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Miss World 1985



                Numerous natural disasters cause tens of thousands of deaths worldwide in 1985, the International Year of Youth declared by the UN. An avalanche from the Nevado del Ruíz volcano buries and erases the Colombian city of Armero from the map, while tragic earthquakes strike Mexico City and central Chile. A typhoon flooding destroys Bangladesh, Hurricane Elena causes damage on the US Gulf Coast, storm Kate sweeps Cuba, and 44 tornadoes in a single day hit several northern US states and Canada while a landslide affects southern Puerto Rico. The ozone layer hole is discovered in Antarctica. Ronald Reagan begins his second term as President of the United States while Mikhail Gorbachev assumes as Soviet leader. The United States and the Soviet Union begin negotiations on nuclear and space disarmament, after 24 years of cold war. The Schengen area is created with free transit between countries of the European community and Spain opens the vehicular passage on its border with Gibraltar. Brazil and Uruguay return to democracy while in Peru Alan García is elected as President in his first term and where the Accomarca massacre occurs. In Colombia, the M19 guerrilla group seizes the Bogotá Palace of Justice with 350 hostages; in the retake by the army 98 of them died and the Palace was semi-destroyed. A terrorist bomb explodes an Air India plane in flight in the south of Ireland, causing 329 victims and another by the Islamic Jihad group at the El Descanso restaurant, near Madrid, leaving at least 18 fatalities. Palestinian terrorists hijack an Egypt Air plane that was diverted to Malta and where the abduction ended in tragedy with 58 of the 95 passengers killed. Terrorists attack the counters of Israel’s El Al airline at the airports of Rome and Vienna, leaving some 19 dead. Pope John Paul II visits Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Paraguay. 520 people die and 4 survive when a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 crashes into mountains in the center of the country, making it the worst single-plane air disaster in history. In South Africa interracial unions begin to be allowed and Desmond Tutu becomes the first black Anglican bishop. The remains of the Titanic are discovered in the North Atlantic, the Emirates airline begins operating in Dubai and the first WrestleMania event is held in the US. In the Mediterranean Sea, the Italian cruise ship “Achille Lauro” is hijacked by Palestinian terrorists and the ship “Rainbow Warrior” by the environmental group Greenpeace is sunk in New Zealand by French intelligence agents. At Heysel Stadium (Belgium) 39 people die from an avalanche of fans in the final of the European Soccer Cup between Liverpool and Juventus.

               Artists from the group “USA for Africa” (Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper and Diana Ross, among others) unite and record the famous song “We are the World”. In addition, “Live Aid” concerts are held in London and Philadelphia to raise funds for the Ethiopian famine. Puerto Rican Deborah Carthy-Deu is crowned Miss Universe in Miami, being the second universal crown for Puerto Rico while Venezuelan Nina Sicilia becomes the first Miss International in that country amidst the Expo’85 celebrations in the city Japanese Tsukuba and also Venezuelan Silvia Martínez achieved the third consecutive Miss South America crown in Lima, Peru. The Bobbysocks duo theme! “La det swinge” wins Norway’s Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden and “Fandango Aqui” by Mexican Eugenia León wins the OTI in Spain. In the cinema, the films “Back to the Future”, “A View to a Kill” from the James Bond series, “Rambo II”, “Rocky IV”, “Commando”, “The Color Purple”, “Cocoon” , “Witness in Danger”, “A Chorus Line”, “The Man with the Red Shoe” and “The Jewel of the Nile” are released. In Venezuela, the first McDonald’s opens in El Rosal (Caracas) and the RCTV soap opera “Cristal” is broadcast with Lupita Ferrer, Jeannette Rodríguez and Carlos Mata. The series “MacGyver”, “Growing Pains” and “The Golden Girls” premiere on US TV. The soap opera “EastEnders” begins to be broadcast in Great Britain through BBC1, which continues to be broadcast today. Microsoft’s Windows 1.0 and Nintendo’s video game “Super Mario Bros” comes to market, Discovery Channel broadcasts begin, the rock band “Guns N´ Roses” is formed, the brand “Tommy Hilfiger” is created and, in Mexico, the musical group “Flans” begins their performance.

                The radio played the songs “That´s what friends are for” by Dionne Warwick, “Conga” by Miami Sound Machine, “Take on me” by A-ha, “The Power of Love” from the film “Back to the Future “, “Part Time Lover” by Stevie Wonder, “Can´t fight this feeling” by REO Speedwagon, “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner, “The Heat is on” by Glenn Frey, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” and “Careless Whisper” by Wham !, “Cherish” by Kool & The Gang, “We built this city” by Starship, “Easy Lover” by Philip Bailey / Phil Collins, “Just As I am” by Air Supply, Paul Young’s “Everytime You Go Away”, Dire Straits’ “Money For Nothing”, Baltimora’s “Tarzan Boy” and “Woody Boogie”, David Bowie / Mick Jagger’s “Dancing in the Street”, “Sussudio” by Phil Collins, “Nikita” by Elton John, “Aire” by Mecano, “Si tu te vas” and “Por eso ahora” by Juan Luis Guerra and 4:40, “Have fun” and “Machine” by Ilan Chester , “That secret place”, “Something good has to happen”, “Manantial de Corazón” and “I will not lift a finger” by Yordano, “Que por que te quiero” by Carlos Mata, “I know how it hurts” and “To whom” by Karina and “Alúmbrame el zaguán” by Un Solo Pueblo. Whitney Houston debuts with her first album that bears her name and became famous the following year. Soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) and Fernandinho (Brazil), actress and former Miss Israel Gal Gadot, singer Bruno Mars, Venezuelan TV presenter Kerly Ruíz, Venezuelan Miss Intercontinental Hannelys Quintero, Formula One driver Pastor Maldonado and TV hostess and former Miss Venezuela Ly Jonaitis were born in 1985. The following famous people died this year: Actors Yul Brynner, Rock Hudson and Michael Redgrave, actress Anne Baxter, filmmaker Orson Welles, Soviet leader Konstantin Chernenko, Venezuelan singer Alí Primera, Brazilian president Tancredo Neves, Venezuelan writer Miguel Otero Silva, seismologist Charles Richter, the US conservationist Dian Fossey (killed in Rwanda), Mexican actress Lupita Pallás (mother of comedian Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, killed in the hijacking of the Egyptian plane), American rock singer Ricky Nelson, Japanese singer Kyu Sakamoto, the inventor of the IBM PC, Don Estridge and the girl Samantha Smith, famous for her letter to the Soviet leader Yuri Andropov in 1982 and who later became an actress in the TV series “Lime Street”. These last four died in different air disasters in one of the worst years for commercial aviation since more than 2,000 people died in 22 accidents…


