “Fool Again” by Westlife, “It Feels So Good” by Sonique, “Shape of My Heart” by Backstreet Boys, “She Bangs” by Ricky Martin, “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” by Modjo, “Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer López, “One More Time” by Daft Punk, “Who Let the Dogs Out” by Baha Men, “You Sang to Me” by Marc Anthony, “Corazón Espinado” by Santana and “La Bikina” by Luis Miguel. Mexican singer Gloria Trevi is arrested on charges of kidnapping and rape of minors. In 2000, the Venezuelan Valentina Figuera (Miss Grand International 2019) was born. That year, Miss World 1961, the British Rosemarie Frankland died (she committed suicide on December 2 in Los Angeles, being the first Miss World to cease to exist); also Argentinian actress and singer, but residing in Mexico, Libertad Lamarque, the actors Walter Matthau and Alec Guinness, Charles Schulz (creator of Snoopy), musician Tito Puente, Pierre Trudeau (Canadian politician) and Sirimavo Bandaranaike (ex-Prime Minister of Sri Lanka).


                Since the previous year, Eric Morley had planned the celebration of the 50 years of the Miss World contest in the city where it was born, London. In a press conference held on Thursday, July 13 in the British capital, Eric Morley gave details of what would be the fiftieth edition of the contest. The Millennium Dome was chosen as the venue for Miss World to be held on November 30. The Dome is a large domed building that was originally used to host the Millennium Experience, a major exhibition celebrating the beginning of the third millennium. It is the eighth largest building in the world by usable volume and is located on the Greenwich Peninsula in southeast London and had a cost of 1.14 billion dollars. Reigning Miss World Yukta Mookhey from India added glamor to the press conference where Eric Morley announced the event. The Maldives islands, with their beautiful beaches, would host the swimwear segment and 104 contestants from around the globe were expected to participate in the event. Morley also announced that the American comedian Jerry Springer would be the official presenter of the contest.

               For her part, Yukta Mookhey spoke about her childhood fascination with beauty pageants, which she regarded as fairy tales, and the subsequent realization that they were about more than just beauty. She further said that the contests provided an ideal platform for young women who wanted to develop their potential. “At the bottom of the heart, the idea attracts, although we are in a new millennium, we are moving towards a very fast era, where everything is based on computers and the Internet, but somewhere along the line there is the idea of ​​someone beautiful or someone who can make you smile, or someone you just want to keep watching on TV. And it’s a concept that’s been going on for 50 years, we’re now celebrating 50 years, and I guess that’s why it’s growing in popularity”, said Mookhey. If the current Miss World sought to inspire talented young women to cultivate inner beauty, Julia Morley, for her part, focused on the virtue of charity. She listed the welfare projects that her organization had funded. One of them was in Hyderabad (India), where the police took care of street children. Eric Morley perhaps did not want the audience to conclude that Miss World was just a charitable institution and repeatedly emphasized that it was a commercial organization. “When I go back to, for example, 1952, the number of girls in Miss World was only 12, and it has grown and continued forward, now today practically all countries want to participate, except strict Muslim countries, obviously, but apart from that, we try to do it so that all countries can attend, in the filming on the beach we tell the girls that they can wear sarongs, but in the old days you couldn’t do that”, said Eric Morley, in what would be his last press conference.


               India’s Zee TV secured the worldwide television rights to the contest, contributing to the global broadcast to bring an additional 1 billion viewers to the event. This was a major blow to Sony that was behind the Indian film awards ceremony, which had also been held at the Dome. Zee’s strength was such that two of India’s main channels, Sony and B4U, had forged a marketing alliance in the UK, despite being staunch rivals in India. Sainath Iyer, president of Zee TV, said its participation in this event reflected its “commitment to content development and the creation and coverage of live events.” He said his country’s recent successes at Miss World had generated unprecedented interest among Asians across the globe. “It is natural for Zee, as one of the major broadcasters, to be closely involved with Miss World for its 50th anniversary celebration and the next two years,” he said. Zee TV would work in close collaboration with ARY, a jewelery and gold company that was an official sponsor of the event and would display the exclusive Miss World 2000 50th anniversary jewelery collection designed by ARY to mark the occasion and would also contribute to children’s charities. Design of the collection would be held in a competition, according to Salman Iqbal, managing director of ARY. The winner of the award would be selected by an international jury. ARY also minted or a special souvenir in gold, to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Miss World.


               The Miss World organization to date had 108 directors, of which, initially, 104 had ensured the participation of their candidates. Liberia, Seychelles, Nicaragua and Uganda previously reported that they would not be present while Benin and Mauritius did not continue with the franchise. A short time later, three more countries canceled their national events due to economic issues: Guyana, Thailand and Zambia, while Swaziland postponed its local election to the end of November and Saint Maarten decided rather to try some luck in Miss Universe. This year representatives from Belarus, Moldova and Northern Ireland would debut in Miss World while candidates from Barbados and Denmark would return to the competition. The rights in this Scandinavian country were taken by a modeling agency, who appointed Anne Katrine Vrang as its representative. In Australia, Chile and Uruguay private castings were held for Miss World. This year, due to financial reasons, Canal 13 of Chile gave up producing the Miss World Chile contest, so Daniella Campos (Miss World Chile ’98, Queen of the Americas and semi-finalist of Miss World ’98), together with the costume designer Millaray Palma, created the company “A queen for Chile” and in a closed selection, with 6 candidates, they chose Isabel Bawlitza as Miss World Chile 2000, with Christianne Balmelli coming in second. “In my selection, only the cameras were missing. The contest was very demanding and the jury very qualified” declared the new Miss World Chile on the day of her presentation to the press. For her part, the Australians chose Renee Henderson, who already had previous experience in international competitions since she had gone to Miss Universe ’98; and the Uruguayans selected Katja Thomsen, who shortly before had won the international contest “Reina de Punta del Este”. On the other hand, Botswana did not hold its national contest either, but appointed the first runner-up of its 1999 edition, Puna Keleabetswe Serati, as its flag bearer. Among the countries that held national competitions are the following:

* MISS CURAÇAO.- Jozaine Wall, 17, who was Queen of the 1995 youth march for the Curaçao Carnival, was crowned “Miss Universe Curaçao” on Sunday, October 17, 1999. The finalists were Fatima Sint Jago, 21 years old, and Roselin Muller, 22. Jozaine could not compete in Miss Universe because she was not 18 years old, so she was sent to Miss World.

* MISS COSTA RICA.- Laura Mata Mora, 21, was elected Miss Costa Rica for Miss Universe on Friday, October 29, 1999 at the Melico Salazar Theater in San José. The first runner-up was Cristine de Mezerville (to Miss World 2000) and the second runner-up was Yorleny Madrigal.

* MISS & MISTER LATVIA.- The event took place between the night of Sunday 7 and the early hours of Monday, November 8 in Tunisia with the participation of 12 candidates (6 women and 6 men). The winners were 19-year-old Dina Kalandarova from Valmiera, and 20-year-old Peteris Dimants, from the city of Ogre. The finalists were Jeļena Keirane (who later went to Miss Earth 2001 and was a semi-finalist at Miss International 2004) and Aigars Matisovs. Miss and Mister Foto were Kristine Zdanovska and Zigmars Karliņs.

* EESTI MISS.- The “Eesti Miss Milenium ’99” contest was held on Saturday, November 27 at the Flamingo Nightclub in Tallinn and had the participation of 10 candidates, taking place in conjunction with “Mister Estonia ’99”. The winner was 20-year-old Irina Ovtsinnikova from Tallinn and the finalists were Monika Mandre from Tartu and Monika Sjomgina from Tallinn. Mr. Estonia was Tarvi Akk, 25, from Parnu.

* MISS SOUTH AFRICA.- It was held on Saturday, December 11 at the Sun City SuperBowl with 26 contestants. The winner was Heather Joy Hamilton, a 22-year-old blonde and the third Miss KwaZulu-Natal to win the Miss South Africa title, heading for Miss Universe and Miss World. The finalists were Nadia Wyngaard (Western Cape and also Miss Photogenic) and Pulane Moraldi (Gauteng). The Top 5 was completed by Britta van der Hoek (Eastern Cape) and Kgomotso Chipane (Northwest region). Miss Personality was Lonely Phokane (Mpumalanga) and the “Reader’s Choice” was Ashley Burke (North Cape).

* MISS JAPAN INTERNATIONAL.- Held on Tuesday, December 14, 1999 at the Koseinenkin Hall in Tokyo, together with Miss International. The winners were Kanako Shibata (to Miss International 2000) and Mariko Sugai (to Miss World 2000).

* MISS BELGIUM.- Joke Van de Velde, 20, from Melle (East Flanders), was elected “Miss Belgium 2000” on Friday, December 17, 1999 in a broadcast of RTL-TVi and VTM, where viewers voted by phone for your favorites. Laurence Howell, 18, from Uccle, and Virginie d’Angelo, 19, from Gerpinnes, were the finalists. 20 candidates competed.

* MISS ANGOLA.- Karine Manita, 18, from Luanda, was crowned Miss Angola for Miss Universe on Saturday, December 18, also winning the Miss Photogenic award. The finalists were Deolinda Manuel Vilela from Kwanza-Sul (to Miss World) and Marleine De Oliveira from Cabinda.

* FEMINA MISS INDIA.- Lara Dutta (to Miss Universe), Priyanka Chopra (to Miss World) and Diya Mirza (to Miss Asia Pacific) were the three winners of the “Femina Miss India” beauty event on Saturday, January 15, 2000 at the Poona Club in Pune with the presence of Yukta Mookhey, Diana Hayden, Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen. Gayatri Jayaram and Lakshmi Rana completed the Top 5. 26 candidates participated.

* BINIBINING PILIPINAS.- Nina Ricci Alagao (Universe), Katherine De Guzman (World) and Joanna Maria Peñaloza (International) were chosen among 27 girls as the new queens of Philippine beauty on Saturday, February 26 at the Araneta Coliseum. The finalists were Christina Tan and Nicole Hofer. The Top 10 was completed by Gemma Heaton, Lourdes Mendoza, Floralice Almoro, Anna Lisa Bernal and Jona Jarder.

* MISS UKRAINE.- The competition took place on Saturday, February 26 in Odessa. It was won by Yuliya Linova and the finalists were Olena Shcherban from Dnepropetrovsk, Yana Veselova from Odessa, Ksenia Kazachiner from Rubizhne and Olga Demidova from Kiev. The winner could not go to Miss World but she was sent to Miss Universe 2001, while the first runner-up, Olena Shcherban, was sent to London.

* MISS SPAIN.- The Juan Gómez Municipal Sports Center in the Malaga town of Fuengirola was the venue for the contest, which was attended by 52 candidates and led by Jaime Bores, Carla Hidalgo and the former Miss Spain 1990, Esther Arroyo. A wrong situation arose this time when it was known, that 2nd. Maid of Honor, was the main favorite of the contest, Miss Las Palmas (Helen Lindez), but, due to the error of the presenters, the Chairman of the judges asked the notary of the contest to read the order correctly and that is how the representative from Las Palmas, 18, was crowned as the new Miss Spain on her way to Miss Universe. The Maids of Honor were Miss Tarragona, Verónica García (to Miss World) and Miss Teruel, Natalia Robres. The semifinalists were Miss Ávila, Ana María Yebra; Miss Barcelona, ​​Raquel Rovira; Miss Bizkaia, Estíbaliz Hernández; Miss Guadalajara, Yolanda Mencía; Miss Madrid, Estefanía Ruiz; Miss Malaga, Lorena Sánchez; Miss Murcia, Almudena Pastor; Miss Sevilla, Mercedes Muñoz and Miss Zaragoza, Nuria Sebastián. In previous events, Helen Líndez had obtained the sashes of Miss Internet, Miss Glamor, Miss Fotopress and Miss Telegenia. The contest was held on Sunday, March 5.

* MISS ISRAEL.- Nirit Bakshi was elected Miss Israel in Tel Aviv, on Monday, March 20, being sent to Miss Universe. The other winners were Dana Dantes (Beauty Maiden, to Miss World); Dana Farkash (Queen of Grace, to Miss International); Jasmine Lachovitz (Teen Queen) while Rina Klimovitzky and Tal Barda qualified as finalists.

* MISS GUATEMALA.- It was held at the Camino Real Convention Center on Monday, March 20. It was won by Evelyn López (to Miss Universe) and second was Cindy Margó Ramírez Lémus (to Miss World). Curiously, both participated in the Miss Guatemala Latina 1999 and were in the same position.

* DOMINICAN BEAUTY GALA.- On Wednesday, March 22, “The Dominican Beauty Gala” was held in which Gilda Jovine was crowned Miss Dominican Universe, who had won the International Latina Model ’99 in New York. As Miss Dominican World was Claudia Santaella, who was dismissed by the organization upon discovering her alleged drug addiction, being replaced in Miss World by Jovine. The finalists of both were Gilda Santana and Katty Suárez. As Miss Tropical was elected Arianna Campusano and the 1st runner-up of her was Rosa Estela Rodríguez.

* UNGFRÚ ÍSLAND.- The Miss World Iceland franchise passed into the hands of former Miss World Linda Pétursdóttir, who organized the new contest “Ungfrú Í” with 16 participants. It was held on Saturday, March 25 in Perlan where Elva Dögg Melsteð was the winner, who was crowned by the reigning Miss World, Indian Yukta Mookhey. The finalists were Elva Hrönn Eiríksdóttir, Jóhanna Ósk Halldórsdóttir and Hrönn Sveinsdóttir. On the judges was the renowned model Claudia Schiffer.

* FROKEN SVERIGE.- The Miss Sweden contest took place at the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg on Saturday, March 25 and broadcast on TV4. The winner, who was chosen by telephone votes from viewers, was Miss Malmo, Valerie Aflalo, who received 41% (approximately 108,000) of the 236,000 votes. This year there were no swimwear competitions on stage, only on location shots. Ida Manneh was in second place (to Miss World) and Sofía Sjödin in third.

* NORWEGIAN BEAUTY AWARD.- The Miss Norway competition took place on Sunday, March 26 and the hostess was the former Miss Universe, Mona Grudt. At the event, Stine Pedersen (from the city of Garmoy) were crowned for Miss World and Tonje Kristin Wøllo for Miss Universe.

* MISS AUSTRIA.- Patricia Kaiser, only 15 years old, won the national crown of “Miss Austria 2000” on Tuesday, March 28, for which she won the right to represent her country in Miss World.

* MISS BELARUS.- The second edition of Miss Belarus was held on Tuesday, March 28 at the Minsk Musical Comedy Theater. The winner was Anna Stychinskaya, 17, from Mogilev while Olga Dudinskaya came in second. For undisclosed reasons, Stychinskaya was not sent to Miss World 2000 and in her place the previous (1998) winner, Sviatlana Kruk, was sent.

* MISS TURKEY.- Yüksel Ak, a beautiful 20-year-old from Izmir, won the “Miss Turkey” contest, organized by Kanal D, at the Lütfi Kırdar International Congress and Exhibition Center on Friday, March 31, for which she won the pass to Miss World. The finalists were Gamze Özçelik (for Miss Europe), Cansu Dere (for Miss Universe) and Hulya Karanlik (for Miss International). There were 22 candidates.

* MISS BULGARIA.- Vanya Peytcheva, 18, won the crown among 20 entrants on Sunday, April 2 at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, on her way to Miss World. At the same event, Miss Universe Bulgaria was chosen, who turned out to be Magdalina Valtchanova. Denitsa Filipova was the finalist.

* MISS ECUADOR.- It was held at the Guayaquil Art Center Theater on Thursday, April 6 with 11 girls. The winner, for Miss Universe, was Gabriela Cadena. As Miss World Ecuador, Ana Dolores Murillo was crowned, and the finalists were Rosángela Mosquera, Marcela Córdova and Andrea Torres.

* MISS BRAZIL.- The Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro brought together 27 young ladies on Friday, April 7. As Miss Brazil Universe, Josiane Kruliskoski (Mato Grosso) was crowned, as Miss Brazil World was Francine Eickemberg (Santa Catarina) and as Miss Brazil International, María Fernanda Schiavo (Rio Grande Do Sul). The finalists were Keity Gripp (Rio de Janeiro) and Fernanda dos Santos (Minas Gerais).

* MISS CZECH REPUBLIC – It was won by Michaela Salacova from Moravské Budejovice on Saturday, April 15, earning the right to go to Miss World. The finalists were Katerina Elgerova (to Queen of the World) and Marketa Svobodna (to Miss International). The contest brought together 18 participants and was held at the Grandhotel Pupp, Karlovy Vary.

* STAR HELLAS.- Nansi Tzoulaki, 18, from Athens, was crowned “Star Hellas” heading to Miss World at Diogenis Palace on Monday, April 17 while Heleni Skafida, 21, also from Athens, was chosen “Miss Hellas” for Miss Universe. The finalists were Alexandra Ousta, Demetra Kitsiou (for Miss International), Natasa Naki and Tina Stamatogianni.

* MISS MOLDOVA.- Irina Babusenco, 16, won the first edition of “Miss Moldova” held on Saturday, April 22 in the Hall cu Orga of the Kishinev National Opera and Ballet Theater with 24 girls. For unknown reasons she did not travel to Miss World, being replaced by the 1st runner-up, Mariana Moraru, of the same age. The other finalists were Ecaterina Guliaeva, Elena Solovieva and Oxana Andrusco.

* MISS SLOVAKIA.- Janka Horecná, from Zilina, won the contest for Miss World on Saturday, April 29 in the Istrópolis of Bratislava. The finalists were Martina Hodruská (for Miss Europe) and Michaela Strählová (for Miss International). Ivanka Trump was on the jury.

* MISS PERU WORLD.- The Great Park of Lima was the venue for the event that had the participation of 21 candidates and that was hosted by Jéssica Newton and the Venezuelan actress Marian Valero on Sunday, May 7. The winner was Miss La Libertad, Tatiana Angulo Yarita, being the finalists Miss Cuzco, Claudia Neyra and Miss Ica, Natalia Delgado. The semifinalists were completed by the representatives of Apurimac (Claudia Sala), Arequipa (Mónica García), Callao (Fiorella Almendrades), Lambayeque (Karla Casos), Lima (Irene Belenguer), Piura (Romina Ventolini) and Tumbes (Antoniette Coronado).

* MISS ALBANIA.- Gentiana Ramadani, 18, won the crown in the early hours of Sunday, May 21, among 31 contestants. The event was held in the capital, Tirana.

* MISS CROATIA- Andreja Cupor, 18, was crowned Miss Croatia for Miss World on Saturday, May 27. The finalists were Ana Gruica and Tihana Zrnic. Paola Poljak was awarded the Miss Media award, winning the right to go to Miss Europe 2000 (a contest that did not take place).

