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Miss World 1992



                In 1992 the European Union was established. The twelve-year civil war in El Salvador and another of sixteen years in Mozambique happily ended, while Bosnia & Herzegovina decided to become independent from Yugoslavia and a bloody war broke out that would last until the end of 1995, causing the UN to order a world boycott against Yugoslavia. A civil war also begins in Algeria. In Venezuela, Hugo Chávez commanded a failed coup attempt against the democratic government of Carlos Andrés Pérez in February. A second military uprising led by members of the left that attempts to overthrow the Venezuelan democratic government occurs in November and also fails. In Peru, Alberto Fujimori dissolves the Congress of the Republic, in Brazil President Fernando Collor de Mello is impeached on charges of corruption and Bill Clinton wins the US presidential elections. A terrorist attack destroys the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires and a series of attacks with car bombs by the Peruvian terrorist group Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) affect the Miraflores District and the TV channel Frequency Latina with hundreds of victims. Gasoline explosions in the sewers of Guadalajara, Mexico, leave more than a thousand dead. Hurricane Andrew devastates the Bahamas, South Florida and Louisiana, and Iniki affects Hawaii. Thousands of deaths leave earthquakes and tsunamis on the Indonesian island of Flores and in Nicaragua, in addition, the east of Turkey, the capital of Egypt and Kyrgyzstan were also affected by earthquakes with many fatalities. Holland, Germany and Belgium suffer a great earthquake, the strongest in history, without consequences. A fire devastates Windsor Castle in London, race riots occur in Los Angeles, in Peru the leader of the communist party and the Shining Path, Abimael Guzmán is captured, who is sentenced to life imprisonment and in Colombia, the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar Gaviria escapes from jail. Guatemalan Rigoberta Menchú obtains the Nobel Peace Prize while the North American Free Trade Agreement is signed, which would begin to function in January 1994. Abkhazia declares its independence from Georgia and Pope John Paul II visits the Dominican Republic. In Barcelona, ​​Spain, the Olympic Games are held and Expo 92 opens in Seville.            

                Michelle McLean from Namibia achieves the Miss Universe crown in Thailand, Australian Kirsten Davidson wins Miss International in Japan, the song “Why me?” By Irish singer Linda Martin wins the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden and Spanish singer Francisco, with the song “Where am I going without you”, wins the OTI Festival held in Valencia, Spain. “The Silence of the Lambs” wins the Oscar for best film. The cinema premiered “Aladdin”, “The Bodyguard”, “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”, “Lethal Weapon 3”, “Batman Returns”, “Basic Instincts”, “A Matter of Honor”, “Scent of a Woman”, “Sister Act”, “The Mambo Kings”, “Beethoven”, “Alien 3”, “Universal Soldier”, “The Last of the Mohicans”, “Passenger 57”, “Candyman”, “Honey, I Blew Up the Kid” and “Wayne’s World.” On the radios they played the songs “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, “Heal the World” and “Remember the Time” by Michael Jackson, “I’ll be There” by Mariah Carey, “Tears in Heaven” by Eric. Clapton, “Beauty and the Beast” by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson, “It’s My Life” by Dr. Alban, “Just Another Day” (Otro Dia mas sin Verte) by Jon Secada, “November Rain” by Guns’ N Roses , “Please Don’t Go” by KWS, “To be With You” by Mr. Big, “Erotica” and “Deeper and Deeper” by Madonna, “Save the Best for Last” by Vanessa Williams, “Friday, I’m in Love” by The Cure, “Provócame” by Chayanne and “40 y 20” by José José. In the USA “Cartoon Network” is released and the series “Melrose Place” and “X-Men” begin to be broadcast; in Mexico the latest “sketch” of “Chavo del Ocho” is broadcast and in Venezuela the sopa opera “Por Estas Calles” begins to be aired. Mortal Kombat and Super Mario Kart video games are released. The future Miss World Alexandria Mills from the USA, Rolene Strauss from South Africa, Mireia Lalaguna from Spain and Vanessa Ponce de León from Mexico, the American Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, the singer and actor Nick Jonas, the singer Miley Cyrus and the Brazilian soccer player Neymar were born in 1992. The actress Marlene Dietrich, the actor Anthony Perkins, the Puerto Rican singer Daniel Santos, the Mexican singer and songwriter Luisito Rey and the Colombian singer Rafael Orozco died that year, the latter killed by a passion problem.


                The organizers of the Miss World beauty pageant announced on Saturday April 4 that they planned to hold the 1992 event in South Africa, thanks to an agreement between the British rights holders of the pageant, Eric and Julia Morley, and Sun International, a company which operates a resort in Sun City, Bophuthatswana, a nominally independent country created by South African Apartheid. Eric Morley said that political change in South Africa had made it possible. Sol Kerzner, who created the entertainment center in Sun City, said the pageant would be held at the SuperBowl in November as part of the celebrations for the opening of the Palace of the Lost City and would be broadcast on television in 50 countries. Months later it was agreed that the final would be held on December 12, days after the formal inauguration of the Lost City. As you will recall, South Africa had been excluded from the Miss World pageant from 1978 to 1990.

Time Bridge in Sun City


                In 1992, no national pageants for Miss World were held in Antigua, Ghana, Guyana and Kenya. Nor in Yugoslavia due to the war with Bosnia and the tense political situation, in addition to the fact that the UN had requested a global veto on Yugoslavia due to crimes against humanity. Seychelles, Zambia and Botswana would return after years of absence while Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine, New Caledonia and Albania would debut in the contest. On the other hand, Barbados, the Cook Islands, Luxembourg, Cote D’Ivoire, Madagascar and Nicaragua all declined the Miss World franchise.

                Russia would debut as such since the Soviet Union had ceased to exist. Julia Morley passed the Miss World franchise to the Russian Model Agency “Zodiac M” to conduct a national pageant, however, for financial reasons, they were unable to host the event and decided to appoint one of their models, Julia Kourotchkina, who had done some shows with them, as the Russian representative to Miss World. Like in Russia, no contest was held in Germany so Carina Jope was appointed for Miss World. In Finland the “Suomen Neito” contest was held again, selecting its representative for Miss World, this time in a contest apart from the official Miss Finland, an event that was won by Petra Von Hellens and, in Canada, the American duo Guy-Rex did several castings from which Nina Khilji was selected as the “Miss 1992 World Canada”. The rights to send the Mexican representative to Miss World were also acquired by Guy-Rex and thereby obtained the franchises of the three North American countries: United States, Canada and Mexico. To select the Mexican delegate, Carmen Lucía Lehman, a Canadian born of Mexican origin and resident of Merida, who was top 12 in the “Señorita México ’92” representing her state of Yucatan, was designated as the “Miss 1992 Mexico World”.       

                The newly elected Miss BOPHUTHATSWANA (Malebo Raditladi) was not allowed to register for Miss World even though the event would be held right in the territory of that country, which was only recognized by South Africa. This Bantustan, like the other nine tribal states created by South Africa were to segregate the black population amid the policies of Apartheid. Bophuthatswana had managed to compete for the first and only time in Miss Universe in 1979. Four of these ten Bantustans had achieved nominal independence from South Africa (Bophuthatswana, Transkei, Venda and Ciskei) and had their own flags, national anthems, presidents and capitals. The other six territories (KwaZulu, Lebowa, KwaNdebele, Qwa-Qwa, KaNgwane and Gazankulu) did not achieve independence due to the end of Apartheid, although they also had a decreed government, flag and capital city. Among the 94 countries that would take part in Miss World 1992 were the following:

* MISS KOREA.- The selection of the Korean candidate for Miss World 1992 was held on Saturday May 11, 1991 during the final of the “Miss Korea” contest held at the Auditorium of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. The winner of this event was Young-hyun Lee, who attended Miss Universe ’92. The finalists were Jung-ah Yeum (to Miss International ’92) and Mi-young Lee (to Miss World ’92).

* MISS FRANCE.- It was held on Sunday, December 29, 1991 at the CNIT de La Defense, in Paris and in which 42 candidates competed. The winner was Miss Pays de la Loire, Linda Hardy, who was sent to Miss Universe and Miss World. The finalists were Isabelle Vitry (Savoy), Bénédicte Delmas (Basque Coast), Anne Jandera (Alsace) and Valérie Chouvet (Saint-Etienne-Pays-du-Forez).

* MISS SPAIN.- Miss Madrid, Sofía Mazagatos Gómez, was elected “Miss Spain 1991” in a gala that was held on Saturday, January 25, 1992 at the Coliséum in La Coruña, with the participation of thirty-six candidates from the different Spanish regions and cities. Sofia could not compete in Miss Universe because she was not 18 years old. In her place was sent Miss Nacional, Virginia García Álvarez, Miss Castilla León. The Maids of Honor were Miriam Reyes from Tenerife and Adelaida Céspedes from Costa del Sol. Sofía did not want to go to Miss World, even having her wardrobe ready, so Miss Ibiza and Formentería, Samantha Torres, was sent instead. She did not enter the seven finalists, but she spoke very good English and had the same body measurements as Sofia.

* MISS ALBANIA.- After being postponed several times, the first edition of the “Miss Albania 1991” contest was held on Friday, January 31, 1992 at the Tirana Congress Palace. The winner was Valbona Selimllari, who would be the country’s representative in Miss World 1992, as announced. Valbona Çoba ranked second.

* MISS UKRAINE.- It was held at the “Ukraine” Palace of Culture on Saturday, February 8 with the participation of 24 candidates. The winner was Oksana Sabo, 18, from Kirovograd. The honor roll consisted of Olga Khimich, Yuliana Karpachova and Svetlana Zastavnyuk.

* BINIBINING PILIPINAS.- This year, the Miss World franchise went to the official contest “Binibining Pilipinas”, organized by the former Colombian Miss International Stella Márquez de Araneta. This event, held on Saturday, February 22 at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, crowned several queens. They were Elizabeth Berroya (Bb. Pilipinas Universe), Marilen Espino (Bb. Pilipinas World), Jo-Anne Timothea Alivio (Bb. Pilipinas International) and Marina Benipayo (Bb. Pilipinas Maja). The finalists were Hazel Huelves and Michelle Buan.

* MISS ESTONIA.- It was held on Sunday March 8 at the Sakala Center in Tallinn. Ruth Merila won it and the finalists were Svetlana Baltina and Helene Kanter.

* FEMINA MISS INDIA.- It took place on Saturday March 21 at the Shadmukhanand hall in Bombay, being organized by the Times of India and Royal Challenge. The victory went to Madhushree “Madhu” Sapre who was unanimously chosen by the judges, then representing her country in Miss Universe. The finalists were Celine Shyla Lopez (to Miss World) and Komal Sandhu.

* MISS PERU.- On Wednesday, April 1, the new Miss Peru 1992, Aline Arce, was elected, who later went to Miss Universe ’92 in Thailand. The coronation took place at the Sheraton Hotel in Lima, and was witnessed by a small audience of 60 people, all relatives of the only six entrants. The second place went to Ingrid Yrivarren and who would go to Miss World ’92. The remaining candidates were Verónica Busclagio, Mónica Sáenz, Giannina Olivares and Jéssica Vennegas.

* MISS ISRAEL.- Ravit Asaf won the crown of “Queen of Beauty of Israel 1992” but she was sent to Miss World and not to Miss Universe as it was customary at that time since she had not turned 18 years old on February 1 as Miss Universe requested. As “Maid of Beauty of Israel” was Einat Zmora (who went to Miss Universe), as “Queen of Grace of Israel” Sarit Afangar (to Miss International) and as “Teen Queen of Israel” Ravit Kanfi (to Miss Europe). The finalists were Taly Ben-Harush (to Miss Asia Pacific), Yael Azulay and Anat Ben-Hamo. The contest was held on Sunday, April 5.

Miss Israel

* MISS CHILE.- As in the previous year, a single contest was held to choose the Chilean representatives for Miss Universe and Miss World. Marcela Vacarezza was crowned as “Miss Chile 1992” and Paula Caballero as “Miss Chile World 1992”. The contest took place on Monday, April 6.

* FEGURÐARDROTTNING ÍSLANDS.- María Rún Hafliðadóttir was crowned Beauty Queen of Iceland on Wednesday April 22 at the Hotel Islandi in Reykjavik. Her title allowed her to go to Miss World 1992 and Miss Universe 1993. The finalists were Heiðrún Anna Björnsdóttir, Þórunn Lárusdóttir, Ragnhildur Sif Reynisdóttir and Jóhanna Dögg Stefánsdóttir.

Miss Iceland

* MISS CZECHOSLOVAKIA.- Pavlína Baburková won the last historic Miss Czechoslovakia title on Saturday, April 25 at the Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary, and for the first time represented the Czech Republic separately in Miss Universe 1993 due to the separation of the Czech and Slovak Republics, which became official on January 1, 1993. In second place was Gabriela Haršányová (to Miss World ’92) and in third place, Stepanka Tycova (to Miss International ’92).