                In February 1985, it was learned that the Miss World organization had earned the previous year an income of between £ 340,000 to £ 515,000, but hinted that its real charms were still hidden. The company was negotiating film contracts abroad and a major marketing deal that, according to its president, Eric Morley, would bring more benefits to the beauty pageant. The discussions were in a “formative” stage, so the figures only reflected Miss World earnings. However, administrative costs had increased from £ 390,000 to £ 455,000. Morley added: “Directors believe there is still growth in the existing business, apart from plans to expand to other activities.” In April 1985 Morley permanently abandoned his £ 225,000 offer to take over Newcastle’s oldest casino. In October 1984, Morley had revealed that Gateborough, a 75 percent-owned subsidiary of the group, planned to buy Gray, a Gray Street Casino, which had made £ 88,000 in profits in nine months last year. Gateborough had paid ten percent of the price and agreed to pay the remainder for the premises and assets once the gaming license was obtained. The casino’s former owners, Whitehart Enterprise Ltd., had gone bankrupt in September. But Miss World’s first attempt to enter the gaming industry failed after the group withdrew from the deal, but did not rule out the possibility of bidding again for the casino when the license was approved. A report had suggested that Morley was interested in entering the world of London casinos. London-based accounting firm Cork Gully was acting as a receiver for the Newcastle casino.

                In August, it was announced that the Miss World organization was going to invest in health clubs, but that it had definitively abandoned plans to buy two gambling casinos. The group, which also ran the Miss England, Wales, Scotland and UK pageants, had announced a rise in pre-tax earnings for the past six months, from £ 141,900 in the first half of 1984 to £ 153,300. During the second half of the year it held the main events, those of Miss World and Miss United Kingdom and should generate more income. Earnings per share had increased from 3.86 pence to 4.3p and the dividend would increase from 1.1p to 1.2p. The company controlled by Eric Morley and his wife Julia announced that it would soon acquire its first health club, but proposals to acquire two gambling casinos had been abandoned. Crown Hotels had drawn up new contracts to sponsor the Miss England, Wales and Scotland pageants while the Miss United Kingdom would be sponsored by the Uni-vite diet firm. Top Shop, part of Burton, continued to sponsor Miss World. A new television contract with Thames Television, replacing the one that expired in late 1985, would generate an additional £ 370,000 over three years.


               On the night of Thursday, May 9, an official ITV spokesperson announced that Judith Chalmers, 49, who was the official compere of Miss World since 1980 when this channel acquired the broadcast rights to the contest, would be replaced that year in the various Morley beauty pageants by Anne Diamond, known for her role as a TV presenter on a TV-AM morning show. The pageants would continue to be co-hosted by Peter Marshall, who also started as the Miss World Master of Ceremonies in 1980.

                On the other hand, Eric Morley had resigned from the direction of the Scottish Brewery Belhaven and the British press highlighted the presence of the Venezuelan Astrid Carolina Herrera, Miss World 1984, in an event of the 21st anniversary of the British skydiving team called “The Red Devils”, held on Thursday May 23 on the grounds of the Kensington Palace and which was also attended by Prince Charles, Princess Diana, three-year-old Prince William (in his first public appearance) and Mark, the son of the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, as well as numerous parliamentarians.


               The Morleys numbered eighty-three directors for the year 1985. This year the Ivory Coast, Saint Kitts & Nevis and Zaire were debuting, while Saint Vincent & the Grenadines and Uganda were returning. Meanwhile, on the island of Grenada, organizers canceled the franchise, as did the director of Indonesia, who failed to get her country’s government to suspend the ban on beauty events, even with the presence of the reigning Miss World, the Venezuelan Astrid Carolina Herrera, who visited that country from September 27 to October 6. Among the 83 nations and territories that would send representatives to Miss World 1985 we have the following:

* MISS COLOMBIA.- The Cartagena Convention Center was once again the headquarters of the National Beauty Contest, an event held on November 12, 1984 with 19 candidates and where the winner was Sandra Borda, Miss Bolívar, heading to the Miss Universe. The Vice-Queen was Miss Valle, Margarita Rosa De Francisco (to Miss World) and the Princesses were the representatives of Huila, María Pía Duque (to Miss International), Cundinamarca, Gehovell Serrato and Atlántico, Eileen Jattin.

* MISS FRANCE.- On December 28, 1984, the French representative for the Miss Universe and Miss World contets was elected at the Montparnasse-Park hotel in Paris with 41 participants. The winner was Miss Alsace, Suzanne Iskandar, a brunette of Lebanese origin. She participated in Miss Universe but for unknown reasons did not travel to London for Miss World, so she was replaced by Miss France Overseas, Nathalie Jones, Miss New Caledonia, who also represented the country in Miss International. The finalists were Miss Lyon, Sophie Hernández and Miss Guadeloupe, Paulette Battet.

Miss Venezuela

* MISS VENEZUELA.- The contest was held for the last time at the Macuto Sheraton Hotel Theater in Caraballeda on Friday May 3 and presented by Gilberto Correa, Carmen Victoria Pérez and, for the fourth consecutive year, the Mexican Raúl Velasco. It was won by the towering Miss Guárico, Silvia Martínez, who went to Miss South America in Lima and Miss Universe in Miami. In the pageant, a Miss World Venezuela was chosen for the first time, a title that went to Miss Anzoátegui, Ruddy Rodríguez and who also took the Miss Photogenic award. The finalists were Miss Monagas, Nina Sicilia (to Miss International and also chosen as Miss Elegance), Miss Departamento Libertador, Gisela Paz (to the Most Beautiful Girl in the World, contest that was canceled in 1986); Miss Portuguesa, Marina Di Vora (to the Miss Intercontinental that did not take place); Miss Miranda, Ivonne Balliache (to Miss Hawaiian Tropic 1986); Miss Lara, Fulvia Torre (to the Reign of the International Coast 1986) and Miss Nueva Esparta, Rebeca Costoya (to the International Queen of Coffee 1986, which did not happen). At the event, a tribute was paid to Astrid Carolina Herrera, the reigning Miss World. Twenty-five candidates participated, including Gisselle Reyes (Vargas Department), who later would be the runway teacher for the Misses for many years.

* MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.- Melba Vicens and Mariela González were chosen in the Dominican National Beauty Contest on Saturday, May 4 in the La Fiesta Hall of the Lina hotel in Santo Domingo to represent the country in the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants respectively. The finalists were Josefina Mauriz and Cesarina De Moya.

* FEMINA MISS INDIA.- The Shanmukhananda Hall in Bombay dressed up for the election of the most beautiful woman in India on Friday, May 10. The winner, towards Miss Universe, was Sonu Walia while the finalists were Sharon Clark (to Miss World) and Seema Malhotra (to Miss Asia Pacific).

* MUTYA NG PILIPINAS.- It was Saturday, May 11 in Manila. The winner turned out to be Elizabeth Cuenco (to Miss World), second was Millicent Bautista (to Miss Asia Pacific) and the other finalists were Arlene Glinoga, Rahjni Faith Pribhdas and Regina Gerona.

