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Miss World 1995



                The Cenepa War between Ecuador and Peru occurs while another warlike conflict breaks out in Chechnya when Russian troops seek to recover the secessionist Republic and in Bosnia the Srebrenica massacre occurs. Finally, the terrible civilian wars that bled Angola and Bosnia for many years went to an end. Thousands die in an earthquake that struck Kobe (Japan). Other strong earthquakes also leave many fatalities in Pereira (Colombia), Colima, Chiapas and Guerrero (Mexico), Wuding (China), Sakhalin (Russia), Antofagasta (Chile), Dinar (Turkey) and the Sinai Peninsula (Egypt). The eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano destroys the Caribbean island of Montserrat and Typhoon Angela devastates the Philippines and Vietnam. Meanwhile, a religious sect carries out a terrorist attack with sarin gas in the Tokyo subway, another terrorist attack that happens on the Federal Building in Oklahoma City (OK, USA) leaves hundreds of victims and, in Peru, Shining Path blows up a car bomb that destroys a hotel in the Lima district of Miraflores. Alberto Fujimori is reelected President of Peru, the same with Carlos Menem in Argentina and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, while former President of Mexico, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, flee the country following the arrest of his brother Raul on issues of corruption and other crimes. For his part, Jacques Chirac takes over as President of France and takes up nuclear tests on the Mururoa atoll. The founder of the Cali Cartel, Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela and his brother Miguel are arrested in Colombia. In Seoul (Korea) a shopping center collapses leaving more than 500 dead and in Medellín (Colombia) the subway is inaugurated, the only one in that country. Quebec says ‘no’ to independence from Canada, the Indian city of Bombay is renowned Mumbai and, in Caracas, Venezuela, occurs a multiple kidnapping with fatal victims in the San Roman Urological Center that is known as the “Tragedy of San Roman”.

                In Namibia, Chelsi Smith from the U.S.A. gets the sixth crown of Miss Universe for her country, the Norwegian Anna Lena Hansen is proclaimed Miss International in Japan, a country that also wins the Eurovision Song Contest in Ireland with the song “Nocturne” from the band Secret Garden,  and the song “Eres Mi Debilidad” by the Spanish Marcos Llunas is imposed at the OTI that was held in Paraguay. “Forrest Gump” wins the Academy Award for Best Picture. Actor Christopher Reeve, who played Superman, suffers a horse riding accident that leaves him paralyzed for life. America Online begins to offer public access to the Internet in the US, which means the beginning of the Internet era worldwide; Incidentally, in the last quarter of the year, an online shopping site based in California named “Ebay” starts functioning. Microsoft creates the Windows 95 operating system and Sony begins to market the first Playstation in the US. In the film industry, the following movies are released: “GoldenEye” (the saga of James Bond), “Die Hard 3”, “Jumanji”, “Pocahontas”, “Toy Story”, “Braveheart”, “Twelve Monkeys”, “Apollo 13”, “Batman Forever”, “Seven”, “Species”, “Nine Months”, “Aquatic World”, “Mortal Kombat”, “While You Were Sleeping” and “Gasparin”. In Mexico the broadcasts of the “Chespirito” program ended and those of the soap-opera “María la del Barrio” starring Thalía began, while in Venezuela the soap-opera “Ka Ina” catapulted Hilda Abrahamz to fame (Miss Venezuela World 1980). Broadway premieres a musical show with Julie Andrews named “Victor/Victoria” and actor OJ Simpson is found not guilty of the murder charges of the previous year.

                On the radios, we listened the songs “You Are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson, “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morisette, “This Ain’t a Love Song” by Bon Jovi, “Be My Lover” by La Bouche, “Back for Good “by Take That, “Beautiful Life”by Ace of Base, “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio & LV, “Have You Ever Loved a Woman” by Bryan Adams, “Heaven for Everyone” by Queen, “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal, “Lemon Tree” by Fool’s Garden, “Scatman” by Scatman John, “Think of You” by Whigfield, “Religious Experience” by Enrique Iglesias, “Como Quien Pierde una Estrella” by Alejandro Fernández, “Piel Morena” by Thalía, “María” and “Te Extraño, Te Olvido, Te Amo” by Ricky Martin, “Si Nos Dejan” by Luis Miguel , “Vuélveme a Querer” by Christian Castro and “No Ha Parado de Llover” by Maná. In 1995, the South African Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, the Venezuelan Miss International Edymar Martínez and the actor Nick Robinson were born. Meanwhile, the actresses Eva Gabor, Ginger Rogers, Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched), actor Gale Gordon (Mr.Mooney in Lucy Show), singer Lola Flores, soprano Morella Muñoz, writer José Ignacio Cabrujas and Venezuelan TV presenter Marco Antonio Lacavalerie died. The singer Selena Quintanilla (who at that time was at the peak of fame), Yizthak Rabin (First Minister of Israel) and the Venezuelan baseball player Gustavo Polidor were assassinated in 1995.


                At the beginning of the year, Eric Morley asked his franchisors to choose a male representative for what would be the first edition of Mister World, to be held in London that same year. The idea was to break stereotypes that contests were still a cattle market that denigrated women and gave women the opportunity to also enjoy global male beauty. However, the project to carry out the first edition of Mister World was postponed for another year. On the other hand, in mid-May, it was announced with great fanfare that the forty-fifth edition of Miss World would be sponsored by the Emirates airline, of the United Arab Emirates, which was recognized as the best airline on the planet in 1994. The Miss World 1995 competition coincided, by the way, with the launch of the Dubai-Johannesburg route, via the Comoros Islands, whose route was inaugurated in June, together with the acquisition of six modern Airbus A300s. The airline was flying at that moment to 38 cities in 30 countries in the Middle East, Far East and Europe.


               In 1995, Barbados returned to the competition after several years of absence while El Salvador definitively declined the Miss World franchise and the country was absent from this event until 2004 when another organization retaken the rights of the Morleys. The only country that would debut in Miss World 1995 would be Nepal, which in the end did not happen. Of the 98 countries with franchises, several of them did not hold a national contest for Miss World this year, mainly for economic reasons. They were: China, Kenya, Malta, Mauritius, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, while, again, Honduras and Uruguay did not designate a representative. Two nations that had chosen their beauty queens had trouble sending their representatives to Miss World. Firstly, Miss NAMIBIA (Patricia Burt) would not be present at the Morley pageant, which would be held for the fourth time in a row in the neighboring country of South Africa, as the organizers did not have financial funds for her participation. On the other hand, Miss UGANDA (Betty Nantunga), did not have the blessing of her father to winning the contest, which was organized by Linda Bazalaki, Miss Uganda 1993. Her father, outraged, threatened to take Bazalaki to court and Nantunga was sent to India to study at the university. In the midst of the scandal, Bazalaki resigned as head of the contest and the first runner-up, Phiona Piloya, was left without the possibility of representing the country in Miss World.

                The death of Princess Srinagarindra caused the 1995 Miss Thailand World pageant to be canceled out of respect and national mourning, so the organizers sent the Miss World’s first runner-up from the previous year, Yasumin Leautamornwattana, who called herself Ngampis Seedatragula. Meanwhile, franchisers of USA, Guy-Rex, failed to hold an event nationally this year and appointed Jill Susan Ankuda, 19, who had won the preliminary contest in El Paso, Texas, as the candidate from that country to Miss World ’95. Argentina also appointed a candidate: Lorena Jensen, 20, a resident of the Buenos Aires locality of Necochea and who had been “National Queen of Spring” in 1993. In Ecuador they selected Ana Fabiola Trujillo in a casting for Miss World. Meanwhile, the Ukrainians appointed Nataliya Shvachiy, who had been a semi-finalist in Miss Ukraine ’93 and 2nd. runner-up at Miss Europe ’94, because Miss Ukraine ’95, Vlada Kerdina, was a married woman with a child (and still participated in Miss Europe ’95). Shvachiy was recommended by the organizers of the regional contest “Queen of Kharkov” (Koroleva Kharkov), the city where she lived, because there were wealthy sponsors who could pay for trips abroad and licenses. Among the other countries that did hold national contests for Miss World we have:

* MISS FRANCE.- Event held on Tuesday, December 27, 1994 at the CNIT Congress Palace in Paris with 43 candidates. It was the last Miss France broadcast on the TV station France 3 and it was won by Miss Aquitaine, Melody Vilbert, who was sent solely to Miss International, whose franchise was free. The finalists were Hélène Lantoine (Flandre) who was sent to Miss World, Corine Lauret (Reunion) who attended Miss Universe, Ludmilla Canourgues (Guadeloupe) and Sophie Roger (Bourgogne).

* FEMINA MISS INDIA.- Sushmita Sen (Miss Universe) and Aishwarya Rai (Miss World) relinquished their national crowns on Saturday, January 14 at the Andheri Stadium in Bombay, in an event with the participation of 29 contestants. The winners were Manpreet Brar from New Delhi (to Miss Universe), Preeti Mankotia from Punjab (to Miss World) and Ruchi Malhotra from Bombay (to Miss Asia Pacific). The finalists were Keerthana Jolly and Jyoti Singh Rana. After the contest there were demonstrations by feminist groups and some parliament women to protest the rise of the beauty contests in the country, since they said women were used to promote “consumerism”.

* MISS SPAIN.- It took place on Thursday, January 19 (but broadcast delayed on Thursday 26 by Tele5) at the Hotel Bahía del Duque in Adeje, south of Tenerife. María Reyes Vázquez, 18, representative of Soria, was the winner, heading to Miss Universe. The First Maid of Honor, who was sent to Miss World, was Candelaria Rodríguez, 21 years old (Tenerife) also Miss Photogenic and Miss Beautiful Hair. The Second Maid of Honor was Virginia Blanco del Pino (Canary Islands). The seven finalists were completed by Marta Peña (Aragon), Carolina Pérez (Las Palmas), Bárbara Bazo (Salamanca) and Elena Gorospe (Araba), who also won the Miss Elegance award. A total of 71 entrants competed.

* MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC- The setting chosen to carry out the 1995 National Beauty Contest was the Hotel Bavaro Beach Resort in Punta Cana, where 24 beautiful women competed on Sunday, February 26, to get one of the seven crowns awarded that year. They were: Cándida Lara Betances, Miss Dominican Republic, who went to Namibia for Miss Universe, to Japan for Miss International and to Manizales (Colombia) for the International Queen of Coffee ’96, an event that she finally won. The title of Miss Dominican World fell on Patricia Bayonet Robles. The other queens were Dominican Nuestra Belleza, María Luisa Pedemonte Soto; Miss Dominican Hispanidad, Jacqueline Cid; Miss Dominican America Latina, Miralba Ruiz; Miss Dominican America, Katherine Espinosa and Miss Dominican Universities, Ivette Marte.

* EESTI MISS.- Mari-Lin Poom, 17, was chosen on Saturday March 4 at the Cultural Center Jõhvi (Estonia) in an event that brought together 13 candidates. The finalists were Aura Suislep and Margit Tammoja.

* BINIBINING PILIPINAS.- It was held on Sunday, March 12 at the Araneta Coliseum with 39 candidates and where the following beauty queens were crowned: Joanne Santos (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe), Reham Tago (Bb. Pilipinas-World) and Gladys Dueñas (Bb. Pilipinas-International). The finalists were Caroline Pobre and Margaret Laing.