* MISS UGANDA.- The contest was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala on Sunday, April 26 with the participation of 16 contestants, with Olga Nampima being elected, who was crowned by Miriam Makeba. In second place and as “Miss Uganda World University” was Pamela Audo Anyoti while the first runner-up was Hellen Kelton.

* MIS LIETUVA.- Held on Friday, May 1, at the Vilnius Sports Palace. The winner was 19-year-old Rasa Kukenytė from Vilnius, and the finalists were Juraté Mikutaité, Vilmanté Nainyté and Lina Lungyté. 18 candidates participated.

* MISS LATVIA.- It was held on Monday May 18 at the “Dailes” Theater in Riga and 10 candidates participated. Zane Vaļicka triumphed and the finalists were Una Kārkliņa and Santa Blūma.

* MISS HONG KONG.- The Miss World franchise returns to the official Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1992. The event was held at the Hung Hom Coliseum on Sunday, June 7 and was won by Emily Lo (to Miss Universe ’93). Second was Patsy Lau (to Miss World ’92) and third Shirley Cheung (to Miss International ’92).

* MISS HUNGARY.- Bernadett Papp won it on Friday, June 12 at the Budapest Congress Center. The finalists were Szilvia Rutterschmidt and Edit Kakas.

* MISS ARUBA.- Dyane Escalona was crowned “Miss Aruba 1992” on Sunday June 28 at the Tropicana Ballroom of the Royal Cabana Casino, winning the right to represent the “Happy Island” in Miss Universe 1993. In second place, heading to Miss World ’92 was Solange Nicolaas and in third, Rhona Lemminga (to Miss Young International). Ivonne Euson and Samarra Odor completed the Top 5. The event was produced by Joaquín Riviera from Venezuela and organized by Atan Lee of Star Productions.

Miss Aruba

* MISS IRELAND – Thirty candidates competed for the crown of “Miss Ireland 1992” on Monday June 29 at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin. The winner, heading to Miss World ’92 and Miss Universe ’93 was Sharon Ellis, from Cork.

* MISS CURAÇAO.- Elsa Rozendal was chosen for Miss Universe ’93 on Saturday, July 4, at the Centro Pro Arte. Christine Bakhuis, also Miss Photogenic and Miss Elegance, came in second place, winning the right to compete for the Miss World title. The other finalists were Gisèlle McWilliam, who resigned the next day because she disagreed with the results, and Thania Samson, while Giana Prinsen became Miss Tourism.

* MISS COMMONWEALTH BAHAMAS.- Jody Weech won the contest held on Sunday, July 5 at the Le Cabaret Theater on Paradise Island, although her triumph was contested weeks later (on July 23) by five of the nine members of the jury who had voted for Viana Bain (1st. runner-up) as the winner and issued a letter calling for Weech’s removal; However, this did not happen and Weech continued with her crown. Third place was taken by Theresa Deveaux. 15 contestants participated.

* MISS CROATIA.- The first edition of the contest brought together 24 finalists on Sunday July 12 at the Zagreb Sports Center. The winner was Elena Suran who attended Miss World. The finalists were Renata Horvat and Lidija Botić.

* MISS PUERTO RICO.- It was held on Friday, July 17 at the Rubén Rodríguez Coliseum in Bayamon with 38 candidates. The winner, heading to Miss Universe ’93, was Miss Toa Alta, Dayanara Torres and in second place, as Miss World Puerto Rico, was Lianabel Rosario from Trujillo Alto. The other finalists were Damaris Cortés (Isabela), Mabel Vélez (San Juan) and Lourdes Santiago (Lares).

Miss Puerto Rico. On the left Miss World of PR 1992 and in the center Dayanara Torres who later became Miss Universe

* MISS 1992 WORLD AMERICA.- The Civic Center of El Paso, Texas, was the setting chosen for the first edition of the contest, organized by Guy-Rex, on Saturday, July 18. The crown went to the temples of Miss Florida, Sharon Belden, who had already been Miss Florida USA and competed unsuccessfully in Miss USA 1992. The finalists were Karin Meyer (Alaska), Margaret Johnson (Texas), Nadine Tanega (Hawaii) and Elizabeth Cebak (Pennsylvania). The remaining semi-finalists were Shannon Stone (California), Tiffany Riedesel (Colorado), Heather Quarles (New York), Shanna Phillips (North Carolina) and Laura Wheeler (Massachusetts). The pageant brought together 51 candidates from around the country, was broadcast on ABC and hosted by Alan Thicke and Gina Tolleson, Miss World 1990.

Miss World Colombia

* MISS WORLD COLOMBIA.- The first edition of this contest was held on Monday, July 20 at the Jorge Eliécer Gaitán Theater in Bogotá, an event organized by Edgar Botero, who the previous year had been a Miss World judge in Atlanta. The winner was the representative of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Wguerddy Alejandra Oviedo, with 1.82 m tall, who traveled to South Africa for Miss World. The Vice-Queen was the representative of Casanare, Angélica Alejandra Rodríguez Torres, while the host, Ilonka Gómez Fertoch, ranked third. The group of finalists was completed by the representatives of Antioquia, Raquel Viviana Chaparro; Chocó, Angela María Castañeda; Magdalena, Eliana Campo González and Atlántico, María del Pilar Duarte. 30 candidates competed.

* MISS THAILAND WORLD.- Metinee Kingpayome was crowned on Saturday, July 25. The finalists were Thaksina Nantasuphanphong, Rungnaphaporn Promthep, Chanjira Phromhunt and Sirin Sotsiri.

Miss South Africa

* MISS SOUTH AFRICA.- It was held on Saturday, August 1 at the Sun City SuperBowl with the participation of 12 finalists. The title went to Amy Kleinhans, the first runner-up from the previous year and the first mixed race woman to become Miss South Africa in the history of the pageant. In second place was Augustine Masilela (who later went to Miss Universe 1995) and in third place Lisa Anne King. Venezuelan Ninibeth Leal, Miss World 1991 and Julia Morley were present at the event.

* MISS PANAMA.- Held on Saturday August 15 at the Anayansi Theater of the Atlapa Convention Center. Giselle Amelia González was chosen as Miss Panama for Miss Universe 1993, Michelle Harrington as Miss Panama for Miss World 1992 and Elsa del Carmen Jiménez as Miss Panama for Miss Hispanidad 1993. The finalists were Laura Drohan and Elisabeth Lundberg.

Miss Panama

* MISS SWITZERLAND- The Kongresshaus in Zurich was once again the venue for the contest that took place on Saturday, August 22, with Valérie Bovard winning, heading to Miss World ’92 and Miss Universe ’93. The finalists were Chantai Hediger (Suhr), Rebecca Ardessi (Lugano) and Béatrice Keul (Bienne).

* MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.- The La Fiesta Theater of the Hotel Jaragua, was the place of the National Beauty Contest of the Dominican Republic on Saturday, August 29. The winners were Odalisse Rodríguez as Miss Dominican Republic, who traveled to Miss Universe ’93 in Mexico while Gina Rojas was crowned Miss World Dominican; Miss Dominican Hispanidad was Faride Pérez Dabas, Miss Dominican Latin America, Julissa Meléndez, Miss Dominican International, Nikauly De La Mota, Miss Dominican Maja, Denisse Payamps, Miss Dominican Universities, Lynn Marie Álvarez Klinken and Miss Dominican Coffee Anna Marcelino. On Tuesday, August 25, during a swimsuit preview, one of the 23 candidates, 22-year-old Julie Ramírez, was disqualified after she removed the top of her swimsuit and proceeded to prance around the stage.

* MISS WORLD ECUADOR.- It was held on September 1, 1992 at the Guayaquil Art Center Theater with 14 contestants, organized by Telecentro. Stephanie Krumholz de Menezes was successful. Other winners were Rocío Ramirez (Miss Maja Ecuador), Carolina Giler (Miss Asia Pacific Ecuador), Clemencia Carrasco (Miss Hispanidad Ecuador) and Jenny Alvear (Miss Latin America Ecuador).

* MISS SINGAPORE WORLD.- Jennifer Wong, 20 years old and 5 feet 3 inches tall, won the contest held on Saturday, September 5 at the Neptuno Restaurant Theater, also being Miss Photogenic.

* MISS JAMAICA.- The National Arena in Kingston again hosted the contest on Saturday, September 5. The winner, heading to Miss World, was Julie-Ann Bradford. Nikki Swaby was Miss Jamaica International and Fern Proctor was Miss Jamaica Caribbean. Wendy Clarke and Michelle Parkes completed the Top 5.

* MISS VENEZUELA.- It was held on Wednesday, September 9 at the Poliedro of Caracas. The winner was Milka Chulina, Miss Aragua, who was sent to Miss Universe ’93. As Miss World Venezuela, Miss Bolívar, Francis Gago was crowned, while Miss Portuguese, María Eugenia Rodríguez, was chosen as Miss Venezuela International. The finalists turned out to be Miss Zulia, Nelitza León; Miss Miranda, Natalia Streignard; Miss Barinas, Vanessa Mittermayer; Miss Carabobo, Laura Gaerste; and Miss Mérida, Michelle Badillo. In the event, hosted by Bárbara Palacios (Miss Universe 1986) and Gilberto Correa, future actresses Gaby Spanic and Scarlet Ortíz also participated. 30 beauties competed.

* MISS POLAND.- Ewa Wachowicz, 22 years old and 5 feet 8 inches tall, was selected as “Miss Poland 1992” on Saturday 19 September at the Arena Hall in Poznan. The contest was attended by Miss World 1991, the Venezuelan Ninibeth Leal and Julia Morley. The finalists were Anna Wiśniowska, Marzena Karasińska, Monika Bis and Marzenna Wolska. 20 candidates participated. The winner received as a prize a car that turned out to be a stolen car, for which it was confiscated by the police. The new Miss Poland was then given the value of the car in cash as a prize.

* MISS BERMUDA ISLANDS.- A controversy occurred when Dianna Mitchell, a 24-year-old white woman, was elected “Miss Bermuda Islands 1992” by five judges, four of them black. The contest took place on Sunday 20 September at the Southampton Princess hotel. The audience booed the winner and the judges were branded racists for not choosing a black girl as the winner. Of the 19 contestants, only three were white skinned. To top it off, seventeen of the girls decided to sue organizer Terry Smith for manipulation and exploitation.

* MISS BRAZIL WORLD.- Priscila Maria Furlan from Sao Paulo won the contest held on Saturday, September 26 at the Ginásio do SESI in Maceió, Alagoas, with 27 entrants. In second place was Miss Rio de Janeiro, Sívia Nalevaiko José and, in third place, Miss Rio Grande do Sul, Karen Goudeu Matzenbacher. The Top 5 was completed by Farley Ferreira da Silva (Mato Grosso) and Karine de Carvalho Tavares (Pernambuco).

* MISS UNITED KINGDOM.- The Grosvenor House Hotel in London was the setting that served for the election of Claire Smith, Miss Blackpool, as “Miss United Kingdom 1992” on Thursday 8th October with 20 competitors. The finalists were Natasha Taylor, Miss Essex and Julie-Ann Coates, Miss Newcastle.

* MISS WORLD NEDERLAND.- It was held on Thursday October 8 in Kaatsheuvel and was won by Gaby van Nimwegen. Among the finalists was Nancy Lammers. 13 candidates participated.

* MISS SLOVENIA.- Natasa Abram won the crown on Saturday, October 17 in the Bled Casino hall, defeating 11 other finalists. Metka Klajderič came second and Melita Kolarič third.

* MISS ARGENTINA.- The election of “Miss Argentina 1992” for Miss World was held on Saturday October 17 at the ATC studios and 21 young ladies competed for the national crown, two from the other provinces and the rest from Buenos Aires. The winner was precisely one of the two representatives of the province, Claudia Andrea Bertona, 23 years old and 1.80 m, from Córdoba. Miriam Nahón was elected as First Princess , who would later represent the country in Miss World 1994.


                This year’s hopefuls for the Miss Taiwan crown were asked to rub the back of homeless retirees, play with orphans and comfort the dying in a concerted effort to improve the image of a beauty pageant often linked to sexual or economic scandals. In addition to taking behavior lessons and makeup application, the 60 semi-finalists of the “Miss Taiwan 1992” competition began a real-life course at the end of July. For three months they spent time caring for the underprivileged in Taiwan. According to the contest committee, the image enhancement campaign was launched after criticism that the contestants were vain, arrogant and often questionable in character. The “beauty” had to reflect both inner and outer beauty, so applicants had to show that they had other virtues in addition to mere appearance, a spokesperson said. In August, the most beautiful women in Taiwan sang opera songs to residents of nursing homes, played chess with them, and gave them massages. Throughout September, the would-be beauty queen spent time reading to the children of the orphanages. In October, millions of miniature Taiwanese flags were distributed to celebrate the national day on October 10.