* MISS KOREA.- Sa-rang Kim was crowned Miss Korea (for Miss Universe 2001), as well as Miss Internet, on Sunday, May 28 at the Auditorium of the Sejong Cultural Center in Seoul. The finalists were Jung-sun Shin (also Miss Photogenic and to Miss World 2000), Tae-young Shon (to Miss International 2000), Eun-jin Chang (to Miss Asia Pacific 2000), Min-ji Shon, So-yoon Park and Mi-sun Park.

* MISS ARMENIA.- It was won by the redhead Kristina Babayan on Friday, June 9, heading for Miss Europe 2000 (which was canceled), Miss Tourism of the Globe 2000 and Miss World 2000, but in the end she could not travel to London for reasons not determined. So the directors selected Gohar Hartunyan, Miss Armenia 1998, Miss Commonwealth of Independent States 1999 and Miss Europe 1999 semifinalist, to Miss World this year, but she preferred to go to the United States to study.

* MISS NORTHERN IRELAND.- Julie Martin, from the city of Finaghy, won the crown on Monday, June 19.

* MISS TAHITI.- It was held at the Papeete city hall on Friday, June 23, and was won by Vanina Bea.

* STAR CYPRUS.- Stella Demitriou, 20, from Larnaca, was named “Star Cyprus 2000” (for Miss Universe ’01) at the event that took place on Thursday, July 6. As Miss Cyprus (to Miss World) was Iphigenia Papaioannou. Miss Carlsberg was Karolina Kyprianou and Miss Mediterranean Maria Hadjivassiliou.

* MISS ARUBA.- Denise Balinge was crowned Miss Aruba for Miss Universe on Friday, July 7 in Oranjestad. The finalists were Monique van der Horn (to Miss World 2000), Carolina Alberts (to Miss International 2000) and Jasmira Mora (to the International Reign of Flowers).

* MISS MACEDONIA.- It was held on Saturday, July 8 at the MRT studios. The winner was 18-year-old Sanja Nikolic from Skopje, who, for financial reasons, was sent only to Miss International.

* MISS HONG KONG.- Vivian Lau, 21, was crowned Miss Hong Kong on Sunday, July 9 at the Hung Hom Coliseum for Miss Chinese International 2001 and Miss Universe 2001. The finalists were Margaret Kan Pui-kin, 20 (to Miss World) and Maree Lau, 25 years old (to Miss International).

* MISS NEPAL.- Usha Khadgi, 20, from Birgunj, was crowned Miss Nepal 2000 on Wednesday, July 12 at an event organized by The Hidden Treasure, in association with Kathmandu Jaycees, and held at the Birendra International Convention Center. The finalists were Biva Maya Ranjeet, Jasmine Shrestha, Rajeswori Shrestha and Anita KC. Feminists protested the contest.

* MISS VENEZUELA WORLD.- For the first time, the Miss Venezuela Organization decided to create a separate contest to select the Venezuelan representative for Miss World. This is how 19-year-old Vanessa María Cárdenas Bravo won out over 35 other contestants in the contest held at Venevisión’s Studio 1 on Saturday, July 15. In this event there were no finalists and the other Misses passed a filter from which the 26 contestants for Miss Venezuela for Miss Universe 2001 came out.

* MISS BOLIVIA.- It was held on Friday, August 4 at the Japanese Club of Santa Cruz. Miss Bolivia Universe was Miss Litoral, Claudia Andrea Arano; Miss Bolivia World was Miss Cochabamba, Jimena Rico-Toro and Miss Bolivia International, Miss Santa Cruz, Catherine Villaroel. The finalists were Vanessa Cjain (La Paz), Adriana Arce Angulo (Tarija) and Chintia López (Chuquisaca).

* MISS WORLD TRINIDAD-TOBAGO.- Rhonda Rosemin, 22, was crowned on Tuesday, August 8. She also won the Best Body award. The finalists were Tricia Lee and Marissa McLeod.

* MISS HONDURAS.- It was held on Thursday, August 10 at the Expocentro in San Pedro Sula among 20 girls and was won by Verónica Rivera from the Copán department, on the way to Miss World 2000. She also won the award for Best Body. Miss Honduras International was Teofila Valerio (Tela) and the second black woman to win that title (although in the end she did not travel to Japan and was replaced at the last minute by Miss El Progreso, Alba Marcela Rubí). Waleska Beteta was elected Miss Honduras Pacific.

* MISS WORLD COLOMBIA.- In a ceremony held at the Jorge Eliécer Gaitán Theater in Bogotá on Sunday, August 13, Andrea Durán, 24, Miss World Bogotá, was chosen as the representative of Colombia to Miss World 2000 and was also chosen Miss Photogenic. The finalists were Ana Maria Wolf (Antioquia) and Carolina Botero (Valle). They completed the Top 6: Cindy Yacaman (Cartagena), Cintia Bacilieri (Magdalena) and Margarita Rosa Guerrero (Vaupés). 33 girls competed.

* MISS BAHAMAS.- In 2000, the Miss World Bahamas Committee partnered with the official Miss Bahamas. The contest was held on Sunday, August 20, at the Atlantis Showroom, at the Sun Atlantis Resort, on Paradise Island. The winner was Nakera Simms who went to Miss Universe, while the finalists were Latia Bowe from the Island of Abaco (to Miss World) and Karah Fox. 8 contestants competed.

* MISS CANADA INTERNATIONAL.- It was held on Friday, August 25, among 25 candidates, in the city of Toronto and was won by Christine Cho, of Korean origin.

* NUESTRA BELLEZA MUNDO MEXICO.- This edition of Nuestra Belleza México was the first in which there was more than one representative per state, since the organization decided to appoint girls who, having not won the state crown, had the necessary characteristics to compete for the national title, a formula that it continued to Mexicana Universal. In addition, the event was held in two stages, the first, on Saturday, August 26, to elect Nuestra Belleza Mundo Mexico 2000. This event was held at the Emilio Sánchez Piedras Auditorium in the city of Apizaco, Tlaxcala and was conducted by Joana Benedek and Alexis Ayala. The winner was Jacqueline Bracamontes from the state of Jalisco, with Paulina Flores from Sinaloa as Alternate. Then, on Friday, September 8, the national final was held in the same auditorium where Jacqueline Bracamontes de Jalisco was crowned again, this time as Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2000, being the first and only time that the same delegate achieved the two national crowns. The 1st. runner-up was Paulina Flores from Sinaloa, who had also obtained the special award for the Best Trident Smile. Considering that the title of Nuestra Belleza Mexico was more important, Jacqueline had to renounce the crown of Nuestra Belleza Mundo Mexico, so Paulina Flores assumed the title and the responsibility of competing in the Miss World 2000 pageant. The remaining finalists they were Ana Astiazarán (Sonora), Lilian Villanueva (Quintana Roo) and Eva Ruíz (Zacatecas). 43 candidates from 23 states and Mexico City participated.

* MISS WORLD HUNGARY.- Judit Kuchta won the title on Sunday, August 27 at the Madách Theater in Budapest, against Klára Csató and Klára László who finished second and third.

* MISS IRELAND.- Yvonne Ellard, from Kilkenny, was crowned Miss Ireland on Tuesday, August 29, heading for Miss World 2000. The finalists were Lesley Turner (Miss Universe 2001) and Jennifer Grant.

* MISS PANAMA.- Ivette Cordovez was elected Miss Panama for Miss Universe on Friday, September 1 at the Anayansi Theater of the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City. As Miss Panama for Miss World was Ana Raquel Ochy, and as Miss Panama for Miss Asia Pacific Adriana Roquer. The finalists were Katherine Villaverde and Melva De Gracia Yee.

* MISS GIBRALTAR.- Tessa Sacramento, an 18-year-old student, won the title of Miss Gibraltar, heading to Miss World, on Saturday, September 2. The princesses were Caireen Alcántara and Aysha Pratts.

* MISS WORLD NEW ZEALAND – Katherine Allsopp-Smith won on Sunday, September 3 in Auckland.

* MISS OLIRAVINA.- Nadia Juliana Todimarina, Miss Toamasina, won the title of Miss Madagascar, heading to Miss World, on Saturday, September 9 in Toamasina. The 1st. runner-up was Miss Antsiranana.

* SUOMEN NEITO.- Finland chose Salima Peippo for Miss World 2000 in an event that brought together 10 candidates. The finalists were Kaisa Jäske and Päivi Laitinen. The final was on Saturday, September 9.

* MISS JAMAICA WORLD.- Ayisha Richards was crowned “Miss Jamaica World” in the Great Hall of the Le Meridien Jamaica Pegasus hotel on Saturday, September 9. The finalists were Melanie Owen, Marsha-Ann Hay, Nicole Brown, and Tenika Gapaulsingh. 20 candidates competed.

* MISS SWITZERLAND- Mahara Mc Kay, 19, from Untersiggenthal (Canton of Aargau) but of Maori origin, was crowned on Saturday, September 16 in Geneva, on her way to Miss World 2000 and Miss Universe 2001. The finalists were Mascha Santschi, from Bern and Alexandra Coulet, from Geneva. 16 candidates participated. Mc Kay won by the telephone votes of some 120 thousand people.

* MISS WORLD OF PUERTO RICO.- Sarybel Velilla, 24, from Toa Alta, was crowned Miss World of Puerto Rico among 36 entrants on Thursday, September 21 at the Luis A. Ferré Center for Fine Arts in San Juan. The finalists were Miss Vieques, Bárbara Serrano and Miss San Juan, Chay Lynn Santini. It was a highly commented contest since, by mistake, the outgoing queen (Arlene Torres), crowned the first runner-up. When she found out that she had not won and with a nice gesture, Miss Vieques removed her crown and crowned the true queen. The other three finalists were Erica Rosado (San Sebastian), Brenda Lee Quiñones (Gurabo) and Ixamarie Rodríguez (Ponce). The remaining semifinalists were the candidates from Bayamon (Gretchen Colón), Arecibo (Yezetnia A. Rojas), Dorado (Yajaira Brignoni), Aguadilla (Nahaira Román), Comerío (Mary Carmen Ortega) and San Lorenzo (Cynthia E. López) who was Miss Photogenic.

* MISS LEBANON.- Sandra Rizk, 18, from Koura, took home the coveted title of Miss Lebanon 2000, on Friday, September 22 at the Casino du Liban. The finalists were Natalie Maamary, 18, from Achrafieh, and Maya Mroue, 18, from Sidon. The contest was held under the patronage of the Minister of Tourism, Arthur Nazarian.

* MISS SLOVENIA.- It took place on Saturday, September 23 at the Galuss Hall in Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana. The winner, Miss ONA and Miss Internet, was Masa Merc, 22, from Maribor, who was honored to represent her country in Miss World. The finalists were Katarina Sevsek and Antonija Novak.

* MISS WORLD PORTUGAL.- Gilda Pé-Curto, 20, from Feijó, defeated 15 other candidates in the national contest for Miss World held on Monday, September 25.

* MISS ENGLAND.- It was held at the Cafe Royale in London on Thursday, September 28. The winner was Michelle Walker, from Bebington, who was the first Miss England to compete in Miss World with that title. Among the finalists was Jayne Bradshaw. 24 young women participated.

* MISS MALAYSIA WORLD.- It was held on Friday, September 29 at the Renaissance hotel in Kuala Lumpur and was won by Su Wei Tan, who turned 24 the next day. The finalists were 17-year-old Shaleen Cheah and 22-year-old Andrea Franklin Gomez. There were 20 delegates in the competition.

* MISS GHANA.- Maame Ewurafua Hawkson, a 22-year-old student, was crowned “Miss Ghana 2000” in the early hours of Saturday, September 30, among 19 contestants. The new Miss Ghana won as prizes a new VW Golf 4 car, a two-bedroom house with a fully equipped kitchen, a ticket to the Miss World pageant, 3 million cedis in cash and 300,000 cedis per month for one year. Ama Abrefa-Agyeman, 19, ranked second, while Naa Koshie Heward-Mills, 23, ranked third.

* MISS KENYA.- Yolanda Masinde won the title on Saturday, September 30 at the Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi, in an event where ten beauties participated.

* MISS GERMANY WORLD.- Natascha Berg, 20, was crowned Miss Germany World on Saturday, September 30 at the Hannover Expo. The finalists were Stefanie Harris and Sabrina Rupp.

* MISS MALTESE ISLANDS.- It was held on Saturday, September 30 and was won by Katia Grima, a 19-year-old first-year communications student, who obtained the title in front of 14 other girls.

* MISS CAYMAN ISLANDS.- The Miss Cayman Islands pageant was held on Saturday, September 30 at the Lion’s Center. Miss Hurlstone Construction, Jacqueline Bush, was the winner of eight contestants and won the right to represent the islands at Miss World 2000 and Miss Universe 2001.

* MISS SINGAPORE WORLD.- Charlyn Ding Zung-Ee won the title on Sunday, October 1 at the Neptuno Theater-Restaurant. The finalists were Chen Lirong and Xiao Liping.

* MISS ARGENTINA FOR MISS WORLD.- The election of Miss Argentina for Miss World was held on Sunday, October 1 at the Hindú Club in the city of Don Torcuato (Buenos Aires). The gala evening was hosted by Mrs. Nelly Raymond and 15 finalists participated. The winner was Miss Daniela Stucan, 19 years old and 1.79 m tall, architecture student and model.

* MISS BARBADOS.- Leilani McConney won the “Miss Barbados 2000” crown at the Sherbourne Conference Center on Sunday, October 1, heading for Miss World 2000 and Miss Universe 2001.

* AN ITALIAN FOR MISS WORLD.- Giorgia Palmas, 18 years old, from Cagliari and 1.70 m tall, won the Miss World contest on Monday, October 2 in Chianciano Terme, in an event organized by Ezeta Comunicazione de Enzo Zanca . The finalists were Amaya Ferrari and Claudia Matarazzo.

* MISS WORLD FRANCE.- It was held on Thursday, October 5 at the “Les Bains” nightclub in Paris with 28 candidates. The winner was Karine Meier, 20 years old and 1.83 m, who was Miss Lorraine in 1998 for Miss France 1999, where she did not enter the semifinal.

* BEAUTY OF RUSSIA.- It was held on Monday, October 9 at the Moscow Youth Palace with 37 candidates. The winner was Ekaterina Izmail (Moscow), 20 years old and 1.87 m tall, who shortly after was stripped of her title due to discrepancies between her and the organization. She had already participated in this event in 1999, without success. The finalists were 19-year-old Anna Bodareva (from Obninsk, Kaluga region), who assumed the title and was sent to Miss World 2000; Elena Marus (Chelyabinsk), Christina Gaaze (Saint Petersburg) and Anna Spiridonova (Ivanovo).

* MISS YUGOSLAVIA.- The winner was Iva Milivojevic (for Miss World ’00 and Miss International ’01). The finalists were Ana Jankovic (for Miss Universe), Marija Ljubisavljevic (for Miss Europe), Ana Sargic (for Miss Intercontinental) and Nina Kovacevic (for Top Model of The World). The event was on Wednesday, October 11 at the Sava Center in Belgrade and the girls filmed 15 days earlier in the city of Thasos, Greece.

* MISS NEDERLAND.- Raja Moussaoui, a young woman of Moroccan origin, won the title among 12 entrants on Friday, October 13, on her way to Miss World. The finalists were Reshma Roopram and Sharon Looyen.

* MISS KAZAKHSTAN.- The fourth edition of the contest was held at the Palace of the Republic in Almaty on Saturday, October 14. The winner was Margarita Kravtsova (to Miss World) and the finalists were Elvira Dzhakupova, Evgeniya Krist and Asel Dzhamanbekova.

* MISS POLAND.- It was held at the Kielce Cultural Center, with 20 candidates, on Saturday, October 14. The winner turned out to be Justyna Bergmann (to Miss World) and the finalists were Malgorzata Rozniecka (who later won Miss International 2001) and Monika Gruda (to Miss Universe 2001).

* MISS BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA.-19-year-old Jasmina Mahmutovic from Bihac won the title on Sunday, October 15 in Sarajevo, which gave her the pass to Miss World 2000.

* MIS LIETUVA.- The most beautiful girl in Lithuania was chosen in the Roman imperial art hall installed in the Lithuanian film studio on Sunday, October 15. The winner was Martyna Bimbaite, a 17-year-old from Palanga, on her way to Miss World. The finalist was Simona Stanapedyte, while Dovile Alisauskaite was chosen Miss Elegance and Erika Sabaliauskaite was Miss Audience. 10 girls competed.

* MISS WORLD UNITED STATES.- In a closed casting held on Thursday, October 19, Angelique Breaux, 1st. runner-up from the previous year, was chosen. Abigail Royce was second and Danielle Martin third.

* MISS WALES – Sophie-Kate Cahill, 17, of Pontypool, won the title on Thursday, October 26 at Wrexham. The outgoing queen, Clare Daniels, presented herself pregnant and denounced the organization for not giving her a job in the modeling environment during her year of reign.

* MISS ROMANIA.- 18-year-old Alexandra Cosmoiu defeated 35 other participants in Bucharest on Monday, October 30, this being the last national contest heading to Miss World 2000.





               The candidates for Miss World 2000 began traveling to London from Thursday, November 2. The official arrival dates were Friday the 3rd, Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of November. In those days 95 of the 99 expected candidates arrived. In the end, Miss ALBANIA (Gentiana Ramadani), Miss ARMENIA (Gohar Hartunyan) and Miss MACEDONIA (Sanja Nikolic) canceled their participation, while Miss LATVIA (Dina Kalandarova) was expected until the last minute. However, she excused herself due to illness and did not make it to the contest. In any case, the 50th anniversary of Miss World had the largest number of participants in history, up to that moment, with 95 girls, one more delegate than the previous year. The candidates were accommodated at the Hilton hotel in Park Lane and in the first days of their stay they went shopping and rehearsed the first event at the Millennium Dome in London. It should be noted that the Morleys had been quite busy since only three weeks before (on October 13) they had held the Mister World final (in its third edition) at the Crieff Hydro hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland, an event that brought together 33 young men and which was won by Uruguay’s Ignacio Kliche.


                Just hours before the official launch of Miss World, thieves tried to steal the Millennium diamond collection a few meters from where the candidates would be presented. Fortunately, the criminals were arrested by the police who caught them “red handed.” The 12 diamonds, worth £ 350 million, were exchanged for copies after the raid and would be returned when the vault was repaired. But Michelle Walker, 19, the reigning Miss England, posed with the real 203-carat Millennium Star at De Beers in London. The stone, the size of an egg, is considered one of the most beautiful jewels in the world. Liverpool’s Walker at the time had 10-1 odds at the bookmakers to win the title. Her toughest competition was Miss India, which included unpublished poetry writing and folk dancing among her talents. Otherwise, everything continued as usual at the Millennium Dome. The only trace of the assault was a tarp over a broken door and a notice explaining that the jewelry display was closed due to an “incident.” Some visitors were disappointed that the bulldozer used to crash into the Dome during the assault had been removed. But the crime scene rivaled many of the Dome’s other attractions.