* MISS USA.- The Lakeland, Florida Civic Auditorium was the venue for the second consecutive time of the “Miss USA” contest, held on Monday, May 13, and which was won by Miss Texas, a Mexican-born Latina named Laura Elena Martínez Herring, who would later be the US representative in Miss Universe. The first runner-up was Miss New Mexico, Brenda Denton (to Miss World) and the remaining finalists were Miss Illinois, Laura Ann Bach, Miss Louisiana, Sarie Joubert (to Miss International), and Miss Minnesota, Kari Lee Johnson.

* MISS MEXICO.- The event was held on Sunday, May 26 at the El Cid Hotel in Mazatlán, where Sinaloa’s Yolanda Cárdenas, who went to Miss Universe, was elected. As the representative of Mexico to Miss World was chosen Miss Jalisco, Alicia Yolanda Carrillo González, while the finalists were Rebeca Alba Díaz (Zacatecas), Lina Santos Otamendi (Coahuila), Síssi Murillo Rodríguez (Tabasco) and María de los Ángeles Orantes Barraza (Veracruz).

* FEGURÐARDROTTNING ÍSLANDS.- The contest was held on Tuesday, May 28 at Reykjavik’s Broadway Theater. The winner was the slender blonde Halla Bryndis Jonsdóttir, who was supposed to represent Iceland in both Miss Universe and Miss World, but only went to the first one. In London she was replaced by the 1st. runner-up, Hólmfridur Karlsdóttir since the organization decided that Miss Karlsdóttir, as a nursery school teacher was the most suitable for the English contest and they were not mistaken !!!. The others who made the top 5 were Sif Sigfúsdóttir, Helga Melsted and Halla Einarsdóttir.

* MISS POLAND.- Katarzyna Zawidzka won the crown on Saturday, June 1 in the Congress Hall of the Palace of Culture and Sciences in Warsaw, with the participation of 25 candidates. The new Miss Poland was sent to the Miss Universe and the Miss World contests. The finalists were Joanna Niedorezo and Brygida Bziukiewicz (who was later sent to Miss Universe 1986). The Top 5 were completed by Ewa Jesionowska and Marta Bąk. The event was attended by Miss Europe, the Spanish Juncal Rivero.

* MISS ECUADOR.- It was held on Tuesday June 4 at the Teatro 9 de Octubre in Guayaquil with 15 candidates and where three queens were crowned: María Elena Stangl for Miss Universe, María del Pilar De Veintemilla for Miss World and Mónica Jail Pons for Maja Internacional. The finalists were Desiree Boschetti, Lotty Andrade and Giovanna Román.

* MISS TAHITI.- Ruth Manea celebrated her 18th birthday on June 15, when she was elected “Miss Tahiti 1985” at the Tahiti hotel. The girl from the island of Taha’a represented the territory in Miss World.

* MISS COMMONWEALTH BAHAMAS.- It was held on Monday, July 29 at the Bahama Rythm Theater of the Cable Beach hotel and casino with 8 competitors. It was won by Rhonda Lea Cornea from Abaco Island, the first white-skinned Bahamas representative to Miss World since 1971. Monique McKenzie, Lisa Fitzcharles, Lisa Edwards and Antionette Johnson were the finalists.

* MISS UNITED KINGDOM.- Held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on Wednesday 21 August. The winner was Mandy Adele Shires, Miss Bradford, who was awarded the honor of representing the British in Miss World. The finalists were Miss Newquay, Joanne Sedgley (who was later Miss England 1986) and Miss Wales, Barbara Christian.

* MISS SWITZERLAND- Eveline Nicole Glanzmann won the contest held on Saturday August 24 at the Zurich International hotel and in which 16 candidates participated. The new Miss Switzerland attended Miss World 1985 and Miss Universe 1986. The finalists were Marianne Maller and Sabine de Jaeger.

* MISS GUAM WORLD.- The Fieldhouse of the University of Guam in Mangilao was once again the venue for the contest on August 31, in an event that had 22 participants. The winner was Therese Quintanilla and her finalists Heibe Pak and Catherine Branda.

* MISS HOLLAND.- It took place on Saturday, August 31 at a hotel in Amsterdam and where Miss Pasquale Summers was crowned “Miss Holland 1985”, with Mandy Jacobs and Caroline Veldkamp as finalists among 22 contestants. Shortly after, Pasquale was dethroned upon learning that she had taken some nude photos and replaced by the first runner-up, but on September 4, a judge ordered the reinstated the defenestrated Miss Holland as the photos she had taken had not been published. However, Pasquale was not sent to any international competition for the photo incident. The first runner-up was sent to the unofficial Miss Europe 1985 held in Germany and the second runner-up to the Miss Universe and Miss International 1986 contest. Since the contest was held late, the organization decided to send Brigitte Bergman, who was first runner-up at Miss Holland 1983 to the Miss Universe 1985 pageant and, instead of Pasquale, they decided to send her also to Miss World 1985.

* MISS JAMAICA.- Alison Jean Barnett won the prized crown on Saturday, August 31 at Kingston’s National Arena Stadium, with the right to represent her country in Miss World. The finalists were April Parchment (elected Miss Jamaica Maja), Heather Sykes (Miss Jamaica International), Chantal Hylton-Tonnes and Denise Thompson.

* MISS THAILAND WORLD.- The first edition of the contest was held on Saturday, September 14 at the studios of BEC-Tero Entertainment (Channel 3) in Bangkok, new owners of the franchise in that country. The winner was Parnlekha Wanmuang, who traveled to Miss World. The finalists were Maneewan Tawethikul, Saranya Sarachai, Darawan Pangputhipong and Salakjit Palakawongse Na Ayutthaya. The event was attended by the reigning Miss World, the Venezuelan Astrid Carolina Herrera and the organizer of Miss World, Julia Morley.

* MISS SINGAPORE WORLD.- The Neptuno theater-restaurant was the venue for the contest again on Friday, September 27, where Joanne Sylvia Mitchell was the winner, by the way, the tallest contestant with her 5 feet 8 inches, in the event that was attended by Astrid Carolina Herrera, Miss World 1984, Julia Morley and Miss Switzerland 1985, Eveline Glanzmann. The finalists were Miranda Lee (heading to the Miss Asia Pacific) and Rayner Ng.

* MISS SPAIN.- The Miss Spain 1985 gala was held on Saturday September 28 in Salou (Tarragona) and the winner was “Miss Valencia Region”, María Amparo Martínez Cerdán. Concha Isabel Tur Espinosa, “Miss Costa del Sol”, was proclaimed “Miss National”, while Iran Pont Gil, “Miss Barcelona”, was the 1st Maid of Honor. María Amparo went to Miss World 1985, Concha Isabel to Miss Universe 1986 and Iran to Miss International 1986.

* MISS WORLD BRAZIL.- It was held on Wednesday October 2 at the Silvio Santos Theater in Sao Paulo and the winner was Miss Itaú Clube (a contest organized by the Itaú bank), Leila Rosana Leal Bittencourt from Porto Alegre. The finalists were Margareth Terezinha Engels (Queen of the Flowers of Joinville) and Adriana Adiers Lohmann (Queen of the Universities of Rio Grande do Sul). 10 young ladies competed.