* MISS PERU.- The Miraflores Oval was the venue chosen for the finals of “Miss Peru 1995” on Sunday March 19, in a public event that generated chaos in the mentioned district. It was won by 18-year-old Paola Dellepiane (Amazonas) , who also took the Miss Photogenic award and went to Miss Universe ’95. The finalists were Pilar Abed (Huancavelica), Fanny Rodríguez (Arequipa), Ljuvitza Vodanovic (Huánuco) and Maricielo Effio (Junín). 23 candidates participated. Former Miss Peru 1987, Jessica Newton , who co-organized the pageant with Benjamin Kreimer, became pregnant after Miss Universe. That was the reason outlined by Kreimer, who informed her that in that state she could not continue with the project, keeping the direction of the contest with Deborah De Souza (Miss Peru 1993). Shortly thereafter, Newton managed to get the franchise of Miss World and, as she did not have time to make a national contest, she decided to send the reigning Miss Peru, Paola Dellepiane, with whom she maintained a great friendship and who gave unconditional support when Newton left the Miss Peru Universe contest.

* MISS ISRAEL.- It was held on Wednesday, March 29, with the winners Jana Kalmann (Beauty Queen of Israel, heading to Miss Universe and Miss Europe), Miri Bohadana (Beauty Maiden, to Miss World), Michal Shtibel (Queen of Grace, to Miss International), Ilona Katz (Teen queen) and Anat Bibi (Princess Beauty to Miss Asia Pacific).

* MISS CZECH REPUBLIC- The Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary hosted the event on Saturday, April 22. The winner was Monika Žídková, who shortly after won the Miss Europe ’95 crown. The finalists were Kateřina Kasalová (for Miss World) and Renata Hornofová (for Miss International).

* MIS LIETUVA.- Aishwarya Rai, Miss World 1994, was in charge of crowning the new “Miss Lithuania 1995” on Thursday, May 4 at the Vilna Sports Palace with 24 entrants. The winner was Gabriele Bartkute on her way to Miss World. Danguole Leskeviciute and Jurate Baltrue were finalists.

* MISS & MISTER LATVIA.- As of this year, the Latvian contest was held in conjunction with that of the Misters. The final took place at the World Trade Center in Riga on Saturday May 6, with 9 ladies and 6 gentlemen. The winner was Ieva Melina and the finalist was Evija Slišānel. The first winner of the Mr. Latvia title was Vilnis Solovjovs.

* MISS BELGIUM.- Veronique De Kock, from Schoten, an 18-year-old language student, was crowned the most beautiful woman in Belgium on the night of Friday 12 May in Londerzeel. The finalists were Vanessa Minique and Berenice De Bondt. Rounding up Top 5 were Vanessa Di Paola and Amanda de Brouwer. Veronique won a brand new car and had to invent that she had left her driver’s license at home so that they would allow her to take it… 20 candidates participated.

* MISS KOREA.- The Korean representative to Miss World ’95 came out of this edition of Miss Korea and not the previous year as was customary. The event was held on Saturday, May 13 at the Auditorium of the Sejong Center in Seoul. It was won by Yoon-jung Kim, who went to Miss Universe ’96. In second place was Yoon-young Choi (to Miss World ’95) and in third place Jung-hwa Kim (to Miss International ’96). The other finalists were Sung-won Han, Ah-rin Kim, Min-jung Kim, Kyoung-sook Lee, and Joo-yeon Lim.

* FEGURÐARDROTTNING ÍSLANDS.- The “Beauty Queen of Iceland” contest was held on Wednesday May 24 at the Hotel Islandi in Reykjavik. The winner, heading to Miss Universe ’96, was 19-year-old Hrafnhildur Hafsteinsdóttir from Reykjavik. In second place (to Miss World) was 18-year-old Sigríður Ósk Kristinsdóttir, from Akureyri and third, 20-year-old Brynja Björk Harðardóttir, from Njarðvík. The Top 5 was completed by Berglind Ólafsdóttir and Guðlaug Harpa Gunnarsdóttir.

* MISS HONG KONG.- The final was held at the Hung Hom Coliseum on Sunday, June 4. The winner was Winnie Young, who could not participate in Miss Universe because she had American citizenship (she lived in San Francisco). The finalists were Sofie Rahman (instead of Miss World, as it should have been, she was sent to Miss Universe ’96) and Shirley Chau (who then was then sent to Miss World ’95).

* MISS BOLIVIA.- The Palladium of Santa Cruz was the venue for this event on Thursday, June 8, one of the most contested in the history of the pageant organized by Promociones Gloria. It was won by Miss Santa Cruz, Nathalia Cronembold heading to Miss Universe, while Carla Morón Peña (Miss Santa Cruz) was crowned Miss Bolivia heading to Miss World and Liliana Arce, Miss Tarija, was elected Miss Bolivia International. The finalists were Roxana Pérez del Castillo (La Paz) and Gala Vladislavic (Chuquisaca).

* MISS TAHITI.- Timeri Baudry was crowned on Friday, June 23 at the Place Vai’ete park in Papeete. The finalists were Teina Varney and Romy Teriitahi. 13 contestants participated.

* MISS WORLD BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS.- It took place in the Sir Rupert Brierclifie Hall in Road Town, Tortola, on Saturday, July 1st. The winner was Chandi Trott.

* MISS ARUBA.- Taryn Mansell won the right to represent the ‘Happy Island’ in Miss Universe ’96 after winning the scepter of the most beautiful woman in Aruba in the event held on Saturday, July 1st in the Great Hall of the Aruba Hilton Hotel. Miss World Aruba was also chosen and she was Tessa Pieterz.

* MISS WORLD COLOMBIA.- With the presence of Aishwarya Rai, Miss World 1994, the young Diana María Figueroa Castellanos, representative of Tolima, was elected on the night of Monday, July 3, as the new Miss World Colombia 1995. The Vice-Queen was Gloria Cecilia Ramírez from Antioquia. The event took place at the William Shakespeare Cultural Center in Bogotá and had the participation of 31 young women. The contest had a discordant note because, ten days before handing over her crown, the previous winner María Eugenia González Ponce de León from Cauca gave up her title due to differences with one of the organizers.

* MISS WORLD OF PUERTO RICO.- It was held on Saturday, July 8 at the Pabellón de las Artes de Caguas with the participation of 22 candidates. At the end of the evening, Swanni Quiñones Laracuente , a 21-year-old Accounting student, representative of Guaynabo, was crowned. The finalists were Karen Wright Miller (Manatí) and Maressa Rosario Sánchez (Aguas Buenas). The six finalists were Chiara Quijano Rossy (Camuy), Yanina Rufat García (Trujillo Alto) and Zinnia Ayala Valentín (Dorado).

* MISS COMMONWEALTH BAHAMAS.- Loleta Smith won the title on Sunday, July 16 at the Atlantis Showroom at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. The finalists were Aisha Lloydd and Tonya Cornish. Ghandi Knowles, Simone Barnett and Akietha Carey completed the Top 6. Twelve candidates participated.

* MISS MALAYSIA WORLD.- It was held at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, August 19 and was won by Trincy Low , a 19-year-old student from Penang. The finalists were Deffany Sevelen and Chellene Ng.

* SUOMEN NEITO.- The contest that chose the Finnish representative towards Miss World was held on Saturday, August 19, with 10 candidates. The winner was Terhi Koivisto, while the finalists were Lola Odusoga (later Miss Finland ’96) and Krista Rantanen.

* MISS HUNGARY.- Ildiko Veinberger, 21, from Székesfehérvár, won the crown on Sunday, August 20 in Budapest. The finalists were Katalin Gallai and Judit Tatár.

* MISS IRELAND.- Twenty-six candidates contested the title on Monday, August 21 at the Limerick Inn hotel, where Joanne Black won the right to go to Miss World ’95 and Miss Universe ’96. In the same event the first Mister Ireland, Danny Plewman, was chosen. He defeated twelve other competitors.

* MISS UNITED KINGDOM.- Miss Northern Ireland, Shauna Gunn, from Newtonbuttler, was crowned on Friday, September 1st,at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane, London, among 20 candidates. The finalists were Angie Bowness (Miss Nottingham and who was proclaimed Miss England ’95) and Rachael Warner (Miss Birmingham and who later became Miss United Kingdom 1996). At the same event, electrician Simon Alexis Peat was elected Mr. United Kingdom for the first edition of Mister World.

* MISS SINGAPORE WORLD.- Flight attendant Jacqueline Chew won over fifteen other candidates on Saturday, September 2 at the Neptune Theater-Restaurant in Singapore on her way to Miss World.

* MISS SOUTH AFRICA.- Bernelee Daniell, from Gauteng Province, won the title out of 10 finalists on Saturday, September 2 at the Sun City Superbowl. Second was Vanashree Moodley (KwaZulu-Natal) and Natalie Benard (Western Cape) was third. The Top 5 was completed by Nonhlanhla Simelane (Soweto) and Asma Ebrahim (Mpumalanga).

* MISS PANAMA.- The Anayansi Theater of the Atlapa Convention Center was once again the venue for the contest on Saturday, September 2. The winners were Reyna Royo (to Miss Universe ’96), Marisela Moreno Montero (to Miss World ’95) and Patricia De León (to Miss Hispanidad Internacional ’95). The finalists were Giovanna Loaiza and Michelle Krisko. 16 young ladies participated.

* MISS NEDERLAND.- Twelve candidates fought for the title in two nights of preliminaries. Finally, Didie Schackman, 17, was chosen to represent the Dutch at Miss World ’95. The finalists were Devi van Huijstee and Viveke van de Broek. The Top 6 was completed by Dominique Weerwind, Joyce Wegman and Nancy van der Beek. The election was held on Thursday, September 14.

* MISS CURACAO.- Vanessa Mambi managed to win the title on Thursday September 14 at the ITC of Willemstad towards Miss Universe ’96. As Miss World Curaçao was Danique Regales and the third place went to Nuraica Merien. 11 candidates participated.

* MISS POLAND.- Ewa Tylecka was crowned on Saturday, September 16, at the Congress Hall of the Palace of the Culture and the Science in Warsaw, with the participation of 21 candidates. The finalists were Monika Chróścicka-Wnętrzak and Katarzyna Mikulska.

* MISS SWITZERLAND.- It was won by Stéphanie Berger, 17, from Mànnedorf, among 16 girls, on Saturday, September 16, at the Grand Casino in Geneva. The finalists were Mariana Barleycorn and Christine Gfeller.

* MISS NEW ZEALAND.- Miss Auckland, Sarah Brady, 19, of Milford, won the national contest on Thursday, September 21, gaining the right to represent her country both in Miss World ’95 as in Miss Universe ’96.

* MISS VENEZUELA.- El Poliedro de Caracas was the venue for the contest, dedicated this year to the celebration of 100 years of cinema. The finals was held on Wednesday, September 27 and, in this edition of the contest, the round of questions to the finalists was resumed, something that had not been done since 1980. The surprising winner, heading to Miss Universe, was Miss Yaracuy, Yoseph Alicia Machado, 18 years old, while Miss Nueva Esparta, Jacqueline Aguilera, also 18, was crowned Miss World Venezuela and Miss Costa Oriental, Carla Steinkopf, 22, as Miss Venezuela International. The finalists were Aurymir Vicent (Vargas Municipality), Zoraya Villareal (Lara), Jackqueline Osorio (Carabobo), Mariana Cegarra (Trujillo) and Roselyn Silveira (Barinas). 28 candidates participated in the great show produced by Joaquín Riviera and which was hosted, once again, by Gilberto Correa and Bárbara Palacios. The judges included the former Miss Universes Gladys Zender from Peru (1957), Luz Marina Zuluaga from Colombia (1958) and Irene Sáez from Venezuela (1981).