               The official launch event for Miss World at the Millennium Dome, the gigantic amusement park in the London borough of Greenwich, took place Wednesday, November 8 at 9:30 a.m., 24 hours after four men in gas masks stormed in the Dome, dropping smoke bombs and carrying nail guns and sledgehammers. All 95 Misses participated in the Miss World 2000 pageant launch just 50 yards from the vault where the Millennium Jewels were supposed to be displayed. This event was presented by Stephen Douglas (son of the Morleys) who introduced the 95 candidates in alphabetical order in groups of five, all smiling and wearing a white sports uniform, consisting of shorts and a sweatshirt, sponsored by Zee TV. They then posed individually for the international press at the Millennium Dome. When Miss Spain, Miss India and Miss Venezuela appeared, the flashes lit up the whole place! Other girls, like Miss Sri Lanka, looked extremely skinny in those shorts that seemed too big for all of them. Miss Chile and Miss Puerto Rico were good surprises. Both tall and with perfect figures, they paraded as expert models. There were other pretty faces from Latin America, like Brazil, Bolivia, and Uruguay. In the end, they all posed together in the middle of fireworks to officially start the celebration of the 50 years of the contest. Eric Morley, the creator of it, could not be present because he had a very strong pain in his back.


               The world of glitz, glamor and stunningly beautiful girls was mourning the sad news of the death of Miss World pageant founder Eric Morley. In the early hours of Thursday, November 9, the legendary Eric Morley, creator of the pageant, died at the age of 82 at Princess Grace Hospital, in west London, as a result of a heart attack. He had been very much looking forward to celebrating 50 years of the pageant, but sadly he did not get to witness his 50th event on the land of its birth. Channel 5, which had broadcast the last two pageants, announced Morley’s death hours after the candidates launched the 2000 pageant at the Millennium Dome. Morley began his career in 1946 when he became an entertainment publicist. He later introduced commercial bingo to Britain and created “Come Dancing” in 1949, a show about ballroom dancing that became the longest running television series in the world. He ran for parliament in 1974 and 1979 and narrowly lost. She did not intend the Miss World pageant to be an annual event when she hosted her first beauty event for the Festival of Great Britain in 1951. But the following year, the United States opened the rival Miss Universe pageant, and Morley couldn’t resist the challenge. The pageant regularly sparked controversy, with critics saying it was degrading to women. But Morley had no regrets: “If it’s embarrassing for women, the best thing they can do is turn it off (the television),” he once said.

                Eric Douglas Morley was born in a Holborn area warehouse (central London) on September 26, 1918. He was educated at Whitstable Primary School and on the Royal Naval Training Ship, HMS Exmouth. His father died when he was two years old, and before he was 12, his mother and stepfather had also died of tuberculosis. At Exmouth, he distinguished himself as a first-class teacher. Later, he was sent to the Army School of Education, where he learned the French horn, becoming a boy in the “Royal Fusiliers” band. During World War II he served with the “Royal Fusiliers” and with the “Royal Army Service Corps”, specializing in beach landings. He was demobilized in 1946 with the rank of captain. His entertainment career began that same year when he was put in charge of advertising in Mecca, then a small and thriving company. He was appointed CEO six years later and then CEO and the company became a great success. A few years later, in 1960, Eric married Julia Evelyn Pritchard, and with her he had three sons, also raised a fourth child from Julia’s previous marriage and adopted a girl in the 70s who died of a regrettable illness in 1985. He was the promoter of the Mecca ballrooms and the BBC’s “Come Dancing” programs. He joined the Variety Club in 1961 to donate part of the proceeds from the Miss World pageant to charity. His wife Julia, who began working on the pageant in 1969, created the slogan “Beauty with a Purpose” in 1972. As president of Variety Clubs International in 1977, Morley helped raise more than £ 7 million for poor children and disabled. He also served as president of the Outward Bound Trust.

                The bureaucrats at Grand Metropolitan Hotels, the conglomerate that took over his and his Mecca interests, tried to align him with their traditional hierarchies, but it took a few years before they succeeded in overthrowing him. In Mecca, Morley was revered by the 15,000 employees, for whom he established a generous bonus plan; but others found it difficult to accept. Scandalous, hard-working, and abrasive, even his admirers didn’t consider him modest. “I can honestly say that I have a bit of a brain,” he once said, “and I’m the kind of man who walks where angels fear to tread.” In 1978, Morley was forced to leave Mecca, of which he was then president, after fighting with the parent company, Grand Metropolitan. He left with an agreement that he could continue with Miss World. The rights to the pageant were later sold to Belhaven Brewery, where Morley was co-president from 1979 to 1984, and later, in 1983, to a company owned by the Morleys. At the age of 63, Morley completed the London Marathon despite a knee tendon injury. Tony Hatch, the ‘barker chief’ of Variety Clubs International, said: “Eric Morley was a giant man in every sense of the word, one of the great humanitarians of the 20th century. He will be greatly missed by all of his friends around the world with sadness”. His funeral was held on Saturday, November 10, 2000 in the British capital. A service of thanksgiving was held at the Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks, with the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh represented. He left a property valued at £ 10.6 million and was buried in London’s West Norwood Cemetery.


                On the night of Wednesday, November 8, the 95 candidates traveled to the Maldives Islands, in the Indian Ocean, for the filming of the contest. After long hours of waiting at London airport, sitting on the floor or on their luggage, the young women boarded an Air Lanka flight to begin the long 10 and a half hour journey to the islands. The girls learned of Eric Morley’s death when they arrived at Malé International Airport, the Maldivian capital, on the morning of Thursday, November 9. There, they received garlands of flowers in a simple welcome and were given a drink of coconut water. Outside the terminal, a group of girls were waiting to entertain them with their dance, and the spectators applauded the Misses with enthusiasm. The contestants and Miss World Staff members stayed at Bandos Island Resort, Full Moon Beach Resort, and Paradise Island. The Miss World swimwear category was shot at some of the resorts and would conclude on November 18. Interestingly, there was no representative from the Maldives in the contest. The reason was the strict Islamism in the country, and even, the contestants would only have contact with the hotel staff, other foreign tourists and the international press invited to cover the event.


                The charity dinner with the Miss World participants in the Maldives had to be postponed due to bad weather. Dinner was scheduled for the evening of Friday, November 10 in Kuda Bandos, but was postponed to November 18, according to the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB). The money raised from the dinner would be donated to help disabled people and thalassemia patients. Over 400 tickets were sold, priced at Rf 500 each. Zaki Nafiz, the Maldives media coordinator for the Miss World pageant, said that although the Maldives would attend the dinner, it was aimed more at foreigners as it was an international event. However, some of the offices that were selling the tickets said that the Maldivians had bought most of the tickets. Zaki said that beauty queens from different countries would attend the event and as they had certain commercial contractual obligations, only special sponsors of the contest could take pictures. Hence, the local media could not participate in the event. Haveeru had been informed that the organizers of the contest had ceded the exclusive rights to the benefit dinner to Zee TV of India. Some local singers would also perform on the Kuda Bandos stage during dinner.


                The Maldives had a very beautiful tropical landscape, graceful coconut trees leaning over crystal clear lagoons, coral reefs, and plenty of sunshine, and Miss World 2000 was the largest international event to be held on its shores. Until the arrival of tourism, fishing was the main occupation in this nation of sailors. Now, “the last paradise on earth” was fervent with the activity of hosting the largest event in its history and was expected to give its unspoiled shores the much-needed boost, with hour-long clips of the contest filmed during several days in the exotic places that would be shown in the final of the contest, since its entire economy was based on tourism. Officials hoped that the high media exposure the Maldives would receive during the show, which was seen by billions of people around the world, would guarantee it a more prominent place on the world map, as it was one of the most attenuated countries in the world, an island nation that practically nested in oblivion. The 1,196 islands, on 26 different coral atolls, are spread over a total area of ​​90,000 square kilometers (about 36,000 square miles) of the Indian Ocean, but less than 0.5 percent of that is land. Only 87 of the islands were exclusive resort islands and about 200 of the islands were inhabited. A melting pot of different cultures, as people from different parts of the world came and settled there, a country that had, at that time, the highest divorce rate on the planet. Now, beauties from around the world had descended on the Maldives, a nation passionate about the sun, the sea, the sand, and the heavenly beauties.

                Dressed in a shocking pink blouse with a full green and pink sarong, Priyanka Chopra from India, looking ravishing with a huge flower in her hair, said that the sarong was mandatory by the rules “as the Miss World people are very particular with respect”. Miss Sri Lanka, Miss Bangladesh and Miss Nepal were also wrapped in colorful sarongs on the set at the “Full Moon Beach Resort.” But for many others, the sarongs had been reduced almost to the length of a scarf. For some, it was held diagonally with mesh covers and laces that barely reached the end of their colorful bikinis. These were also held, coincidentally, in the hands of beauties more than wearing. The beachwear section was all about. The scope of the designer range, even in bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, was evident in the profusion of colors and variety on all the long-legged bodies. The naked skin was also of all shades: dark, light, yellow, the colors of the skin in the world.

                Some, like Julie Martin from Northern Ireland, preferred to wear shorts and a half top. Unlike others who had worked hard on her skin and body, Julie said that she had not had time to undergo special treatments. “I show myself as I am,” said the dental nurse looking natural and pretty. However, most admitted to having come “very prepared.” Like Miss Venezuela, Vanessa Cárdenas, who said that she had attended public speaking and catwalk classes, including exercise sessions, for the past four months. A computer engineer from Maracaibo, the 19-year-old had to leave her studies and move to Caracas for preparations. For the elegant 1.72m girl her advantage would be her body, she said. “My face, body and eyes are nice. I am a spontaneous person and I hope to achieve it.” In her country her title meant a lot and people “would die for me to be in the fight,” she said. With many Venezuelan beauties who had reached the top several times, the beauty business had become very popular. Sarybel Velilla from Puerto Rico also received six weeks of training after being crowned in her country and she felt well prepared. At that time she had received lessons in public speaking, skincare, and gymnastics. For the 24-year-old biology student, “it was necessary to set goals and not be disappointed.” Miss Australia, Renee Henderson, had her own modeling agency for promotional work and wanted to steer her career, through Miss World, towards acting. For her, participating in the contest had a clear occupational reward. “I don’t see it as degrading to women,” she said. “It is not abusive or enslaving. It is our choice.”

               Miss Sri Lanka was studying microbiology and was a 400 meter runner, a chess champion and a talented magician (she did a trick with the rope, with Miss South Africa acting as an assistant). Miss Yugoslavia was a modern and ambitious person, well aware of her capabilities. Miss Belarus’s dream was to discover and test a new mathematical rule; and Miss New Zealand was interested in both ancient Egyptian history and yacht design. Wow! What happened to the boys and pop music? Michelle Watson from Scotland saw the contest as an “opportunity to come here and enjoy”. Dressed in a light blue bikini covered with a black chiffon half sarong, the 19-year-old model saw it as an opportunity to stand out. Miss Dominican Republic, Gilda Jovine, a second-year communication student and part-time model, included yoga in her exercise regimen “as it calms the mind and enhances the body.” She is an advocate for many causes, including protecting whales from extinction. She said that “the projection these contests give should be used to advantage to address the issues.” “Win or lose the exhibition can be very productive,” said the charming young woman. Miss Wales, Sophie-Kate Cahill, was excited to compete. Miss England, Michelle Walker, was a fitness instructor from Merseyside. She missed her parents and her boyfriend, who works for Sainsbury’s in Wirral, but “it’s really nice to get to know different cultures. She has brought us all together.” Miss Scotland said that she missed her boyfriend because it was his birthday. Miss Curaçao wanted to become a pop star. Miss Israel, 19, was shy and hoped that the political situation in her country would improve. Many of her friends were in the military, but she did not have to do it for “medical reasons.” On the side of her, Miss Estonia had been crying. The other girls were to blame. The 17-year-old ballet dancer Irina Ovtchinnikova seemed unappreciated. She was a bit unworthy, they believed, for her extravagant way of dressing…

                The girls locked themselves in their rooms at 10:30 p.m. They missed home, they were more sober than a nun (alcohol was forbidden), and they broke down after calling home on the hotel phones. Photographers were commenting “How did Miss X get here?” a game, in which Miss Wales tended to make a lot of appearances. The banned list was comprehensive: no drinking alcohol, no smoking (in public), no swimming, no barefoot on the beach, no tattoos, no piercings, and no fraternizing with anyone unrelated to the contest. Miss Ireland, Yvonne Ellard, from Tipperary, was the first of the Misses to find a way to break the security cordon. “We had a little party in our room last night and we didn’t go to bed until 1:30 am,” she confessed. So, had they managed to find a way around the prohibition of alcohol? Miss Ireland looked nervously at her chaperone and smiled sweetly: “I’d rather you ask me another question.” “I’m totally nervous, anxious, paranoid,” she confessed later. “The other girls have an air of confidence that makes you feel five inches tall. Most of them are models and they all have their legs up to their necks. I know I have no hope of winning” and she might be right. Miss India, 18, writes stories, lectures on AIDS awareness, acts in street plays and thought she was a criminal psychologist. And she also she was incredibly beautiful. For her part, Miss South Africa, Heather Hamilton said “This is much better than Miss Universe, we are having a great time!”

                Scary-looking chaperones patrolled the area, checking for questions about boyfriends or politics. The organizers were keen to avoid any scandal. The contestants, divided into eight groups of twelve each, were guarded and protected by two chaperones for each group. Any move to get closer to the Misses was thwarted by them immediately. “Neither photographs nor talks while they relax” was the chaperone’s chant at the Resort where the girls were staying. “They even follow us when we go to the bathroom,” grumbled Miss Wales, before turning her attention to the urgent search for a pair of pliers to remove the forbidden ring she had on her navel before the filming on the beach. However, things weren’t as bad as they seemed. With a full contingent of hotel staff, security, and the Maldives Promotion Board present, the vigil was near perfect. Tourists had no opportunity to see the girls, as the filming was done in private, away from the unwelcome gaze of the public.

                Miss Mexico recounted on Monday the 13th her experience in the Maldives: “These days in the Maldives have been great! The people are so hospitable and charming here, it is overwhelming! Everyone is very polite and we have been pampered to the limit. For example, they don’t have us on a diet. For each meal, four different delicious dishes are served. During the day our activities are basically photo sessions and the pre-recording of the beachwear competition, which will air the day of the finals. We are divided into several groups, which means that when one group is filming the rest of the girls are free to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful place. This has allowed the contestants to become closer friends, since we are always talking, playing cards, telling jokes, having a good time together. Some of my best friends are the Misses from Estonia, Poland, Colombia, Russia, Chile, Slovenia, and my lovely roommate, Miss Gibraltar. I have no words to express how happy I am at this moment. The atmosphere here is so relaxed… Tomorrow (Tuesday 14th) we will have a farewell party. In two more days we will head to Paradise Island to continue working on the photography and filming sessions. On November 19 we will return to London. The girls are a bit agitated right now, trying to decide what to wear tomorrow night for that special occasion. We all want to look our best! Everything has been perfect, except for the death of Mr. Morley. We are saddened and sorry for her wife and will do our best to encourage Mrs. Morley when we are with her. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the Mexicans and all those who have supported me. The love and positive comments from them are very important to me”.

                All 95 Miss World 2000 contestants relaxed after completing swimsuit footage of the event. The girls gathered for a celebratory cocktail after the stresses and strains of posing on the beach in the Maldives. Perhaps the biggest pressure was on Miss India, Priyanka Chopra, 18, with the aim of making sure her country won the award for the second year in a row. The bookies seemed to think that Priyanka had a chance, becoming her favorite along with Miss South Africa. It was previously feared that the beachwear section could be finished in time due to tropical storms looming over the islands. But tropical storms cast a shadow on the Miss World 2000 pageant. It had rained every shooting day for the beachwear section, but naturally the contestants didn’t let that dampen their spirits. But the off-season weather subsided enough to allow for traditional footage of the girls posing by the pool or walking on the beach.

                Welcoming contestants for the charity event in Bondos on Saturday the 18th, Maldives Minister of Tourism Hassan Zuber hoped that the islands would have presented a perfect setting for the “swimsuit section” on the eve of the final round in London. “Since it is the 50th anniversary of the Miss World pageant, we want the rounds that include the ‘swimsuit section’ in Maldives to be a memorable experience for the contestants and the people involved in the event,” the minister told journalists. In the environment of the Maldives Islands, a serene and harmonious atmosphere, the mixture of natural and deadly beauty, was very intoxicating. Although the swimsuit was featured on location filming simply to ensure contestants had a reasonable figure, it was not included in later rounds where the girls’ talent, balance, and personality were the focus.

                Dressed in a sparkling bottle green sari and adorned with tikka and gold trim, Priyanka Chopra from India stood out as a charming and balanced candidate and pleased everyone with smiles and photographs. In resorts and elsewhere among the locals, it was Priyanka who emerged as her top favorite. At her farewell dinner at the ‘Full Moon Beach Resort’, it was Priyanka whom everyone waited for and competed to be photographed with her. “She will be Miss World and this will be the best photo of my life,” said Javed Ahmed, Front Desk Manager at the Beach Resort. The other favorites were Miss Venezuela and Miss Bangladesh. Dressed in their evening gowns, all the contestants, tall and elegant, dazzled at the meeting. Lined outside by the chaperones, they entered the event in a file with their country badges and conscious smiles. Each carried small wallets and cameras, which clicked along with professional flashes. Amid requests for photos, they relaxed, loosed their hair, danced to the music, but within two hours, the strict chaperones declared it was time to pack and took them away.


                They were neighbors, but the beauty accessories, care and training that an Indian beauty queen received before entering an international pageant was simply unimaginable for any of India’s smaller neighboring countries. The Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi and Nepalese contestants for the Miss World 2000 pageant wondered in disbelief when they saw that the bracelets and bindis worn by Miss India were sponsored, something they couldn’t even think of in their countries. Miss Sri Lanka, Ganga Gunasekera, who was Miss India, Priyanka Chopra’s roommate, said that except for her airfare, a sponsorship from a hairdresser and a cosmetics company, she had had to manage everything for the account of her. “My whole wardrobe is arranged by myself, unlike Priyanka’s, for whom the best designers have created exquisite creations,” she said. However, Ganga, a microbiology student, had no complaints. In fact, she was grateful to Priyanka. ”Her training is so perfect that I have collected many tips to face the contest. She is really sweet to be willing to inform me and teach me’,’ she said. Miss Sri Lanka attributed the “low priority given to beauty” in her country to the prevailing political situation. “Maybe if things were stable, we could have thought more about these things,” she said. Miss Bangladesh, Sonia Gazi, 21, admitted that beauty pageants were gaining popularity in her country. “Especially after Sushmita Sen won the Miss Universe crown, beauty pageants are crazy there,” she said. Sonia claimed that there were almost 25,000 applicants for the national contest, and said that over the years, more and more people were looking towards India as she had been producing winners steadily. “The beauty business within the country has a lot of support,” said the third-year home economics and textiles student. Although the beauty business was emerging as a big business in Bangladesh, it obviously did not yet have the resources and training facilities as India did, Sonia lamented.