*  MISS HUNGARY.- Csilla Andrea Molnár, 16, won the 2nd. Post-war Miss Hungary edition on Saturday October 5 at the Budapest Congress Center. The finalists were Judit Kruppa and Veronika Füstös. Csilla had to compete in Miss World in London, something that did not happen due to permission issues, so she only went to Germany to the unofficial Miss Europe of 1985 where she was a finalist. On the afternoon of July 10, 1986, Csilla, then 17 years old and burdened by rumors and family conflicts, took a lethal dose of medication at her parents’ house and failed to survive. Due to the tragedy, the Miss Hungary pageant did not run again until 1989.

* MISS PERU WORLD.- The Mansiche Coliseum in the northern city of Trujillo was the venue for the pageant that saw Carmen Muro be crowned heading to Miss World on Sunday, October 6. The finalists were Katia Márquez Saric, Virginia Van Heurch, María del Rosario Murillo and Lourdes Escaffe.

* MISS AUSTRALIA WORLD.- At the last minute, the election of the Australian representative to Miss World was made on Sunday, November 3 at the Shore Inn of Artarmon, near Sydney with only 4 participants. The lucky one was 21-year-old Angelina Nasso from New South Wales. The other three contestants were Sally Chippendale, Donna Rudrum (Miss Universe Australia 1984) and Krysia Dzierzano.

France, Poland and Paraguay

               Meanwhile, the Hondurans chose Diana Margarita García for Miss Universe and the first runner-up, Ivette Cecilia Vivas Domínguez, was the one who had to go to Miss World, but due to financial reasons, Mrs. Norma de Funes decided not to send a representative to the English contest that year so she subsequently lost the franchise. Meanwhile, the Miss Germany organization also lost the rights to Miss World and Miss Universe and the new directors appointed Marion Morell as the representative of that country in London without having participated in the national pageant. On the other hand, Miss Luxembourg, Gaby Chiarini, was replaced in Miss World by the first runner-up of her national contest, Beatrix Tinnemans, since Gaby had already competed in Miss Europe and Miss Universe and did not want to go to a third international contest; while the original Miss Gambia, Baturu Jallow, was dismissed after participating in Miss Universe for behavior likely unbecoming of the Crown and replaced by 1st runner-up, Georgett Salleh, who was sent to Miss World.


                Suha Chanine, a beautiful university student who had been elected Miss Lebanon 1985, was a victim of the bloody civil war of that devastated nation, her body and face torn by shrapnel. She lay in a hospital on Thursday August 15 in a coma. Surgeons removed her spleen and removed shell fragments from her right lung. Miss Chanine, 21, and Zeina Tadmurri, her roommate at the American University of Beirut, were injured by an 81mm mortar shell that exploded on Sunday August 11 on the wooded campus during the toughest battle between Christian and Muslim militias in two months. Chanine, a sophomore in political science and public administration, was in the intensive care unit. However, she was slowly improving. “We hope the danger is over,” said her father. Chanine had been chosen Miss Lebanon months earlier for the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants, but the Tourism Ministry disqualified her, arguing that the pageant had been unfair because Christians were not equally represented and she was Muslim. In a new contest Miss Joyce Sahab was chosen as Miss Lebanon for Miss Universe and Randa Sarkis for Miss World, however, the latter could not go to London either, being replaced by 25-year-old Mary Khoury, who was appointed at the last moment and possibly the only girl who, in the midst of the war, had the financial means to cover her trip to London.





                A visit to Indonesia by the winner of the Miss World beauty pageant rekindled a debate over whether pageants of this kind should be allowed in that predominantly Muslim country. The Jakarta Post quoted Women’s Affairs Minister Sutanto as saying the government would never allow beauty pageants to be held because they were detrimental to Indonesian culture. “It is not true that beauty pageants become a good attraction for tourists,” said Sutanto. “If we intend to promote the country’s tourist impulse, we should not hold beauty contests, but rather develop or improve tourist destinations.” Reigning Miss World Astrid Herrera of Venezuela attended charity functions and advocated for a greater role for women in promoting world peace during a hectic 10-day official tour of Indonesia, which ended on Sunday, October 6. The Jakarta Post said Herrera, 22, had received a payment of $ 25,000 from the Yayasan Nakula Sadewa Foundation, which expected to collect $ 200,000 in proceeds from her appearances in Bali. The Indonesian Times said in a front page comment: “Most people will not object to inviting such a beautiful person as Miss Herrera, especially if they are willing to work for a good cause.” “There are many Indonesian girls who are as beautiful and intellectual as Ms. Herrera or perhaps more,” the newspaper said. “If they are allowed to enter a beauty pageant and win the crown, we don’t have to import a foreign Miss World and spend that many dollars.” “Indonesian products must come first.” An unofficial ban on beauty pageants had been in place for two years as a result of objections from the powerful Muslim organization Muhammadyah and other religious groups in a country where more than 90 percent of its population is Muslim. Indonesia remained absent from international beauty pageants until governments and mindsets changed a bit. This country returned to compete in Miss World only twenty years later, in 2005…


                As the Miss World entrants began arriving in London, a scandal set the press on fire on Sunday, November 3. Julia Morley was furious at the stories published in various media outlets claiming that she had had a five-year affair with a handsome diplomat stationed in Washington and a former Guatemalan armed forces pilot named Hector Rosales, a married man in his 40s. And she called her 35-year-old nephew Eddie Crozier a “sick and miserable rat” for making the accusations and for trying to blackmail Eric Morley. Julia, famous for her insistence on high moral standards among Miss World participants, said: “It is not your business whether I have an affair or not. I don’t give a damn what other people think.” “It is not the end of the world whether or not I did something.” But the worst was when the media said that Rosales’ wife, Mrs. Prana, had consented to the relationship. “Can you believe that?” Stunned Julia, 46, said, “That sounds to me like a transatlantic crossed line.” However, she repeatedly refused to deny the claims made by her sister’s son, Eddie Crozier and his partner Ray Millross.