* MISS HRVASTKE.- The final of Miss Croatia 1995 was held at the Imperial Hotel in the city of Opatija, on Friday, September 29. Anica Martinovic, 18, of Zagreb (but born and raised in Tomislavgrad, Bosnia-Herzegovina) was the winner, and finalists were Natalija Mančić and Viktorija Donlic.

* MISS SLOVENIA.- Teja Boškin, a 21-year-old economics student from the city of Dekanovi, won the Slovenian national beauty title on Saturday, September 30 at the Center Hall in Ptuj. The finalists were Ksenja Vlah and Lilijana Remich.

* MISS NEPAL.- Sumi Khadka was elected on Tuesday, October 10 in the capital, Kathmandu. The visit of Miss World, Aishwarya Rai to Nepal led the organizers to carry out negotiations to again try to send their queen to the Morley contest but due to lack of time to get sponsors, this did not happen, so the new queen was sent only to Miss Asia Pacific. The finalists were Rita Gurung, Trishna Kunwar, Eelina Ranjit and Kalpana Kunwar.

* MISS BRAZIL WORLD.- was held on Tuesday, October 10 at the Palace of Conventions Anhembi in Sao Paulo, with 27 candidates and presented by the legendary Paulo Max. The new queen of Brazil for Miss World was Elessandra Cristina Dartora from Paraná, who gave her state the second consecutive national title. The finalists were Raquel Paes Sampaio (Roraima), Cláudia Nascimento Costa (Pará), Eliada Rodrigues da Silva (Rio Grande do Norte) and Michelli Cristina de França (Santa Catarina).

* MISS CHILE FOR MISS WORLD.- Ten girls applied for the contest that was also held on Tuesday, October 10 and which was broadcast on Channel 13. The winner was Tonka Tomicic, a 19-year-old student of Graphic Design of Croatian origin. The finalists were Karin Opitz and Alexia Navarrete. Marion Harbst and María Paz-Gálvez completed the Top 5.

* BEAUTY OF RUSSIA (KRASA ROSSII).- The Miss World franchise this year went to the “Krasa Rossii” contest, the first edition of which was held on Saturday, October 14 at the Moscow Central State Concert Hall “Russia” with 22 candidates. The winner was 17-year-old student Elena Bazina, from Moscow, who had finished second in “Miss Moscow 1995.” Curiously, she traveled to Miss World two weeks after her election, when processing the South African visa took just over two weeks, so it was rumored that she had already been chosen beforehand. As finalists were Anna Chygrinskaya (Krasnodar) and Tatyana Ptukhina (Novosibirsk).

* NUESTRA BELLEZA MEXICO.- Miss Universe ’91, Lupita Jones, Director of the new contest “Nuestra Belleza México” since 1994, obtained the Miss World franchise for her country in mid-1995. The event was held at Teatro Morelos of the City of Toluca, State of Mexico, on Sunday, October 22, within the TV program “Siempre en Domingo” presented by Raúl Velasco and had 32 candidates. The winner was Vanessa Guzmán (Chihuahua) who attended Miss Universe ’96 in Las Vegas. In second place , and with the title of Nuestra Belleza Mundo México, was Alejandra Quintero (Nuevo León) and as Substitute, Lourdes Portela (Sonora). The finalists were Consuelo Rodríguez (Nayarit), Lourdes Sánchez (Tlaxcala) and Karla González (Guerrero).


                When the winds of change unleashed by the collapse of the Berlin Wall blew in the direction of Zambia in 1991, they heralded new freedoms never seen before there. Among them was the right to hold beauty pageants. Under the socialist dictatorship of President Kenneth Kaunda, who reigned in Zambia for 27 years, beauty pageants had been banned from 1975 as degrading to women. Then, to the fall of the dictatorship of Kaunda, the country again organized its first Miss Zambia contest in 17 years. The first contest of this new decade, in 1992, had been marred by a corrupt organizer who ran off with the profits and awards of the winner. In the mess that followed, it wasn’t possible to organize another contest until 1995.

               This year, the biggest complaint from people was the cold and windy weather as the contest was held outdoors. Instead of boos, there were murmurs of sympathy for the swimwear section while the girls fought bravely against the ‘goose bumps’ to keep their smiles in the beauty contest. Genuine beauties all, they strutted and swirled and wiggled and preened as though they had been watching Miss World contests all their lives, which they hadn’t, because foreign TV programs were also banned under Kaunda. So what were the judges looking for in someone who would represent their country’s womanhood for at least another year? Brains, they said before the show. “A grasp of world affairs,” added a U.S. oil company executive on the panel. However, it was unclear how the would-be beauty queens were supposed to display their intellect as they changed clothes four times and paraded in an icy wind. There was a question and answer section, but this was not enlightening. “Did you enjoy the contest?” a contestant was asked. “Yes” she replied. She might have been a brain surgeon, but who could tell? No one in the audience seemed to find anything at all degrading about the spectacle, however. Rather, the view seemed to be that the contest represented a huge leap forward for repressed Zambian women, who don’t often get the opportunity to stand up in front of 5,000 people for any reason whatsoever.

                In the end, however, it was a bit of women’s lib that stole the show and determined the winner. Contestants had to select a costume reflecting their traditions, and explain their choice. Most opted for little grass skirts typical of their tribal region, adapted to ensure maximum skin exposure. Then the only white contestant appeared wearing a perky outfit that vaguely resembled a majorette’s uniform. In fact, she was wearing the costume worn by a Vimbuza, or spiritual healer, during spiritual dances, she told the audience. Fighting for equality What? A woman wearing a man’s outfit, and a white woman at that? A hush descended on the hotel gardens. The reason I wear this is for equality,” she announced. “This is a dance for males, and it is only recently that women were allowed to participate. But I think it is about time women found a place in this society of ours.” Hundreds of women roared their ap proval for what turned out to be the only remotely intelligent comment made all evening. From that moment, Miryana Bujisic , 17, from Yugoslavian roots, became one bump and won the crown.

                Zambia, a overwhelmingly black African country, would then be represented by a white woman in this year’s Miss World pageant in South Africa. Nobody saw anything strange about that. The judges’ decision was unanimous and there was support for the choice among the audience, although the new queen was nothing like the vast majority of Zambian women. On the streets of Lusaka, the reaction was the same. “In Zambia they don’t care about black or white. We are proud that Zambia will be represented by such a beautiful girl, ” said a taxi driver.



NIGERIA…….. Toyin Enitan Raji




               Eric Morley decided to make a change in this year’s contest. Due to the success of the Fashion Show held the previous year in Sun City, Morley wanted to somehow involve the great fashion designers of each country in this edition of the pageant. For this reason, he decided that the segment of national costumes, clothing that was present in the contest since 1952, would now be changed for a designer gown, which would be called “Spectacular Dress” and the best design would be awarded to encourage the creators of this wardrobe. The attire should reflect modernity and spectacularity but, at the same time, it should include elements that reflect the culture of the country represented. In the case of Venezuela, Osmel Sousa chose a beautiful pink gown with feathers that designer Ángel Sánchez had created for Miss Venezuela 1995, Denyse Floreano, and that she could not wear in Namibia at Miss Universe because she had put on weight. Now, the dress could be flaunted on the international Miss World runway with Jacqueline Aguilera, who had just a month to prepare for the global beauty contest. For their part, the wealthy representatives of Miss Ukraine acquired a very expensive Gianni Versace gown for their candidate. This year, for the first time, the Best Look in Beach Wear, which had to be of original design, and also the Best Evening Dress would be awarded.


                The businessman who brought the Miss World pageant for four consecutive years to Sun City would be missed in this latest edition of the famous world beauty pageant. Sol Kerzner withdrew from his South African company in the days leading up to the Miss World final when an eight-year criminal investigation into the corruption allegations against him came to an end. Kerzner resigned as chairman of Sun International (Bophuthatswana), the main operation of Sun International (S.I.) who runs Sun City, in favor of foreign interests. S.I. had at that time 17 resorts in South Africa and 11 more in France, the Caribbean, the United States and the islands of the Indian Ocean. Since 1987, the Transkei Police and later the Port Elizabeth Police had been investigating charges against Kerzner in connection with the payment of a 2 million rand bribe to the former head of Transkei, George Matanzima. The payment, which Kerzner admitted to the Damages Commission, was made to secure exclusive gambling rights in Transkei.

                Some years later, a Supreme Court ruling and a subsequent military government decree annulled these rights, limiting Sun International to exclusive rights in only a section of the territory. Kerzner had been untouchable in matters of criminal investigation. The previous Transkei government tried unsuccessfully for years to have him extradited. In December 1994, President Nelson Mandela’s office dismissed speculation that a secret deal had been made to help Kerzner avoid prosecution. The police said a decision would be made on prosecuting Kerzner. “I think there is good reason to make a decision,” said Captain Andr Heunis of the Port Elizabeth fraud squad. The matter was referred to the Attorney General of Umtata. Kerzner had maintained high-level connections with both the previous government and the government at that time. He was friends with the former president of Bophuthatswana Lucas Mangope, in whose territory he made the foundations of his fortune, the Matanzima brothers of Transkei, and the late ruler of Ciskei, Lennox Sebe. He attended Vice President Thabo Mbeki’s 50th birthday party and was a guest of honor at the inauguration of Nelson Mandela’s government the year before. Kerzner’s company appeared to have used unorthodox ways to secure gambling rights in Ciskei and Transkei. Kerzner was replaced as director of Sun International by Buddy Hawton.


                The 88 confirmed candidates for Miss World 1995 were due to arrive at Johannesburg International Airport by Friday 27 or Saturday 28 October. At first they had been asked to travel to London on the 20th of that month and from there they would all leave together for South Africa, but weeks before they were notified that they had to go directly to South Africa. Some, as was customary, arrived a few days before the scheduled date to be able to relax a bit and rest from the long journey. Of those 88 entrants who were expected in the contest, a total of 85 girls arrived as Miss ICELAND (Sigríður Ósk Kristinsdóttir), Miss NEPAL (Sumi Khadka) and Miss SRI LANKA (Shivani Vasagam) in the end could not reach the event or due to financial problems. Again this year, Miss Venezuela was the girl who brought the most luggage to the contest: a total of 8 suitcases with dozens of dresses, a trunk with the spectacular suit and 36 pairs of shoes!! The Venezuelan organization had to pay an excess of luggage of two thousand dollars! By the way, Miss Venezuela earned the antipathy of many of her fellow contestants, who considered this excess baggage as an ostentation.

                The first to arrive and who were received by members of Sun International and by children who performed traditional African dances for them, were sent to Dubai the following day, courtesy of Emirates airline, to film the images that would be seen during the finals. This first group to travel to Dubai included representatives from Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and United Kingdom.