                To mark and celebrate the 50th anniversary of Miss World, Endemol Entertainment UK, Terra Networks and the Miss World organization were giving this year’s television show a definitive home on the Internet. The page was launched on November 17 and would then continue throughout the year, providing a window into international press and television activity, and then culminating in the annual televised finale. In the run-up to the main event, the new website would broadcast exclusive behind-the-scenes footage in the Maldives, where the contestants were filmed in swimsuits. The 2000 event itself would also be featured with live video broadcasts on site, from behind the scenes, and camera positions dedicated to webcasting. A live video chat with the new Miss World would also be offered after the event. The coronation ball, which takes place after the pageant, would be shown this year exclusively on the website, where for the first time, Miss United Kingdom would be crowned as part of this post-ceremony event. The Miss World website would allow the public to meet and greet the Miss World competitors. In the week leading up to the contest, the website was going to broadcast live talks between the contestants and the public. Visitors to the website could also suggest questions for the show’s host, Jerry Springer, to ask the finalists that night.

                Endemol UK Interactive Media Director Chris Short said: “The 50th anniversary of Miss World will be an event that has the United Nations in a shared global contest for five decades, fully exploiting the Net’s global communications potential for the first time. From now on, Miss World will never be considered an annual event; it will be live online 24 hours a day. “Rich in still images and video footage, was destined to become the primary point of contact, entertainment, and information for Miss World fans across the globe. Endemol Entertainment UK would produce and maintain the website content as part of a four-year agreement. Terra Networks built the website with Lycos, which had just completed high-profile online support for the Sydney Olympics. Chris Short added: “Sadly, this whole deal was due in large part to Eric Morley’s unique enthusiasm and drive and it is a bitter irony that he is not here to see it now.” Endemol Entertainment UK, one of the UK’s largest television production groups, incorporated Bazal and Initial as the television production branches. GEM was the third branch of the company dedicated to the full exploitation of rights and trademarks. The group also recently acquired a 50% stake in award-winning digital media company Victoria Real and a 25% stake in television and online comedy content production company Initial was producing Miss World for the third year in a row and GEM was distributing the event worldwide after having sold it to more than 120 countries every year since 1998.


                On the night of Sunday, November 19, the contestants left the Maldives Islands to return to London. After more than 10 hours of flight, they arrived back in the British capital at dawn on Monday the 20th and were taken to the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, where they were staying. In London a special game show called “Night Fever” had been broadcast on that Sunday night, a kind of karaoke game, with the four British contestants who had recorded it before going to the Maldives. On Tuesday, November 21, the participants visited King College Hospital in London where they brought gifts to the children of the Variety Club held there as part of their “Beauty with a Purpose” work. On Thursday, the 23rd, the International Variety Club charity lunch was held at the Grosvenor House hotel where the national gifts that each girl brought from her countries were auctioned and, where there was also a photographic opportunity for the press. The candidates attended this activity wearing evening dresses. The days 24th and 25th of November were dedicated exclusively to the rehearsals in the Dome. On Sunday, the 26th, the “Miss World Christmas & Family Party” was held at the Grosvenor House Hotel and where the girls made their talent show, as was customary. The most applauded was Miss Sri Lanka presenting a magic act. On Monday, November 27, the participants visited and toured the Palace of Westminster and on Tuesday, November 28, the Dress Rehearsal was held at the Millennium Dome.

                Finally, Wednesday, November 29, was reserved for the private evaluation with the judges, who, for two and a half minutes, interviewed the 95 candidates while they presented themselves in their evening wear. Miss France was concerned that the judges’ questions were not difficult enough, while Miss Czech Republic feared that a final interview of just over two minutes would be too short to reveal the “true intellectual depth” of each participant. Such were the concerns among the Miss World contestants. Later they were seen in swimsuits in groups of 8 or 9. The jury made three lists with ten candidates each, one for beauty, elegance and grace in a ball gown, another for personality and talent in an interview and the last one for bearing and figure in swimsuit. The 10 that were repeated the most in the lists of the nine judges, would be the semifinalists. Incidentally, it had been announced that ex-Miss World ’97 from India, Diana Hayden, would be part of the judges, but this did not happen in the end.


                For many of the Miss World 2000 hopefuls, the old stigma of the cattle market just didn’t matter: it was about business. This year’s contestants included aspiring doctors and lawyers, business students, aspiring economists and mathematics. For them, the pageant was a great opportunity to network and promote their professional careers. “There is still a bit of stigma. (But) a lot of girls aspire to be doctors and lawyers and to enter other professions,” Miss Jamaica, Ayisha Richards, a 24-year-old law student, told Reuters at a benefit luncheon on Thursday, November 23. “It’s an opportunity for us to explore how our professions work in other people’s countries. It is a business network: we will all remember having participated in the contest, we have it in common and it could generate business later”. Miss Barbados, Leilani McConney, 19, who was studying international banking and finance in Switzerland, agreed and said that she had already established new contacts. “It’s a way for us to make business connections’, ‘ she said. The 95 contestants in the 50th edition of Miss World covered a wide spectrum of academic fields. Miss Costa Rica was working as an industrial engineer and Miss Czech Republic was studying journalism. One of the favorites, Miss India, was studying to be a clinical psychologist “to understand why people go crazy.”

                Meanwhile, Miss Belarus longed to push the boundaries of mathematical theory. “I like working with computers and mathematical formulas. I would like to open up some new areas of mathematical theory”, said Sviatlana Kruk, 21. “Beauty pageants are for when you are young. You won’t be smiling forever”. And in the contest there was everything ‘as in a pharmacy’. Miss Holland, Raja Moussaoui, was a high-flying banker with a black belt in judo. Miss Germany, Natascha Berg, spoke six languages ​​and hoped to become a plastic surgeon. “This experience can help me learn to get along with different people with a variety of cultures,” she said. “I don’t want to spend my whole life in Germany.” Her attitude was typical of contestants willing to exploit their looks to improve their careers, see different parts of the world, or act as ambassadors for their countries. Miss Jamaica, Ayisha Richards, was training to be a lawyer and wanted to specialize in intellectual property. She said the image of the competition in the Caribbean was very different from that of Great Britain. Richards said, “You can’t say that being in a competition like this makes me a less good lawyer.” Miss Bolivia, Jimena Rico-Toro, wanted to establish an organ donation system in her country, while the Bosnia-Herzegovina candidate, Jasmina Mahmutovic, was a medical student and was against tobacco. “You have to show that you are different, that you are eccentric,” said Nigerian representative Matilda Kerry, a 19-year-old medical student.

                Regarded as fun and “not supposed to be taken seriously,” the contest, founded by businessman Eric Morley in 1951, had been criticized by feminists over the years as degrading to women. Morley, who died a few weeks earlier, and his wife Julia, now the sole organizer, had said the contest should simply be viewed as fun. “It’s a fun, fantasy title.” But the stigma of the ‘dumb blonde’ seemed to persist still. “Hopefully we can get it out of Britain again,” said Amy Jowett of the Society of Socialist Students and Workers. But the girls said that the pageant was an opportunity for personal growth and cultural exchange. “I’ve met girls from countries I’ve never heard of,” said Angelique Breaux of San Diego, California, who represented the United States. She insisted that winning the contest was more than just an appearance. “You can’t just sit back and look pretty for a year,” said Breaux, who worked with cancer charities.


                The Miss World organization invited the former queens to attend the celebration of the 50 years of the pageant. However, the organizers would only pay for the hotel room, since the airfare depended on each of them. On Tuesday, November 28, a press conference was held with 16 of the former beauty queens at the Hilton hotel on Park Lane. “We are well maintained, aren’t we?” Said Gina Tolleson-Thicke, the tall, dark and luscious Miss World 1990, the last Miss America to win. “I’m sure I’m a little rounder here and there, but that’s okay.” Now 30, she was one of the youngest at that dreamy cocktail party on the 28th floor of the Hilton Hotel, overlooking the most elegant part of London, with a glass of champagne in one hand, a canapé in the other and more of a dozen former Miss Worlds as a company. From May-Louise Flodin, the 1952 winner, the second Miss World and the second Swede in the days when Sweden was synonymous with spectacular girls, to Linor Abargil of Israel, Miss World in 1998. Gathered for the 50th pageant, taking place at the Millennium Dome, they were, it had to be said, an announcement of something wonderful. There hadn’t been a reunion like this in 25 years and it felt like something strangely at odds with the creepiest treatment the Miss World pageant sometimes received.

                Blessed by nature with good looks that had endured in all cases, graduated from the most intense social circle that could be imagined in their year of reign, these women gave good talk. Cindy Breakspeare of Jamaica, Miss World 1976, was, among other things, the mother of one of Bob Marley’s children. Mary Stavin, still the image of the Swedish blonde, was Miss World in 1977, she became a Bond girl and for three years, until 1985, she was a member of the Miss World team alongside George Best. Now married to an English merchant banker and mother of a four-year-old daughter, she lived between New York and Los Angeles. She was 19 years old, she was living with her parents and was studying at school when she went to London for the pageant. “It happened really fast,” she said. “I was a girl who was used to saying ‘no thanks’. Suddenly they were giving me Volvos, fur coats…”. She speaks of George Best with kindness, but with a firmness that she would keep him from being swept up in the mess. “She has many talents that he hasn’t expressed,” she said, “but of course he had problems. I didn’t want to waste time on substances like that.” Mary Stavin said that she was unprepared for the debates with the feminists that involved her in 1977, not because she was weak, she certainly was not, but because in Sweden female emancipation was taken for granted. She also added, as a point of debate, that she raised £ 3.5 million for charity. Denise Perrier Lamfranchi, from France, Miss World 1953, was 65 years old. She started out as a model, but went on to local politics in Nice and founded women’s organizations there. She did not seem like a woman absorbed in her appearance.

                The beauties of yesteryear included the first Indian to win the event, Dr. Reita Faria Powell, Miss World 1966, who was recorded on Irish television in 1999 for condemning the Miss World pageant saying it was already expired. Powell, who lives in Dublin with her doctor husband, said the contest “did little or nothing for India when they organized it and despite what the organizers are saying about it now, it is past its peak.” She went on to dismiss the months she spent in 1966 as the most beautiful woman in the world, saying it was “just a distraction.” She was a medical student when she became the first Miss India to win. “We move slowly in India. It took us 15 years to get started. They were much more innocent times”, she said. “There was no television in India, I came alone and there was nothing to fear. I was 23 years old and I think I was the only college student who participated that year. I was a little puzzled to win”. She is now married to a medical professor and has two daughters who are doctors. “India wins most of the years”, she said. “They are Miss World’s superpower”. ” And why not. . We are a very beautiful race”. Who knows the ins and outs of these women’s lives? Certainly, most of them looked good. Here, in many cases, brains and beauty seemed to be linked. Over the years Miss World had had her trials, girls who had become famous for the wrong reasons, the one who had to be dethroned for being too lewd and wasting her reign on tabloid headlines and Playboy poses and the one who quit for being a single mother. But They had mostly been the story as scripted and, in the month of the death of Eric Morley, inventor and owner of the Miss World pageant, many of them remembered him with fondness and gratitude. It was no wonder that for many of these women It was one of the central days of their lives, or perhaps their entire life. For some of them it changed everything. Many of them seemed to retain a bit of celebrity sparkle, even to their own surprise. “Yesterday I went shopping for clothes” said Gina Tolleson-Thicke, “when the man in the store said, ‘I remember your dress’. What? I asked. ‘Yeah, the one you wore that night. It was white with those sleeves’ “.

                In total, in the celebration of the 50 years of the contest 21 ex-Miss World were present. They were: 1952- May-Louise Flodin (Sweden); 1953- Denise Perrier Landfranchi (France); 1958- Penny Coelen (South Africa); 1963- Carole Joan Crawford (Jamaica); 1966- Reita Faria Powell (India); 1970- Jennifer Hosten-Craig (Granada); 1971- Lucia Petterle (Brazil); 1975- Wilmelia Merced (Puerto Rico); 1976- Cindy Breakspeare (Jamaica); 1977- Mary Stavin (Sweden); 1980- Kimberly Santos (Guam); 1982- Mariasela Álvarez (Dominican Republic); 1986- Giselle Laronde-West (Trinidad-Tobago); 1988- Linda Petursdottir (Iceland); 1990- Gina Tolleson Thicke (United States); 1992- Julia Kurochkina (Russia); 1993- Lisa Hanna (Jamaica); 1995- Jacqueline Aguilera (Venezuela); 1997- Diana Hayden (India); 1998- Linor Abargil (Israel); and 1999- Yukta Mookhey (India). Decades after their victory, they all met people who remembered their names from their night of glory. They were once Miss World, but they would always be Miss World …


                Here is a table with the list of roommates of the candidates for Miss World 2000:

Bahamas – American Virgin IslandsArgentina – UruguayAngola – Brazil
Portugal – ArubaBulgaria – AustriaItaly – Australia
Russia – KazakhstanNepal – BangladeshBarbados – British Virgin Islands
Czech Republic – FranceBelgium – NorwayBelarus – Moldova
Ghana – BotswanaCosta Rica – Dominican RepublicBolivia – Curacao
Holland – GermanyEstonia – Cayman IslandsCroatia – Bosnia & Herzegovina
Tanzania – KenyaSingapore – Chinese TaipeiPhilippines – Hong  Kong
Namibia – EnglandDenmark – TurkeyFinland – Tahiti
Japan – MalaysiaIreland – New ZealandIceland – Israel
Malta – WalesKorea – CanadaSweden – Switzerland
Jamaica – Trinidad & TobagoNigeria – ZimbabweParaguay – Puerto Rico
Slovakia – Northern IrelandScotland – SloveniaIndia – Sri Lanka
Greece – CyprusMexico – GibraltarEcuador – Guatemala
Chile – ColombiaPoland – LithuaniaRomania – Hungary
South Africa – PanamaHonduras – VenezuelaPeru – Spain
Lebanon – MadagascarUSA – YugoslaviaUkraine


                The big favorites of the bookmakers were Miss India and Miss Venezuela. Both disputed chances of 6-1. The day before the final, Miss India’s odds had improved to 9-2. Miss Northern Ireland, Julie Lee-Ann Martin, from East Belfast, was 12-1, while Miss England, Michelle Walker, from Liverpool, and Miss Scotland, Michelle Watson, from Motherwell, were 16-1. Others mentioned among the favorites were Miss Mexico, Miss Czech Republic, Miss Costa Rica, Miss South Africa and Miss Belarus. William Hill bookies had won just $ 210 in bets at the contest and attributed the steep decline to “political correctness.”


                The William Hill bookmaker was considering ending gambling on beauty pageants. Before the Miss World finals, only 2,570 pounds had been traded. In the past, bettors flocked to bookmakers when there were contests. In the mid-1970s, it was marketed for an average of £ 250,000 at each Miss World, Ananova news service reported. “If the numbers do not dramatically increase before we close betting on the day of the final, we will seriously consider stopping betting on next year’s event,” said William Hill spokeswoman Serena Momberg. “To put this in perspective, I can say that we accepted bets for £ 500,000 during the US elections. These sums also increase during the football cup”. “We believe that the decline in the Miss World bets is due to several factors. Among other things, the low interest of the media. William Hill had Miss India as a favorite. If you bet on her, you would get 4.5 times the bet back. The house Playoff bookmaker believed that Miss Mexico was the favorite and returned six times the bet if she won. Miss Norway was way down the list. If you put a hundred pounds on Stine Pedersen, you could collect 5,000 pounds if she won the crown.


                * This year, the Miss World organization accepted candidates at the age of 16. In fact, there were three of them who were that age. They were: Miss Austria, Miss Lithuania and Miss Moldova. On the contrary, the older girls were Miss Cayman Islands and Miss Sri Lanka, both were 25.

                * Miss Czech Republic, Michaela Salacova, won the first ‘online’ vote in history that made a website dedicated to beauty pageants (Global Beauties) along with nine other webmasters and was named the “Unofficial Miss Photogenic”. She received a total of 68 points, followed by Miss Slovenia, Masa Merc, with 63 and Miss Mexico, Paulina Flores, with 60. The others previously selected were Sviatlana Kruk, Miss Belarus; Priyanka Chopra, Miss India; Sun Wei Tan, Miss Malaysia; Mia de Klerk, Miss Namibia; Kathy de Guzman, Miss Philippines; Michelle Watson, Miss Scotland; Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe, Miss Tanzania; Yuksel Ak, Miss Turkey; and Vanessa Cárdenas, Miss Venezuela.

                * Miss Colombia is the daughter of Miguel Durán Silva, who in the 90s was Colombia’s ambassador to the Republic of Korea. Durán has been a councilor in Bogotá, a representative to the House, and a special ambassador to the OAS, Egypt, and Israel.

                * Miss Finland gained 8 kilos during her stay in the Maldives. She was a lover of chocolate donuts. On the contrary, Miss Namibia lost many kilos and looked haggard …

                * Miss Sweden’s father was from the Gambia, so she was the country’s first brown-skinned Miss from that country. In contrast, Miss South Africa and Miss Namibia, countries with a black majority, were white-skinned candidates although they were chosen by black juries. Miss Canada had Korean blood, Miss Holland Moroccan blood, Miss Germany Spanish blood, and Miss British Virgin Islands Dominican blood. Miss Switzerland was born in New Zealand, Miss Hong Kong in Toronto (Canada) and Miss Finland in Calgary (Canada), the latter of a Hindu father. Miss Bolivia was the sister of Miss Bolivia ’90 and Top 6 of Miss Universe ’90, Rosario Rico-Toro. Miss Venezuela was the daughter of the second at Miss Chile ’68, Sonia Bravo, who won the Miss Objetivo International ’68 crown in Sao Paulo (Brazil). Macarena, Vanessa’s older sister, had been Miss Teen Colombia.

                 * Miss South Africa had to ask her chaperone for help when a tabloid photographer leaned over the pool to take a picture of her and his shorts couldn’t cover her enormous dignity…

                * Miss Venezuela had been put as a roommate of Miss South Africa, because Osmel Sousa wanted Vanessa to practice the English language with a girl who spoke that language. But the Venezuelan smoked so much that the South African asked to change her room. She was then put with Miss Panama and the Honduran, who was previously with the Panamanian, went to the Venezuelan’s room. The Honduran did not complain because she smoked as much as her new roommate. By the way, one night there was so much concentrated cigarette smoke in the room that the fire alarms went off.

                * It was rumored that Miss Venezuela was a bit confrontational and that she once slapped her chaperone. But she denied it and said that the only problem she had with the chaperone was a reprimand for having gone without permission to Miss Lebanon’s room, who was her best friend at the pageant. On the other hand, Miss Yugoslavia reported finding her vomiting in the bathroom. Some media also reported that the Venezuelan used “too much” makeup.