Eric and Julia Morley

                When asked about the Guatemalan man, Julia replied: “No comment.” “In my opinion, the allegations are not that serious.” Meanwhiile, her husband Eric, 67, said: “Julia and I have never been happier” and added that Eddie Crozier demanded a sum of money to keep quiet “I will not say how much, but it was not peanuts.” “Julia is desperately upset that her nephew has acted in that way. He was drunk and we couldn’t reason with him.” So the Morleys went to the police to denounce him for blackmail, so Crozier carried out his threat and went to the newspapers. “It is not anyone’s business whether I had an affair or not, my point is that every blackmailer should be condemned,” said Julia. Crozier and her 33-year-old boyfriend had worked for Miss World until the previous year and they both went to THE MIRROR newspaper to sell Julia’s story, revelations about Eric Morley and tell backstage stories of the contest for £ 50,000, but the newspaper refused, even though the offer had been lowered to £ 35,000. The couple had threatened to tell details of Eric’s bizarre personality and of backstage fights between Julia and the contest comperes, Judith Chalmers and Peter Marshall. They would also tell the secrets of how the contest’s candidates were judged, the case of a Miss Israel who had broken the strict rules of not having sex during the event, the ambition of Miss World 1976, Cindy Breakspeare to get pregnant and the three affairs from the 1973 titleholder, Marjorie Wallace in Great Britain. However, it was said that in the end they had sold the story to another medium for £ 40,000. The scandal had added tribulation to the Morleys as their adoptive daughter, Kathryn, 16, was in poor health at the time with a mysterious degenerative disease of the nervous system. Her condition had worsened in recent months and she had not spoken since June. “The threats could not have come at a worse time,” said Julia. The couple was comforted by messages of support from the participants who had come to London for the contest. “The girls have been wonderful,” said Julia. She also added that the rigorous restrictions of the contestants and their boyfriends would be maintained in the contest that year.


                While the Morley scandal was in full swing, beauties from around the world had begun arriving in the British capital for the thirty-fifth edition of the celebrated English pageant. The first Miss to arrive this time was the representative of Holland, who arrived in London on October 30. Then Miss Jamaica arrived on Thursday the 31st, and Miss Mexico and Miss Chile on Friday the 1st. of November. During Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 a large contingent of beauties arrived, since those were the official arrival dates. This year, the contestants stayed at the Tara Hotel, a four-star accomodation located in Kensington. The first official activities of the candidates were the usual walks through the most emblematic sites of the city on Monday, November 4 and Tuesday, November 5. There was also time to receive the journalists, pose for photographs and rehearse for the opening number, which was recorded at the Opera House on Wednesday the 6th and where some contestants wore their national costumes and others, their evening dresses. Twelve candidates filmed wearing white swimsuits and headdresses and performed a choreography simulating a casino roulette. They were the representatives of Venezuela, Brazil, Finland, Barbados, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, New Zealand, Guam, Singapore, Yugoslavia, and Luxembourg. Ten other girls recorded a musical number with American presenter John Davidson in Hyde Park and around the Royal Albert Hall for US viewers. They were Miss USA, Miss Canada, Miss Mexico, Miss Holland, Miss Germany, Miss France, Miss Hong Kong, Miss Italy, Miss Belgium and Miss Ireland. In the evening of the same day, the contestants attended the Phoenix Theater for the musical “Are You Lonesome Tonight” with Martin Shaw, a play about the life of Elvis Presley. In the theater, the Dutch candidate, Brigitte Bergman, was confronted by the 1985 Miss Holland, Pasquale Summers, who was unable to compete in Miss World over the issue of compromising photos. On Thursday, November 7, the participants went to the ITV studios where they filmed the individual presentation in their swimsuits, in a beach set created with computers and attended by the 75 girls who had arrived so far. On the night of that day Miss Australia and Miss Kenya arrived late. On Friday the 8th the customary luncheon offered by the Variety Club of Great Britain was held, this time at the facilities of the Hilton Hotel in West End. It was attended by all the participants with their national costumes and gifts that were auctioned by Eric Morley hours later in the same hotel, to benefit the charities of “Beauty with a Purpose”. Of the 83 expected girls, 78 of them would finally take part in the contest, because due to financial problems the participation of Miss HONDURAS (Ivette Cecilia Vivas Domínguez), Miss TONGA (Katherine Isabel Ti´o Tauiliili) and Miss SENEGAL (Chantal Loubelo) had been canceled. Meanwhile, Miss HUNGARY (Csilla Andrea Molnar) did not obtain permission from her country’s government to participate in London and for unknown reasons Miss TURKEY (Filiz Hulya Kucukbayraktar) did not arrive, although she was confirmed and was expected until the last minute.

United Kingdom, Germany, Venezuela, Canada, Ireland and Holland


                The last entrant to arrive in London was Miss Cayman Islands, Emily Hurlston, on Friday, November 8. The reasons? She had personal problems with her national director, lawyer Steve McField, who decided to dismiss her. “I have disqualified her and designated the 1st. runner-up, Edith Yates, as her replacement.” Hurlston contacted Eric Morley directly and informed him of the alleged injustices of which she was a victim by her director and obtained his support. “She has every right to be here,” said Morley. According to her director, the problem started when Hurlston demanded that McField pay for a companion to London, and he disagreed. Since the rebellious Miss Hurlston did not comply with her dismissal, her director threatened a court order to prevent her from attending Miss World since, according to him, she had been legally excluded from participating in the English contest. However, the threat did not take effect and Hurlston traveled to London on her own with a chaperone, being the last of the 78 contestants to arrive. However, the court order filed asked the Morleys not to let her take part in the Miss World finals, but this did not happen.


                On Saturday the 9th, the participants went to luxurious shopping malls to do their shopping and in the afternoon they went to King’s College hospital for the annual Christmas party with the children confined there. On Sunday 10 the customary meeting of the beauties with the media was held at the Press Presentation, which this year was held at the Hilton hotel in West End. There, the 78 contestants posed to the photographers wearing white short-sleeved leotards with belts and gold shoes sponsored by Top Shop and with the name of the country represented printed on the chest. The journalists grouped the girls according to their continents and also those who began to sound like favorites: Miss Jamaica, Miss Iceland, Miss United Kingdom, Miss USA, Miss Israel (who had originally been considered the great favorite when she arrived in London ), Miss Germany, Miss Paraguay, Miss Switzerland and Miss Zaire. By the way, Miss Switzerland had the name of their country misprinted on the leotard, a fact that was widely criticized by the press. As always, several of the competitors came from participating in other international beauty pageants. From the Miss Universe 1985 pageant came the candidates from Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Finland, Holland, Norway, Poland and Zaire, where the latter reached the position of second runner-up and the Dutch had been Miss Photogenic. In Miss Universe, but from 1984, Miss Aruba had taken part. She also competed in the International Reign of Flowers 1985. The Dutch girl had won Miss Intercontinental 1983, she had been 2nd runner-up in Miss Europe 1985 (where Miss Belgium also participated) and was a semifinalist in both Miss International 1983 and the Most Beautiful Girl in the World 1985. Miss Costa Rica, Miss France and Miss Poland competed in Miss International 1985, the latter achieved a place among the semifinalists, while Miss Mexico and Miss Barbados came from Maja International that same year. For their part, Miss USA and Miss Canada had been 1st. and 2nd. runner-ups at Miss Oktoberfest 1984, Miss Saint Vincent participated in Miss Carival 1985 and Miss Belgium in Miss International 1984. At the end of the meeting, the photojournalists chose Miss PHOTOGENIC, a title that went to Miss REPUBLIC OF ZAIRE (Benita Murekatete Kayonga). After the presentation to the press, the bookmakers had Miss Iceland, Miss Jamaica and Miss United Kingdom as the top favorites to win the contest. On the night of that Sunday a very special dinner was held where some of the girls showed their artistic talents. Here are the most important data of the 78 contestants of Miss World 1985:

01 AMERICAN VIRGIN ISLANDS Connie Mary Colaire 23 Christiansted, St.Croix Tax collector
02 ARUBA Jacqueline Deborah van Putten 24 San Nicolas Primary school teacher
03 AUSTRALIA Angelina Nasso 18 Sydney Student of art
04 AUSTRIA Gabriele Christine Maxonus 20 Salzburg Nursery school teacher
05 BAHAMAS Rhonda Lea Cornea 17 Marsh Harbor, Abaco Student
06 BARBADOS Elizabeth “Liz” Dana Wadman 19 Christ Church Social worker
07 BELGIUM An Van Den Broeck 18 Antwerp Model
08 BERMUDA Jannell Kathy Nadra Ford 23 Devonshire Journalist
09 BOLIVIA Carolina Issa Abudinen 19 Santa Cruz Student
10 BRAZIL Leila Rosana Leal Bittencourt 19 Porto Alegre Student
11 CANADA Michelle Irene Tambling 20 Toronto Model
12 CAYMAN ISLANDS Emily Yvette Hurlston 18 North Side, Grand Cayman Fixed deposit trader
13 CHILE Lydia Ana Labarca Birke 20 Santiago Student
14 COLOMBIA Margarita Rosa de Francisco Baquero 20 Cali Model
15 COSTA RICA Marianela Herrera Marín 19 San Jose Student
16 CURACAO Lidushka Pamela Curiel 21 Willemstad Student
17 CYPRUS Juliana Panayiota Kalogirou 18 Famagusta Secretary
18 DENMARK Jeanette Kröll 19 Odense Student
19 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC María Trinidad “Mariela” González Hernández 20 Santiago Visitor’s guide
20 ECUADOR María del Pilar de Veintemilla Russo 21 Quito Student
21 EL SALVADOR Luz del Carmen “Lucita” Mena Duke 21 San Salvador Gym instructor
22 FINLAND Marja Kristiina Kinnunen 22 Tampere Modelo
23 FRANCE Nathalie Jones 18 Noumea, New Caledonia Student
24 GAMBIA Georgett Salleh 19 Brikama Student
25 GERMANY Marion Morell 20 Stuttgart Model
26 GIBRALTAR Gail Anne May Francis 22 Gibraltar Clerk
27 GREECE Epi Galanou 22 Athens Photographic model
28 GUAM Therese M. Quintanilla 18 Agana Heights Bank teller
29 GUATEMALA Maricela Luna Villacorta 20 Ciudad de Guatemala Student of graphic design
30 HOLLAND Brigitte Bergman 21 Utrecht Student
31 HONG KONG Aleen Lo Kam-Yu 20 Hong Kong Works in Public Relations
32 ICELAND Hólmfridur “Hofi” Karlsdóttir 22 Gardabaer, Reikiavik Nursery school teacher
33 INDIA Sharon Mary Clarke 18 Bombay Student
34 IRELAND Anne Marie Gannon 19 Artane, Dublin Fashion and Photographic model
35 ISLE OF MAN Fiona Louise Hartley 19 Douglas Bank clerk
36 ISRAEL Maya Wachtenheim 19 Haifa Soldier
37 ITALY Cosetta Antoniolli 20 Milan Model
38 IVORY COAST Rose Armande Oulla 18 Abidjan Student
39 JAMAICA Alison Jean Barnett 19 Kingston Student
40 JAPAN Haruko Sugimoto 22 Tokio Retail assistant
41 KENYA Jacqueline Mary Thom 18 Thika Model
42 KOREA Eun-kyoung Park 22 Seoul Model
43 LEBANON Mary Khoury 25 Beirut Student
44 LIBERIA Sarah-Laurine Massanuh Horton 18 Monrovia Student
45 LUXEMBOURG Beatrix Bertine Herma Corneline Tinnemans 24 Luxembourg City Works at the European Parliament
46 MALAYSIA Rosalind Kong Siew Kuen 21 Kuala Lumpur Student
47 MALTA Kristina Apap Bologna 20 Mdina Office Administrator
48 MEXICO Alicia Yolanda Carrillo González 23 Guadalajara Promotional work
49 NEW ZEALAND Sheri Anastasia Le Fleming Burrow 20 Auckland Model
50 NIGERIA Rosemary Okeke 21 Lagos English graduate
51 NORWAY Karen Margrethe Moe 18 Kristiansund Model
52 PANAMA Diana Ester Alfaro Arosemena 24 Panama City Student of Business Administration
53 PARAGUAY Daisy Patricia Ferreira Caballero 19 Asuncion Student of Art
54 PERU Carmen del Rosario Muro Távara 21 Lambayeque Student
55 PHILIPPINES Elizabeth Dionisio Cuenco 21 Manila Dentistry Student
56 POLAND Katarzyna Dorota Zawidzka 23 Gorzów Student of Economics
57 PORTUGAL Maria de Fátima da Silva Alves Raimundo 18 Cascais Student
58 PUERTO RICO Iris Matías Gonzáles 20 San Juan Model
59 SAINT KITTS & NEVIS Karen Marcelle Grant 19 Old Road Town Bank teller
60 SAINT VINCENT & THE GRENADINES Donna Maria Young 19 Kingstown Bank clerk
61 SINGAPORE Joanne Sylvia Mitchell 19 Paya Lebar Teacher
62 SPAIN María Amparo Martínez Cerdán 23 Valencia Secretary
63 SRI LANKA Natalie Gunewardene 22 Colombo Student
64 SWAZILAND June Hank 25 Manzini Accountant
65 SWEDEN Anne-Bolette Jill Christophersen 21 Stockholm Student of Medicine
66 SWITZERLAND Eveline Nicole Glanzmann 20 Allschwil Secretary
67 TAHITI Ruth Manea 18 Taha’a Student
68 THAILAND Parnlekha “Por” Wanmuang 22 Bangkok Student
69 TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Ulrica Christina Phillip 21 San Fernando Secretary
70 TURKS & CAICOS Barbara Bulah Mae Capron 18 Providenciales Cashier
71 UGANDA Helen Acheng 24 Kitgum Student
72 UNITED KINGDOM Mandy Adele Shires 19 Wilsden, Bradford Model
73 UNITED STATES Brenda Denton 22 Hobbs, New Mexico Substitute teacher
74 URUGUAY Gabriela de León Muñiz 19 Montevideo Student
75 VENEZUELA Ruddy Rosario Rodríguez de Lucía 18 Caracas Swimming instructor
76 WESTERN SAMOA Angelie Achatz 21 Apia Computer analyst
77 YUGOSLAVIA Aleksandra Kosanovic 23 Belgrade Student of film stage management
78 ZAIRE Benita Murekatete Kayonga 18 Kintambo, Kinshasa Student


                Miss UK Mandy Shires kept her boyfriend silent, despite being told by Miss World organizer Julia Morley to respond directly to the press when the girl was interviewed by journalists on the 12th floor of the Hilton hotel, where all the contestants posed for the press. Mandy only said that her boyfriend was a very manly model and promised to tell about her love life only if she went on to win Miss World. “I don’t want to talk about him because he is not part of this contest,” Miss UK told the media. On the other hand, she was William Hill’s bookmaker’s favorite for the Miss World title but she was not happy about that. The 19-year-old blonde believed that the 6-1 odds pushed her too far for the contest finals.