                Among these activities, the semifinalists called dying patients in Taipei hospitals “to show them that the world was still beautiful and to give them the strength to fight disease,” said a spokesman for the organizers. Some of the previous Miss Taiwan winners, who later represented the ROC in the Miss World pageant, had caused a storm of controversy. In 1988, Ling Hui-hui was stripped of her title for allegedly tarnishing the pageant’s image by drinking and singing with patrons at a hostess bar. That same year, Wu Yi-ning was accused of having an affair with a high-ranking official of the pageant. Ling sued the organizers for withholding a year’s salary as a goodwill ambassador for Taiwan, a gold crown, a scepter and a car. Four other contenders in 1988 sued the Taipei Tourism Association for withholding half of their cash prizes. The following year, at Miss Wonderland, Miss Venezuela and Miss Sri Lanka fled Taiwan without their luggage when organizers tried to force them to participate in a two-week tour of the island to promote the products of the sponsors. The latest beauty pageant scandal involved Lu Shu-fang, Miss Taiwan 1991, who was caught with a married businessman in a Taipei motel room by police and the man’s wife. News reports said the wife dropped the charges against Lu after she gave her a check for $ 200,000. To avoid further problems related to cash prizes and gifts, the Home Office prohibited individuals from sponsoring beauty pageants and required that, in the end, sponsoring companies allocate 5% of their income budget to charities.





                The contestants of Miss World 1992 began to travel to London on Friday, November 13, as the concentration in the British capital would be that weekend. Days before, the media announced that Ivana Trump and Sidney Sheldon had been invited as judges and that model Jerry Hall and Billy Dee Williams would be part of the conduction of the event in South Africa. At the beginning of November some national directors withdrew their candidates, as they would not be sent due to economic or visa issues. Miss PERU (Ingrid Yrivarren Paz) did not attend because the organizers could not cover the franchise and travel expenses since at that time the country was mired in a serious financial crisis and with high inflation. Miss BELIZE (Melanie Smith) was recently elected and the local organizers decided not to send her for financial reasons, as happened with the brand new Miss ALBANIA (Valbona Selimllari), Miss LITHUANIA (Rasa Kukenyté) and Miss ESTONIA (Ruth Merila). For their part, the directors of Miss BOTSWANA (Boitumelo Mmesa Ramponye) could not register her on time nor process her visa.

                88 candidates were then expected to arrive in London as confirmed by their directors. But five of them in the end did not make it to the contest either. They were Miss HONDURAS (Julissa Rodríguez), winner of the national contest “Señorita Independencia de Honduras”, Miss NEW CALEDONIA (Sylvie Rose Marcuzzo), a territory that was going to debut in Miss World and that was not sent to Miss France since they wanted to compete internationally. They had already done it the previous year at Miss International and in 1992 they wanted to be represented at Miss World; Miss PAPUA NEW GUINEA (Jennifer Lemeki), Miss TAHITI (Tania Noble) and a girl who was expected until the last minute and who was even told that she could join the group in South Africa, Miss EGYPT (Lamia Mohamed El-Noshi) did not arrive either. She was also pre-registered the previous year in Miss World but at the end she could not arrive. On the other hand, the original Miss World Philippines, Marilen Espino, fell ill with chickenpox a few days before traveling so she had to be replaced in an emergency by Marina Benipayo, Miss Maja Philippines. Another who was replaced was Miss Namibia, Anja Schroeder, being replaced by her first runner-up, Linda Sharon Schultz, but the reasons why the original queen was unable to travel were not reported.

                The 83 candidates had their first official activity in the 1992 Miss World pageant on Monday November 16 with the charity luncheon hosted by the Variety Club of Great Britain at the Park Lane Hilton Hotel, which also served as an official introduction to the British media. As was traditional, the contestants arrived wearing their national costumes from each of their countries and brought with them a national gift that would be auctioned in favor of the charities of the British Variety Club. On Tuesday the 17th the girls packed their belongings and in the evening they left for Heathrow airport to catch SAA flight 927, bound for Johannesburg.


                 The candidates, along with Eric and Julia Morley, arrived at Jan Smuts Airport in Johannesburg at 9:50 a.m. on Wednesday, November 18, got off the South African Airways Boeing 747 in alphabetical order, wearing identifying sashes and there They were greeted by a crowd of flag-bearing children, the children’s choir “The Drankensberg Boys,” Ina Pearlman from “Operation Hunger,” Hazel Feldman from Sun International, and the press. Miss Bahamas did not get off the plane with the group because she felt a little unwell but later she joined the rest of the girls and Miss Brazil lost her hat when leaving the “Jumbo Jet” due to the intense breeze. The Misses were treated to a welcome lunch before boarding special buses that would take them to Sun City, a city located about 200 km northwest of Johannesburg. There they were accommodated at the Palace Hotel in Lost City, which was about to open. In the following days, the 83 beauties from around the world began to work with the “Beauty with a Purpose” project visiting numerous human settlements in Bophuthatswana with “Operation Hunger” by the hand of Ina Pearlman, giving food to the most needy especially children. The girls visited Bakgofa Primary School in Ledig and Tshepang Primary School in Sheila village.

                On another occasion, the beauties were taken to an orphanage and asked to bring souvenirs from their countries. The girls met the boys at lunch. Oksana Sabo, Miss Ukraine, recalled: “Two huge boilers caught fire and a long line of children from the orphanage with tin cans lined up next to them. A yellowish, smelly liquid was poured on them. Children were lashing out at presents with it. hungry gleam in her eyes. After visiting the orphans, it was discovered that some Misses had got lice”.


                It all started when Sun International billionaire Solomon Kerzner, better known as “Sol”, son of Russian immigrants and ex-husband of Miss World 1974, South African Anneline Kriel, developed a resort and casino that opened on December 7, 1979 in Sun City, then a remote town that had no churches within the Bantustan of Bophuthatswana, which had a single lodging called Hotel Sun City. The resort borders the Pilanesberg Game Reserve and the Gary Player Country Club. The expansion of the tourist complex was rapid. Later the very sophisticated hotels The Cabanas and Cascades were opened, as well as the entertainment center called Superbowl. There were great shows such as Miss South Africa and shows of celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Elton John and Queen. But the most fascinating thing was the creation of the Lost City and the Hotel Palace, the first of 6 stars in the world. In June 1992, a life-size bronze statue of the elephant Shawu, a legendary animal recognized for having the largest tusks in southern Africa, who died in 1982, was inaugurated. The statue rests at the entrance to the Palace of the Lost City, a masterpiece sculpted by Danie de Jagar and the presentation was attended by the reigning Miss World, Venezuelan Ninibeth Leal and Miss World ’58, South African Penny Coelen.


                The Lost City officially opened on Tuesday, December 1 with three major events. The first was that same day with a concert by the French artist Jean Michel Jarre accompanied by fireworks. The second was the Million Dollar Golf Tournament, which took place from Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 December at Gary Player’s Country Club, and which was won by South African David Frost after beating American John Cook, receiving his millionaire check from the hands of Ninibeth Leal, Miss World 1991. The third big event, which closed the inauguration with a flourish, was the election of the new Miss World on December 12th. The theme park called “Valley of the Waves” which was inaugurated together with the Lost City complex, has a huge pool with artificial waves called “The Roaring Lagoon”, a vertical water slide 70 meters high called “El Temple of Courage”, the “Royal Baths” and a suspension bridge simulating spider webs.

                The creation of this impressive complex was taken from an ancient legend of a city lost in the middle of the jungle. Legend has it that the “Lost City” had been built by a peaceful and artistic tribe in the Valley of the Ancients, where they also built a palace with gold leaves, towering columns, and magnificent hand-carved furniture. Both the palace and the city were protected by Kong’s gates: huge and sturdy, spanning the other side of the elephant-lined Bridge of Time and opening onto the Fountain of the Monkey Spring Plaza. But it all ended one day when an earthquake destroyed the city and only the Palace and the Amphitheater remained standing. The survivors fled and the city was lost in the middle of the jungle… The legend was recreated in 17 hectares of rivers, waterfalls and man-made jungles and a luxurious 338-room hotel called precisely “The Palace of the Lost City”, designed in the style of an ancient and unknown civilization with a taste for ornamentation, with a nocturnal volcanic eruption and a golf course with live crocodiles at the 13th hole water hazard, a fantasy place conceived by American architects and Sol Kerzner . A Johannesburg newspaper called it a “loud and blatant monument to extravagance”. The hotel seemed like an attempt to combine Buckingham Palace with the wonderful Disney World. “Miss World is a fantasy title, and this is a fantasy, a wonderful place,” said Julia Morley.

                The hotel has elephants, leopards and monkeys carved and painted on every imaginable surface, including the vaulted towers and interior gas lamps. There are jungle tapestries, faux zebra-skin chairs, and massive columns that rise from bases that look like elephant feet. Eduardo Robles, the California architect who designed the project, described the style as “jungle baroque.” It was based on Kerzner’s vision for a unique African hotel and theme park, Robles said. “I thought in the middle of the jungle we would put one of the great hotels in the world,” said Kerzner, 57. “It was important that it be an African experience. It had to be about Africa”. The hotel lobby is a seven-story-tall rotunda with a jungle scene painted on the ceiling. Kerzner’s publicists compared the workmanship to that of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. And, because history in Africa was so troubled, the resort had its own myth, involving a tribe of peace-loving, wealthy, environmentally correct, and water-sports-loving founders known as the “Ancients”. Sol Kerzner spared no expense when launching his $ 267 million project. There was nothing like it in sub-Saharan Africa, where true tribal chiefs and kings historically lived in complexes with clay and grass huts. The Lost City was a gamble, particularly with the world in recession and with the future of South Africa.

                Gambling was Sol Kerzner’s life for the past decade, ever since he started his 31-hotel casino business. By building in Bophuthatswana, Kerzner bypassed South Africa’s ban on gambling and had made millions off rich whites who drove two hours from Johannesburg, passing miles of black camps. Their resorts were in the impoverished lands of South Africa, where gambling was legal. In 1989, the flamboyant three-time married Kerzner admitted that he had bribed the leader of Transkei, another nominally independent black homeland, to secure exclusive rights to his company’s casino there.

                Black activists and union leaders accused Kerzner’s Sun International corporation that it was based on Apartheid and depended on the homeland system devised by the architects of South African segregation. “He has benefited from Apartheid,” said Papi Kganare, leader of the South African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union, which represented black hotel and restaurant workers in that country. International artists had boycotted Sun City for years to protest Apartheid before the government launched political reforms. Now black unions within the country were calling for a boycott of the new Lost City. Unions were planning demonstrations to disrupt scheduled events, including the Miss World pageant on December 12.

                To help publicize the resort, Kerzner cleverly brought in the Miss World pageant, which would be viewed by millions of people via satellite. Ivana Trump, the ex-wife of Donald Trump, and Brigette Nielsen, ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone, added an element of celebrity to the event that was held for the first time in Africa and for the first time, in a country that hardly anyone recognized, Bophuthatswana. Kerzner brought in dozens of European journalists and hosted them for free to take pictures and write stories about the competitors and celebrities, who were generous in their praise of the Lost City. “The perfection, the uniqueness, the excitement,” said Brigitte Nielsen. “It’s, like, so dramatic,” sighed Deborah Shelton of the series Dallas. “It’s amazing isn’t it?” said actress Joan Collins. Nielsen’s main contribution to the Kerzner cause was appearing in a leopard-skin swimsuit in the hotel’s Olympic-size swimming pool. A 6-foot-4-inch robotic cop in high heels posed with a tiny black waiter, kissed her Italian boyfriend, kindly adjusted her outfit to better show off her titanic cleavage, and generally indulged the whims of photographers, the most of them inveterate professionals from the British tabloids. Joan Collins, also in regulation leopard skin, posed arm in arm with Sol and Jerry Hall, the Miss World presenter, and sat on the leg of a live elephant with false tusks.

Personalities invited to the inauguration of the Lost City and Miss World 1992

                Elephants are important to this African never land. Palace interior designer Trish Wilson of Dallas evidently concluded that the way to satisfy Kerzner’s desire to build the hotel “the African way” was to have elephant motifs all over it. If it weren’t for the impeccable condition of the marble floors, you might be forgiven for thinking the hotel was a luxurious elephant house: the wooden doors to the main entrance are eight meters high and the master bathroom in the royal suite would accommodate to a family of three. The view of the Palace on the Hill from Sun City’s “entertainment center,” home to a thousand slot machines, one of which announced the jackpot with a mechanical evocation of an elephant shouting a trumpet, conjures up images of Indiana Jones. A temple the size of Windsor Castle.