                A second group of candidates traveled to the island of Grande Comore, a tourist destination in the Indian Ocean that served as a stopover for Emirates’ flight from Dubai and to Johannesburg. There they stayed at the Le Galawa resort of Sun International and where they would also do the required filming. This second group consisted of contestants from the American Virgin Islands, Australia, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Gibraltar, Guatemala, Jamaica, Macau, New Zealand, Nigeria, Panama, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Seychelles, Spain, Swaziland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Trinidad-Tobago, Ukraine and United States. Finally, the last group of girls, who arrived on Monday, October 30, and who were the last to set foot on South African territory, were directed to the Sun City tourist complex, about 155 km from Johannesburg, where they would carry out these same filmings and where they would stage the grand finale on November 18. They were the candidates from Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Guam, Israel, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tahiti, Venezuela, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. It should be noted that neither the Comoros Islands nor the United Arab Emirates were represented in the competition despite filming in those countries.

                On Saturday, November 4, the contestants who were in Dubai and Comoros returned to South Africa to join the girls who were already in Sun City and thus begin the arduous rehearsals, photographic tests and the “Beauty with a Purpose” activities. By the way, this year, the money collected would be intended, in part, to the Children’s Foundation of Nelson Mandela and Variety Clubs International, whose ‘Chief-Barker’ was at that time and for the second consecutive year, Julia Morley. In addition to the Emirates airline, which was the main sponsor of the contest in conjunction with Sun International, the event also received support from the government of the Province of North West. Makeup was provided by South African firm Justine and styling by KMS.

Miss Spain and her broken foot


               A few days after arriving in South Africa, the Spanish candidate, Candelaria Rodríguez Pacheco, dislocated her ankle and was unable to use high heels during the entire concentration and with her foot bandaged. On Sunday, November 5, the traditional Christmas Party was held with the children, this time, those of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, in white tents on the outskirts of Sun City, an event that was sponsored by the firm “Beacon Sweets and Chocolates” who donated the goodies the children received. On Tuesday, November 7, the 85 beauties visited the South African capital of Pretoria, where they were received by President Nelson Mandela, for the second consecutive year, outside the Union Building, the seat of government. Most of the contestants from around the world could kiss his hero while he was waiting in line, including Miss Spain who was limping with his foot bandaged. For Miss Gibraltar, Monique Chiara, it was a dream come true. The 18-year-old girl burst into tears when it was her turn to meet him, and tears also welled up in the eyes of other contestants such as Miss Trinidad- Tobago, Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Jamaica, while Miss Panama was constantly expressing her admiration for him. For some of the Misses it seemed that the real prize was meeting the President in person. Mandela proceeded to greet all the girls, one by one, and posed in a group with them for the required photographs, as they sang the South African National Anthem.

BELOW: Seychelles, Ukraine, USA, Swaziland, Spain, Russia, Nelson Mandela, South Africa, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, Bermuda, Barbados, Bahamas, Argentina, Aruba and Zimbabwe.
SECOND ROW: Portugal, Guatemala, Gibraltar, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Belgium, Bangladesh, Austria, Zambia, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Cayman Islands and Chile.
THIRD ROW: Macao, Czech Republic, Croatia, Canada, Norway, Lebanon, Italy, Greece, Ghana, Germany, Finland, Tahiti, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Denmark and Estonia.
FOURTH ROW: Bulgaria, British Virgin Islands, Australia, American Virgin Islands, Poland, Philippines, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Slovenia, France, Guam, Israel, Japan and Korea.
LAST ROW: Romania, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, New Zealand, Panama, Nigeria, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, Tanzania, Turkey, Thailand, Venezuela, Latvia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Slovakia.

                “I bid a warm South African welcome to all the participants in the 1995 Miss World contest, It has been South Africa’s pleasure and privilege to host this major international event for the past three years and my very best wishes go to all of the contestants, organisers and support staff of this, the fourth, Miss World Pageant to be staged in our beautiful country. The Miss World contest brings together international young Ambassadors, each with extraordinary talents and potential. Many will go on to become leaders in various fields in their countries of origin. The experience they gain during the Miss World contest will stand them in good stead for the challenges they will face in their lives ahead. Only one contestant will get to wear the winner’s crown – to her I say congratulations. To all the other contestants I extend my very best wishes in the hope that you will return to your countries carrying the message of hope that South Africa represents”, said President Mandela.

               Mandela offered his condolences to Miss Israel on the success of her prime minister and to Miss Croatia, expressing his hopes for a lasting peace in the former Yugoslavia. “Well, I am very sorry to have met you at this tragic moment in your country’s history. Yitzhak Rabin was a great fighter for peace. But I am sure that Shimon Peres will be able to rise to the occasion. The event moved us all”, said Mandela. “I think all Israelis at this time are very sad like me and I would like to tell them that peace will be at some point, no matter when, but it will be. They just have to move on and not look back”, were Mandela’s words to Miri Bohadana, Miss Israel. Mandela further said that the holding of the Miss World pageant in his country was proof that the country was no longer considered a pariah. “We are now an integral part of the international community,” he added. Following this, President Mandela attended the Charity Luncheon and the auction of the national gifts that each contestant brought from their home countries and whose event was sponsored by Sun International. As stated earlier, I collected in this auction would be destined to the Children’s Foundation of Nelson Mandela and the program salvage Variety Club International, which helps needy children, particularly paying surgery for those who could not pay for it.

               The following days were devoted to rehearsals and filming in Sun City, but the candidates also visited a zoo, an Impala Platinum mine and went on safari. Security, like every year, it was important, with herculean guards on the floor where the candidates were staying at the Main Hotel Sun City, and with jealous female guardians of about 50 years, their chaperones, which do not remove their eyes from them. “Some girls are 17 years old and we have to pretend we are their mothers,” said Samantha, one of the chaperones of the Latin American group. “The regulations are so strict that my own parents have to ask permission to see me,” said Miss Jamaica. Another contestant said she felt some discrimination “is supposed to be a clean contest, where we all have the same possibilities, but the truth is that since we got here we found that some are better treated than to others” naively acknowledged to the Spanish news network EFE a Latin American contestant who did not want to be quoted by name.

                The preliminary evaluation of the girls with the judges was carried out on Tuesday, November 14 and Wednesday, November 15 at the Palace of the Lost City and where the personalities that made up the panel of judges interviewed each of the entrants for five minutes and observed them in ball gowns and bathing suits. As every year, the judges had to select the 10 most outstanding young women who would be the semifinalists. This result was counted and kept by the South African firm Coopers & Lybrand until the final night. After the interview, Miss Portugal, Suzana Leitão Robalo, said: “Now, the die is cast and the tension is a little less unbearable.” For his part, actor Christopher Lee, one of the judges, told the press that “I have cramps in my legs. I have gotten up 172 times to greet the ladies.” After being consulted after the interview, the model Josie Borain said that: “You have to judge by criteria not only aesthetic but also human”. “To be Miss World you have to have a brain,” she concluded.

UK and Ireland

               On Thursday, November 16, the Dress Rehearsal was held at the Sun City Superbowl and where all the contestants wore their Spectacular Costumes, in addition to wearing their exclusive swimsuit designs and elegant evening dresses. The first awards of the contest were given in the rehearsal. That of Miss PERSONALITY, chosen by the candidates themselves and whose winner was Miss NIGERIA (Toyin Enitan Raji), the BEST LOOK IN BEACH WEAR awarded to Miss ISRAEL (Miri Bohadana) and the BEST EVENING GOWN, that was for Miss GHANA (Manuela Medie). Miss Spain appeared barefoot and still with her foot bandaged, the important thing was to participate as it was! The photographers had three great favorites: Miss Venezuela, Miss Belgium and Miss Norway, while the accredited press mentioned as favorites the candidates from Croatia, Venezuela, Australia, Mexico, Bolivia, Belgium, Finland, Ukraine and South Africa.

                Hours before the finals, Miss Venezuela, Jacqueline Aguilera, was interviewed by the Venezuelan newspaper PANORAMA via telephone from her room at the Main hotel in Sun City that she shared with Miss Peru, Paola Dellepiane. “I feel calm, secure and confident that the results are as expected. Here in Sun City the local and international press have treated me very well, and although it is true that I do not have many friends in the competition, it is also true that this time they have placed me, since my arriva , in the favorite staff to take the crown”, said Miss Venezuela. When asked about her interview with the judges and if the rumor that the former Dominican Miss World, Mariasela Álvarez had not treated her well, was true, the Venezuelan contestant replied: “Well, it’s relative. They told me that she had shown reluctant for Venezuela to win another Miss World crown, however, at the time of interviewing with her, the treatment was cordial”. It was also known that the Chief of Chaperones, Cachi de León, mother of Pilín León (Miss World 1981) was the one who had protected her from the attacks that even other chaperones had made her because she was a favorite.


                Miss Peru and Miss Nigeria had competed in Miss Universe ’95 where Nigeria had won the Miss Friendship award. Miss Venezuela had just won the Top Model of the World and Miss India had been a semifinalist in Miss International 1991. Miss Ukraine had been 2nd. runner-up in Miss Europe ’94, Miss Bolivia was a semifinalist in Miss Latin America ’94 and Miss Paraguay came from being 3rd. runner-up in both the South American Queen contest and the World Banana Queen ’95. For her part, Miss Guatemala had just participated in the International Coconut Queen and Miss Costa Rica was in the World Banana Queen ’90 and in Miss Hispanidad International ’91. On the other hand, Miss Trinidad-Tobago had finished as 2nd. runner-up in both the Miss Caraibes Hibiscus and Nuestra Belleza Internacional in 1994. Miss Switzerland had shone at the “Miss World Family Party” as a blues singer, Miss Macau, Geraldina Madeira da Silva Pedruco, was the third of the four Pedruco sisters to win the beauty title in her country and Shauna Gunn has been the only Miss Northern Ireland to win the Miss United Kingdom title. The following is the table with the names of the designers of each of the candidates for Miss World ’95:

01AMERICAN VIRGIN ISLANDSRoshini nibbsJosepha Quetel & Leonardes Croes
02ARGENTINAMaria Lorena JensenShe herself
03ARUBATessa Charissa PieterzRonchi De Cuba
04AUSTRALIAMelissa porterTour Designs by Suska
05AUSTRIAElizabeth UnfriedKaren Maria Wohlfart
06BAHAMASLoleta Marie SmithPercy Wallace of Garfie Designs
07BANGLADESHYasmin Bilkis SathiRoxana Salam
08BARBADOSRashi HolderHugo Ace
09BELGIUMVeronique De KockWatelet
10BERMUDARenita MinorsNiki Sherlock
11BOLIVIACarla Patricia Morón PeñaAngela Razuck
12BOTSWANAMonica Keeme SomolekaeIngrid collins
13BRAZILElessandra Cristina DartoraAlexandre Dutra
14BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDSChandi TrottRoger Gary Designs
15BULGARIAEvgenia KalkandzhievaGina nick
16CANADAAlissa LehenkiMaria Von Innerebner
17CAYMAN ISLANDSTasha EbanksZola Keller
18CHILETonka Tomicic PetricLuciano Brancoli 
19COLOMBIADiana Maria Figueroa CastellanosPatricia Martinez
20COSTA RICAShasling Navarro Aguilar( Did not say )
21CROATIAAnica MartinovicBranka Donassy
22CURAÇAODanique RegalesHilda vinch
23CYPRUSIsabella GiorgallouPantelis Mitsiou
24CZECH REPUBLICKaterina KasalovaJablonecka Bizuteria & Le Chapeau Du Prague
25DENMARKTine KnudsenKarim
26DOMINICAN REPUBLICPatricia Bayonet RoblesGiannina Azar
27ECUADORAna Fabiola Trujillo ParkerCarlos Aguilar
28ESTONIAMari-Lin PoomMarianna Haas & Piret Sanes
29FINLANDTerhi Päikki KoivistoEkaterina Taimi
30FRANCEHélène LantoineFlorent D’Acy
31GERMANYIsabell BrauerMarilú Ribas
32GHANAManuela MedieHannah Bondzi Taylor
33GIBRALTARMonique ChiaraPriscilla sacramento
34GREECEMaria BozikiAnastassia Vavura
35GUAMJoylyn MuñozDeli Ilao
36GUATEMALASara Elizabeth Sandoval VillatoroJose Carlos Arango
37HOLLANDDidie SchackmanMarissa Allen
38HONG KONGShirley Chau Yuen-YeeKaren Chan
39HUNGARYIldiko VeinbergerBlondes
40INDIAPreeti MankotiaRitu Kumar
41IRELANDJoanne BlackCaty de Stafford
42ISRAELMiri BohadanaGottex
43ITALYRosanna SantoliRocco Di Passio
44JAMAICAImani DuncanJaqui Tyson-Niederhauser
45JAPANMari KuboJunko Ikeuchi
46KOREAYoon-young ChoiAndré Kim
47LATVIAIeva MelinaVanda Kancane
48LEBANONJulia SyrianiWilliam Khoury
49LITHUANIAGabriele BartkuteYurga Kisieliute
50MACAUGeraldina Madeira da Silva PedrucoFelix Ferreira
51MALAYSIATrincy Low Ee BingOlga Brown & Eric Lim
52MEXICOAlejandra Aidee Quintero VelascoJose Luis Abarca
53NEW ZEALANDSarah BradyNancy Baulcomb
54NIGERIAToyin Enitan RajiSeyi & Toyin Raji
55NORWAYInger Lise EbeltoftArné Narjordet
56PANAMAMarisela del Carmen Moreno MonteroRoberto Montenegro
57PARAGUAYPatricia Serafini GeogheganEduardo Tutunyi
58PERUPaola Dellepiane GianottiLuis Miralda & Ricardo Dávila
59PHILIPPINESReham Snow Hamdi TagoJose Moreno
60POLANDEwa Izabella TyleckaJerry & Koviak of Maura Polska
61PORTUGALSuzana Leitão RobaloJose Carlos
62PUERTO RICOSwanni Yesenia Quiñones LaracuenteCarlota Alfaro
63ROMANIADana Delia PintilieDiena Levintsa
64RUSSIAElena BazinaValentin Yudashkin
65SEYCHELLESShirley Low-MengCarol Athanassius
66SINGAPOREJacqueline ChewAlvin Ang
67SLOVAKIAZuzana SpatinovaLea Fekete
68SLOVENIATeja BoskinBarbara Plavec
69SOUTH AFRICABernelee DaniellDicky Longhurst
70SPAINCandelaria Rodríguez PachecoLeo Martínez & Manuel Acosta
71SWAZILANDMandy SaulusYvette Cardoso
72SWEDENJeanette mona hasselBeatrice Magnusson
73SWITZERLANDStéphanie BergerLisbeth Egli
74TAHITITimeri BaudryNelson
75TAIWAN, REP. OF CHINAHsu Chun-ChunChang Xin-Chi of Chao Line
76TANZANIAEmilly Adolf FredSango Kipozi
77THAILANDYasumin “Ja” Leautamornwattana (Ngampis Seedatragula)Gritiya Sathaen from Kalawin Fashion Institute
78TRINIDAD & TOBAGOMichelle KhanKirby Mohammed
79TURKEYDemet SenerBahar Korgan
80UKRAINENataliya Oleksandrivna ShvachiyGianni Versace
81UNITED KINGDOMShauna Marie GunnAlison Jane Couture
82U.S.A.Jill Susan AnkudaGuy-Rex
83VENEZUELAJacqueline Maria Aguilera MarcanoAngel Sanchez
84ZAMBIAMiryana BujisicHarriet Hala
85ZIMBABWEDionne BestKolin Webster


               On November 14, the government of President Nelson Mandela faced lawsuits to impose sanctions against Nigeria for hanging political activists. Writers, union leaders and sports officials had joined the chorus, calling for anything from an oil embargo to expelling Miss Nigeria from the Miss World pageant. Eighteen months after taking office, Mandela was faced with the choice between turning South Africa into the mainland police force or maintaining a role as one of many pressure bearers on Nigeria. Judging from his early actions, the government was clearly inclined to be a participant rather than a leader.

                Miss Nigeria, Toyin Raji, decided to withdraw from the Miss World pageant on Thursday, November 16, just before the Dress Rehearsal began, which she attended only to receive the Miss Personality award as her fellow pageant contestants had decided to award it to her knowing that she already would not continue in the contest. The Nigerian beauty made the decision after protests against the execution of nine dissidents by her government, organizers said. Human groups, unions and the government rights of the South African province which hosts the contest had demanded the expulsion of the young Public Relations Officer of 23, in a show of solidarity against the military rulers of Nigeria. The contest organizers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the pressure led Raji to withdraw. At first it was not clear if Raji had voluntarily left as she was not available at the time for comment. “She was not at the dress rehearsal tonight,” spokesman John Rose told reporters.

               The government of the Nigerian dictator, General Sani Abacha, had suffered a series of punishments, largely symbolic, since it rejected international appeals and hanged nine dissidents on Friday 10 November. The United States and other governments had withdrawn their ambassadors in protest, and the 52-nation Commonwealth had suspended Nigeria. But governments had resisted demands for tougher sanctions, including trade and oil embargoes. The withdrawal of Miss Nigeria not only benefit the position and profile of the organization and the Miss World pageant in general, but also benefit the contestants, hosts and sponsors of the event, said the provincial government of the North West in a letter to the Morleys. The organizers had said earlier in the week that Raji would not be expelled from the contest, as they insisted that he was apolitical, without orders from the UN.

                Miss Nigeria, Toyin Raji, was received by President Mandela at his home in Johannesburg on the morning of Saturday, November 18, as a consolation prize. At a press conference, Mandela assured the young woman that the anger was not directed at her personally and asked her to take the message of opposition to the Abacha regime to Nigeria. This year had not been like any other Miss World pageant as the contestants had been forced to grapple with one of the biggest controversies in the event’s 45-year history. Miss Nigeria was asked to stand down due to outrage over the hanging in Nigeria of nine human rights activists. Nigerian expatriates and South African civil liberties groups were understood to have lobbied the Miss World Organization to remove Raji in protest against Nigeria. Mandela explained to the girl that the world ‘s fury with Nigeria, particularly the Commonwealth, was the reason behind her expulsion. “I thought I should invite her, before she leaves the country, to give her support and the message that the anger of the people of South Africa is not directed against her. It is directed against the Abacha regime. And we are very proud of her and count with our full support, “said Nelson Mandela.

                When Miss Raji was asked what she thought about being kicked out of the competition, Mandela interrupted her and told her not to say anything more. “I am sad that I cannot participate in the competition, but I am happy to meet the president again here, which is an honor for me. I will definitely return to my country and I don’t want to say what I will have to say”. “It is not true that they forced me (to retire), but it was something that had to be done. The decision was made by the Miss World Organization,” Miss Nigeria only managed to say before taking a plane back to her country. The truth is that the Miss World organizers had received threats of sabotage and said they could not jeopardize the competition. Raji withdrew under pressure from the government of the North West Province, where the contest was taking place, in solidarity with Nigerian dissidents. On Mandela’s advice, Raji refused to discuss the hangings of writer Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other activists fighting for the rights of Nigeria’s Ogoni minority.



                The lavish selection of Miss World 1995, produced by Combined Artists, M-Net and Uptons, under the direction of Alasdair MacMillan, began at 7 p.m. local time on Saturday, November 18, at the SuperBowl in Sun City, with some 5,000 viewers. The capacity was less than in previous years, as the stalls were accommodated with tables where a succulent dinner was served for those who paid for VIP tickets. The event was broadcast on the Sky One cable channel delayed at 10 p.m. London time and in Venezuela through Venevisión, also delayed, at seven at night . The opening of the show, with the group of flamboyant dancers from Sun City covered in yellow feathers much in the style of a Las Vegas show, was with the theme “Come to the Sun” performed by singers Keith Smith and Gigi Allen. The host of the evening, Richard Steinmetz, who for the second year presented the contest, came on stage dancing to the end of the opening number. Unlike other years, the stage had a kind of semi-round platform directed towards the audience.

               Next, Steinmetz presented the video of the candidates in their presentation of spectacular costumes from Dubai, Greater Comoros and Sun City, with the voice of James White, who described each of the costumes and named their designers, while the ladies showed up on stage for the SuperBowl audience. The first group of girls in Dubai (from Austria to Greece) was presented from the Creek Golf Club & Marina, the second (from Holland to India) from a large shopping mall, a third group (from Ireland to Lebanon) from the Pool of the Hilton Beach Club, the fourth group (from Lithuania to the Philippines) from the Emirates Golf Club, the fifth group (from Poland to Sweden) from the spectacular dunes around Dubai, and a final group (from Switzerland to United Kingdom) from the International Marina and Yacht Club of Dubai.

                The group that traveled to the Comoros Islands (from the American Virgin Islands to New Zealand) posed from the Galawa Beach of Grand Comore and a second group (from Nigeria to the US) from the Le Galawa Beach resort hotel. Finally they presented the girls who filmed in Sun City, with a first group (from Argentina to Barbados) from the entrance of the Lost City; a second group (from Bermuda to Cayman Islands) from the Palace Pool; a third (from Chile to Denmark) from the Shawu’s Court; a fourth group (from Dominican Republic to Israel) from the Royal Baths; the fifth group (from Japan to Mexico) from the Sun City Amphitheater; the penultimate group (from Paraguay to Slovenia) from the Valley of the Waves and, finally, from the Country Club Golf Courses appeared the last group (from Tahiti to Zimbabwe). At the end, all the contestants posed from the stage to finish the opening number with the dance group and the flags of all the participating countries.

                Right away, Richard Steinmetz called supermodel Linda Evangelista to the stage, who presented the award for Best Spectacular Costume courtesy of Tía María. Steinmetz mentioned that Evangelista had also been to a beauty contest (Miss Teen Niagara Falls) and that her stint at this event, although unplaced, had marked the beginning of her career. The winner of the MOST SPECTACULAR COSTUME award was Miss CROATIA (Anica Martinovic), one of the great favorites, who wore a beautiful blue pure silk dress, decorated with seashells from the Kornati Islands inspired by the shores of the Adriatic Sea. and designed by designer Branka Donassy from Zagreb. Then it was learned that Miss Venezuela had been in second place in this segment of the competition, according to the words of Julia Morley. As discussed above, the costume of Miss Venezuela was the same that must have worn Denyse Floreano at Miss Universe in Namibia but she could not because she had put on several kilos and it did not fit her. The dress was a mermaid style one, it had a fine draping, embroidery swarosky crystals; the silhouette was framed by a long skirt in “rosewood” silk crepe covered with feathers and crystal sparkles. The back was openwork and dropped a soft and wide silk chiffon train, enriched with fine Marabou boas.

                After the first commercial break, Steinmetz presented to the governor of the province of the North West, which was rich in mineral resources and was known as the “Platinum” province (Mr. Popo Molefe), as well as the Director of Sun International (Buddy Hawton) and the Director of Emirates Airline, His Majesty Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Then, a video was shown of the tourist sites that the contestants visited in Sun City, including a textile factory and an ostrich farm, while the South African youth dance group “Creators” from Soweto entertained the audience with the musical theme “Fly Yourself Away” in tribute to “Sun City in the Northwest”. Following this, Steinmetz introduced the judges. They were:

01.- Fanie de Villiers – Famous cricketer from South Africa.