                * “For six months I have not slept,” Miss Venezuela told the press, a little sad. “I have not gone out. I have not had fun” … She came to the contest with seven suitcases, one of the most prepared girls.

                * Miss India Priyanka Chopra admitted that she was under tremendous pressure as Lara Dutta had won the Miss Universe crown and her people’s hopes had risen that for the second time the country would hold both beauty titles in six years. “Fortunately, I perform better under pressure and I am confident that I will do my best in the contest,” said Chopra.

                * Miss Estonia had a past as a ‘go-go’ dancer in nude clubs and dressed a bit inappropriately, so she was frowned upon by the other contestants.

                * They found Miss Costa Rica a resemblance to Alicia Machado. Not only because of the physique but because of her vibrant personality. She was a gambler’s favorite and one of the most photographed in London.

                * Miss Chile, Isabel Bawlitza, complained about the makeup and hairstyle that were imposed on her in the Dress Rehearsal, while Bolivian newspapers chose Miss Brazil, Francine Eickemberg, as the candidate with the most beautiful face in the contest.

                * Miss Mexico was scared when she found out that her dresses had disappeared on the day of the finals. Fortunately, she found them shortly after (they had been delivered to the wrong room).

                * Julia Morley, who had been widowed two weeks earlier, said during the press conference on Thursday, November 23: “After 40 years together, it is difficult to come to terms. He was a wonderful husband and father. However, the show must go on. It will be a very moving moment and I hope I can do it half as well as he did”.



                The girls from Belgium, Dominican Republic, Namibia, Nigeria and South Africa competed in Miss Universe 2000, with the South African entering the Top 10. The Puerto Rican had competed in Miss Universe ’96 and the Australian in Miss Universe ’98. The Puerto Rican was also at Nuestra Belleza Internacional ’95. The Englishwoman won the Miss Model of the World ’99. Miss Guatemala participated in the Miss Intercontinental 2000 and won the Miss Belleza Mundial ’99. Miss Costa Rica won the International Coffee Queen that same year. For her part, Miss Belarus was Top 5 in Miss Commonwealth of Independent States ’99 and semifinalist in Miss Europe ’99. The Bolivian participated in World Miss University 2000 and the Trinidadian in the Miss Ámbar Mundial ’98. Miss Estonia went to Miss Hawaiian Tropic Intl. 2000 and won the Miss Trump Style in Atlantic City (USA). On the other hand, Miss USA was 2nd. runner-up of Miss USA ’99, Miss Panama competed in Girl Model ’96 and Miss Ukraine participated in the preselection of her country to the Super Model of the World ’99. Here is a table with the most important information about the Miss World 2000 candidates:

AMERICAN VIRGIN ISLANDSLuciah Hedrington20Bank Clerk. Talents: singing, dancing and acting. She speaks English and a little French and Spanish.
ANGOLADeolinda Marisa Manuel Vilela23Nurse student and works with children at the United Methodist Church of Angola. Her talent is singing. Speaks Portuguese.
ARGENTINADaniela Alejandra Stucan Figliomeni20Drama Student. Her ambition is to be a top singer. She composes and play her own songs. Hobbies: Ballet and tango. Speaks Spanish, English and Russian.
ARUBAMonique Angelique van der Horn19Tourism front office agent. Hobbies: Horseback riding and dancing. Speaks Papiamento, Dutch, English and Spanish.
AUSTRALIARenee Henderson23Fashion Model. Completed studies of cosmetology, journalism, public relations and TV comparing courses. Her talents are TV presenting and make-up artistry. Speaks English, Italian, Spanish.
AUSTRIAPatricia Kaiser16Sports student in Linz. She likes javelin, snowboarding and skiing.
BAHAMASLatia Bowe23Banking & finance student and Loan Officer. Hobbies: Drama and singing.
BANGLADESHSonia Gazi21Textiles & Home Economics student. Hobbies: karate, swimming, cycling, dancing and fashion choreography. Speaks Bengali, English and Hindi.
BARBADOSLeilani Gae McConney19Student of International Banking & Finance. She likes writing poems and short stories. Speaks English, Spanish and Italian.
BELARUSSvetlana Kruk21Mathematics student & School Supervisor. Speaks Belorussian, English, French, Polish and Russian.
BELGIUMJoke van de Velde20Modern languages and sciences student. Hobbies: athletics, swimming, fitness. Speaks English, French & Dutch. From Melle.
BOLIVIAJimena Rico-Toro Gamarra22Law Student. Enjoys playing musical instruments. Speaks Spanish and English.
BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINAJasmina Mahmutovic19Medical Student and fashion model. Speaks Bosnian & English. Her talent is dancing.
BOTSWANAPuna Keleabetswe Serati21Peer educator from Mochudi. Likes ballroom and Italian dancing. Speaks English and Setswana.
BRAZILFrancine Eickemberg18Wants to study journalism. Talent: painting on plaster. Speaks Portuguese and a little English and Spanish.
BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDSNadia Harrigan-Ubinas23Bilingual corporate administrator. Likes reading, painting, ceramics, needlework and dancing. Her talent is playing Steel Pan, walking on stilts and karate. Speaks English and Spanish.
BULGARIAIvanka Peytcheva19Economics student. Likes walking, reading, sports and listening to folk, pop and rock music. Speaks Bulgarian, German and English.
CANADAChristine Cho21English Literature student. Hobbies: singing, dancing, playing the violin and piano, reading, writing and modelling. Her talents are music (violin, piano), dance, public speaking and sports. Speaks English, French and Korean.
CAYMAN ISLANDSJacqueline Bush25Business and Marketing graduated. Hobbies are personal fitness, reading motivational books and water sports.
CHILEIsabel Margarita Bawlitza Muñoz24Studied Tourism. Has a business of decoration and production of fashion shows with her sister. Hobbies are gym, diving, horse riding. Her talents are acting, modern dance and jazz. Speaks Spanish and English.
CHINESE TAIPEIShu-Ting Hao22Accountant. Her hobbies are swimming, going to the movies and reading literature. Speaks Chinese and a little English.
COLOMBIAAndrea Durán Prieto21Law student and TV presenter. She likes volleyball, snow skiing and tennis. Speaks Spanish, English & a little Korean.
COSTA RICACristine de Mezerville Ferreto22Industrial Engineer. Enjoys horseback riding and gymnastics. Speaks Spanish and English.
CROATIAAndreja Cupor18Student Teacher. Likes tennis, swimming, volleyball, aerobics, skiing, reading and listening to music. Speaks Croatian, English, German and a little Italian.
CURACAOJozaine Marianella Wall18Student. Likes singing, reading and writing songs. Speaks Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamento.
CYPRUSIphigenia Papaioannou19Lives in Limassol and she is a sports fan who loves swimming.
CZECH REPUBLICMichaela Salacova18Wants to study journalism or travel operations. She enjoys tennis, swimming, diving and skiing. Speaks English, German, French and learning Latin.
DENMARKAnne Katrine Vrang23Office Manager. Enjoys singing, dancing, staying healthy. swimming and running. Speaks Danish, English and French.
DOMINICAN REPUBLICGilda Esther Gross Reyes (Gilda Jovine)20Mass Communications Student. She likes volleyball, tennis, ballet fencing, reading and painting. Speaks Spanish and English.
ECUADORAna Dolores Murillo Sánchez20Exterior Commerce student. Her hobbies are reading, baking and running. Her talent is in modern dance.
ENGLANDMichelle Walker19Fitness Instructor. She loves sport, dancing and meeting new people. She has a talent for acting.
ESTONIAIrina Ovtchinnikova21Fashion Design student. Hobbies: show-dance, horseback riding, boating and photography. Speaks Estonian, Russian, English.
FINLANDSalima Anita Peippo18Art of Circus student. Her hobbies are ballet, modern, jazz, flamenco dancing and theatre. Speak Finnish, English, Swedish.
FRANCEKarine Meier20Languages Student. Wants to be an actress. Enjoys ballet, skiing, jogging, swimming and training dogs. Speaks French, German, English and Italian.
GERMANYNicole Natascha Berg20Medical Student. Hobbies: ballet, jazz, flamenco, salsa dancing, playing music instruments, photography, judo, basketball, water-skiing and diving. Speaks German, English, Spanish, French, Russian and Italian.
GHANAMaame Ewurafua Hawkson22Graphic Design student. Her hobbies are swimming and dancing.
GIBRALTARTessa Sacramento19Student & Bank Clerk Cashier. Enjoys painting, cuisine, fitness training and squash. Speaks English and Spanish.
GREECEAthanasia “Nansi” Tzoulaki18Model. Hobbies are swimming, volleyball and playing the guitar. Speaks Greek and English.
GUATEMALACindy Margó Ramírez Lémus24Industrial engineer. She is a national basketball player, a professional dressmaker and model. Speaks Spanish and English.
HOLLANDRaja Moussaoui24Economist, banker and Account Manager. Hobbies: modelling, rescue swimming and judo. Speaks Dutch, English, German and Moroccan.
HONDURASVerónica Alejandra Rivera Castellón17High school student. Enjoys volleyball, reading and modelling.
HONG KONG, CHINAMargaret Kan Pui-Kin20Commerce student, math tutor, library helper and a peer-tutoring program coordinator. Speaks English and Chinese.
HUNGARYJudit Kuchta21Economics Student. She likes snowboard-skiing, dancing and jazz. Speaks Hungarian and English.
ICELANDElva Dögg Melsted21Web designer, languages and music graduated. She loves singing in a choir. Speaks Icelandic, English, Danish and German.
INDIAPriyanka Mini Chopra18Student and wants to be a clinical physiologist. She likes singing gospel, dancing folk music, poetry, reading, writing, hiking and travelling. Speaks English and Hindi.
IRELANDYvonne Ellard21Hotel Management & Business student. Her hobbies are swimming, acting, sports, especially hockey, and dressmaking. Her talent in singing. Speaks English, German and Gaelic.
ISRAELDana Dantes19High school graduated in tourism and a model. Wants to be a social worker. Works in a kindergarten for disabled children. Enjoys painting, art and reading. Speaks Hebrew and English.
ITALYGiorgia Palmas18Psychology student. Enjoys writing, drawing, athletics and acting. Speaks Italian and English.
JAMAICAAyisha Louanne Nathalene Richards24Law Student and management graduated. She is the President of the Jamaican Association of Students in Barbados. Likes swimming, playing tennis & soccer.
JAPANMariko Sugai23Japanese literature and psychology graduated and a model. She has won many art competitions.
KAZAKHSTANMargarita Samuilovna Kravtsova19Marketing and finances student and model. Loves dancing, picnics and water-related sports. Speaks Russian, Kazakh and a little English.
KENYAYolanda Masinde21Secretary & Fashion Model. Enjoys singing, dancing and basketball. Speaks English, Kiswahili, Luhya & Taita.
KOREAJung-sun Shin20College student majoring in fashion and a part-time model. Likes watching movies and taking pictures. She is a talented dancer.
LEBANONSandra Rizk18Philosophy student. Wants to be a television personality. Hobbies are sports, singing, dancing and painting. Speaks Arabic, French and English.
LITHUANIAMartyna Pimbaitë16Student. Her hobbies are jogging, basketball, communicating with her overseas pen friends, gym and travelling. She has talent in drama and acting. Speaks Russian, English and a little French.
MADAGASCARNadia Julianna Todimarina17Medical Student and wants to be a doctor specialising in surgery. Loves athletics and running. Has talents in modern and traditional dance. Speaks Malagasy, French and a little English.
MALAYSIASun Wei Tan24Industrial Chemistry graduated and marketing student. Enjoys swimming, dancing and travelling. Speaks Bhasa, Malaysian, English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien.
MALTAKatia Grima19Communications Student and TV hostess. Enjoys swimming, cooking Maltese and Mexican dishes and playing the piano. Speaks Maltese & English.
MEXICOPaulina Flores Arias20Financial Accounting student. Enjoys reading and writing. Talents: acting and making good friends. Speaks Spanish and English.
MOLDOVAMariana Moraru16Student who likes cooking, swimming, diving, mountaineering, parachuting and horse riding. Speaks Russian and Romanian.
NAMIBIAMia de Klerk21Law Student and netball player. Speaks English, Afrikaans and German.
NEPALUsha Khadgi21TV Presenter and an Art graduated. Enjoys painting, music, badminton and bowling. Her talent in dancing. Speaks Nepali & a little English.
NEW ZEALANDKatherine Allsopp-Smith21Architecture and interior design bachelor and owns a Marine Interior Design company. Hobbies: animals, Egyptian history, classical cars, art history, architecture, interior design, dancing and playing the auto saxophone. Speaks English and basic French.
NIGERIAMatilda Kerry19Pre-medical student and wants to specialize in neuro-surgery.  Loves fine arts, writing, swimming and reading.
NORTHERN IRELANDJulie Lee-Ann Martin20Dental Nurse. Enjoys English literature, geography, history and watercolour paintings.
NORWAYStine Pedersen21Sales consultant in a Norwegian airline. She likes singing and has an adventurer spirit. Speaks Norwegian, English and German.
PANAMAAna Raquel Ochy Pozo22Civil engineering student. Enjoys surfing the net, reading, theatre, modelling and sight-seeing. Her talent is folk dancing, acting, photography styling and racing cars. Speaks Spanish and English.
PARAGUAYPatricia Villanueva DiStefano17High school student. Wants to study economics and languages. Enjoys all forms of exercise, especially aerobics, listening to music and reading. Her talent is cooking. Speaks Spanish, Guarani and a little English.
PERUTatiana Angulo Yarita23Animal genetic engineering student, model and gymnastic instructor. Enjoys acrobatic gymnastics, fishing, travelling and meeting people. She is a talented dancer of Marinera.
PHILIPPINESKatherine Annwen Dantes de Guzman20Social Sciences Student. Hobbies are playing the piano and violin, reading and dancing. Talent: singing. Speaks English & Tagalog.
POLANDJustyna Bergmann18Student and model who wants to become a dentist. Enjoys dancing, listening to music, and working as a fashion and photographic model. Speaks Polish, English and a little Russian.
PORTUGALGilda Dias Pé-Curto21Physiology student. Enjoys equitation, swimming, dancing, tennis and gymnastics. Speaks Portuguese, English & a little French.
PUERTO RICOSarybel Velilla Cabeza24Biology Student, does voluntary social work and she is a spokesperson for the National Folic Acid Campaign. Wants to be a pediatrician. Her hobbies are snorkelling, camping, movies, music and singing. Speaks English and Spanish.
ROMANIAAlexandra Cosmoiu20Student, model and a foreign language graduated. Hobbies are travelling and foreign languages and she is a talented dancer. Wants to become an actress. Speaks Romanian, English, French.
RUSSIAAnna Afanasyevna Bodareva19Law Student. Hobbies are swimming, volleyball, dancing, embroidery and knitting.
SCOTLANDMichelle Watson19Model. Her hobbies are keeping fit, reading, music and travelling. Talents: graphic design and designing jewellery. Speaks English and basic French.
SINGAPORECharlyn Ding Zung-Ee19Architecture Student. Enjoys dancing, ballet, roller-blading and swimming. Speaks Mandarin and English.
SLOVAKIAJanka Horecna20Student and Chief Assistant. Enjoys tennis, swimming. Wants to be a lawyer. Speaks Slovakian and English.
SLOVENIAMaša Merc22Pre-school education student. Enjoys athletics, relay racing, high jumping, dancing and reading books. Speaks English, German and all Yugoslavian languages.
SOUTH AFRICAHeather Joy Hamilton23Economics, business management and marketing graduated. Works as an investment consultant. Scuba diving, tennis and mountain biking are her hobbies. Speaks English and Afrikaans.
SPAINVerónica García Benito20Nutrition student who wants to become a model.
SRI LANKAGanga Gunasekera25Microbiology Student and a Kandyan dancer. Has a talent performing magic Her interest are poetry and doing research in bacteria and viruses. Speaks English, Sinhalese and Creole.
SWEDENIda Sofia Gabriella Manneh23Genetics and film-making student. Wants to be a film director. Speaks Swedish, English and French.
SWITZERLANDMahara Brigitta McKay19Interior designer apprentice. Her hobbies are dancing, drawing, reading and singing. Speaks English, German and a little French.
TAHITIVanina Bea19Law Student & Model. Loves sports, folk dancing, walking in the mountains, music and animals. Speaks French and English.
TANZANIAJacqueline Ntuyabaliwe21Singer and model who wants to have her own recording studio. Speaks English and Kiswahili.
TRINIDAD & TOBAGORhonda Rosemin23Works for mentally challenged children. Wants to study Public Relations and Marketing. Enjoys athletics, swimming, and adventure courses. Her talents are singing and dancing.
TURKEYYüksel Ak20Student and dancer who wants to pursue a television career. Enjoys cooking, diving and photography. Speaks Turkish, English.
UKRAINEOlena Igorvena Shcherban17Sociology and psychology student. Enjoys sports and dancing. Speaks Ukrainian, Russian and English.
UNITED STATESAngelique Sue Breaux22Majored in History. Her hobbies are scuba diving, reading, snow skiing, fishing, visiting museums and travelling. Her talents are dancing, competitive cheerleading, horse-back riding and public speaking. Speaks English and a little French.
URUGUAYKatja Alexandra Thomsen Grien18Communications student. Enjoys swimming, writing, learning new languages and roller-skating. Speaks Spanish, Portuguese, English, German and Italian.
VENEZUELAVanessa María Cárdenas Bravo19Computer Engineering Student from Maracaibo. Enjoys softball, basketball, aerobics and everything to do with sports. She practiced ballet for two years. Speaks Spanish and English.
WALESSophie-Kate Cahill17Business, Finance and Photography student. Enjoys swimming, badminton, tennis and working out at the gym. Her talents lie in drama and dance.
YUGOSLAVIAIva Gordana Milivojevic19Economics Student and model. Loves people, music, fashion, sports, art and interior design. Talents: drawing and painting. Speaks Yugoslavian, English, Greek and Russian.
ZIMBABWEVictoria Moyo21Commerce student and completed a course in business computer. Advertising is her passion. She is a talented dancer and enjoys swimming and movies. Speaks Shona, English, Ndebele and Afrikaans.


                With four lucky charms, including a jar of Jerusalem soil, hidden, though highly unlikely, on her person, India’s hope for this year’s Miss World pageant, Priyanka Chopra, admitted that “there is a lot of pressure for ahead for Thursday night”. The 18-year-old said she relied heavily on the support of her parents. And she added: “All I need now is to find a boyfriend.” Chopra, one of the favorites in the beauty tournament, added diplomatically: “All of India is with me, two billion people!” ‘(Her mistake as India had barely reached one billion souls in 2000) .