                Kerzner argued that he had created a tourism industry that provided jobs. “We have established industries, we have established jobs, we have developed people and their skills. What would the critics prefer? That these people are still impoverished?” Kerzner said his company was helping black people, “but the best contribution I can make is doing what I’m doing. I’m creating jobs. Hopefully, I’m creating a real boost for international tourism. If we’re going to survive here, we have to have a growing economy”. Members of the nearby 170,000-member Bakgatla tribe said Sun City had created jobs, but had also created problems among its people, such as prostitution and crime. Neon lights and slot machines attracted young people from their desperately poor villages, most of whom had no electricity or running water. Dan Ntsala, a community development worker from a nearby park and a member of the Bakgatla tribe, believed that Sun City had an obligation to do more to improve the surrounding communities, and not just have players pass on their way to the blackjack tables. The pageant was being held with the approval of its president and, for many, dictator of the Bophuthatswana tribal nation, Lucas Mangope. Black homelands had been widely criticized for being corrupt and repressive. Unions were not allowed in that Bantustan. Neither was free political activity. The week before, a group of clergymen had been mistreated by the national police when they tried to organize a march for human rights. “Kerzner opts for homelands where he knows exploitation can be maximum,” said Bheki Nkosi, a national spokesman for the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). But neither Kerzner nor the Miss World organizers apologized for what critics said was a flamboyant display of abysmal poverty and Bophuthatswana’s political struggle.

The Valley of the Waves


               The African National Congress on Monday, November 23, threatened to interrupt the Miss World contest, which was to be held in Sun City, Bophuthatswana, unless the authorities allowed “free political activity” in the territory. In addition, the South African Communist Party and the “Saccawu” Hotel Union called on the Miss World contestants to withdraw from the competition “in solidarity with oppressed black populations”. The ANC and its allies accused the President of the unrecognized Bantustan of Bophuthatswana, Lucas Mangope, for his dictatorial attitudes and violations of human rights, in addition to using the contest “to legitimize his regime in the eyes of the international community” . The contest was also encountering union difficulties due to the dismissal of many employees of the “Sun International” chain, which owns the Lost City, and the ANC was threatening to organize a demonstration to alter its performance. However, this finally did not happen and the contest continued without major problems until the end.

                Officials from the African National Congress in neighboring Western Transvaal, an organization that was illegal in Bophuthatswana, had threatened to disrupt the Miss World contest in protest, but were roundly reprimanded by the ANC headquarters in Johannesburg. One clue to the ANC’s bland acceptance of the Lost City, Apartheid’s ultimate monument, was that Kerzner had recently become used to inviting its leaders to dinner. Another possibility is that he had convinced the CNA leaders with his often-repeated argument that by building the complex he was providing employment for those in need, who lived in the slums so close, yet so carefully out of sight of Sun City. A pity, then, that it did not provide employment for any of the local beauty queens as it did for an elephant company at the Miss World show. The list of participants did not include Miss Bophuthatswana. But perhaps this would have pushed the fantasy too far. Separately, Diana Charles, a Sun City executive, was reported to have persuaded local black Bophuthatswana officials to postpone the scheduled hanging of three killers until the beauty pageant was over.


                The 83 beauties together with Ninibeth Leal recorded on Monday, November 23, a musical number with the theme “Africa” ​​by the singer Toto in the facilities of the “Valley of the Waves”, the amphitheater, the jungle and the Palaces of the Lost City, dressed with tunics designed by Gloria Andrioli, in a presentation that would be seen on the day of the final. They also recorded their self-introductions in bathing suits and the parade in national costumes in the Palace gardens and in the roaring lagoon, each girl accompanied by burly models, some dressed as African warriors and others in the traditional costumes of each nation, resembling to the parade of athletes in the Olympics, carrying the flag of their countries of origin, with the exception of those of Miss Curaçao, Miss Iceland and Miss Zambia, perhaps because their flags did not arrive on time and that of Miss South Africa because she did not want to carry the South African colors. The only young woman who could not record this sequence was Miss American Virgin Islands, because her national costume did not arrive in Sun City on time. There was also time to get to know the surroundings and the girls visited the Pilanesberg Game Reserve where they could observe wild animals in their natural habitat. On the other hand, the girls attended the complex’s bowling facilities to play and entertain themselves a bit, spending their free time frolicking in the computer-controlled waves that broke the shores of artificial white sand. In the amphitheater of the Lost City, the Press Presentation of the beautiful contestants was held on Saturday, December 5, where 82 of the 83 girls posed for the photographers in bathing suits. Miss Ecuador who was ill did not attend the activity.

Bottom: Macau, Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago, Bolivia, Cyprus, Guam, Jamaica, Swaziland, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, British Virgin Islands, Belgium, American Virgin Islands, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Lebanon, and Guatemala.
2nd row: Sweden (cut off), Switzerland, Aruba, Australia, Canada, Bulgaria, USA, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Curacao, El Salvador, Venezuela, Greenland, India, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Paraguay, Seychelles, South Africa and Zambia.
3rd row: Greece, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Brazil, Taiwan, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Korea, Namibia, Uruguay, New Zealand, Panama, United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine and Thailand.
Top: Colombia, Argentina, Austria, Cayman Islands, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Bahamas, Chile, Croatia, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Philippines, Israel, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Uganda, and Russia.

                After getting a taste of the glamor of the Miss World competition, Miss Gibraltar confessed that she did not want to go home. Seventeen-year-old dressmaker Michelle Torres said she had made lots of friends in the lead up to the December 12 finale and that she loved the sun. The contestants were in intense rehearsals for the forty-second edition of Miss World, which was held for the first time in the luxurious Sun City complex, where a fantasy theme park had been created. Michelle said: “This is amazing, I have never seen anything like The Lost City. When I won Miss Gibraltar, my three sisters started jumping for joy and when I got home they put my crown on like in the story of Sleeping Beauty. Now they want to do the same with Miss World, but who knows? “.

                Miss Croatia was overwhelmed by the echoes of the horrors of her home when she visited a South African township. Elena Suran encountered poverty, malnutrition and tragedy that served as a poignant reminder of the civil war that had left thousands dead in the former Yugoslavia. Elena, a 21-year-old student, helped feed the children who were fortunate enough to receive one meal a day from aid organizations in various municipalities. Visibly moved, she said: “I just think that I am very sorry for all the things that are happening in my country. Families and children are suffering like here for other things. I feel very sorry for all those who have passed away and the families on both sides”. The attention of observers, press and bookmakers was directed towards the representatives of France and Israel, while Miss Venezuela, Miss Finland and Miss South Africa also predicted good chances of a prize.

                But the fact that this year’s pageant brought the glamor and glory back to Miss World was already clear. Miss Spain Samantha Torres said bluntly: “The real Miss Spain has no idea what she is missing. No Miss Universe pageant in Mexico City can compete with this! I still can’t believe what is happening to me. In the morning, I am awakened by the song of the birds in my ear and I read in the large sliding window of my room that overlooks the golf course that I must not feed the monkeys … and I realize that I am in Africa, I do not want to return home… “. Another blonde Miss Denmark, Anja Brond, said her goodbyes before going to London for the first time and then traveling to Sun City. “The South African Ambassador to Denmark, Mr. Conrad Sidego, organized a farewell party for me in Copenhagen. His wife, Amy, gave me a large bouquet of proteas, the first time I saw these flowers”, said the beautiful Scandinavian girl that was considered another of the main favorites.

                Miss France and Miss Nigeria came from competing in Miss Universe that same year. The Venezuelan candidate had won the crown of “South American Queen” in Bolivia days before, the French woman was a semifinalist of Miss Europe ’92 where Miss Belgium also competed and the Spanish girl qualified in Miss International of that same year, where Miss Costa Rica also participated. The Puerto Rican lady was 2nd runner-up in the “Queen of Harvest ’92” and 3rd runner-up in Miss Hispanidad Internacional ’91; Miss Uruguay competed in that same event but in 1992. For her part, Miss Philippines had competed in Miss Chinese International in 1988. Some candidates had unusual ethnic backgrounds. For example, Miss Belgium was born in Kinshasa, Zaire and Miss Israel was of a Moroccan father and a Polish mother. On the other hand, Miss Holland turned 21 and Miss Costa Rica 19 just on the same day of the finals. Miss Russia was the tallest competitor in this edition of Miss World with 6 feet tall barefoot, imagine her with 6 inches heels !!, while the shortest was Miss Singapore with only 5 feet 3 inches. Next, the table with the most important data of the 83 candidates of Miss World 1992:

01AMERICAN VIRGIN ISLANDSLeah Latasha Webster19Saint ThomasStudent of Psychology
02ARGENTINAClaudia Andrea Bertona23San Francisco, CordobaBachelor of Kinesiology
03ARUBASolange Noelle Nicolaas22SavanetaBusiness Administration Student
04AUSTRALIARebecca Simic20SydneyFlutist and Soprano
05AUSTRIAKerstin Kinberg20GrazStudent of Medicine
06BAHAMASJody Barbara Weech18BiminiStudent of Accounting
07BELGIUMSandra Joine23AntwerpStudent of Public  Relations
08BERMUDADianna Lorraine Mitchell24PembrokeStudent at Insurance Institute
09BOLIVIAVeronica Pino Linale21TarijaFashion Designer
10BRAZILPriscilla Maria Furlan20Sao PauloBusiness Administration Student
11BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDSBisa Smith17Road Town, TortolaOwner of a Museum
12BULGARIAElena Draganova17SofiaFashion Design Student
13CANADANina Khilji25TorontoGraduated in Fine Arts and Theater Actress
14CAYMAN ISLANDSPamela Joanne Ebanks19Grand CaymanBank Employee
15CHILEPaula Maite Caballero Fernandez22SantiagoModel
16CHINA-TAIWANWei-Wei Cheng24TaipeiGraduated in Modern Languages ​​and Literature
17COLOMBIAWguerddy Alejandra Oviedo Vargas20Santafé de BogotáDesigner of Fashion
18COSTA RICAMarisol Soto Alarcon19Saint JosephBusiness Administration Student
19CROATIAElena Suran21RovijnStudent of Economics
20CURAÇAOCristina Bakhuis20WillemstadStudent of Accounting
21CYPRUSMaria Kountouris19NicosiaNational Guard Officer
22CZECHOSLOVAKIAGabriela Harsanyova21KosiceSecretary of a Children’s Foundation
23DENMARKAnja Hende Brond20AlborgReceptionist
24DOMINICAN REPUBLICGina Maria Rojas Mañón21EspaillatBusiness Administration Student
25ECUADORStephanie Krumholz de Menezes18GuayaquilStudent of International Business Administration
26EL SALVADORRaquel Cristina Duran18San SalvadorMarket Research Student
27FINLANDPetra Enrika Von Hellens19TurkuBachelor
28FRANCELinda Hardy19NantesStudent of Business International
29GERMANYCarina Jope21FrankfurtArt History Student
30GIBRALTARMichelle Torres17Alameida EstateDressmaker
31GREECEEvgenia Paschalidi20AthensTV Presenter and Student of French Literature
32GREENLANDLaali Lyberth18GodthabWants to make a career in Travel and Tourism
33GUAMMichelle Cruz20Santa RitaStudent
34GUATEMALAAna Maria Johanis Iglesias22Guatemala CityFashion Design Student
35HOLLANDGabrielle “Gaby” van Nimwegen21StoutenburgModel
36HONG KONGPatsy Lau Yan-Ling23New TerritoriesGraduated in Psychology
37HUNGARYBernadett Papp19BalatonalmádiStudent of  High School
38ICELANDMaria Run Haflidadóttir20ReykjavikStudent of Languages
39INDIACeline Shyla Lopez23BangaloreWorks in a hospital
40IRELANDSharon Ellis22Bishopstown , CorkGraduated in Social Sciences
41ISRAELRavit Asaf18LehavimFinished high school and aspires to study Law
42ITALYPaola Irrera19MessinaStudent of Linguistics
43JAMAICAJulie-Ann Bradford23KingstonGraduated in Sociology
44JAPANKaoru Kikuchi17TokyoStudent of Buddhism
45KOREAMi-young Lee23SeoulTV Reporter and Teacher for Children
46LATVIAZane Valicka19CesisStudent
47LEBANONNicole Bardawil20KeserwanStudent of Advertising
48MACAULok -I Ho22MacauOfficial of the Government
49MALAYSIAFazira Wan Chek18Kuala LumpurModel
50MALTANoelene Micallef19FguraStudent of Secretariat
51MAURITIUSSarasvadee Rengassamy23Port LouisGraduated in Science
52MEXICOCarmen Lucia Lehman Fernandez22Merida, YucatanComputer Science Student
53NAMIBIALinda Sharon Schultz19WindhoekDirector of a shipping company
54NEW ZEALANDKarly Donne Kinnaird19DunedinStudent of Psychology
55NIGERIASandra Guenefred Petgrave20LagosStudent of Economics
56NORWAYKjersti Brakestad19OsloReady to study Psychology
57PANAMAMichelle Marie Harrington Hasbún19Panama CityStudent of Marketing
58PARAGUAYLourdes Magdalena Zaracho18AsuncionModel
59PHILIPPINESMarina Pura Abad Santos Benipayo24ManilaStudent of  International Studies
60POLANDEwa Wachowicz22KrakowFood Technology Student
61PORTUGALFernanda Manuela Santos20LisbonAthlete
62PUERTO RICOLianabel Rosario Centeno21Trujillo AltoAdministration, Marketing and Finance student
63ROMANIACamellia Ilie19BucharestProfessional Model
64RUSSIAJulia Alexandrovna Kourotchkina18Shcherbinka , MoscowStudent of Finance
65SEYCHELLESMyrna Chantal Hoareau22La DiguePsychologist
66SINGAPOREJennifer Wong20SingaporeStudent of Art and Social Sciences
67SLOVENIANatasa Abram17KoperAspire to become a Model
68SOUTH AFRICAAmy Kleinhans24Cape TownTeacher
69SPAINSamantha Torres Waldrón19Ibiza, Balearic IslandsStudent and wants to become an Actress
70SRI LANKAIshara Abelashini Makolange18KolathimbiriwewaProfessional Model
71SWAZILANDCandy Litchfield18MbabaneFashion Design Student
72SWEDENUlrika Johansson25TrollhättanStudent of Law
73SWITZERLANDValérie Bovard21La Tour-de PeilzCommercial Assistant
74THAILANDMetinee Washington “Look Ked” Kingpayome20BangkokStudent of Child Development
75TRINIDAD & TOBAGORenée Garib20St.JosephAmbitions to be Announcer
76TURKEYOzlem Kaymaz18IstanbulWants to study Communications
77UGANDADorothy Olga Mazoe Nampima19MasakaStudent and Model
78UKRAINEOksana Sabo19KirovogradModel
79UNITED KINGDOMClaire Elizabeth Smith21Upton, ChesterWants to study Fashion Design
80URUGUAYLeonora Irene Dibueno Fenocchi25MontevideoDesigner of Fashion
81U.S.A.Sharon Flynn Belden26Coral Gables, FloridaInterior Design Student
82VENEZUELAFrancis del Valle Gago Aponte19CaracasStudent of Dentistry
83ZAMBIAElizabeth Mwanza21LusakaTravel Consultant and part-time Model