                But one who was happy to be considered a favorite was Miss USA, Brenda Denton. She was a tall, brown-haired 22-year-old computer programming student at Texas Tech University who hoped to be Miss World that year. She told The Associated Press that it took more than beauty to compete in a pageant like Miss World, where contestants had to give two-minute interviews on stage. “When a girl opens her mouth, if she doesn’t have intelligence, people lose interest,” said Miss Denton. “For me, a personality does more than appearance.” Beauty pageants were not outdated for women in the 1980s, she said. In her case, contests were a way to get college scholarships. “We are just young women fighting for an end,” said Miss Denton. “I would definitely fight for the right to enter a contest.” She said the pageant commitments had forced her to take a college leave and work as a substitute teacher that fall. At Lubbock University, Ms. Denton was majoring in computer science and had spent two of her college years working as a part-time computer programmer for college. “I spend my free time in the computer center fixing my programs,” she said. She likes computers, but her real dream is to have a clothing boutique in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, New Mexico. “I think fashion is innate within me,” she said. “I am definitely very career and family oriented and I want to do both.” She said her boyfriend “thinks it’s great” that she is competing, although she said he probably won’t be able to watch the Miss World finals on television. “He will just have to wait for a phone call,” she said. To get to the Miss World contest, she had to win the Miss Hobbs pageant first, then the Miss New Mexico USA and compete in Miss USA where she was the 1st runner-up. Another brained girl in this year’s contest was Miss Sweden, who was studying medicine and wanted to specialize in cardiovascular surgery.


                On Monday, November 11, the participants attended the annual luncheon hosted by MPs in the House of Commons and where one of them complimented them saying that international beauties seemed to be more intellectual than their British counterparts. This caused six female legislators, offended by the comment, to decide to present a resolution in Parliament criticizing their male colleagues for escorting Miss World contestants through the House of Commons. Neville Trotter, Conservative Member of Parliament who sponsored the beauty queens’ visit, said: “This is a ridiculous motion. These are lovely girls. They are an example of an international gathering where there are no political barriers,” adding “that the House should have been used to promote the contest”. On the afternoon of that Monday, the girls attended their first rehearsal at the Royal Albert Hall, rehearsals that lasted throughout Tuesday.

               On Tuesday, November 12, the top two British bookmakers had listed Miss Jamaica as the big favorite with odds of 5-1 and 6-1 to win the Miss World title. Other favourites were Miss Iceland (6-1), Miss Finland, Miss Israel and Miss Switzerland (7-1), who had been considered favorites since the contest began. Miss United Kingdom remained solid at 8-1 odds followed by Miss USA at 9-1. Others with certain possibilities were Miss Zaire (12-1), Miss Puerto Rico (14-1), Miss India (16-1), Miss New Zealand (18-1) and the candidates from Canada, Paraguay, Sweden and Venezuela with 20-1. However, a Ladbroke’s spokesperson said that this year the stakes had dropped to a quarter compared to the previous year as the newspapers had not published many photos of the participants. For its part, the British newspaper THE MIRROR gave Miss Paraguay as its favorite. This year’s competitors had gotten rid of much of the publicity traditionally surrounding the details of their private lives. Instead, popular newspapers this time had come to the center of the contest and devoted full pages to the accusations against Julia Morley, who had allegedly been involved in an affair with a Guatemalan diplomat.


                On Wednesday the 13th of November the girls went in groups to the sponsoring beauty salon in Mayfair and at night they had the Dress Rehearsal and the recordings in national costumes at the Royal Albert Hall. At around 7:25 pm the musical overture of Phil Tate and his orchestra began and Eric Morley entered the scene to welcome and explain the procedures. At 7:30 pm the opening was recorded with the dancers of Ken Warwick and 12 of the girls on stage in their national costumes. They were the candidates from Belgium, Chile, Cyprus, Holland, Bolivia, Iceland, Curaçao, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Then, the introductions of the 78 girls in their national costumes, who arrived on stage three by three while Peter Marshall announced their names and the city where they came from, were recorded. To conclude the prerecording, the contestants sang together on stage the song “A Song for the World”, written by Tony King and Sally Kemp and which had already premiered in 1984. Two different performances were also recorded, that of Peter Marshall, Anne Diamond and guest star Jack Jones for British TV and that of North American John Davidson for US TV, who also sang several of his songs only for the audience in his country.

                After the recordings, the Dress Rehearsal began and where the night’s master of ceremonies, Andy Ross, introduced the competitors individually and in alphabetical order in bathing suits to finish all together on stage. Then Julia Morley arrived on the scene to reward Miss PERSONALITY, chosen by the contestants themselves, which was won by Miss ISLE OF MAN (Fiona Louise Hartley). Several national directors distinguished during the year for supporting the various “Beauty with a Purpose” projects were also awarded. Fifteen semi-finalists were randomly selected to rehearse the various parades and interviews until the coronation in which Miss Ireland, Anne Marie Gannon was selected as Miss World. “They say the winner of the rehearsal never wins the final night, but I expect a big slice of luck from the Irish,” said Miss Ireland. Apparently a little more rehearsal was missing because on several occasions Eric Morley and her son Julian, had to run on stage and put the girls in the right places. On the other hand, entertainer Anne Diamond, who debuted as a compere in Miss World, was nervous and confused Miss Colombia with Miss Iceland and introduced Miss India as Miss X. Diamond confessed that she felt very nervous to know that some 500 million people would be watching it.



               The next morning, the day of the grand final, the contestants were judged in swimsuits and interviewed in gowns by a panel of nine judges, and the votes were entered into a computer that issued the names of the fifteen semifinalists, which included the five best girls from each continent and the next ten candidates regardless of the continent they belonged to. As in the previous year, each judge would select the fifteen best in swimwear and the fifteen best in interview / gowns. Each of the 78 entrants would receive 2 points from each judge, which would be equivalent to a minimum of 18 points, while the fifteen selected from each list would obtain two additional points if they appeared in both lists and one additional point if they appeared in only one of the two lists. The maximum score would be 36 points. Morley was rumored to have asked the rest of the judges to “wipe out” contestants with hints of a grim past. Upon learning that the girls would be evaluated eight hours before the finals, the houses decided to close the bets at noon, since they feared that something similar would happen to what happened the previous year, when it was leaked that Miss USA was among the first places of the judges and, minutes before the finals, her bets had quintupled. But Morley insisted that scrutineers this time would not allow rumors and that the lucky ones would not be known until the official announcement during the contest.