                Perhaps in spirit, but for more substantial support, Chopra brought 20 people from India and a couple more from the United States to the contest. The former engineering student laughed a lot as she explained the decidedly unique way this beauty pageant had furthered her education: “Miss Jamaica has taught me two new dances, the Jerry Springer and the Butterfly, and I’m learning Spanish.” Chopra’s self-confidence apparently extended to explaining the more complicated aspects of becoming a beauty queen. When she was asked why the contestants constantly talked about working for a greener, AIDS-free, and more peaceful world and then became movie stars, she was enraged. “If you win the Miss World crown and platform, you are just a title holder,” she explained quite obviously, “and her charity to the end, your chance to do your part for the world. Anyway, only two percent of the contestants want to enter the glamor industry’.’ When she was asked what was wrong with glamor in a beauty pageant and if it wasn’t unreal to make it sound like rocket science, Chopra replied, “Yeah, it’s an experience.” Chopra was apparently unfazed by the quirks of the pageant on its 50th anniversary, pleasantly extrapolating Jerry Springer’s reputation as the king of television sleaze. “It will be an interesting twist, but no, it shouldn’t be the normal routine because nothing can be normal around Jerry Springer.” She said it was not humbling to face mortality and the ravages of time, when meeting the 21 previous winners, specially invited by Miss World to celebrate half a century of existence. “They look the same,” Chopra said more tactfully than truth, referring to the array of sensibly shod grandmothers and former beauty queens.

               Diana Hayden, who won the crown in 1997 and was also in town, could be trusted to be much more excited about beauty pageants. Hayden had apparently used her time in London to become something of a fixture in the international celebrity stratosphere and train in Shakespearean drama as well. She sure found it helpful to exchange notes with another successful Indian woman with domestic theatrical aspirations, Yukta Mookhey, the reigning Miss World.



                The fiftieth edition of Miss World was held on the night of Thursday, November 30 at the Millennium Dome, in the Greenwich area (London). Before the start of the broadcast, the 21 ex-Miss Worlds present were introduced for the audience in the Dome. The event, produced by Lisa Chapman and directed by INITIAL’s Gavin Taylor, began at 8pm (local time) with broadcast to the world thanks to GEM. In the United Kingdom it was broadcast on Channel 5 as in the previous two years, in Venezuela it was broadcast live on Venevisión at 4 in the afternoon and on the Asian continent thanks to ZEE TV, the Indian channel that was the official sponsor of Miss World 2000. However, the contest was not seen in the US. The opening was made by the English singer Bryan Ferry with the song “Let’s Stick Together” accompanied by the 95 candidates, all dressed in similar gala dresses, on a golden pallet, with large shawls and most of them with headdresses. The gowns were created by the Indian designer Hemant Trivedi thanks to Sheetal Design Studio, who was also one of the members of the judges. The girls did a choreography directed by Ken Warwick on the big round-shaped stage, which simulated a globe.

                Then the English-born American entertainer Jerry Springer officially welcomed the contest. His partner in conducting the pageant was former Mexican beauty queen Rebecca de Alba (who was Ricky Martin’s girlfriend before he came out of the closet). Springer presented a video with images from past Miss World pageants in celebration of the pageant’s 50th anniversary, as well as a small tribute to the recently deceased Eric Morley. Springer then proceeded to introduce the judges, with whom he spoke briefly. They were:

01.- Chairwoman of Miss World and the Judges, Julia Morley.

02.- The famous Indian fashion designer, Hemant Trivedi.

03.- Renowned English film, stage and television actress, Stephanie Beecham.

04.- The British fashion designer of Ghanaian origin, Ozwald Boateng.

05.- Scottish singer Lulu Kennedy-Cairns.

06.- El fotógrafo británico y jurado por tercer año consecutivo, Terry O’Neill.

07.- The fashion editor for the American magazine Marie Claire, Lucy Sykes.

08.- The British singer of Jamaican origin, Errol Brown.

09.- And the British fashion designer, Amanda Wakeley.

                Next, Springer presented a video of the natural wonders of the Maldives Islands and the arrival of the contestants to that Islamic country. Soon it was time to meet the candidates at their self-presentation on the beaches of Maldives, in their swimsuits. As mentioned above, the girls had been divided into eight groups. The first group appeared from the Filitheyo Resort, in Faafu Atoll. They were the representatives of Uruguay, Bahamas, Argentina, Italy, American Virgin Islands, Brazil, Australia, Bulgaria, Angola, Aruba, Portugal and Austria. And, as had already been done in the two previous contests, the candidates of the group presented then paraded on stage with their evening dresses, not precisely in the same order in which they were shown in the video from the Maldives, with comments on ‘off ‘by Mitch Johnson. For her part, Rebecca de Alba interviewed some of the young women from the ‘backstage’. The second group, comprised of girls from Belgium, Russia, the British Virgin Islands, Moldova, the Czech Republic, Barbados, France, Bangladesh, Norway, Nepal, Kazakhstan and Belarus, performed from the Hilton Rangali in Ari Atoll.

                After the first commercial break, the third group of ladies appeared from the Full Moon Resort, Paradise & Bandos, North Male Atoll. They were from the Cayman Islands, the Dominican Republic, Botswana, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Germany, Estonia, Ghana, Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Holland. The fourth group of beauties was made up of the Misses of Tanzania, Denmark, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Kenya, Namibia, Turkey, Finland, Chinese Taipei, England and Tahiti from the island of Ihuru, in North Male. Coco Palm, in Baa Atoll received the fifth group of entrants. They were the participants from Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Korea, Ireland, Wales, Malaysia, Malta, Israel, Sweden, Japan and Iceland. Then Springer and de Alba presented a video where hairdressers and makeup artists were interviewed, as well as the designer of the opening costumes, Hemant Trivedi, before the second commercial break.

               Upon return, he introduced to the sixth group of girls from Nika, Ari Atoll. They were the Misses of India, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Trinidad-Tobago, Scotland, Zimbabwe, Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Paraguay and Slovenia. The seventh and penultimate group was presented from Kuredu, in the Lhaviyani Atoll with the candidates from Poland, Romania, Greece, Mexico, Cyprus, Colombia, Guatemala, Hungary, Gibraltar, Lithuania, Chile and Ecuador. And to conclude, the last group was made up of the contestants from South Africa, Peru, Lebanon, Madagascar, Honduras, USA, Panama, Spain, Ukraine, Yugoslavia and Venezuela from Vilu Reef in Dhaalu Atoll. While all the participants returned to the stage to know the name of the winner of the award for Best Evening Dress, Rebecca de Alba interviewed the former Miss Worlds of 1952, 1966 and 1982, leaving Gina Tolleson, Miss World 1990, with the word of mouth … Here is the list of designers:

AMERICAN VIRGIN ISLANDSClaire´s CollectionJAMAICAOlga Francis Keene
ANGOLAAlexandre DutraJAPANOff the Peg
ARGENTINATulio Gómez GutiérrezKAZAKHSTANSvetlana Sohoreva
ARUBANena PonsonKENYAPatricia C. Mbela
AUSTRALIACollette DinnaganKOREAJae Bock Hwang
AUSTRIAIrene HaringerLEBANONRobert Abi Nader
BAHAMASClaire´s OriginalLITHUANIALivija Daugirdaite
BANGLADESHRoxana SalamMADAGASCARLucienne Mariage
BARBADOSManina WormeMALAYSIABeatrice Looi
BELARUSOlga PenkovaMALTARay Ashley
BELGIUMNicky VanketsMEXICOHéctor Terronel
BOLIVIARosita HurtadoMOLDOVANatalia Vasilati
BOSNIA Y HERZEGOVINAMirela MustaficNAMIBIAGert van de Merwe
BOTSWANAHons DesignersNEPALRajesh Dakhw
CANADAAlgo Group MontrealNORWAYTurid Vesterheim
CHILEJaime TroncosoPARAGUAYGuliano
CHINESE TAIPEIOff the PegPERUNorka Del Águila
COSTA RICALia FerretoPOLANDMaciej Zien
CROATIADalibor BettiPORTUGALFátima Lopes
CYPRUSStaloROMANIAIrina Shrolter
DENMARKIsabell KristensenSCOTLANDSpencer Railton
ECUADORCarlos LinzamSLOVAKIALydia Eckhart
ENGLANDCatherine MaloneSLOVENIADiana Kotnik
ESTONIADonna KaranSOUTH AFRICADerek of De Patri
FINLANDHeli Kuhala BradleySPAINMarita García
FRANCEDoris Reve NuptialSRI LANKASubashini
GERMANYSphinx CoutureSWEDENGoran Alfredsson
GHANAJoyce AbabioSWITZERLANDLisbeth Egli
GIBRALTARPriscilla SacramentoTAHITINel´s of Dominique Petras
GREECEMichael AslanisTANZANIASophia Apostolou Karamanoli
HOLLANDChristian LagerwaardTURKEYCemil Ipekgt
HONDURASGisselle MatamalaUKRAINEAna Bareckaya
ICELANDBergthora MagndusdóttirVENEZUELAÁngel Sánchez
INDIAHemant TrivediWALESKay Lavender
IRELANDFiona WhyteYUGOSLAVIAJelena Vukosavljevic
ISRAELPrina TurneZIMBABWECreed of Zimbabwe

                Then it was time to meet the winner of the BEST EVENING WEAR, so Springer called the British actress Stephanie Beecham to the stage who announced that the privileged one was Miss KAZAKHSTAN (Margarita Kravtsova), who wore a simple strapless silk dress red color, with a gathered at the bottom of the gown. Kravtsova received a small trophy from Springer. After the commercial break, Springer and de Alba released the list of the 10 semifinalists. They were Miss ITALY, Miss CHILE, Miss COLOMBIA, Miss UNITED STATES, Miss URUGUAY, Miss KAZAKHSTAN, Miss TURKEY, Miss UKRAINE, Miss INDIA and Miss KENYA. This was followed by a video with images of the charity auction that was made for the Variety Club thanks to “Beauty with a Purpose” and the progress of this project with words of Julia Morley.

01Miss ITALYGiorgia Palmas18Cagliari, Sardinia
02Miss CHILEIsabel Margarita Bawlitza Muñoz24Linares
03Miss COLOMBIAAndrea Durán Prieto24Bogota
04Miss UNITED STATESAngelique Sue Breaux22Vista, California
05Miss URUGUAYAlexandra “Katja” Thomsen Grien18Punta del Este
06Miss KAZAKHSTANMargarita Samuilovna Kravtsova19Almaty
07Miss TURKEYYüksel Ak20Izmir
08Miss UKRAINEOlena Igorvena Shcherban17Dnipropetrivsk
09Miss INDIAPriyanka Mini Chopra18Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
10Miss KENYAYolanda Masinde21Nairobi

               Jerry Springer proceeded to interview the semifinalists on white sofas that they set up on stage. As he called out to them, with comments from Mitch Johnson, they left the far right of the stage and retreated to the left side. Springer asked each girl three questions (with the exception of Miss Uruguay to whom he asked only two), one casual, another about her country and another sent by the public online. Miss Chile, Miss Kazakhstan, Miss Turkey, Miss Ukraine and Miss Italy requested translators, although the Italian and the Ukrainian did not use their interpreters. Springer interviewed the first five and after returning from commercials he chatted with the remaining semifinalists. Springer made some jokes while interviewing the young women, such as when he asked Miss Turkey what she ate on Thanksgiving Day, but Miss Ukraine also knew how to make jokes and when Springer asked to the 17-year-old girl what she would do in 10 years, she replied that in 10 years she would be 27… And Springer replied that he was the one who made the jokes there !!

                At the conclusion of the interviews, a video recap of the ten semi-finalists in the Maldives was presented. After the commercial break, the female musical group “Bond” was introduced, a quartet made up of Tania Davis, Eos Counsell, Elspeth Hanson and Gay-Yee Westerhoff interpreting the song “Victory” to the sound of violins and cellos, while once again the ten semifinalists paraded in their ball gowns. Then it was time to reveal the names of the five finalists by Springer. They were Miss KAZAKHSTAN, Miss ITALY, Miss URUGUAY, Miss INDIA and Miss TURKEY. Each of them would be asked a question from her fellow contestants.

                Miss Kazakhstan, who used her interpreter, was asked by Miss Italy: What importance do you play in your family group? She replied that her family was the most important thing and that she would sacrifice anything for them, as she truly loved them. Miss Italy, who also used her translator, got Miss Uruguay’s: What does a child need to become a good person? She said that they should have a good reference in their family and that education was very important for a child to be a good person. Miss Uruguay had the question of Miss India: If ignorance is a blessing, why do we seek knowledge? She replied, “Because when we gain knowledge we realize how bad it is to be ignorant, which is the cause of many of the world’s problems.” Miss India was asked by Miss Turkey: What do you consider to be the most successful living woman in the world today? She said that she admired many people but the one she would choose would be Mother Teresa (from Calcutta and who had already died in 1997, something that Miss India apparently did not know) and said that she admired her from the bottom of her heart for being a considerate, compassionate and kind woman who dedicated her life for the neediest in India and returned a smile on their faces. And finally, Miss Turkey answered Miss Kazakhstan’s question, using her translator: What would you like to change about your life? and the Turkish woman replied that she would change her career because she was studying tourism and she actually wanted to be a math teacher.

                This was followed by a prerecorded video where the judges spoke about what they were looking for in the new Miss World. They said they were not only looking for beauty, but also women who “speak on behalf of humanity and charity.” After the last commercial break, the British pop group created in 1998, “S Club 7” made up of Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh, Hannah Spearritt, Jon Lee, Paul Cattermole, Rachel Stevens and Tina Barrett, who performed the song “Never Had a Dream Come True”. After their presentation, Rebecca de Alba spoke briefly with the five finalists backstage. So, Springer called the outgoing Miss World, Yukta Mookhey of India, to the stage for her farewell ride and took the opportunity to briefly chat with her about her reign. After this, Jerry Springer invited the Chairwoman of the Judges, Julia Morley, to the stage to announce the verdict of the jury, with the results verified by Michael Macario, of the auditing firm in charge of the scrutiny. As traditionally presented by Eric Morley, Julia, somewhat excited but controlling her feelings, coined the words of her beloved husband and repeated Eric’s well-known phrase: “As customary, I will announce the results in reverse order”… Being very applauded by the audience, which by the way, was mostly from India, invited by ZEE TV.

                Thus, Miss TURKEY (Yüksel Ak) and Miss ITALY (Giorgia Palmas) were named as SECOND and FIRST runner-ups respectively. Behind the scenes, where the five finalists awaited the results, was Stephen Douglas, now named producer of the event, who was in charge of crowning the princesses. And the moment of truth arrived, behind they waited holding hands Miss Kazakhstan, Miss India and Miss Uruguay … AND MISS WORLD 2000 is … MISS INDIA !!!. The Kazakh and Uruguayan congratulated the emotional Priyanka Chopra, who received the Miss World sash from Stephen Douglas. Then Priyanka came on stage to sit on the throne and be crowned by her fellow woman Yukta as the fifth Miss World from India and the 50th in history !! Priyanka, 18 years old and 1.71 m tall, elegantly dressed in a peach-colored off-the-shoulder dress and exquisitely embroidered collar, accompanied by a long shawl of the same color, proceeded to take her triumphal walk under the chords of the official Miss World march, which had not been used since 1995. Jerry and Rebecca dismissed the two-and-a-half-hour broadcast before all the contestants came on stage to congratulate the new queen under a shower of papers and with the musical theme Kool and The Gang’s “Ladies Night” in the background. At the end of the transmission and after the photos, the girls went to the Coronation Ball, held in the Millennium Dome itself, where a succulent dinner was served and where the former Miss World were introduced, which was not done as it should have done during transmission, perhaps due to lack of time.


                At the Coronation Ball, the Continental Queens of Beauty were unveiled:

AFRICAMiss KENYAYolanda Masinde
AMERICASMiss URUGUAYAlexandra “Katja” Thomsen Grien
ASIA & OCEANIAMiss INDIAPriyanka Mini Chopra
EUROPEMiss ITALYGiorgia Palmas

                Although Miss Curacao did not reach the semifinals, she was awarded the Queen of the Caribbean Islands, a title that Jamaica had won in recent years. On the other hand, Miss Kenya snatched the continental title from South Africa, a country that had taken it consecutively since 1991. It was also known that the THIRD RUNNER-UP was Miss KAZAKHSTAN and the FOURTH RUNNER-UP, Miss URUGUAY. This year the prizes were not published anywhere, it was only vaguely mentioned that the winner would receive US $ 100,000, which suggests that the prizes were surely the same as the previous year (for Miss World: US $ 15,000 at the time of winning, a monthly salary of US $ 5,000 for 10 months and US $ 35,000 upon handing over the crown to her successor, while for the finalists US $ 10,000, US $ 5,000, US $ 2,000 and US $ 1,000 in that order, US $ 1,000 for Curaçao and Kenya for being Continental Queens and US $ 1,000 to Miss Kazakhstan for winning the award for Best Evening Dress). Miss United Kingdom was also announced among the four British candidates with a prize of £ 30,000. She was Miss Scotland. The Northern Irishwoman was very happy for her, while the Englishwoman couldn’t hide her disappointment. At the Coronation Ball, Miss Czech Republic, Michaela Salacova, received a diploma from Henrique Fontes of Global Beauties, for having won the unofficial Miss Photogenic award. The party ended at 2:30 am and the next day the contestants returned to their countries of origin.


                * The Millennium Dome, which had opened to the public on January 1, 2000, was closed on December 31 of that same year, a month after the Miss World final, having attracted just over six million visitors. The initial projected figure was twelve million. All the original elements of the exhibition were sold or dismantled. The Dome and the attached land were then sold to a private company in 2005 for £ 28.7 million and is now known as “The O2”.

                * India achieved the third ‘back-to-back’ in Miss World history. The first was in 1952 with Sweden and the second in 1965 with the United Kingdom. In addition, the Indians managed for the second time since 1994 to simultaneously have the titles of Miss Universe and Miss World. It is also worth mentioning that Priyanka became India’s fourth Miss World in seven years. 2000 was a prodigious year for India in beauty matters as, in addition to Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta, they also won the Miss Asia Pacific with Dia Mirza and Mrs World with Aditi Govitrikar.

                * It was surprising that, despite the mourning, Julia Morley was dressed in red during the finals.

                * Miss World was expected to have been watched by 2.5 billion people in 150 countries.

                * During 1999, Miss World raised £ 66 million for the Variety Club and its children in need.

                * The Italian Giorgia Palmas, being the first runner-up of Miss World 2000, reached the best position of her country in the history of the contest. The Kazakh Margarita Kravtsova and the Uruguayan Katja Thomsen also achieved the best position in the history of their countries in Miss World and, so far, the last classification of Uruguay in that contest.

                * While in the Maldives, the 95 contestants were asked to ask a question for the final round of Miss World. The question that Miss India wrote and that fell to Miss Uruguay was the same final question that they asked in the Femina Miss India 2000 pageant.

                * The Misses of Venezuela, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico cried a lot backstage by failing to qualify in the top ten.