               But not everything was rosy. Miss Portugal complained that she was not allowed to smoke in public, Miss Austria was not allowed to go jogging without a chaperone, and Miss Singapore was not allowed to go swimming. For her part, Miss Romania lamented how difficult it was to be away from home, especially when no one, except her translator, spoke her language. On Sunday, December 6, the “Miss World Family Party” was held in the luxurious Palace of the Lost City, where the girls sang one of the iconic anthems of the contest together with the hotel employees and in the following days the evaluation of the judges was done, where all the contestants wore their ball gowns to be interviewed individually by each of the judges, who talked for three minutes with each contestant. Miss Ukraine appeared dressed in a bizarre costume with a headdress included that seemed more like a national fantasy. The participants went from table to table to be evaluated in the personality test by the eleven judges. Anthony Delon, one of the jurors, said that he would definitely not date any of the contestants and was surprised during the interview that a couple of them didn’t even know what AIDS was… After the hard work, the judges enjoyed of a succulent lunch accompanied by the Morleys. After a short break, they observed all the girls parading alphabetically in groups of three at a time in their bathing suits. In the end, the judges had to issue two lists of ten selected girls with “check marks” one for physical appearance and one for personality.

                On the night of Friday, December 11, the Dress Rehearsal was held with the attendance of about 4 thousand people at the SuperBowl in Sun City, where the representative of Spain was crowned, for rehearsal purposes, and where Ninibeth Leal, Miss World 1991, did her final walk dressed in electric blue. Meanwhile, the bookmakers’ favorites were Miss United Kingdom and Miss Denmark at 4-1, followed by Miss Portugal (5-1), Miss Argentina (6-1), Miss France and Miss Uruguay (7-1 ), Miss India (8-1), Miss Venezuela and Miss USA (10-1) and Miss South Africa (12-1).



                The Sun City SuperBowl was completely packed with about 6,000 spectators for the finals of Miss World 1992, on the afternoon of Saturday, December 12, an event that celebrated its forty-second anniversary and that on this occasion was produced and conceived by William C. Faure for Sun International and M-Net. It should be noted that the contest, which was just over 2 hours long, was completely musical, unlike in other years. But before the show began, the organizers contemplated a possible threat. Such were concerns about possible disruption to the contest that armed soldiers from Bophuthatswana barricaded the streets near Sun City through dingy stretches of brush dotted with zinc huts that most of the inhabitants of that Bantustan called home. And so, with guns out and tux in, the show began.

                The event began at 4 in the afternoon local South African time, a somewhat strange time for this type of event, and was broadcast to 71 countries around the world live and delayed thanks to Trans World International. The event was expected to be seen by some 400 million people. In the United Kingdom it was broadcast live, at 2 in the afternoon through the Sky One cable channel since ITV was about to close its doors, in fact, the channel disappeared on December 31 of that year. For Spanish-speaking countries, the contest was translated by Argentine boxing host Juan Abraham Larena, who has been doing it since 1982. The program began with images of the Palace of the Lost City with voice-over narration by James White and Venezuelan Ninibeth Loyal, Miss World 1991, welcoming the most spectacular Miss World in history from the top of the highest tower of the Palace. On the stage, which was decorated in the center with the image of the elephant Shawu and two statues of jaguars on the sides, were the African dancers of Zulu dances from the Heia Safari Ranch while it was announced that the American actor Billy Dee Williams and the supermodel Jerry Hall (wife of Mick Jagger, one of the founding members of the Rolling Stones group) together with the South African TV presenter and recognized as the “Best Dressed Woman” in the country, Doreen Morris, would be the presenters of the evening, while the former Miss USA 1970 and actress Deborah Shelton and South African TV presenter Suanne Braun, would be the commentators of the show. British host Peter Marshall, who had been running the contest since 1980, stopped hosting the event this year.

               South African singers Malie Kelly, Paul Buckby and Leslie Kleinsmith, accompanied by a men’s ballet, entered the stage to pay tribute to the 83 Miss World contestants, who began to parade in alphabetical order through the Superbowl stalls accompanied by a model carrying the flag of the country represented to then go up on stage, while on the screens the video of self-introduction of each candidate in a bathing suit was seen and at the same time, their presentation in national costumes recorded outdoors with the delegation of each country, with indigenous costumes and with men dressed in the style of the ancient civilization of the Lost City. Miss American Virgin Islands was finally able to show off her national fantasy, as her costume arrived days before in Sun City. The girls who recorded in the “Roaring Lagoon” of the Valley of the Waves were accompanied in their presentation by elephants trained by Randall Moore. As the parade of nations unfolded, singer Abigail Kubeka along with Sophia Foster, Mara Louw and the duo Marcalex, joined the early singers to present a medley of modern and traditional African themes. Abigail Kubeka sang the catchy theme “Pata-Pata” that Miriam Makeba immortalized and Marcalex the “Lion King” theme. At the closing of the opening all the girls posed on stage with their national costumes along with the singers and dancers of the African dance group Mzumba.

                Billy Dee Williams then entered the stage to thank the artists for their performance and was wrong to say “welcome to Miss World 1999” … Williams received the two presenters, Jerry Hall and Doreen Morris, on stage, who publicly thanked Sol Kerzner from Sun International for bringing the contest to South Africa. Next, British entertainment reporter Robin Leach appeared onstage in an elevator to announce the first winner of the night, the young woman wearing the most spectacular national attire. By the way, Venezuelan Francis Gago, a native of Maturín, Monagas state, paraded in a fantasy costume designed by Mayela Camacho that symbolized the country’s tropical flora, a green mesh adorned with large yellow sunflowers. Miss Australia was dressed as a cockatoo, Miss Denmark as a mermaid and Miss Colombia in a green fancy dress that represented the richness of emeralds. But the one who won the award for Best National Costume was Miss Canada, Nina Khilji, who wore a striking American Indian costume with the colors of the Canadian flag.

                While the competitors went to the dressing rooms to put on their evening gowns, the commentators Deborah Shelton and Suanne Braun talked about the candidates and the backstage of the contest. Shelton commented that her favorites were Miss USA, Miss Venezuela and Miss Bahamas. After the commercial break, Abigail Kubeka entertained the audience with one of her musical themes. Then it was the turn of the quartet of artists called “Soweto String” together with the tribal ballet of the Heia Safari Ranch with the theme “Sikelele” while presenting a video with the most beautiful natural and tourist places in South Africa and also the fauna and the African children. They were also accompanied by Sophia Foster, Malie Kelly, Paul Buckby and Leslie Kleinsmith. Commentators went on to explain the voting system, which this year featured the auditing firm Coopers Leybrand and Unidata computers. Doreen Morris and Jerry Hall then proceeded to present the judging panel of a dozen personalities that was composed of:

01- Eric Morley – Organizer of Miss World and Chairman of the Judges without the right to vote.

02- Anthony Delon – French actor and son of the also renowned actor Alain Delon.

03- Jarvis Astaire – President of Variety Clubs International.

04- Suzanne de Passe – American businesswoman, director of the music firm Motown.

05- Kim Alexis – Supermodel from the U.S.A.

06- Mbongeni Ngema – Producer and Director of the film Sarafina.

07- Gary Player – Famous South African golf player.

08- Ivana Trump – Czech-American businesswoman and ex-wife of Donald Trump.

09- Yvonne Chaka-Chaka – Successful South African singer.

10- Sidney Sheldon – American writer, director and producer.

11- Alan Whicker – British TV presenter, known for his show “Whicker’s World.”

12- Joan Collins – British actress famous for the series “Dynasty”.


                For a tribute to the women, the singers Judy Page, Mara Louw and Abigail Kubeka, dressed in red, sang a song to receive on stage the 83 candidates in their evening dresses, who were taking their positions on stage. Once the theme song was over, Jerry Hall and Doreen Morris announced that Miss Israel, Ravit Asaf, had been anointed Miss Photogenic by the photographers who had covered the pageant and that Miss Guatemala, Ana María Johanis, had been elected Miss Personality by the other participants. This year, for the first time since 1983, the contestants’ preliminary scores were not shown on screen. The presenters immediately announced the names of the 10 semifinalists and they were:

01Miss FINLANDPetra Enrika Von Hellens195′ 10”Turku
02Miss VENEZUELAFrancis del Valle Gago Aponte195′ 8”Caracas
03Miss DENMARKAnja Hende Brond205′ 11”Alborg
04Miss UNITED KINGDOMClaire Elizabeth Smith215′ 9”Upton, Chester
05Miss RUSSIAJulia Alexandrovna Kourotchkina186′ 0”Shcherbinka, Moscow
06Miss BAHAMASJody Barbara Weech185′ 10.5”Bimini
07Miss SOUTH AFRICAAmy Kleinhans245′ 8”Cape Town
08Miss U.S.A.Sharon Flynn Belden265′ 7”Coral Gables, Florida
09Miss ISRAELRavit Asaf185′ 11′Lehavim
10Miss POLANDEwa Wachowicz225′ 8”Krakow

TOP 10

               Below is a table showing the order in which the ten lucky ones reached the semifinal round. It should be noted that the maximum score this year was 44 points (4 x 11) and the minimum of 22 (2 x 11). Let us remember that each judge selected 10 girls in swimsuits and another 10 (or the same according to the criteria of each judge) in the personality test and those who appeared in both lists of 10 pre-selected girls received 4 points, if they appeared in only one of the lists 3 points and 2 points if they had not been selected in either of the two lists. As can be seen in the table of scores, the maximum score obtained this time by two of the semifinalists was just 35/44 points, so it is assumed that many contestants obtained qualifying votes and were close to the top. Possibly others were also with 29 points (as in previous years), which was the lowest score for a semifinalist in 1992, and the Chairman of the Judges (Eric Morley) surely had to untie. One of the judges, Alan Whicker, later confessed on his show that he had voted for Miss Spain, Miss Uruguay and Miss India, but none of the three made it to the Top 10. Perhaps they were close to the cut.

02- U.S.A.35
03- ISRAEL32
09- POLAND30
10- RUSSIA29

              For example, in the case of Miss Finland and Miss Poland, those 30 points that they received means that only 4 of the 11 judges voted for them (4×4 + 2×7 = 30) and those who obtained the most votes, Miss South Africa and Miss USA (with 35 points), means that they were chosen in both swimwear and personality competitions by 6 of the 11 judges and a seventh only placed them in one of the selections (4×6 + 3×1 + 2×4 = 35), which clearly indicates variety in the taste of the judges. Curiously, Miss Russia entered to the Top 10 like a miracle with the minimum score. After the semi-finalists were selected, the score returned to zero and the judges had to choose five of these 10 beauties, awarding 4 points to their 5 selected and 2 points to those who they did not like enough.

Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico and Costa Rica

                While the semifinalists changed into their one-piece swimsuits, for the first time equal for everyone, sponsored by the Speedo firm, Deborah Shelton gave her predictions of who would do better in this competition (for her Miss Venezuela, Miss Poland and Miss USA). It should be noted that from that moment on, the semifinalists had their own dressing room, on the left side of the stage, while the rest of the girls went to the one on the right side. Then, after the commercial break, the parade in swimsuits of the 10 semi-finalists began, as they were serenaded by the Marcalex duo with the songs “Kokomo”, “The Shoop Shoop Song” and “Hey Mambo”, famous songs originally performed by The Beach Boys, Cher and Barry Manilow. For the women, the semifinalists were accompanied by burly male models, also in bathing suits and gladiators who guarded the stage. As each semifinalist paraded in their sparkling gold bathing suits, the commentators told interesting facts about each one of them.

                Miss Finland spoke four languages, Finnish, Swedish, English and Spanish, the latter learned it since she was in Spain as an exchange student; Miss Venezuela’s hobbies were music and cooking and her ambition was to become the best dentist; Miss Denmark spoke five languages ​​in addition to Danish, communicated very well in English, Norwegian, German and Swedish, and said that her hobby was studying human anatomy. She was a fervent Jehovah’s Witness in her country and abandoned religion for carnal issues … Miss United Kingdom wanted to make a career in television, perhaps as a presenter. Miss Russia confessed to admiring the Emperor Napoleon and said her hobbies included classical music and traveling. For her part, Miss Bahamas wanted to become a renowned model and a qualified accountant. Miss South Africa was a teacher who loved working with handicapped children, liked to read, and admired Martin Luther King. Miss USA practiced aerobics, tennis and skating, had a degree in interior design, specializing in yachting, and wanted to form an international design company. Miss Israel (whom Doreen Morris mistakenly introduced as Miss Poland), liked to play the piano, played many sports, admired Gorbachev, and spoke Hebrew, English and Arabic. And finally, they said that Miss Poland liked music, dancing, cooking and driving cars; She spoke English and Russian in addition to Polish and the person she most admired in the world was Pope John Paul II.

                As the semifinalists changed costumes, singer Sophia Foster returned to the stage to sing Dionne Warwick’s “I’ll Never Love This Way Again.” After this, the video recorded weeks before was presented recreating the story of a young adventurer who dared to explore the confines of the Lost City, with the musical background of “Africa” ​​by Toto, interpreted this time by Marcalex, Abigail Kubeka, Malie Kelly and Mara Louw, with the participation of Ninibeth Leal, Miss World 1991 and the 83 contestants of this edition, showing images of the entire complex of the Lost City and the Valley of the Waves. The closing of the number was made with all the contestants who did not qualify, with Speedo swimsuits and with the singers on stage. The ten semi-finalists then individually paraded in their evening gowns accompanied by male models in tuxedos, serenaded by Paul Buckby on the theme “L.O.V.E.” that popularized Frank Sinatra, and Leslie Kleinsmith with the Frank Sinatra song “Embraceable You”, to close both with the theme “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole while each of the semifinalists addressed the public to tell why they wanted to be Miss World. Miss Russia almost fell down the stairs and Miss Denmark, for some reason, did not come out when it was her turn to appear on stage and appeared second to last. After the commercial break, the Marcalex couple from Soweto performed with their song “Shalala”.

                Jerry Hall presented a video with the prizes that the new Miss World would obtain, which included first class tickets to any destination where South African Airways flew, a ten-day all-inclusive vacation for two at the Sun City Palace Hotel courtesy of Sun International, a Longines watch worth $ 12,000, jewelry from an African firm worth $ 18,000 and from the Miss World organization, a cash award worth $ 63,000 for personal appearances during her year of reign. Doreen Morris promptly collected from the auditing firm the names of the five finalists who were announced by Billy Dee Williams.

                They were Miss RUSSIA, Miss POLAND, Miss SOUTH AFRICA, Miss UNITED KINGDOM and Miss VENEZUELA. Each of them took a card with the name of a judge who would ask the final question, while Jerry Hall made morbid jokes of each chosen judge. The journalist Alan Whicker had to ask Miss RUSSIA the question: “How would you respond to the criticism that says that beauty pageants are degrading to women?” She did not understand the question and a translator helped her. She replied that the Miss World pageant was a pageant that helped the whole world and that everyone must love women. Joan Collins asked Miss POLAND, who also received help from a translator: “If you could have chosen to have been born intelligent or beautiful, which of the two would you have chosen? To which she replied that without a doubt she would have chosen to be intelligent. Suzanne De Passe asked Miss SOUTH AFRICA if she became Miss World what would be the priority she would like to make, to which she replied that her priority would be “Beauty with a Purpose” and work in charity, but as a teacher her ultimate priority was education. Ivana Trump asked Miss UK who her hero or role model was and why, to which she replied that to admire someone she would have to know them on a personal level and that she would choose her mother because she was her biggest fan and her best friend. Finally, Miss VENEZUELA answered Gary Player’s question: “If you win, what would you do to be able to unite the world in love and peace? She said that she would give a message of what union and being human were, of how important it was that all people stay together and that by contributing a “grain of sand”, the world would be much better and that we had to be optimistic and positive.

                After a brief commercial break, there was a musical tribute to “Beauty with a Purpose” directed by Judy Page, Sophia Foster and Abigail Kubeka with the theme “Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston, while they presented a video of “Operation Hunger” and Variety Club International’s global contribution to children in need. To end this tribute, the singers Malie Kelly, Paul Buckby, Leslie Kleinsmith and the Marcalex duo together with a group of children from the Mmbana Cultural Center in Sun City and all the contestants on stage joined to sing the song “Somewhere” by Barbra Streissand, while a radiant sun was shown at the back of the stage.

              It was time to say goodbye to the outgoing Miss World, Venezuelan Ninibeth Leal, with the song “This is the Moment” from the Broadway musical Jekyll & Hyde, performed by Paul Buckby, Leslie Kleinsmith and Malie Kelly. Ninibeth came out of the side of the stage, dressed in a wide ocher strapless suit that resembled a leopard skin, full-arm black gloves adorned with sparkling bracelets and with a haircut on the shoulders, she was carried by all the audience on a golden zebra-skin throne on a litter adorned with golden elephants that was carried on shoulders by men dressed as African warriors, while excitedly waving the audience in the most spectacular farewell of a Miss World in history. As she was being carried, Ninibeth’s farewell was heard in the background, in perfect English, recounting her memories during her reign as Miss World. Visibly moved, she took the stage helped by Billy Dee Williams to close this latest musical number.


This is the moment
This is the day
This is the moment when I know I’m on my way
Every endeavor
I’ve made, ever
Is coming into play
Is here and now, today

This is the moment
This is the time
When the momentum and the moment
Are in rhyme
Give me this moment
This moment, this moment
I’ll gather up my past
And make some sense at last

This is the moment
When all I’ve done
All of the dreaming
Scheming and screaming
Become one
This is the day
See it sparkle and shine
When all I’ve lived for
Becomes mine

For all these years
I’ve faced the world alone
And now the time has come
To prove to them
I’ve made it on my own

This is the moment
My final test
Destiny beckoned
I never reckoned
Second best
I won’t look down
I must not fall
This is the moment
The sweetest moment of them all

This is the moment
Damn all the odds
This day, or never, I’ll sit forever
With the gods

When I look back
I will always recall
Moment for moment
This was the moment
The greatest moment of them all
The greatest moment of them all

                After the commercial break, Judy Page intervened for the last time with the musical theme “From a Distance” popularized by Bette Midler to celebrate the outgoing queen. Then Eric Morley took the stage to announce the contest results in reverse order. The SECOND PRINCESS was Miss VENEZUELA, Francis Gago and the FIRST PRINCESS, Miss UNITED KINGDOM, Claire Smith, both being crowned by Jerry Hall and Doreen Morris respectively.

                And MISS WORLD 1992, with the closest result in history, with only one point ahead, was Miss RUSSIA !!. The very tall 18-year-old Julia Kourotchkina, with brown hair, who spoke English and a little French, in addition to Russian, dressed in a borrowed body-tight black gown with pharalaos on the top and bottom of the dress, whose hobby was classical music and her ambitions were to become a “financier” and to travel the world. She received the Miss World sash from Jerry Hall, who inadvertently turned it upside down. Then Ninibeth Leal put it on correctly before crowning her as the brand new Miss World 1992. This year, for the first time since it was created, the official crowning march of the pageant was not used. And by the way, Julia was the last Miss World to receive a royal scepter, since after 1992 it was discontinued. After the coronation, Billy Dee Williams escorted the new sovereign of world beauty to the audience, for Julia to ascend to the throne previously occupied by Ninibeth and triumphantly strolled throughout the SuperBowl, with a shower of multicolored balloons and an entourage of all the flags of the participating countries. Before concluding the broadcast, Julia returned to the stage where the animators said goodbye to the memorable broadcast.


                This is how the judges voted the final night:

UNITED KINGDOM24444242444382nd
SOUTH AFRICA42224424244344th
POLAND7879771081078883RD. RUNNER-UP
VENEZUELA1078710879799912ND. RUNNER-UP
RUSSIA21215125334 WINNER
POLAND42424513143 3RD. RUNNER-UP


                At the Coronation Ball offered later in the Palace of the Lost City, the prizes were presented to the winners and the Continental Queens of Beauty were announced. They were:

AMERICASMiss VENEZUELAFrancis del Valle Gago Aponte
ASIA & OCEANIAMiss THAILANDMetinee Washington Kingpayome
EUROPEMiss RUSSIAJulia Alexandrovna Kourotchkina

               The Thai girl, despite not having classified in the top ten, was proclaimed Queen for Asia-Oceania. The brand new Miss World received a check for £ 10,000 and an employment contract that would guarantee her another £ 30,000 during her year of reign. The First Princess, as Morley now called the finalists, received a prize of £ 2,000 and the Second Princess, £ 1,000. For their part, Miss South Africa and Miss Bahamas received a thousand pounds sterling for reaching the semifinal round and for having been continental queens of beauty. The remaining semifinalists, along with Miss Poland, received a prize of £ 500. Miss Photogenic, Miss Personality and Best National Costume received trophies and all of the contestants received a Sun City medallion and a handbag courtesy of Sun International.

               Miss Ukraine, roommate of the new Miss World, confessed that “when Julia was crowned, I cried. Not out of annoyance, but out of a sudden feeling of patriotism.” Organizers said proceeds from the contest would go to help feed hungry children through Operation Hunger, an aid organization operating in South Africa. Meanwhile, planned interruptions of the contest by various local political organizations did not materialize. Sun City spokeswoman Hazel Feldman said she had no reports of outages. “Everything was calm and quiet, as usual,” Feldman said.


                Amy Kleinhans, Miss South Africa, caused a stir when in the opening of the event she refused to wave the South African flag due to its association with the old regime, so she decided to carry as a banner a white flag with the Miss World logo, which represented the peace and world unity, as well as the South African Olympians preferred to use the Olympic Committee flag instead of the South African tricolor in past Olympics. When asked why she made that decision, she replied: “Although there are people who will judge me for not carrying the flag, South Africa is going through a transition period and it was a difficult decision to make. Whether I carried the flag or not, it was going to be a controversial issue”.

                The right-wing daily “Citizen” published on Monday December 14 that the action of the South African beauty had been a “disgrace”. “Until there is a new South Africa, the current flag is a national emblem and must be respected as such”. For her part, the CNA Information Director, Dr. Pallo Jordan said that Miss South Africa, Amy Kleinhans, had made the right decision because that flag did not represent the new South Africa. The flag of the Union of South Africa was replaced in the year 1994, when Nelson Mandela assumed power and when the Bantustans created during the apartheid racial segregation were reabsorbed by the new South Africa.