02.- Mariasela Álvarez – Miss World 1982 from the Dominican Republic.

03.- Josie Borain – South African supermodel.

04.- Bruce Forsyth – British presenter and comedian.

05.- Amitabh Bachchan – Famous Indian film actor.

06.- Emma Samms – Renowned British actress.

07.- Astrid Carolina Herrera – Actress and Miss World 1984 from Venezuela.

08.- Christopher Lee – Distinguished English actor.

09.- Michael Winner – English Producer and Director of Cinema.

10.- Eric Morley – Owner of Miss World and Chairman of the Judges, without the right to vote.


                Two other invited judges, American supermodel Beverly Peele and American actress Alfre Woodard, could not be judges because they did not arrive in time for the preliminary evaluation. However, both had a special participation in the event. Steinmetz showed a video of the judge’s preliminary evaluation before moving on to the second commercial break.

                 Upon return, Steinmetz presented a new video, filmed in Dubai, the island of Grand Comore and Sun City, with the contestants showing their designer’s “Total Look” Beach Wear, with the theme “Everything You Do” choreographed by Ken Warwick. The 84 contestants finished the musical number by dancing on stage in their bathing suits. Steinmetz then called on supermodel Beverly Peele to present the award for Miss PHOTOGENIC, chosen by the photojournalists who covered the pageant. The winner of this award, courtesy of Emirates, was Miss VENEZUELA (Jacqueline María Aguilera Marcano). Next, Steinmetz called on the scene the British comedian and member of the judges, Bruce Forsyth, who after several jokes proceeded to announce the names of the ten semifinalists but not before introducing his adorable wife, Wilnelia Merced, Miss World 1975 from Puerto Rico, who was in the audience. The 10 semi-finalists were: Miss KOREA, Miss BOLIVIA, Miss TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, Miss CROATIA, Miss MEXICO, Miss AUSTRALIA, Miss SOUTH AFRICA, Miss BULGARIA, Miss VENEZUELA and Miss ISRAEL.

                As the girls prepared for their next appearance, Steinmetz presented a video with the awards that the new Miss World would receive. After the third commercial break, Steinmetz called American actress Bobby Eakes, who had been Miss Georgia in Miss America 1983, to the stage to help in the individual presentation of the 10 semifinalists in swimsuits.

01Miss KOREAYoon-young Choi21Administration and Marketing StudentSeoul
02Miss BOLIVIACarla Patricia Morón Peña20Administration student and Producer of a TV programSanta Cruz
03Miss TRINIDAD-TOBAGOMichelle Khan23Model. Want to be a Fashion DesignerPrinces town
04Miss CROATIAAnica Martinovic19Wants to study Design and TechnologyZagreb
05Miss MEXICOAlejandra Aidee Quintero Velasco19Runs her own Advertising companyMonterrey
06Miss AUSTRALIAMelissa Porter21Social Sciences StudentGreenwood, WA
07Miss SOUTH AFRICABernelee Daniell22Professional ModelWaterkloof Glen, Pretoria
08Miss BULGARIAEvgenia Kalkandzhieva20Accountant for a Model AgencySofia
09Miss VENEZUELAJacqueline Maria Aguilera Marcano19Industrial Relations StudentValencia
10Miss ISRAELMiri Bohadana18Student of Fashion Design and Art HistorySderot

                After the fourth commercial break, the male youth quartet “Caught in the Act”, composed of Lee Baxter and Benjamin Boyce from England together with Eloy de Jong and Bastiaan Ragas from Holland, took the stage to perform the musical theme “You Know”, while a video was presented with the candidates parading their evening dresses from the Sun City amphitheater, Galawa Beach in Grand Comore and aboard a yacht in Dubai. Steinmetz then introduced American actor Jeff Trachta to help introduce the semifinalists to their evening gown show, whose dresses Trachta was describing as the girls walked across the stage. After posing in a group in their elegant evening gowns, the semifinalists returned to the dressing rooms and there was a new publicity break.

                Upon returning from commercials, Steinmetz called on the American actors Ernie Hudson and Alfre Woodard to present the space dedicated to “Beauty with a Purpose”, presenting a video of the social activities that Aishwarya Rai, Miss World 1994, did during her year of reign. Following this, South African singer Jennifer Jones came to the stage to perform the song “Woman of the World United”, accompanied by the Mogwase College of Education Choir.

                Right away, Richard Steinmeitz proceeded to call out the five finalists. The lucky ones were Miss VENEZUELA, Miss CROATIA , Miss ISRAEL, Miss TRINIDAD & TOBAGO and Miss KOREA. An Emirates representative, named Suzanne, brought the bowl from where the finalists would choose the name of the judge that would ask them the final question. The Venezuelan girl, who used an interpreter, chose Josie Burain, who asked her: If you could choose one wish, what would it be? She replied: “My wish would be, and not only mine but of all humanity, that we all continue working and move forward, that we enjoy a better world every day and fight for our future.” Christopher Lee was the judge selected by Miss Croatia. If you could have the company of any world leader for dinner, who would you choose and why? The young Croatian replied that she would invite President Mandela and the President of her own country because both had done a lot for the world and their countries and both had helped children… then she got nervous and could not finish her answer.

Miss Venezuela

                Miss Israel chose Amitabh Bachchan who asked the following question: Do you feel that women are better suited to hold a position of power than men, and if so, why?, to which she replied that she considered that both men and women were capable of holding positions of power, although women had both good qualities and the opposite and… there it was, she could not finish her answer, since she was dominated by nerves. The Trinidadian finalist was asked by Emma Samms: What do you think is the most valuable lesson you can teach a child? Miss Trinidad said that the most valuable thing was that they learned to listen and respect their parents and that she believed that education was a good source of information and with which they could prepare for their future. Finally, Miss Korea was called by the former Dominican Miss World Mariasela Álvarez, who asked her: What do you think is the greatest challenge facing women today? She replied that in the 1990s, where careers were so important, women faced the choice between having a career or a family and that women had worked hard for their careers just like men, but that sometimes they felt that they had abandoned a little to their families, so they should sit and think which of the two would take as many could not perform both functions in full.

                After the sixth and almost last commercial break, the actors of the American novel “The Bold and the Beautiful” Jeff Trachta and Bobbie Eakes, went to the stage to present a romantic song of the album called “Bold and Beautiful Duets” with the famous theme “Up Where We Belong”, while the auditors determined who the new Miss World was. It was then the turn of Aishwarya Rai from India, Miss World 1994, to take her farewell walk wearing a beautiful and elegant red sari while presenting a video of her reign year with her words of gratitude for a wonderful year of job. After the final publicity break, Steinmetz introduced Julia Morley, accompanied by a group of Emirates flight attendants, and called Eric Morley to the stage, who, as usual, would announce the final results in reverse order.

Top 5: Venezuela, Croatia, Israel, Trinidad-Tobago and Korea

                The SECOND RUNNER-UP was Miss TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, Michelle Khan, and the FIRST RUNNER-UP, Miss CROATIA, Anica Martinovic, who received their tiaras from Julia Morley. Finally, the name of the new MISS WORLD 1995 was announced and it was Miss VENEZUELA, Jacqueline María Aguilera Marcano, a young woman with black hair, very white skin and brown eyes, 1.74 m tall and measurements 36-23-36.5, who, the day before, had celebrated her nineteenth birthday and was wearing the same strapless fuchsia gown of imperial court from Venezuelan designer Angel Sanchez in which she had won her national competition. Jacqueline put her hands to her face when she knew she was the winner. The new Miss World, a student of Industrial Relations who came from the city of Valencia in the state of Carabobo (although she represented the state of Nueva Esparta in Miss Venezuela), whose ambition was to be a news anchor and whose hobbies were reading and diving, became the fifth Venezuelan to achieve the coveted crown, after the triumphs of her compatriots in 1955, 1981, 1984 and 1991. The new queen received her Miss World sash from Julia Morley and sat on the leather throne of zebra to be crowned by her predecessor, the Hindu Aishwarya Rai. For the triumphal ride, the official Miss World march was resumed, which had ceased to be used in 1991.

                At the end of the two-hour broadcast and after posing for countless photographs, the winner and her finalists attended the Coronation Ball at the Palace of the Lost City, where they celebrated until almost dawn. Actor and judge, Christopher Lee, said his knowledge after World War as an interrogator helped him to determine the most appropriate girl to take the title. Lee said that, aside from physical characteristics, the contestants should look comfortable in their role as Miss World. For her part, supermodel Linda Evangelista, who had been one of the presenters, said she thought Miss Venezuela “had all the qualities to be Miss World.” But not everyone agreed with the victory of the Venezuelan. It was rumored that the former Dominican Miss World Mariasela Álvarez complained and said: “Why always Venezuela?” It was estimated that the contest was viewed by some 1.5 billion people in some 85 countries and that the assembly of the contest in Sun City cost about R20 million (about $ 5.5 million). But sadly, Sun International, following the departure of Sol Kerzner, does not plan a bidding return for the beauty contest the following year.


                As was traditional, at the party it was learned that Miss Israel had been the third runner-up and Miss Korea the fourth. In addition, the Continental Queens of Beauty were unveiled:

AMERICASMiss VENEZUELAJacqueline María Aguilera Marcano
ASIA & OCEANIAMiss KOREAYoon-young Choi
EUROPEMiss CROATIAAnica Martinovic

                For the fourth consecutive year, Venezuela and South Africa had obtained the continental beauty titles, while Croatia celebrated the third consecutive year with that award. This year it was not specified if there was a cash prize for the Continental Queens and for the semifinalists. The truth is that Miss Trinidad-Tobago got £ 1,000 for being the second runner-up and Miss Croatia £ 2,000 for being the first runner-up. For her part, the new Miss World took home the following awards:

                * £ 50,000 in cash from the Miss World organization. £ 10,000 at the time of winning and the rest at the end of her reign, for her work for a year as world queen.

                * Ten-day all-inclusive vacation at Le Galawa Resort in the Comoros Islands courtesy of Sun International.

                * Two first class air tickets to the Comoros Islands courtesy of Emirates.

                * Platinum earrings for the winner and the two finalists courtesy of the Northwest Province

                * Tía María gave the winner a set of luggage.

                * Hair care products for one year for the winner and finalists of KMS.

                * Beauty products for one year for the winner and finalists courtesy of Justine.


                The next morning, Jacqueline Aguilera, the new world beauty queen, celebrated with champagne dressed in a silver-gray tailored dress and gave a press conference where the two finalists were also present. Also in Sun City was the President of the Miss Venezuela Organization, Osmel Sousa, who had accompanied Jacqueline to South Africa the last few days of the contest. Immediately, the brand new Miss World traveled to London with the Morley family, days later she went to Spain where she met the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas and to Germany, where she opened an exhibition with Michael Schumacher. From there, she returned incognito to Venezuela on a flight from Miami on Thursday, November 23, less than a week after being chosen as Miss World 1995. Upon arrival, she realized that she had forgotten the Miss World sash with the logo from Emirates in London, so Pilín León, Miss World 1981, must have lent her sash, which was quite similar to hers. The crown she used was the one she used as Miss World Venezuela, which was an almost exact replica of the official Miss World crown, since the original was later brought by Julia Morley.