                * Minutes before starting the finals of the contest, Priyanka burned her forehead with a hair straightener, after trying unsuccessfully to cover the burn with makeup, she decided to hide it with that lock of hair that swirled over her left eye.

                * Priyanka must have used some kind of glue to keep her strapless ball gown from slipping. Due to her tension and nerves, her perspiration caused the ‘glue’ to give way and her outfit began to slip during her triumphant ride. She had to press her arms towards her body doing the ‘namaste’ to prevent her gown from falling off.

                * When her parents took the stage to congratulate Priyanka, the first thing her mother said to her was: “What is going to happen with your studies now?” Her mother was worried about the future of the new Miss World and she was not entirely happy with her triumph!

                * The new Miss World, Priyanka Chopra later recounted on a TV show that Miss Venezuela tried to hit her after the coronation but that she managed to dodge the punch.

                * The event was not without protests. About 200 members of the National Union of Socialist Women Campaign interrupted people as they entered the Dome.

                * All the Miss Worlds were said to have reigned with some controversy, and Priyanka was no exception. Just as she was celebrating her triumph, extremely embarrassing news broke about her family, putting Priyanka’s father in a point of disgrace. Mr. Chopra, Priyanka’s father, had been accused of child sexual abuse.

                * Jerry Springer later hosted Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam and the girls of the Bond group musically entertained the edition of Miss Universe 2003 held in Panama.

               * Stephanie Beecham had been a judge at Miss Universe 1994 where India also happened to win, this time with Sushmita Sen.


               The head of the state of Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, banned beauty pageants on Friday, December 15, saying they violated traditional culture. This was the result of an unprecedented wave of success by Indian women at international pageants, including Miss World, which had sparked dozens of other pageants in India. “There is no place for vulgarity in our society,” said Rajnath Singh of the nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). “We must defend traditional social values, which do not allow this kind of vulgar display.” “I will simply not allow any beauty pageants to take place in this state. These are nothing more than a display of the female body that is extremely unfortunate. The true beauty lies in the intellect, not in the nudity,” Singh said. Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, was at the center of a controversy in 1999 when a Hindu nationalist group from a local university ordered a ban on women wearing jeans, sparking clashes on campus. Singh also criticized multinational cosmetic companies, saying they were responsible for pushing women to global pageants to capture the Indian cosmetics market.


                On the morning of Friday, December 1, the brand new Miss World, Priyanka Chopra received journalists at the Grosvenor House hotel, the hotel that hosted her after her triumph, for a press conference, which was hosted by the new Miss United Kingdom, the Scottish Michelle Watson. At the press conference, Priyanka said that she did indeed “work better under pressure” and added that she would use her success as “a platform to influence people’s thoughts, minds and actions.” The night before, she was able to receive her parents and her brother for a while in the hotel suite, with the permission of Julia Morley. They had come to London to support her. After the press conference, she went to Channel 5 to be interviewed on a live program and then did a brief tour of some European countries. Priyanka returned to India two weeks later, on Saturday December 16. From the airport to the Maurya Sheraton hotel in Delhi, Priyanka made a stop at the “Mangal Mahadev Birla Kanan” temple in Shivagi Marg, Ragspuri, to receive blessings and give thanks for her triumph. At a press conference in Delhi, Chopra defended beauty pageants after criticism in India that they were a marketing exercise for cosmetic companies and said she did not believe the recent wave of Indian women winning such competitions was a ploy of multinational companies eager to enter the Indian market. The new Miss World Chopra was to travel to her hometown of Bareilly in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where the prime minister had imposed a ban on beauty pageants the day before her arrival. Because of this, her reception was canceled and she was only able to stay for a few hours to attend a press conference at the Bareilly Club and visit an orphanage. Chopra avoided criticizing the ban outright, saying she didn’t know much about it. The Chief Minister, Rajnath Singh, said that women were not salable products and that the spirit that spread in the name of beauty pageants was not in accordance with Indian culture.

                Certain media outlets had speculated that the continued success of the Miss India beauty pageants was related to the growing interest of multinational companies in India and that this is why Priyanka was crowned Miss World even though she gave an incorrect response in the final round. Priyanka had mentioned Mother Teresa as the woman she most admired, although she was asked to name a living woman in this category. The answer to the question earned her the crown, leaving many in the audience in shock. But Chopra defended her choice of Mother Teresa. She explained that for her, Mother Teresa was a living legend and that “she lives in me”. Digging into the reasons why the judges accepted Priyanka’s answer to the final question, Morley explained that the judges were not concerned that a word or two would not be heard by the contestants, who responded amid a massive amount of tension. “A lot of the contestants don’t even understand English,” she added. “What we are looking for is the sincerity and intention of the contestants,” said Morley, who was one of the nine judges of the event.


                “There were no arrangements in the Miss World pageant”. This is what the organizer of the beauty pageant, Julia Morley, said when asked about the reasons for the continued Indian dominance in the pageant in recent years. It is that many people criticized that the dish was already served for Miss India: The main sponsor of the contest was from India, the designer of the gowns that the candidates used in the opening was from India, who in turn was also a judge, most of the public in the Millennium Dome was from India and the outgoing queen was from India … Addressing her first press conference in India after Priyanka Chopra’s coronation, Morley said: “I can assure you there is no arrangement here. The winner is decided by nine different judges. Priyanka won legally”. Morley clarified that India had been winning crown after crown because of the contestants. “It is the fate of India and it is the fate of Priyanka. The Indians should be happy about that”.


               A reception for Miss World in her hometown in India was canceled after threats by Hindu fundamentalists to disrupt any functions in her honor, authorities said Tuesday, December 19. New Miss World Priyanka Chopra was scheduled to visit the northern Indian city of Bareilly on Wednesday the 20th. The governor of her home state of Uttar Pradesh had banned beauty pageants the week before, calling them “vulgar display of beauty”. Dressed in an elegant red sari, she smiled serenely at a welcoming press conference as the photographers jostled and yelled at each other. And she kept her composure when asked about the mistakes she made that night at London’s Millennium Dome, where she won $ 100,000 and a year of instant fame. Chopra, the fifth Indian woman to capture the coveted crown, had told Miss World judges that Mother Teresa, who died three years earlier, was the living woman she most admired. She had also said that the population of her country was two billion, when in reality she was, at that time, about half that number. The organizers of the press conference also sought to explain her mistake about the population of India, saying that what Priyanka had in mind was two billion hands raised to greet her triumph. When asked if she had considered a career in India’s dazzling Bollywood film world, Chopra said, “Yes, I have thought about it, and if a good offer comes along, I accept it.” And she added that politics was not what she liked.


                During one of her travels as Miss World in London, during the summer of 2001, Priyanka suffered a cold that led to infectious sinusitis that barely let her breathe. She had to go to the doctor and he discovered that she had a “polyp” in her nasal cavity. Believing it to be a routine procedure, Priyanka decided to have the polyp surgically removed. “While my polyp was being removed, the doctor also accidentally shaved the bridge of my nose and it collapsed. When it was time to remove the bandages and the state of my nose was revealed, Mom and I were horrified. My original nose was gone. My face looked completely different. It wasn’t me anymore.” Priyanka added: “I felt devastated and desperate. Every time I looked at myself in the mirror, it was like a stranger was looking at me and I didn’t think my self-esteem would recover from the blow.” After the aftermath of the surgery, Priyanka Chopra was called “Plastic Chopra” because people thought that she had undergone surgery to improve her facial features. After the botch, Priyanka recounted that while she ‘dared’ to give an explanation for her ‘obviously different nose’ from hers, she chose to ‘draw a line’ and not speak about it publicly. She said: “I decided that there was a line that I was going to draw in my life. I am an entertainer. That is what I love to do. I will say my lines, I will dance. I will do my best to make you laugh, and I will do my best to make you cry, but just because I am a public person does not mean that everything in my life has to be public knowledge. I can choose what I share and when I share it”. While Priyanka ended up getting corrective surgeries to fix the damage done, it took her time to make peace with her different self. She said, “While it took a few years of seeing a stranger gazing back at me every time I looked in the mirror, I’ve gotten accustomed to this face. Now when I look in the mirror, I am no longer surprised; I’ve made peace with this slightly different me.”


                “It is difficult to put into words how wonderful my 365 days of glory, fame and responsibility as Miss World 2000 have been. It all started the first week of November 2000, with my arrival in London for the Miss World pageant. The great responsibility This great event was like a cold shower: I suddenly knew 100% that this was what I wanted to do. When I met all the contestants and spent a whole month with them, I learned how diverse the world is. And it was amazing to see to so many different people to unify with one purpose. It was like traveling around the world without going anywhere. But I felt prepared mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to meet everyone’s expectations. The beauty and glory of the crown just like perched on my forehead inspired me to help as many people as I could during my reign. But nothing worried me as much as underprivileged children, a cause that has always been close to my heart, and I was proud of using my post to help in whatever way I could. In fact, I was never happier than during my work helping children as an honorary ambassador for the Thalassemia Society. I am also an honorary ambassador for the Society for the Education and Betterment of Girls in India. I was particularly moved to see the girls working or raising their children rather than receiving their education. I was determined to help people understand that a woman can offer much more to society than babies and recipes. A woman has within her the power to create, nurture and transform. If she is ambitious, determined and talented enough, she can achieve anything!”

                “I visited schools, hospitals, families and orphanages, trying to show people through my own example what women can achieve. If I can do it, anyone can! Above all, I am proud to have been able to contribute, to myself. small way, to many different causes. In a world that is ravaged by hunger, terror and anguish, I truly believe that the voice of our soul is the only light that guides us towards a better tomorrow. Mother Teresa herself chose to preach by example and gave hope to everyone, especially in my country. This revered saint blessed the people of this world as they walked paths that were not left in darkness. I am a regular visitor to her “Prem Niwas” in my hometown, where my brother and I have celebrated festivals and Christmas with residents, since we were children. That sanity that I defend, that tolerance that I defend, and that love that I represent. Miss World has reinforced my belief in giving back to society, sharing some of the benefits and privileges with which I have been blessed. In essence, I speak for peace, love, tolerance and sanity. I strongly feel that we must love our neighbors and respect the flora and fauna of this world. Only then can we keep our planet healthy and happy. I have traveled the world on the shoulders of a giant: the Miss World organization. During my incredible year I have met privileged, incredibly glamorous people and have witnessed the hopelessness and despair of the underprivileged. And the contrast is sobering. But hopefully, thanks to our efforts to alleviate suffering, we have been able to bring some hope to those less fortunate than ourselves. It makes me wonder: can we ever strike a balance? I feel like I have gained the experience of a lifetime in a short year. And I’m proud to be a part of the Miss World family, continually striving to be a beauty with a purpose! As I surrender my crown and kingship, I pledge my continued support and goodwill to this organization and all that it stands for. I am with you in spirit. My love, my support and my sense of duty will always be there. Thank you all for the great learning experience that Miss World 2000 has had. She has made an invaluable contribution in all aspects of my life. But most of all, this year I have confirmed a belief: that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world…”. Priyanka presented her crown to her successor in South Africa in November 2001.


                Priyanka Mini Chopra was born on July 18, 1982 in Jamshedpur, Bihar. She is the daughter of Dr. Madhu Chopra and Dr. Ashok Chopra. She has a brother named Siddharth, born in 1989. Due to her parents’ professions as military doctors, the family was stationed in various locations in India, including Delhi, Chandigarh, Ambala, Ladakh, Lucknow, Bareilly, and Pune. Among the schools she attended were La Martiniere Girls’ School in Lucknow and St. Maria Goretti College in Bareilly. At age 13, Chopra moved to the United States to study, lived with her aunt, and attended schools in Newton, Massachusetts, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after a stop in Queens, New York, where she participated in various theatrical productions and she studied western classical music and choral singing. After three years, Chopra returned to India and completed the last year of her secondary education at the Army Public School in Bareilly. During this period, she won the local May Queen beauty pageant. Her mother entered her in the Femina Miss India pageant in 2000, where she finished second, winning the title of Femina Miss India World. Later, Chopra won the Miss World 2000 pageant, being crowned at the Millennium Dome in London on November 30 of that year. Chopra was the fifth Indian contestant to win Miss World and the fourth to do so in seven years. She had enrolled in college, but she dropped out after winning the Miss World pageant. From her year of reign she fondly recalls her experience in Colombia where she participated in fashion shows to benefit social works. Chopra said the titles of Miss India and Miss World brought her recognition and she began receiving offers for film roles.

                After winning Miss World, Chopra was cast as the female lead in Abbas-Mustan’s romantic thriller “Humraaz” (2002), with which she would make her film debut. However, this failed for several reasons: she said the production conflicted with her schedule, while the producers said they rephrased it because Chopra made various other commitments. Her screen debut for her came in the 2002 Tamil film “Thamizhan.” In 2003, Chopra made her Bollywood film debut as the second female lead alongside Sunny Deol and Preity Zinta in Anil Sharma’s “The Hero: Love Story of a Spy.” Later that year she appeared in the blockbuster “Raj Kanwar Andaaz” with Akshay Kumar, again sharing the role of female lead with Lara Dutta. Her performance earned her the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut (along with Dutta) and a Filmfare Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Chopra’s first three releases in 2004 – Plan, Kismat and Asambhav – fared poorly at the box office. Later that year she starred in David Dhawan’s romantic comedy “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi”, which became the third highest grossing film of the year in India and emerged as a commercial success. In late 2004, she starred in Abbas-Mustan’s thriller “Aitraaz.” Chopra calls it the “greatest learning experience of her career”. She won a Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Negative Role, becoming the second and last actress to win the award after Kajol (the category was discontinued in 2008). Chopra also received a nomination for the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress and the Producers Guild Film Award for Best Supporting Actress.

               In 2005, Chopra appeared in six films. Her first two releases, the action thrillers “Blackmail” and “Karam,” were not commercially successful. Later that year, Chopra starred in a family drama “Waqt: The Race Against Time.” She suffered an accident while filming the song “Do Me A Favor Let’s Play Holi” when she was electrocuted and spent a day recovering in the hospital. She later acted alongside Arjun Rampal in the romantic mystery thriller “Yakeen.” Her next release was Suneel Darshan’s romance, “Barsaat.” Later that year, Chopra participated in the comedy “Bluffmaster!” After starting 2006 with guest appearances in three films, Chopra starred in Rakesh Roshan’s superhero film “Krrish.” Her next film was Dharmesh Darshan’s romantic comedy “Aap Ki Khatir.” Chopra’s last release of 2006 was Farhan Akhtar’s action thriller “Don.” Chopra received martial arts training for her role in the film and performed her own stunts. In 2007, Chopra had two main roles. Her first film was “A Tribute to Love” and “Big Brother”. In 2008, Chopra starred in “Love Story 2050” and appeared in the comedy “God Tussi Great Ho.” Chopra next starred in Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Chamku,” “Drona” and “Fashion.” For her performance, she won several awards, including the National Film Award for Best Actress, the Filmfare Award for Best Actress, the IIFA Award for Best Actress, the Screen Award for Best Actress, and the Film Award for Best Actress and the Producers Guild for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Chopra’s last film of that year was Tarun Mansukhani’s romantic comedy “Dostana.” In 2009, Chopra starred in “Kaminey” and “What’s Your Raashee?” She received the Best Screen Actress Award nomination for her performance in the film. She was also considered for inclusion of her in the Guinness World Records book for being the first film actress to portray 12 different characters in a single film. Chopra’s heavy workload, filming for various productions, traveling for sponsorships, and performing in live shows (including the Miss India pageant), took its toll; she passed out during filming and was admitted to the hospital.

               In 2010, Chopra starred in “Pyaar Impossible!”. Later that year, she co-starred with Ranbir Kapoor in “Anjaana Anjaani”. She played a fatal woman in her first movie of 2011, “7 Khoon Maaf”. Chopra’s performance earned her the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress and a nomination for the Filmfare Award, IIFA Award, Producers Guild Film Award, and Screen Award for Best Actress. Chopra’s last release of the year was “Don 2.” Chopra’s first film of 2012 was “Agneepath”, in one of several accidents that occurred during production, Chopra’s lehenga (a traditional skirt) caught fire while she was filming a sequence for an elaborate Ganpati festival song. Chopra played an autistic woman who falls in love with a deaf and dumb man in the film “Barfi!” To prepare for the role, Chopra visited various mental institutions and spent time with autistic people. Chopra received Best Actress nominations at the Filmfare, Screen, IIFA, and Producers Guild Film Awards. The film was chosen as an Indian nominee for the 85th Academy Awards.

                In 2013, he voiced the character Ishani in the Disneytoon Studios film “Plans”. She then did “Zanjeer”, “Krrish 3” and appeared in the song “Ram Chahe Leela” for “Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela”. The song’s choreography, which took four days to rehearse, saw Chopra perform a contemporary mujra, incorporating complicated dance steps. In 2014, Chopra played the lead female role in “Gunday” and then did “Mary Kom” where she played a boxer. She won the Screen Award for Best Actress, the Producers Guild Film Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, and received another Filmfare Award nomination for Best Actress.

                In 2015, Chopra starred in “Dil Dhadakne Do”. Later, she signed a talent deal with ABC Studios and was cast in the American thriller series “Quantico.” The series premiered on September 27, 2015 on ABC, making Chopra the first from South Asia to headline a drama series for an American network. She received the People’s Choice Award as an actress for her role in “Quantico”, becoming the first actress from India to win a People’s Choice Award. The following year, Chopra won a second People’s Choice Award for Dramatic TV Actress. “Quantico” was canceled after three seasons in 2018. Then, Chopra participated in “Bajirao Mastani”. For her performance, she won the Filmfare Award, IIFA Award, and Screen Award for Best Supporting Actress, and received a nomination for the Producers Guild Film Award for Best Leading Actress. In 2016, Chopra starred in “Jai Gangaajal” and, the following year, she made her Hollywood film debut in the action comedy “Baywatch”, then she did “A Kid Like Jake”. In early 2019, she had signed up to play the lead opposite Salman Khan in “Bharat”, but chose not to participate days before filming her scenes. Nikhil Namit, producer of the film, said that she resigned from it due to her engagement to Nick Jonas and accused her of being “unprofessional”.

                In 2019, Chopra participated in the comedy “Isn’t It Romantic.” She returned to Hindi cinema later in 2019 with the Shonali Bose biographical drama “The Sky Is Pink”. She also produced the project and was connected to the story for its blend of humor and tragedy. Chopra’s only release in 2020 was the Netflix children’s superhero movie “We Can Be Heroes.” Chopra’s first film of 2021 was “The White Tiger,” and she was also the executive producer of this Netflix production. The film received a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 93rd Academy Awards.