                Behaving as if she was still paid to play Alexis, the evil one from “Dynasty,” her fellow judges couldn’t help raising their eyebrows and shrugging their shoulders at the behavior of actress Joan Collins, who was awarded the “Miss Difficulty” title by the press. She raised such a fuss over the size of her room at the magnificent Palace Hotel, where even average rooms are fit for royalty, that management had to move her to the Cascades Hotel where oversized rooms were available. Actually, her annoyance was because the room of Ivana Trump, who had divorced tycoon Donald Trump just in 1992, was bigger than hers. The competition of both divas did not stop there. While Ivana ordered two bottles of Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac worth 575 rand from the hotel bar, Collins only drank Becks Beers at 11.50 rand. And while Ivana tipped 100 rand, Collins gave just a 50 rand bill. But the diva’s brattyness did not get there. Collins was almost an hour late for a portion of the competition and wilted more than one fan who asked for her autograph … Another somewhat difficult personality was Jerry Hall who left a press conference angry because a journalist asked her an intimate question about Mick Jagger…


                On Sunday morning, December 13, the new Miss World Julia Kourotchkina “lost” her crown when Sol Kerzner doused her with champagne to celebrate her triumph on the shore of the lagoon of the Lost City complex. The newspapers announced her triumph and mistakenly named her “Kurochinka”, which does not exist in Russia. A Johannesburg newspaper published: “The victory of this blue-eyed, panther-like, elegant and sexy girl was a complete surprise. Even the organizers were surprised by the decision of the judges.” And the Russian daily “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published an article linking the Russian victory in Miss World with interstate negotiations on the transfer of Yakut diamonds to cut off the South African company “De Beers”. Although no logic could be traced in one post or another, if there was a serious financial background, then why did no one sponsor Kourotchkina’s trip to the competition and she always felt like a “poor relative” there?. The British press had ridiculed that the Russian candidate “had come to the competition with a small suitcase. Her suede shoes were a bit frayed at the back and her white blouse was made of polyester.” From South Africa, Julia traveled to London shortly before Christmas. Through Variety Club she met children from all over the world, attending many of their hospitals and parties. Particularly memorable was the party for the children of Chernobyl at the Dorchester Hotel in London on Wednesday, December 23rd. And then there was a scandal that nobody expected. Julia Morley indignantly shared with the English press: “We really don’t know the people who delegated Julia. But immediately after the victory, they called her and demanded money. Kourotchkina came to the competition penniless and didn’t even have an appropriate competition dress. The company was forced to give her pocket money and the necessary clothing. They (the firm “Zodiac M”) did not fulfill their obligations under the contract”.

               The organizers of “Miss World” were very unhappy with the way the Russian delegate was selected, without going through national competitions. In response, the director of the Russian firm N. Kostin said in an interview with The Moscow Times: “None of us spoke to Julia after the victory, so no one could ask her for anything. We sent her a fax asking her to say when she was returning home, as her parents were very worried”. Furthermore, Kostin admitted, however, that Kourotchkina had signed a contract with their organization, under which she promised to give the company “10 percent” of the prize money if she won. Later, M. Kruglova contacted that newspaper and said that Kostin’s information was not entirely correct. “We don’t care about money and we have never called Julia. It was very difficult to raise money for her trip, but we did not send her empty-handed. Zodiac M allocated $ 500 for expenses and $ 650 for the roundtrip airfare to London”.

                An even more insane scandal surrounding the Russian Miss World was exploited by the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, where the article “Miss World is a friend of Pravda” was published in the December 16, 1992 issue. A small text composed in a playful tone for the efforts of authors N. Kilesso and Legostaev, published: “Last summer, Kourotchkina was a member of the cheerleading group during the Russian championship of commercial surfing, held in Crimea. No one would have thought that a tall and thin girl, bringing champagne at entertainment events, she would become Miss World. The future star happily posed for photographers, without clothes and, according to the memories of athletes and journalists present at the championship, was distinguished by a cheerful character and the absence of many complexes”. This issue was unable to feature photographs or at least references to specific photographers and athletes who allegedly witnessed Kourotchkina’s “nudity”. And then they did not even consider it necessary to apologize to the girl and her parents, who, by the way, adhered to conservative parenting methods and controlled all of their daughter’s contacts as a model. After that, the English press tried to develop that story. In particular, the tabloid “People” wrote that a Pravda photojournalist had photographed Julia a year earlier completely naked. And the negatives of the film were supposedly stored in the archives of the Kourotchkina family, but they did not want to sell them to journalists even for a lot of money.

                Julia Morley calmed down only when the “Zodiac M” figures promised her that Julia would have a decent reception in Russia. On December 29, the new Miss World flew back to her Russian homeland to confront speculators trying to cash in on her success. It was the first time that Julia had seen her parents since she won the title in South Africa. She called for protection against Russian gangsters who wanted a piece of her newfound wealth, Britain’s Sunday Express reported that week. Anarchy was increasing in Russia amid economic turmoil as market reforms took hold. Julia Morley accompanied her to Moscow and in her requests were listed: a concert of Russian pop stars in honor of Miss World, a press conference and a reception with the mayor of Moscow. And that at the same time the charitable mission of “Miss World” was reflected.

               Upon arrival, a press conference was held at the Hotel President, followed by a banquet in the presence of the press. The journalists asked Kourotchkina so insistently that she felt bad and went to the next room. Rumors spread that she had passed out, but it was just a nervous exhaustion that happened after talking to family members. Julia returned to the ball room, where she was invited to dance by an unknown young man, a cameraman, much shorter than her. The honor concert was suspended due to insolvency of the Russian company and instead of visiting the Mayor, Kourotchkina went to the White House where the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet, Ruslan Khasbulatov, personally congratulated the queen. Julia appeared on Russian TV and the charitable part of the visit consisted of being present at the New Year’s Eve party for the children of the Russian Mercy Center, where Julia talked with the children of that orphanage and the boarding schools and gave them gifts. This aspect of the program was of little interest to the press. Kourotchkina’s upcoming visits to Moscow also went unnoticed by the national press. In January 1993 she participated in the election of Miss Spain, before returning to England, where she presented a donation to the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton. Then she traveled to Poland to the Gala Ball of the Queen of Sabo, in aid of the Red Cross. She left Warsaw with a 7-year-old boy, Victor Kiporenko, whom she accompanied to London’s Kings College Hospital for life-saving treatment, before flying to Mexico to sign the Russian-American greeting card along with many known Americans and Russians. In Britain she paid a visit to Ascot. She then made visits to China, the US, Colombia and Jamaica. The press reported that Ivana Trump would be Kourotchkina’s host when she visited New York in January. In addition to being Ivana’s guest, Miss World would be the guest of honor at a party organized by Robin Leach at the Tatou club.

               For Julia, the trip to Asia was fascinating, especially for helping to select the first Miss World contestant from mainland China. She also had a great welcome in Colombia, where she visited many children’s homes and hospitals. During that trip she earned $ 150,000, which she donated to help children in Colombia. The president of the country received her in his palace, dedicating 40 minutes. This wide audience was noticed by world news agencies. A big problem awaited Kourotchkina at the end of the visit: in her absence, some gold garments (necklace and bracelet), presented to the beauty in China, were stolen from her hotel room. This was not the only incident of its kind, as her purse was also stolen in Spain during a press conference. The thief grabbed all the money and threw the bag with the documents.

                One of the highlights of the one-year reign of Miss World 1992 was her participation in the annual philosophical debate at Oxford University (June 17, 1993). For the first time, the owner of such a prestigious crown was invited, since the topic of discussion was beauty pageants as a way to exploit the attractiveness of women. Besides Kourotchkina, Jerry Hall, then wife of Mick Jagger, also attended. The opponent was a fanatic feminist named Yvonne Roberta Woody. Asked if she would join a party that supports women’s rights, Julia replied: “Sometimes I feel discriminated against as a woman. I think feminism is a good idea. It is useful for women. But we have the same rights as well. Why join a party? When the first Women’s Forum was held three years ago in Dubna, a city on the outskirts of Moscow, the press reported that the event was a lesbian conference”. The debate ended with a score of 328 to 238 points in favor of Kourotchkina’s group, who managed to convince the public that it was better to exploit their own appeal than to exploit someone else. After similar performances in Jamaica, she returned home to Moscow to complete her university exams. In August she returned to South Africa and to many happy memories. She attended numerous functions, including judging at the Miss South Africa pageant. She then went to Switzerland for the national pageant before returning to Moscow to crown the new Miss Russia. She subsequently went to Italy, France, Hong Kong and Paraguay, before handing over the crown to the new Miss World in November 1993 in Sun City.


                Julia Aleksandrovna Kourotchkina was born on August 10, 1974 into a family of power engineers in the city of Shcherbinka outside Moscow, built in the post-war years by captured Germans. She was the only child of Marina Nikolaevna and Alexander Dmitrievich Kourotchkina. From early childhood she stood out for her stature, already in first grade, having reached the physical education lesson, the teacher put her at the front of the line, ahead of the children. She described her school years as follows: “In school, I was a girl who wanted to show everyone that I was not like everyone else, but something else. I tried smoking, but it wasn’t for me. I played soccer with the boys, I planted flowers under the window. I studied, but my behavior was unsatisfactory. I wanted to find justice. I was forced to clean the classroom and I was outraged. I was not even allowed to go to the disco because of that. I loved to dance, I was a good release of nerves. I loved modern music, although I liked the classics. But to listen to them you need a different mood than a disco”. The classmates made fun of Julia and called her “Chicken” and “Kalancha”. She didn’t feel pretty, the kids weren’t paying attention to her. In ninth grade, at 14 years old, Julia was 180 cm tall, so she began to get complicated and slouch. On the advice of a relative, the girl was taken to the avant-garde fashion studio “Rampa”, where experienced choreographers straightened her back, taught her to walk and speak in society.

                So, at the age of 16, she became a model. During the holidays she attended Russian fur parades in Italy and Belgium and received a salary for this. At the same time, she even hid her modeling activities from her closest friends, as she did not consider it a serious occupation. In 1991, the Rampa cooperative closed and Kourotchkina was accepted into the “Zodiac M.” modeling agency, organized by Marina Kruglova and formerly part of the cultural center of the same name. For the first time they began to talk about this center in 1991, as one of the organizers of the “Pearl of Russia” and “Miss USSR-91” contests. After the collapse of the USSR, the leaders of “Zodiac M” Nikolay Kostin (director of the organization) and Marina Kruglova (director of the modeling agency) received the franchise from Julia Morley (Miss World) to organize a national qualifying competition – that’s how Miss Russia was born.

                However, they were unable to carry out this competition in 1992 for financial reasons, and in the emerging situation of force majeure, it was decided to choose a Russian delegate for Miss World 1992 in the simplest way: by naming one of the agency’s models as the Russian contender. The choice fell on Julia Kourotchkina, who had worked for them only on a few fashion shows. Kruglova said in an interview: “I knew that for success you needed a tall and effective girl who would impress, first of all, from the stage. That is why I chose Julia with a height of 183 cm. Although her sociable character should not be underestimated either, after all, the Miss World pageant starts long before she gets on stage. Plus, Julia has an amazing smile”. In the summer of the same year, she was supposed to represent Russia in Miss Europe, but she fell ill.

                The presentation of Kourotchkina with a certificate of her reference to Miss World was made officially, with the presence of the press. Julia participated as a model in the Moscow fur auction “Soft Gold of Russia”, and during one of the parades Kruglova took the podium and announced her as a Russian candidate for the world title. There was a month left to prepare for the competition, most of this time was spent completing the costumes. Each participant was instructed to bring at least 2 cocktail dresses and 2 evening dresses, separate shoes for each, several swimsuits of a certain style. A family living modestly could not afford such things, and “Zodiac M” allocated an amount that was not enough even to rent a decent dress. For example, V. Yudashkin demanded for an evening dress an amount equivalent to $ 275 per rental day. So Julia found a cheaper dress at the Model House on Kuznetsky Most, but when they announced the bill, Zodiac M told her that they had made capital investments, they bought land in Barvikha, so they couldn’t pay the bill. A model from the same agency loaned her the dress she wore in Miss World. A year earlier she had participated in “Miss USSR-91” with that same dress. For her part, Kruglova donated part of the wardrobe. There were difficulties in obtaining a visa that were overcome, then Julia admitted:

               “I really did not want to go to this competition. I cried a lot, worried. And three days before departure, when I already had the ticket and visa in hand, I thought: I will burn everything with fire! And she said to her mother: “Mom, I will win not with a dress but with a Russian soul”. On November 15, 1992, when Kourotchkina flew from Sheremetyevo to London, there was a severe snowstorm in Moscow. After a few days in London, she traveled with her fellow contestants to South Africa for Miss World. There, in Sun City, they stayed in the luxurious Palace of the Lost City, where each room cost 2,000 dollars a day. “We got up very early. We cleaned ourselves, then we filmed. Then some free time to sunbathe. At night, they were all so tired that they didn’t want to go anywhere. A few days before the final presentation, the work with the judges began”.