                Venevision prepared her reception on Saturday 25 November, taking Jacqueline and newcomer Julia Morley aboard a plane from Venevision that landed that noon in the Airbase Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda (popularly known as the La Carlota airport) and there they were received by a crowd of fans showing banners and placards, while cheered with enthusiasm. From there, Jacqueline, who wore a black dress with a skirt and jacket, was transported in a caravan in a black convertible car through Altamira and along Avenida Francisco de Miranda of Chacao. That same afternoon she was received on Venevisión, in the program “Sábado Sensacional” with Gilberto Correa, who by the way was celebrating 30 years of professional life. There, the brand new Miss World received a well-deserved tribute, wearing Ángel Sánchez’s spectacular costume, the fuchsia-colored swimsuit in the style of the 50s that she wore for the Total Look, created by Carmen Tahío and Andreína Nery; and later a light blue gown, which Miss Apure 1995 had worn at Miss Venezuela and which was also by the Andean designer.

                She was accompanied in the tribute, in addition to her relatives, the other four Venezuelan Miss Worlds, Susana Duijm, Pilín León, Astrid Carolina Herrera and Ninibeth Leal. Julia Morley had brought with her the sash and Jacqueline’s original Miss World crown, who used them at the cocktail the Cisneros (owners of the channel) offered on the third floor of Venevisión after the Saturday program. On Monday, November 27, Jacqueline was received by President Rafael Caldera in Miraflores. That same week she visited her home state, arriving on board a ship to Puerto Cabello, where she was received by the relevant authorities and she received a tribute in the Plaza Bolívar in Valencia, where she was honored by Governor Henrique Salas Romer Room. She was even invited to the inaugural baseball game of Magallanes against Caracas at the José Bernardo Pérez stadium, where she arrived in a convertible car accompanied by Julia Morley and where she had the honor of making the initial pitch. At the beginning of 1996, Venevisión prepared a reception for her in Paraguachí, in the Municipality of Antolín del Campo, Margarita Island, an entity that she represented in Miss Venezuela. She was received by Governor Morel Rodríguez, who honored her and received, among other gifts, a beautiful painting. She was wearing the black gown that ex-Miss Marianne Suárez wore at Miss Venezuela.             

                This year, the Miss World organization allowed their winner to decide between living in London or living in her country of origin and traveling only when required and that option was taken by Jacqueline, although she also spent some time at the Morleys’ home. Between her international travels, she will never forget visiting Bosnia to donate an orphanage and school on behalf of the Variety Club International, visit military camps and where she raised funds for children who were injured and/or orphaned during the war. She has been to India four times and toured Sri Lanka for three days, where she participated in a campaign against drugs and abandoned childhood. She also visited Croatia, Lithuania, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Guatemala, Chile, Ireland and several cities in the United Kingdom. Jacqueline also went to Colombia and Peru where she attended the election of the new national beauty queens for Miss World and was a guest in Brazil on two occasions. Jacqueline relinquished her crown in India in November 1996.


                Jacqueline Maria Aguilera Marcano was born in Valencia, Carabobo state (Venezuela), on November 17, 1976, daughter of Don Maximino Ramón Aguilera Nunez and Mrs. Albina Maria Marcano Aguilera (both Margarita Islanders from Tacarigua). Has three sisters, Malbys, Mariángel and Jenny. She studied at the Juan XXIII Educational Institute in Valencia, where she stood out as a member of the volleyball team and in the literature contest. Astrid Carolina Herrera’s triumph in 1984 inspired her to dream of being Miss World. In 1992, at the age of fifteen, she was proclaimed “Chica Carabobo” and later she won the “Chica 2001” contest organized by Miguel Ferrando on RCTV. Then she made a career in the world of modeling and entered the agency of Luigi Ratino. At 18 years of age, she was studying Industrial Relations when she entered the Miss Venezuela as Miss Carabobo, but later withdrew because Luigi Ratino invited her to participate in the “Top Model of the World 1995” contest held in Moscow, a title that she won on May 20. Upon her return, she re-enrolled in the Miss Venezuela contest, this time representing the Nueva Esparta state. On the night of Miss Venezuela, and just when she was going to go out in her evening dress, she discovered that one of her pageant companions had broken one of her heels and likewise she went out on the catwalk and did it so perfect that nobody noticed. Despite that, Jacqueline achieved the crown of Miss World Venezuela on Wednesday, September 27, 1995 at the Poliedro de Caracas and had only one month to prepare for Miss World. Her training was 14 hours a day and she took refresher classes, makeup, catwalk and public speaking. A small touch-up was done on the tip of her nose for Miss World and small implants were placed in her breasts. At the end of October of that year, she traveled to South Africa, where she was crowned Miss World on November 18, a day after her 19th birthday.

                A few days later, she returned to Venezuela, where she was received in Caracas, in her native Valencia and, later, on the island of Margarita, the land of her parents. She spent part of her reign in Venezuela, preferring to be close to her family and only traveled when her presence was required by the Miss World organization. After handing over her Miss World crown and working as a model in countries like Italy, France, and the United States, Jacqueline was a bit far away from the media. However, she was a judge in the Nuestra Belleza Internacional contest in 1997 in Miami and in the second edition of Mister Venezuela for Mister World. That year she also survived a car accident on the Central Regional Highway, she was saved by the air bag … Since 1999, she has headed a School and Agency for models in Valencia called “Instituto Jacqueline Aguilera”; In 2000, she attended the 50th anniversary of Miss World held in London and, from that same year, began to prepare Misses for Miss Venezuela, as well as Misters for other foreign competitions. Her first international triumph was achieved with Edgar Rodríguez, who won “Mister Intercontinental 2000” in Germany, sent by Aguilera. Jacqueline was a judge at Miss Bolivia 2000 and Mister Venezuela 200 . On November 16, 2001, she became the mother of her only daughter, Alba Elena, and on February 1st, 2002, she married Alberto Raúl González Iglesias, her boyfriend of many years. But the marriage did not last long and in October 2004 they agreed to separate on unfriendly terms.

                In January of 2005, Jacqueline was in the reality show “Big Brother VIP 2” in Spain becoming a celebrity in that country and which then held a relationship with the ex-husband of Stephanie of Monaco, the Portuguese Adans López Péres. Jacqueline was expelled from the reality show on February 24 of that same year by her colleagues of the program. After enjoying the honeys of the publicized romance, in late July 2005, Jacqueline, who considers herself a sincere and radical woman, decided to move to Paris, France, due to a job proposal. However, months later, Jacqueline decided to return to live in Valencia, Venezuela. In 2006, she founded her own brand “J By Jacqueline Aguilera” and was a judge at the Miss World Venezuela contest that year. In 2007 she was a finalist in the contest “Letters of Love” because she always had the “thorn” of wanting to be a writer and that same year she participated in “Dancing with the Queens” on Venevisión.

               She has been a member of the Association of Active Women (AMA) since 2001; founding member of the “My Best Friend” Foundation (Animal Protection Association) since 2004; Lancôme Ambassador since 2005. She was also a TECHO collaborator between 2013 and 2015 and the image of Alianza Arianna in 2016, an NGO that supports victims of gender violence. And precisely for that reason, Jacqueline introduced to the Attorney General’s Office in 2005 one plaint against Alberto Iglesias Raul Gonzalez, father of her daughter, and finally, in 2007, they got divorced. It was precisely that facet of her life that prompted her to lead these NGOs, which were also being supported by the US embassy. Since 2008, she has participated in various company partnerships in the gastronomic and entertainment area in the city of Valencia. That year, she was a judge for Miss Brazil World.

                On January 15, 2015, Jacqueline Aguilera finally got the Public Ministry to issue a protection order for the case of gender violence that she filed against her ex-husband. “For 10 years I waited to have a protection measure. For me it is extremely embarrassing to air this situation. I appreciate the mention made by the Prosecutor Mrs. Ortega Díaz (…) The process continues its course with file MP-20062-2015 and not to hinder the investigation, I will not talk about it. Thank you for the support of everyone in social networks but especially to my family and friends for never leaving me, always believing me and taking care of me”, wrote the Valencian woman in her social networks.

                Since 2016, she has collaborated with the “Asociación Civil Niña Madre” with which she participates in the development of a training and empowerment center for women in the area of ​​cutting and sewing; in addition to holding a fashion show with national talent to publicize the project and the institution. That same year, she was a judge at the Miss Intercontinental and, in 2019, she was a judge at the Miss Mexico contest for Miss World. Since April 17, 2018, she has been part of the Executive Committee of the Miss Venezuela Organization together with two other Venezuelan ex-Misses (Nina Sicilia and Gabriela Isler), after the sudden retirement of the now ex-president of the Organization, Osmel Sousa. Aguilera works in the office as Director of Image of the contest. In 2020, she created the “Proyecto Ser” (Seed of Entrepreneurship and Responsibility) and began a training program, delivery of supplies and tools to women wanting to grow, to help them change their reality by developing a trade and their talent. The global pandemic of COVID-19 of 2020 took her by surprise when she was in Miami (USA), a city where she had to be quarantined for many months. Until a while ago she lived in Margarita Island but currently resides in Los Palos Grandes, Caracas and is still a fan of the Magallanes baseball team.


                The Misses from Belgium, Cayman Islands, Ireland, Lebanon, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and Trinidad-Tobago went to Las Vegas for Miss Universe ’96 (where another Venezuelan defeated them). In this event, the Trinidadian did nothing, but later she claimed responsibility by being 1st runner-up in the International Coconut Queen ’97 and winning the Top Model of the World ’98. For her part, Miss Malaysia went to Miss Universe ’97 and Miss Guam to Miss Universe ’98. Miss Tahiti won Miss Intercontinental ’96, Miss Chile got the Miss Atlantic International ’99 crown and the Japanese was a semifinalist in Miss Asia Pacific ’96. For her part, the Russian went to Miss Globe ’96, the Gibraltarian to Miss Globe ’97 and the Polish to Miss Globe ’98. The Panamanian was 1st runner-up of the World Banana Queen ’96; The Chilean had the same position in the South American Queen ’96, where the Bolivian also competed. The British went to Miss International ’96, the Guatemalan was at the International Queen of Coffee ’96, Miss Macau at Miss Chinese International ’96 and Miss Bolivia at Nuestra Belleza Internacional ’97. Miss Romania and Miss Gibraltar competed in the Miss Tourism International ’96 while Miss Ireland also participated in Miss Europe ’96, Miss Malaysia went to Mrs World 2009 and Miss Peru, to Mrs World 2014 where she was second runner-up.

                Croatian Anica Martinovic developed a successful modeling career. She married footballer Robert Kovac with whom she has three children and was devoted to her family. Currently, she only appears on the catwalks if the invitation is made by her beloved local designers. Trinitarian Michelle Khan married Haitian account executive Paul Colin with whom she went to live in the United States. Has two children. Until recently, she was the Global Sourcing Manager in the Marketing Department at Walmart, Arkansas. Israeli Miri Bohadana took up modeling and did countless commercials. She also made movies and has hosted several TV shows. In the late 90s she had a love affair with singer Eyal Golan. From 2006, she had a courtship with Bebo Kobo, who became the father of her children. On May 8, 2007 she became the mother of Ben and Esti and in 2011, Oded David was born. In 2012, the couple were accused of employing illegal foreign workers and were fined a large sum of money. The couple finally married in 2020 and live in Arsuf. Korean Yoon-young Choi made a successful acting career in her country.