                Chopra’s main vocal influence was her father, who helped develop her interest in singing. She used her vocal talents early in her career. The first recording of her was the song “Ullathai Killathe” in the Tamil movie “Thamizhan” (2002). Chopra recorded a previously unreleased song for “Bluffmaster!” (2005). In August 2011, Universal Music Group signed a worldwide recording deal with DesiHits with Chopra. In July 2012, Chopra became the first Bollywood star to be signed by Creative Artists Agency, a Los Angeles-based sports and entertainment agency. Her first single, “In My City,” debuted in the United States on September 13, 2012 in a television commercial for NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football. In December 2012, she received three nominations: Best Female Artist, Best Song, and Best Video (for “In My City”) at the World Music Awards. In July 2013, Chopra released her second single “Exotic” featuring American rapper Pitbull, along with her music video. Her third single was “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and it was released in April 2014. Chopra’s first song as a replay singer in Bollywood was “Chaoro”. She recorded a promo song for “Ventilator” (2016), making her debut as a singer in the Marathi language playing with “Baba”. In 2017, Chopra collaborated with Australian DJ Will Sparks for “Young and Free”, an EDM song that she also wrote.

                Chopra supports various causes through her foundation “The Priyanka Chopra Foundation for Health and Education”, which works to provide support to underprivileged children across the country in the areas of Education and Health. She donates ten percent of her earnings to fund the foundation’s operations and pays for the educational and medical expenses of seventy children in India, fifty of whom are girls. She often speaks on women’s issues: against infanticide and femicide and in support of girls’ education. A believer in feminism, Chopra has always talked about women’s rights, gender equality, and the gender pay gap. She has made appearances in support of other charities, such as HELP !, Telethon concert to raise funds for victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. She has worked with UNICEF since 2006, recording public service announcements and participating in media panel discussions promoting children’s rights and girls’ education, and also participated in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Convention on Human Rights of the child. She was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Children’s Rights on August 10, 2010. In 2009, she filmed a documentary for Alert India to increase understanding of leprosy. She modeled for designer Manish Malhotra and Shaina NC’s charity fashion show to raise money for the Cancer Patients Aid Association NGO. In 2010, Chopra was one of several celebrities who created promotional messages for the Pearls Wave Trust, which campaigns against violence and abuse of women and girls. Chopra also launched the “Save the Girl Child” campaign, which aims to change the attitudes of Indians towards girls.

                At a public event in 2019, an activist criticized Chopra for a tweet praising India’s military forces as tensions between Pakistan and India escalated. The main line of argument was that she was a warmonger and that was incompatible with her work as UN Peace Ambassador. Pakistan called for Chopra to be fired from her UN job, but the UN supported Chopra’s right to speak for herself. Chopra supports environmental charities and is a brand ambassador for the NDTV Greenathon brand, an initiative to support environmental friendliness and provide solar power to rural villages without power. During the third and fourth editions of Greenathon, she adopted up to seven villages to provide a regular supply of electricity. She adopted a tigress in 2011 and a lioness in 2012 at the Birsa biological park, paying for the maintenance of both animals for a year. To promote organ donation, Chopra pledged to donate her own organs after death and was a co-keynote speaker at the Pittsburgh University Medical Center’s 20th anniversary celebration of her Bollywood-themed liver transplant program in 2012.

                She donated $ 70,000 to the Nanavati Hospital to build a cancer ward. The neighborhood, named after her late father, was opened by her in 2013. She was invited as one of the speakers alongside Gordon Brown, Steve Wozniak, Bill Clinton and Charlie Baker for the 50th anniversary of the World Leaders Conference at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. She spoke about empowering women through education, discussed inequality and the challenges of education for women, and received a standing ovation for her speech. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi selected Chopra as one of his nine nominees named “Navratna” in 2014 for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, a national cleansing campaign by the Government of India. In 2015, she voiced People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) life-size robotic elephant called “Ellie,” who visited schools in the United States and Europe to educate children about elephants and captivity, and urge people to boycott circuses. Chopra was named a UNICEF Global Goodwill Ambassador in December 2016. In 2017, Variety honored her with the Power of Women award for her philanthropic work with UNICEF and received the Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice for her contribution to social causes. Years later, Chopra received the UNICEF Danny Kaye Humanitarian Award for her “philanthropic work and dedication to the welfare of society” at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball 2019. In December 2019, Chopra partnered with the United Nations Fund for Children and the Crocs Company to donate 50,000 pairs of shoes to schoolchildren in Belize.

                A practicing Hindu, Chopra performs a puja every morning at a small shrine that consists of several murtis of Hindu deities in her home, with whom she even travels. In 2007, Chopra was on the judging panel for the Miss India pageant. She also served as a judge in Miss World 2009. In 2010, she hosted the third season of the reality show Fear Factor: “Khatron Ke Khiladi” on the Colors channel. In February 2016, Chopra presented the award for Best Film Editing at the 88th Academy Awards. Chopra began dating American singer and actor Nick Jonas in May 2018. Jonas proposed to her on July 19, 2018, the day after her birthday in Crete, Greece. Chopra and Jonas got engaged in August 2018 at a Punjabi Roka ceremony in Mumbai. In December 2018, the couple were married at Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, in traditional Hindu and Christian ceremonies. On March 15, 2021, Chopra, along with her husband Nick Jonas, announced the nominees for the 93rd Academy Awards.

                The UK magazine Eastern Eye ranked her first on their list of “World’s Sexiest Asian Women”, a record five times (2006, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2017). In 2017, Buzznet named her the second most beautiful woman in the world, after Beyonce. The same year, Chopra was named one of the most beautiful women in the world by People magazine. She appeared on the list again in 2019. Chopra appeared on Verve’s list of the most powerful Indian women in 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2016. India Today included her among the 50 most powerful people in India in 2017 and 2018 , occupying the highest position among actresses. Forbes listed her among the 100 most influential women in the world in 2017 and 2018. Chopra was named twice (2017 and 2018) as one of the 500 most influential business leaders by Variety. Chopra founded her production company Purple Pebble Pictures with the aim of producing low budget films and introducing and promoting new talent in the Indian film industry, particularly regional Indian films. In 2021, it was reported that she had invested in the US-based Apartment List rental market. She also launched her hair care line called “Anamoly Haircare,” which would be available exclusively at Target stores in the US, beginning February 1, 2021. On Tuesday, February 9, 2021, Priyanka Chopra published a book called “Unfinished”. Within two days of its official release, the book climbed the charts and has been classified as a bestseller in both India and the United States. She currently lives between Los Angeles and Mumbai, although for filming reasons, in 2021 she is living in London until November.


                The girls from the Cayman Islands, Lebanon and Switzerland attended Miss Universe 2001, while Miss Kazakhstan and Miss Argentina were 2nd. and 3rd. runner-ups in the inaugural edition of Miss Earth in 2001. Miss Brazil won the International Queen of Coffee 2001 where Argentina was the 4th runner-up. The Argentine was also in the South American Queen 2002 and, years later, competed in Miss Universe 2007. The Brazilian was also a semifinalist in the Miss Latin America 2001 and then won the South American Queen in 2006. The Yugoslav went to the Miss International 2001 together with the Scotswoman who represented Great Britain at that event. Miss Moldova won Miss Bikini World 2001 and was in Miss International in 2002. The Uruguayan was 2nd.runner-up in the South American Queen 2001 where the Chilean also participated. The Polish competed in the World Miss University 2001 and the Englishwoman was Miss Great Britain 2000. For her part, the German went to the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Intl. 2001, the Honduran to the International Queen of Coffee ’02 and the Cypriot won the Miss Top Model of the World in 2004. After being married, Miss Belarus participated and won the titles Mrs Beauty Millenium International 2012, Mrs. Universe 2013 and Mrs. Globe 2017.

                The Italian Giorgia Palmas is today a renowned presenter on Italian TV. Her fame began in 2002 with “Striscia La Notizia” and in 2011 she won the reality show “L’isola dei famousi”. Between 2004 and 2011 she had a relationship with soccer player Davide Bombardini with whom she had a daughter. Later she fell in love with the Italian Olympic swimmer Filippo Magnini with whom she lives today and with whom she has another daughter, born in September 2020. The Turkish Yüksel Ak made a career as a model and is the mother of two children, she married Senol in 2002 Ipek, whom she divorced in 2004. On September 21, 2005 she married Osman Rimer with whom she remains married to this day. She lives in Izmir. Kazakh Margarita Kratsova also made a career in the world of modeling and also became an actress and TV presenter. She is married with three children and lives in Moscow. The Uruguayan Katja Thomsen, after passing her through the competitions, went to New York to try her luck as a model and worked for the Elite Model agency. She later graduated as a lawyer, she married Santiago Scavuzzo with whom she has 4 children, Francesco, Valentino, Paulina and Catalina. In 2006 she co-hosted the television program “Todo Punta” and wrote a book titled “My life as a model.”

                Miss Kenya, Yolanda Masinde is married to David Knopp and is a licensed counseling psychologist practicing in Karen, Nairobi. She has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the United States International University in Africa. Chilean Isabel Bawlitza is the mother of three children and lives in Miami. Colombian Andrea Durán graduated as a lawyer, worked for the Senate of her country and is currently an advisor to the Vice-Minister of Water. She is married to Fernando Gaviria Ángel. The Ukrainian Olena Shcherban worked as a model in Milan and participated in Miss Ukraine Universe 2006 where she did not get anything. She is currently a psychologist, psychotherapist and founder of the Paradigm Psychological Club in Kiev and has a son. American Angelique Breaux married Paul Julian in August 2004 and has three children. She lives in Newport Beach, California. Luciah Hedrington, now Mrs. Polius, owns Caribbean Sun Villa Rentals on the island of St. John’s. Daniela Stucan from Argentina became a singer and songwriter. On March 3, 2021, she premiered her song “Magic”. Miss Aruba, Monique van der Horn works at Aruba Bank and has a daughter. Australian Renee Henderson married Ben Lewski on February 2, 2007, she is a mother of three, a Pilates instructor and currently lives in Melbourne. Austrian Patricia Kaiser made a career in modeling and also worked as a TV moderator. She participated in the Austrian Eurovision team in 2003 (6th place) and in 2011 with Leo Aberer (4th place). Miss Bahamas, Latia Bowe, today is Mrs. Duncombe, lives in Nassau and has two children, while Sonia Gazi from Bangladesh took up acting.

                Miss Barbados, Leilani McConney, lives in Miami and is now a renowned youtuber on her channel “Leilani of Barbados”. Miss Belarus, Sviatlana Kruk, is now Mrs. Kuznetsova, lives in Moscow and is currently a math and French teacher. The Belgian Joke van de Velde was dedicated to modeling, she participated in the reality show “Big Brother VIP” in 2001 and later became a TV presenter. She has been involved in the Miss East Flanders and Miss West Flanders pageants since 2007 and 2010 respectively and since 2013 she has hosted a radio show. She had a relationship with soccer player Francois Sterchele shortly before he passed away. On February 28, 2021, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, she became a mother. Her firstborn is named Lucca. She lives in Knokke-Heist. Miss Bolivia, Jimena Rico-Toro, has a catering company in Santa Cruz and three children. Miss Botswana, Puna Serati, worked as a Public Relations Officer for the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana. The Brazilian Francine Eickemberg is an interior decorator and lover of Feng Shui. She was a fashion entrepreneur and launched an aromatic lingerie line in 2008, called “Aromas Sensuais.” She currently teaches spiritual healing, sells energy stones for the home online and lives in Balneário Camboriú. Bulgarian Vanya Peytcheva has two children, she married ex-footballer Dimitar Ivanov in 2019 and she spent her honeymoon in the Maldives. Canadian Christine Cho is a makeup entrepreneur in Toronto and has a daughter. Miss Cayman Islands Jacqueline Bush married Johnny Salas in November 2020 and lives in Grand Cayman. Costa Rican Cristine de Mezerville is a cycling champion, is married to her lifelong boyfriend, Francisco Estrada, and has two children, Fernando and Carolina. Croatian Andreja Cupor married former footballer Ognjen Vukojevic in 2016 and had her son Luka with him. They divorced in June 2020. Andreja worked as Marketing Director for the Croatian postal service. Czech Michaela Salacova became a DJ and was very successful until she decided to be a mother. She has two children, Oliver (2012) and Damien (2014). Her main job is organizing cultural events in Brno, she is dedicated to her own foundation and spends time on lifestyle blogging. She currently plays sporadically. Cypriot Iphigenia Papaioannou has three children and lives in Limassol.

                Dominican Gilda Jovine graduated from Public Relations, but what she likes the most is painting. Some of her work has been exhibited in New York galleries such as Salon 94 and Art Gotham. English Michelle Walker is a trainer and bodybuilder. She has two children. Finnish Salima Anita Peippo continued her circus career. She is married to Christian Fernández Durán who is also a circus fan and they both have a daughter. She lived for a time in Spain where she opened a gym. She currently lives in Kuopio (Finland) where she owns the Art Move Store Oy. The German Nicole Natascha Berg was dedicated to acting and she also stood out as a television presenter in her country. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she belongs to the International Association of Kambó Practitioners IAKP (a type of South American medicinal rite made with toad fluids). Miss Gibraltar, Tessa Sacramento, today is Mrs. Menez and works for the Gibraltar Finance Commission. Miss Guatemala, Cindy Ramírez, married Brad Philipps, lives in South Africa, where she works at the “Toro River Lodge” and has two children. The Dutch Raja Moussaoui dedicated herself to politics. She was a councilor for the municipality of Roermond between 2006 and 2010 and is a member of the VVD party. She is currently a member of the economics and finance working group of the VVD electoral program committee for the elections to the House of Representatives. In 2018 she temporarily retired from politics to become a mother. She is married to Raphael Fick. Hungarian Judit Kuchta is today Mrs. Bajnok, she participated in the movie “Underworld”, she has two daughters and lives in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). Icelandic Elva Dögg Melsted also did some acting and has 3 children. She is the director of the Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik. Irish Yvonne Ellard is married to Shay Lynch and has three children.

               Israeli Dana Dantes is today Mrs. Fadida, a mother of three and a makeup professional. Jamaican Ayisha Richards is a lawyer and mother, she is divorced and lives in Miami, where she works in legal matters for the Cable & Wireless Communications company. Lebanese Sandra Rizk lives in Dubai where she develops as a handbag designer. Until a while ago she was an actress and TV presenter. She has a daughter named Noor. The Lithuanian Martyna Bimbaitë married in October 2009 with the Norwegian Per Skisaker, she has a son named Vincent from another relationship (born in 2005) and a daughter with the Norwegian named Philippa Eleonora, born in December 2009. She was an entrepreneur of a Baltic travel and tourism company and now works in the marketing and sales department of a Norwegian fertilizer company in Vilnius. Miss Malaysia, Su Wei Tan is a banking entrepreneur living in Singapore. Miss Namibia, Mia de Klerk, is married to attorney Erik Muthow and has a daughter. They live in Windhoek. Miss Nepal, Usha Khadgi, is a fashion entrepreneur, has a son and lives in Lalitpur. New Zealander Katherine Allsopp-Smith is married to Evan Christian, has three children and lives in Páros, Greece. Nigerian Matilda Kerry-Osazuwa is Executive Director of the George Kerry Life Foundation. Norwegian Stine Pedersen lives in Oslo, is a client advisor and blogger, active on YouTube, has been married since 2008 to Thomas Kahlbom and has two children born in 2009 and 2011. Panamanian Ana Raquel Ochy is married, has a child and lives in Australia. Polish Justyna Bergmann is married, has a daughter named Pola, born in 2008 and works in real estate. Portuguese Gilda Pé-Curto is married to Frederico Henriques Ferreira and works for Tap Air Portugal. Puerto Rican Sarybel Velilla worked as a Professor Assistant at the Central Caribbean University School of Medicine and currently lives in San Francisco, California. Romanian Alexandra Cosmoiu is an actress, makeup artist, radio and TV presenter and currently lives in London. The Slovenian Masa Merc is the owner of a lingerie brand called “Provokativ” of which she herself is a model.

                South African Heather Joy Hamilton is an equestrian champion, married to Anton Mostert and has two children, Oliver and Ella. She lives in Cape Town. Miss Switzerland, Mahara McKay, was a renowned DJ and fashion designer in her country, until she injured her knee in an accident and suffered a pulmonary embolism, so she decided to change the course of her life. She went to India where she learned the art of yoga. She subsequently moved to Dunedin, New Zealand, where she opened two yoga studios in 2015. After a few years, she returned to Zurich, Switzerland, where she teaches Tantra workshops and teaches tribal dance. Miss Tahiti, Vanina Bea, works at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Miss Tanzania, Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe, continued in music, getting nominations for Best Female Singer at various awards in her country in 2007 and 2008. In 2013 she won an award at Swahili Fashion Week. She married in 2015 the millionaire Reginald Mengi, whom she divorced in 2019. She had twins with him. She subsequently devoted herself to Interior Design, founding her company “Amorrette Ltd, Molocaho Furniture” with which she won international design awards in Italy in 2017. Miss Trinidad-Tobago, Rhonda Rosemin, lived for a time in Las Vegas , Nevada. She currently lives in Houston, Texas. She was a former soccer player and spokesperson for the Special Olympics.

                Venezuelan Vanessa Cárdenas was detained in Colombia a couple of years after the contest, apparently for a drug issue. Lesson learned, she took a good path in her life. She is President of the Alva Vital Foundation that helps vulnerable children, youth and mothers. She wrote the book “Live to be Free” which she published in August 2020. She is an Emotional, Quantum and Mindful Eating Mentor, she teaches Holistic Therapy and Business Entrepreneurship workshops. She is also an athlete. She currently lives in Bogotá (Colombia) and has a son, Juan Gerónimo, with Juan Camilo Baños Medrano. Miss Wales, Sophie-Kate Cahill, is a mother of two and she made headlines in 2014 and 2017 by taking her then-boyfriends Ian Gough and Dane Bowers to court, according to her, for abuse and domestic violence. The Yugoslav Iva Milivojevic married in 2008 with the basketball player Nikola Jestratijevic and had three children (Roman, Fedora and Nika) in the same birth on September 19, 2012. Then, in early December 2014 they had a fourth child , which they called Nestor. They live in Belgrade. Miss Hong Kong, Margaret Kan, after graduating from Toronto, worked for almost ten years in multinationals in Shanghai, China. She then she founded her own perfumery firm “6 PM Candle Co.”. In August 2019 she returned to Toronto where she works as a director of Einblick Consulting, a consulting firm that she founded with her husband Christian Klepp. Miss Malta, Katia Grima, is married to Malcolm Licari and has three children, one of whom is adopted and of color. They live in Qormi (Malta). Miss Mexico, Paulina Flores, was a recognized model in her country. She had a son from a first marriage. She then she remarried and went to live in Los Angeles. She never returned to Culiacan, her hometown. And Miss Zimbabwe, Victoria Moyo, is a web designer living in London.

Miss Moldova (RIP) with her baby shortly before she died

                Miss Moldova, Mariana Moraru, tragically passed away in a car accident on August 25, 2011 in her country. She was the director of the Elite Center modeling agency. She had married on December 9, 2010 with businessman Mircea Baciu who was part of the Miss Moldova organization. At the time of her death she had a year and a half baby boy…