                Julia surprisingly won the title on Saturday, December 12. “At first I did not believe it and immediately I began to remember the rehearsals, what should I do?. I thought: if I do not remember and I stand still, it will be fun. I was a little confused, because I was not chosen in the Miss World rehearsals. I was glad a lot when the men dressed as African warriors carried me on the throne across the aisle. And all the people stood up, clapped solemnly and I seemed to float in the air”. After presenting her Miss World crown, Julia traveled to Switzerland in January 1994, where she was a guest at the balloon festival in one of the winter centers of this country, but her participation went completely unnoticed by the Russian media. Julia wrote everything she experienced during her reign in a kind of diary. And among other things she said that “the money promised was paid to me only at the end of the year. And they discounted everything: phone calls, taxi rates, even hotel bills for the days when there were no shows. I got less than I expected; however, it was enough for a sports car and a suburban apartment”. “That whole year seemed like a dream. When you go around the world in a limousine, accompanied by four motorcyclists and a crowd of people greet you, you feel like the president of the whole world. But to be honest, communicating with the powerful of this world helped make sure people were the same everywhere, regardless of continents and position”.

               “And when, a year after my trip around the world, I bought a ticket as a simple spectator and flew to South Africa for Miss World 1994, the security at the entrance of the hall refused to let me in. It turned out that such an order was given by Mrs. Morley. Someone started the rumor that on the basis of the newspapers I published a book. And Morley was afraid that I had brought with me a book that would cause a great scandal. I wrote the truth, and the truth in show business it’s not always nice”. At that time Julia worked in a travel agency called “Twins” of a young man from Uzbekistan named Igor Mikitasov, with whom she had a romantic relationship for two and a half years and with whom she lived in a rented apartment in Moscow.

               Later, her boyfriend was accused of corruption and she preferred to leave him and quit her job at the travel agency. But according to the official version, she lost her job at “Twins” due to a breach of contract, by virtue of which she promised not to provide her services to firms that operated in specialized areas of show business. It turned out that the well-known corporation “Ovation” at that time posted posters in Moscow, where Kourotchkina was the hostess of the concert “Stars and Hope”. She denied the fact of her cooperation with Ovation and filed a lawsuit against the company, expecting to receive a refund of $ 10,000. However, the representatives of the accused delayed the process and the press lost interest in it. Kourotchkina moved from Moscow to her parents’ home in Shcherbinka. In the capital, she spent some time working. She turned to the most famous Russian modeling agency “Red Stars”, offering her services as a model. But Kourotchkina’s modeling skills were not appreciated there and she was given the job of a manager (or simply a secretary), where she received a salary 20 times less than in the previous place. The models who work for the agency were quite surprised that a celebrity like her filled that position.

                In this work she did not last a year, and from that moment, the information about her life began to be sporadic. In 1996, the beauty was seen at a jewelry exhibition in Taiwan. In the late 90s she got married, but the hopes of her mother, who dreamed of a rich husband for her daughter, did not come true. All that is known about this man is that his name was Andrey and he was an ordinary representative of the “middle class.” In 1999, their daughter Katya was born. In 2000, Kourotchkina stood out among the guests of honor at the Miss World 2000 pageant, where she and a dozen other former “queens” were invited on the occasion of the show’s 50th anniversary. She later returned as a judge for “Miss World 2005”, also along with some former beauty queens.

                The last time Kourotchkina appeared on Russian television was in January 2004, on Andrey Malakhov’s “Big wash.” She had a fresh look, as if 11 years of life had not passed after the competition. When asked by the host if during the “real life” routine she had the idea of ​​giving up the world title, like Oksana Fedorova, Julia replied that at that time she had never thought of such ideas. But if she were older and more experienced, she might have thought of that option. In 2006, the information was heard that Julia had gotten a job in a French-Russian company, and that she had been director of the exhibition department, but a year later she had been fired from there. In her native Shcherbinka, she carefully keeps the confidentiality of her life, demanding in the administration of her house that her phone number is not revealed to the press. And she even refused to be photographed for a book about her city. The last public appearance of the first Russian “Miss World” was noticed only at the end of 2017, when Julia Kourotchkina was invited as a judge of the “Moscow Craftswoman-17” a craft and home sewing event.


                Miss United Kingdom competed unsuccessfully in the 1993 Miss International on behalf of Great Britain while Miss Poland won the “1993 World Miss University” in Korea and Miss Brazil the 1994 Miss Latin America and the Queen of Harvest International of that same year. The representatives of Belgium, Cayman Islands, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand and Switzerland competed without classification in Miss Universe ’93 in Mexico City. Miss Uruguay competed in Miss Universe ’94 and Miss US Virgin Islands in Miss Universe ’98, both without figuration. Miss Malta went to Miss Europe ’94 and Miss Finland to Miss Scandinavia ’95. The candidates from Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic were in the ’93 International Coffee Reign, Miss Aruba in the ’93 Miss Caraibes Hibiscus and Miss Macau in Miss Chinese International also that year. Miss Paraguay was Queen of Punta del Este in 1995. After getting married, some of them continued to participate in national and international competitions, such as the Costa Rican who competed and won Mrs. World 1995 and the Lebanese was third runner-up in Mrs Globe 1999 while Miss India competed in Mrs. World 2007.

               Post-Miss World, Britain’s Claire Smith’s career has seen her travel around the world as a travel journalist for CNN Hotspots, reaching nearly 300,000,000 viewers around the world with assignments from the Middle East to Asia. She has also worked on various other travel programs for Sky ONE and Granada. Claire was also the face of Sky Travel Channel and also Dream Destinations on Travel Channel. After a successful career in fashion, one of Claire’s first roles as a television hostess was with Midge Ure on the motorcycle series Ridge Riders with Nick Knowles. Claire’s work on the Sky Sports Super Bike series earned her recognition from the sports watchdog when she received her prestigious ‘Commentator of the Year’ award at an end-of-season ceremony in London. Having spent many years on the racing tracks as a child, following her father Bill Smith around Europe as he raced, Claire enjoyed motorcycles and had a great sense of adventure. In 2001 she was the co-host of Miss World in Sun City, as well in 2002 in London. Claire has many other credits, including Channel Five Sport and shows to discover home and leisure. Claire is also in high demand for voice over and corporate jobs, both at home and in the United States, and most recently worked for Chevrolet in Zurich. Claire was also one of the hosts on Channel 4’s “Secret Removers” series, which showed that moving houses was one of the most stressful things out there. She is currently a businesswoman and continues to live in Chester.

               Venezuelan Francis Gago lived for a time in Cúcuta, where she ran a plastics company, and then in Bogotá, Colombia. She has now lived in Miami for more than 10 years and is specializing in cosmetology. She is married to Jordi Martí and has two daughters named Manuela and Daniela and a boy born in 2010 named after his father. South African Amy Kleinhans created a company called Dial-A-Teacher in 1998. The company continues to have an immense impact on education throughout South Africa, supporting some 350,000 families. It also proudly featured Nelson Mandela as a sponsor. She is currently a speaker and continues to do social work. Miss Poland, Ewa Wachowicz, got into politics and was the press secretary in the government of Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak from 1993 to 1995. She was also a presenter on Polish TV and in the late 1990s, she founded her own production company under the name of Promiss. In 1998 she began producing Robert Makłowicz’s “Culinary Travels” program, aired for the next ten years. At Polsat Café she was responsible for the production of the following shows: “Gadgets” for women, “WySpa” and “Through the belly to the heart”, and in 2007 she started producing her own culinary show “Ewa cookujebroadcast” on Polsat. She has also written many culinary books published by her own publisher. She participated in the program “Dancing with the Stars” in 2007 and in 2013 she was a judge on the culinary program Top Chef. In 2017, she was nominated for the “Pleiades Star” award in the “style star” category.

                After completing her military service, Miss Israel, Ravit Asaf, dedicated herself to modeling in parallel with her studies in management and economics at the Open University. At the same time, Asaf opened clothing stores in the Azrieli Mall and in Jerusalem. After graduating, in 1999, Asaf established professional makeup schools in Be’er Sheva, Jerusalem, Ashdod, and Tel Aviv, which she still runs today. In 2009 she hosted a television program about leisure and lifestyle on Channel 2 called “Life Begins”. She served as a presenter for the organization “No” for the prevention of violence against women and participated in awareness campaigns on the phenomenon that were disseminated in the media. She participated in the organization and evaluation of beauty contests such as Miss Progress and Grandma, for choosing the most beautiful grandmother in Israel. In 2014, she and her ex-partner, Avi Hazan, took part in the Israeli reality show “Until the End of the World,” which aired on Channel 10, and both won first place with a million-shekel prize. With Avi she had a son. She remarried Israeli lawyer Yuval and they have two children.

                Miss Finland, Petra Von Hellens, today Mrs. Wallis-Brown, is currently the Managing Director of Bioproton Europe. Miss Lebanon, Nicole Bardawil, is an established film and TV actress in her country and also works in real estate. Miss Spain, Samantha Torres, also dedicated herself to acting, was “playmate” for Playboy Magazine in December 1995 and had an affair with American actor Dean Cain who played Super Man in the 90s and with whom she has a son, Christopher Dean Cain, born June 11, 2000. Miss Zambia, Elizabeth Mwanza, was for many years the National Director of Miss Zambia and in 2016 she was widely criticized for stripping Miss Zambia of that year of the title after complaining that she did not receive the awards or the airfare to go to Miss World.

                Miss France, Linda Hardy, was a successful model and was the muse of designer Yves Saint-Laurent. She was the hostess of a Talk Show on French TV until the end of 1999, when she went to live in the US to study acting. In 2000 she returned to France and began working as a stage actress and soon participated in numerous French films. She was a judge in the 2007 and 2012 Miss France finals. She married in 2008 and had a son Andréa, born in 2010, later she divorced. In 2017 she created a fruit candy brand inspired by her son. In 2019 she participated in “Dancing with the Stars” with Christophe Licata, winning the fifth position. Miss Japan, Kaoru Kikuchi, became a famous model and is married to film director Michael Gleissner. Miss Switzerland, Valérie Bovard is a presenter on Swiss TV where she gives the weather forecast and Miss India, Celine Shyla Lopez, is a renowned model and film actress in her country. Miss Malaysia, Fazira Wan Chek, is now known as Erra Fazira and is a well-known Malaysian actress, singer, model, TV presenter and film producer. Two other Misses who made careers as actresses in their countries were Miss Philippines, Marina Benipayo and Miss Thailand, Metinee Kingpayome.

                Miss Costa Rica, Marisol Soto, became the Director of the “Mrs. Costa Rica” contest and worked for many years as a presenter on her country’s TV. Currently Marisol develops in areas as a businesswoman especially in the field of Fashion and Beauty. She is also a trainer of etiquette and protocol, a public relations advisor, runs her own store for the sale and rental of haute couture dresses, image consultant, mistress of ceremonies, event organizer, and a judge in fashion and beauty activities. Without neglecting modeling for advertising, marketing and image campaigns. The Colombian Wgerddy Oviedo created the “Mauricio Alejandro Vélez” foundation, which helps and gives physical and moral support to children of the San Andrés and Providencia archipelago with some disability. Much of all this in honor of her son Alejandro, who suffers from cerebral palsy. Miss Puerto Rico, Lianabel Rosario, is the Director of her own modeling agency called “Lianabel Int’l Modeling, Finishing and Talent Academy”.

                Miss Belgium, Sandra Joine, recently said on her social networks that after 10 years of fighting all kinds of addictions, she managed to overcome them, get ahead and today she is healthy. Miss Turkey, Ozlem Kaymaz, lived for a time in Rotterdam, Holland as she married a Dutch engineer, has three children and is a holistic life coach. One of her daughters, Tara De Vries, was Miss Universe Turkey 2018. Another of her children suffers from disability. Miss Uganda, Olga Nampima, developed a great career as a cosmetologist and currently resides in the UK. Miss Argentina, Claudia Bertona, a long time later returned to compete in contests, but this time in bodybuilding competitions. Miss Greenland, Laali Lyberth is the Office Coordinator at her boyfriend’s company, photographer Sven Nieder. She currently resides in Germany. Miss Hong Kong, Patsy Lau is a businesswoman and a regular speaker on trademark issues at international conferences and events. Miss Uruguay, Leonora Di Bueno, is married to Filippo Ciani and lives in Italy while Miss Ireland, Sharon Ellis, worked many years as a flight attendant for the Air Lingus airline and Miss Trinidad-Tobago, Renée Garib, is happily married and lives in Coral Gables, Florida. Miss Panama, Michelle Harrington, also married and now resides in New York. Miss Ukraine, Oksana Sabo, also got married and went to live in the US. Has a daughter. Miss Nigeria, Sandra Petgrave, went to live in Stone Mountain, Georgia and married Chiedu Chukwuka. On December 4, 2015, she and her husband were sentenced to prison for their role in a $ 5.8 million mortgage fraud over five years. Sandra and Chiedu have six children together. FBI investigations showed that Chiedu led the fraud ring that operated from 2006 to 2011. Sandra was sentenced to a year and a half in prison while her husband was sentenced to nine years in prison…