                Bolivian Carla Morón modeled for many years, became a TV presenter and is a cancer survivor. In 2000, a breast lump was removed and breast cancer was detected, but she underwent treatment and radiation therapy and was happily able to overcome it thanks to a healthy life. She is married to Pedro Gantier and has two children, Bruna and Lorenzo. She enjoys running marathons and currently runs her own events company in Santa Cruz. Bulgarian Evgenia Kalkandzhieva became a Top Model and later a Fashion guru in her country, being Director of the largest model agency in Bulgaria, the Visages agency. On August 31, 2007 she married Stefan Manov whom she divorced in 2013. She has a son named Zhorko. The Mexican Alejandra Quintero was briefly married from 2002 to 2003 with the singer, actor and presenter of Mexican TV Gustavo Cárdenas Ávila.

                South African Bernelee Daniell’s roommate in Miss World was Miss Norway. Following her reign, Bernelee became a motivational speaker and for four years hosted the national Miss South Africa motivational workshops, which focused on topics such as interviewing, public speaking, behavior, costume planning, hair care, and makeup. She was a presenter of travel programs on TV and a commentator in several editions of Miss South Africa and, in addition, she is a renowned Fashionist. In 1999, Bernelee worked for an event sponsorship and organization company on a project called “The Children’s Promise”. It was a campaign that ran around the world asking people to donate their last hour of salary. The campaign highlighted the need to alleviate the plight of South African children and was endorsed by President Thabo Mbeki. Here, she spearheaded the fundraising and marketing portion of the campaign. She ran her own advertising and marketing company called “Bella-Luce Promotions”. In 2005, her business vision grew and she founded the company, Bella Amber, under the umbrella of Bella-Luce, which imports and sells amber necklaces that are known to relieve pain and discomfort that babies experience when their teeth are coming out. In 2006, she accepted the role of Patron of ‘Steps Charity’ in South Africa, which provides fundraising, information and support for babies and children with clubfoot and other lower extremity disorders. Born prematurely and with a clubfoot, Bernelee was able to relate naturally to both children and parents and was a shining example of how obstacles could be overcome and they can live very successfully. Bernelee now works for PLP-Private Label Promotions (Pty Ltd). In 1998 she married Jens Martin Losch from whom she separated in 2006 and ended up divorcing in 2008 . She has two children, Mikah (2002) and Mateo (2004). Lives in Midrand (Gauteng).

                Chilean Tonka Tomicic worked as a television presenter, beginning her career on TVN in 2002, where she co-hosted “Good morning to all” with Felipe Camiroaga and presented the Viña del Mar Festival, where she was also queen in 2006. Since 2010, she has been one of the main faces of Channel 13, where she hosted the morning TV show “Welcome”. Since 2004, she has been in a romantic relationship with Marco Antonio López Spagui, better known as Parived. The couple married according to the Jewish rite on April 16, 2014 in the city of Jerusalem, Israel, after Tomicic renounced Catholicism, thus adopting his partner’s Judaism. In 2021, she was still looking to become a mother. Miss Aruba, Tessa Pietersz was an executive producer and TV host of the show “Trend Alert” on her island. Currently the program is a website called “Trend Alert Today”, a digital platform, search engine and application that go far beyond reporting on trends that occur on the island. The Belgian Véronique De Kock is a renowned TV presenter in her country. In fact, she animated the Miss Belgium pageant from 2008 to 2018. The slip and fall she had during the 2012 pageant was memorable. She recently opened a fashion store called “1995” in Brasschaat. She married Frank Slaets in 2001 with whom she had a son, Sebastien, born on January 30, 2005. Verónique divorced in 2006. In 2019, she married businessman Manuel Goossens.

                Dutch Didie Schackman worked on TV in her country in the late 90s. In 2002, she graduated with honors from Tilburg University with her research on information structures and user experiences. This research was published in the international professional literature and presented at a scientific conference. After her studies, Didie began working as a marketing manager and later as a digital marketing strategist for various organizations and brands. Jamaican Imani Duncan, perhaps the most “empowered” of this edition of Miss World, obtained an interdisciplinary BA in Economics, History, Government and Philosophy from Wesleyan University in the USA. Later, Imani attended Harvard University to obtain her master’s degree, where, as an International Development student, she co-founded the NGO “Global Justice”, which focuses on AIDS, while working with the World Bank on gender and economic development. In recognition of her leadership, Imani was named among the 50 young business leaders in her country by the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) in 2013. She is married to Stephen Price and has three children, Aidan, Marley, and Selah. In 2012, she was appointed senator in her country and member of the board of the Development Bank of Jamaica, in addition director to manager of a company emerging destination management adventure luxury, co-founder and an Executive co-director at the main study center of Jamaica, the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CaPRI), Strategist of the Imani Duncan-Price Group, Official of the JMMB Group (a leading Caribbean financial services group) and Chief of Staff of the Leader of the Opposition in Jamaica, who exhibits a history of successful leadership in a variety of areas. As an agent of change, planning a strategic and solving problems, Imani recently established the “Foundation Imani, Grace and Love” with a focus on initiatives to promote economic empowerment for women, change their generation and decent and affordable housing.

                Miss Bermuda, Renita Minors, works for her country’s government, where she is a Sports Development Officer. Miss British Virgin Islands, Chandi Trott, is an Assistant Manager and PR of the British Virgin Islands companies based in London. Another of the girls who works for the government of her country is Miss Cayman Islands, Tasha Ebanks, who is Deputy Advisor for Strategic Reforms in the Office of the Deputy Governor of the Islands and Miss Gibraltar, who is Head of Business and Tourism in the government of Gibraltar. She got her second wedding on August 27, 2020 with Leandro Mellado and she has two teenage children from a previous marriage. Her sister Bianca was 2nd. runner-up at Miss Gibraltar in 2002. Shirley Low-Meng, Miss Seychelles, who works as Director of Administration and Human Resources at the Seychelles Tourism Office, is also an official from her country.

                Panamanian Marisela Moreno Montero became a well-known TV presenter in her country and even went to animate the Viña del Mar Festival in 1998. She is co-owner of a TV production company called “E.Motion TV, Ad & Films . She also owns the magazine of the Panama Canal Zone. In 2010, she became the Director of the Miss Panama contest until 2015 and she is also the creator of the “Authentic Women” brand. In December 2007, she married an Italian man in Milan, but the marriage did not last long. She has been married for the second time to the dentist Ángel Vallarino since February 2015 and has two children, Ángelo (2012) and Victoria (2015). In April of 2019, she announced that she had breast cancer and has since been in the process of fighting the dreaded disease with chemotherapy. Peruvian Paola Dellepiane is married to Ian Gerber, has two children, and resides in Allen, Texas. She is a well-known spokesperson for cancer campaigns because her mother and sister suffered from it. She has lived in the United States since 1998, where she underwent genetic studies, which determined that she had a high probability of suffering from cancer. Bravely, in 2013 she made the decision to have a double mastectomy (both breasts removed) and a hysterectomy (a surgical procedure in which the uterus or part of it is removed) to prevent the disease. For her part, Irish Joanne Black went to study acting in New York in 1999, then moved to London where she studied Styling and Fashion Production. Having gained significant experience in the fashion industry, she decided to start a career as a fashion stylist. Joanne has worked with numerous celebrities and her work was featured in the world’s most prestigious fashion publications. In 2015, Joanne decided to move to Los Angeles to begin her career as a celebrity stylist. In 2020, Joanne opened the first sustainable PR agency “Aeraid PR” in Los Angeles with her partner Victoria Vromen.

                The Brazilian Elessandra Dartora is a pedagogical teacher specialized in psychopedagogy, she is married and has two children. She received the Willy Barth Medal in recognition of the services rendered to the community and for her contribution to the municipality of Toledo (Paraná). Miss Estonia, Mari-Lin Poom, was a member of a pop group in her country called “Miss II Miss”. She is married to Erik Sakkov and has two sons, Oskar and Otto. Miss France, Hélène Lantoine, is a single mother of three and a business manager in the city of Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Miss Ghana, Manuela Medie, worked in radio in her country and until recently she worked as an accountant for the airline Ghana International Airlines. The Guatemalan Sara Sandoval de Delgado is today a prominent dentist who works for the Guatemalan Social Security Institute and is the mother of two boys. Paraguayan Patricia Serafini Geoghegan is married to Rubén Mondolo Brusquetti and has two children, Giovanni and Paolo. In 2017 she had a terrible traffic accident in Asuncion that left her badly injured but she was happily able to overcome it and get away with it. The Lithuanian Gabriele Bartkute, began working in radio in 2004 and later devoted herself to acting in theater, film and television. In 2008, she encouraged the national team heading to Eurovision. Turkish Demet Sener is also an actress and TV presenter. She was married to the basketball player İbrahim Kutluay from 2005 to 2018 with whom she had two children. Then, in 2019, she married Cenk Küpeli, from whom she separated in January 2021.

                The Swiss Stéphanie Berger is a prominent TV presenter in her country, with several comedy shows under her belt and has also worked as an actress in some roles in theater and television. After seven years of marriage to Thomas Huber, the couple separated in 2012. Stéphanie had a son with him, Giulien Alexander, born in 2010. In 2021, she successfully continues her theatrical comedy “Aufbruch” with which she tours nationally. Miss Bangladesh, Yasmin Bilkis Sathi, took up acting and won an actress award in her country in 2003. Miss Malaysia, Trincy Low, is a renowned fashion designer in her country. Miss Bahamas, Loleta Smith, lived for many years in the US where she got married. Today she is Ms Dixon and is currently working on the organization of the Miss Bahamas pageant. Polish Ewa Tylecka emigrated to Florida (USA) to work as a model. There, she married Andrzej Ryszard Tychoniewicz on July 15, 1997 in Broward County, with whom she had a daughter named Julia. Later, she separated and remarried Paul Mellor, with whom she had her son Dylan and they currently live in Freeport, Bahamas. For her part, the Spanish Candelaria Rodríguez Pacheco met a First Division footballer, Ángel de Juana (Racing, Celta and Zaragoza) married him, they have two children (Claudia and Hugo) and are dedicated to the hotel business and several bars in Santander, with great success. Miss Philippines, Reham Snow Tago is married and lives in Cairo, Egypt. Miss Guam, today Mrs. Joylyn Muñoz-Mateo, is a successful real estate agent in her country while Puerto Rican Swanni Quiñones lives in South Florida where she also works as a real estate agent. The Russian Elena Bazina lives with her three children in the Spanish city of Sant Andreu de Llavaneres and Miss Zambia, Miryana Bujisic, is today the wife of Rayan Khazaal and is the founder, owner and Creative Director of “Taste by Rootz, a tea room and bar in the center of Lusaka. For her part, Miss Nigeria, Toyin Raji, today Mrs. Ayodele, became an actress, but after she gave birth to her daughter, she left her country to live in Texas (USA) , where she completed her education.             

                Miss USA, Jill Susan Ankuda, mother of a child, reported that she was drugged and raped by one of the Miss World sponsors. “After having an affair with a politician for years, began most of my problems. Through the business of beauty pageants, I was prostituted”, she said on her website. “Currently, I am completely disabled due to sex trafficking,” she continued, recounting that she was recently raped again. She recently opened a ‘gofundme’ to request help for her rehabilitation and to overcome her drug addiction…