                At 7:40 p.m. on Thursday, November 14, the thirty-fifth edition of Miss World began at the Royal Albert Hall in London with the customary musical overture of Phil Tate and his orchestra and the British National Anthem, so that later, Andy Ross will call Eric Morley on stage for the thanks and then move on to the opening number, simulating a casino, with the Ken Warwick dancers to the tune of the song “Luck be a Lady” which at the time popularized Frank Sinatra, and the twelve contestants of the previous day but this time in evening wear. Subsequently, the 78 participants were introduced in their gowns, three by three, and then they all posed on stage and sang the song “A Song for the World”. There was then a 20-minute intermission for the girls to change into the swimwear competition, the same for everyone and designed by Symington for Top Shop. After the individual swimsuit parade, presented by Andy Ross, the 78 entrants took their positions on stage and were immediately released the names of the 15 semifinalists, who prerecorded their group parade that would be broadcast minutes later, to give them time to change their clothes during the broadcast. The 15 semifinalists were:

                Miss BRAZIL (Leila Rosana Leal Bittencourt, 19 years old and 5f 9i tall, from Porto Alegre); Miss ICELAND (Hólmfridur “Hofi” Karlsdóttir, 22 years old and 5f 8.5i tall, from Gardabaer); Miss IRELAND (Anne Marie Gannon, 19 years old and 5f 10i tall, from Artane); Miss ISRAEL (Maya Wachtenheim, 19 years old and 5f 8i tall, from Haifa); Miss JAMAICA (Alison Jean Barnett, 19 years, 5f 8i tall, from Kingston); Miss NEW ZEALAND (Sheri Anastasia Le Fleming-Burrow, 20 years and 5f 5i tall, from Auckland); Miss PARAGUAY (Daisy Patricia Ferreira Caballero, 19 years old and 5f 8.5i tall, from Asuncion); Miss POLAND (Katarzyna Dorota Zawidzka, 23 years old and 5f 9i tall, from Gorzów); Miss PUERTO RICO (Iris Matías Gonzáles, 20 years old and 5f 8i tall, from San Juan); Miss SWEDEN (Anne-Bolette Jill Christophersen, 21 years of age, 5f 7i tall, from Stockholm); Miss SWITZERLAND (Eveline Nicole Glanzmann, 20, 5f 8.5i tall, from Allschwil); Miss UNITED KINGDOM (19-year-old 5f 10i Mandy Adele Shires from Wilsden, Bradford); Miss UNITED STATES (Brenda Denton, 22, 5f 10i tall, from Hobbs, New Mexico); Miss VENEZUELA (Ruddy Rosario Rodríguez de Lucía, 18 years old and 5f 8i tall, from Caracas); and Miss REPUBLIC OF ZAIRE (Benita Murekatete Kayonga, 18 years old and 5f 10i tall, from Kintambo, Kinshasa).

                At 8:30 pm the broadcast of the event began for an hour and a half on ITV with the prerecorded images of the opening on stage and at the Opera House, the introductions of the candidates in their national costumes and the theme “A Song for the World “. Also the introduction of Peter Marshall, Anne Diamond and the singer Jack Jones and the prerecorded segment in bathing suits in the ITV studios of the previous week, showing the scores obtained by each contestant. The three girls who arrived late (Australia, Cayman Islands and Kenya) were also shown with shots on stage. Here is the table with the scores of each entrant and their final positions:

    J01 J02 J03 J04 J05 J06 J07 J08 J09 TOTAL
1 VENEZUELA 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 36
2 ICELAND 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 4 34
3 UNITED KINGDOM 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 34
4 ISRAEL 4 4 4 4 2 4 4 3 4 33
5 JAMAICA 4 4 4 2 4 4 2 4 4 32
6 PARAGUAY 4 4 4 4 2 4 2 4 4 32
7 POLAND 4 4 2 4 4 4 2 4 4 32
8 UNITED STATES 4 2 4 4 4 4 4 2 4 32
9 SWITZERLAND 4 4 4 2 4 2 4 4 3 31
10 NEW ZEALAND 4 4 4 4 2 4 2 2 3 29
11 PUERTO RICO 4 4 2 4 2 4 2 3 4 29
12 BRAZIL 2 2 4 4 2 4 2 4 4 28
13 SWEDEN 4 4 4 4 3 2 2 2 3 28
14 IRELAND 4 4 4 2 2 2 4 2 3 27
15 FINLAND 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 3 26
16 SINGAPORE 4 4 4 2 4 2 2 2 2 26
17 HOLLAND 2 2 2 4 2 2 2 4 4 24
18 INDIA 2 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 2 24
19 ZAIRE 2 2 2 2 4 2 4 4 2 24
20 COLOMBIA 2 2 2 2 4 2 4 3 2 23
21 ISLE OF MAN 2 2 2 4 3 4 2 2 2 23
22 BERMUDA 2 4 2 2 2 2 4 2 2 22
23 GUAM 2 2 2 4 2 4 2 2 2 22
24 ITALY 2 2 4 2 2 2 4 2 2 22
25 IVORY COAST 4 2 2 2 3 2 2 3 2 22
26 AUSTRALIA 2 2 2 4 2 2 2 2 3 21
27 HONG KONG 2 2 2 2 3 2 4 2 2 21
28 YUGOSLAVIA 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 2 3 21
29 CHILE 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 2 20
30 CURACAO 2 4 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 20
31 GERMANY 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 2 20
32 KENYA 2 2 4 2 2 2 2 2 2 20
33 SPAIN 4 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 20
34 ARUBA 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 2 19
35 BAHAMAS 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 2 19
36 DENMARK 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 2 19
37 SWAZILAND 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 2 19
38 TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 2 19
39 URUGUAY 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 19
40 AMERICAN VIRGIN ISLANDS 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
41 AUSTRIA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
42 BARBADOS 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
43 BELGIUM 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
44 BOLIVIA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
45 CANADA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
46 CAYMAN ISLANDS 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
47 COSTA RICA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
48 CYPRUS 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
49 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
50 ECUADOR 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
51 EL SALVADOR 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
52 FRANCE 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
53 GAMBIA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
54 GIBRALTAR 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
55 GREECE 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
56 GUATEMALA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
57 JAPAN 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
58 KOREA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
59 LEBANON 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
60 LIBERIA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
61 LUXEMBOURG 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
62 MALAYSIA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
63 MALTA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
64 MEXICO 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
65 NIGERIA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
66 NORWAY 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
67 PANAMA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
68 PERU 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
69 PHILIPPINES 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
70 PORTUGAL 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
71 SAINT KITTS & NEVIS 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
72 SAINT VINCENT & THE GRENADINES 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
73 SRI LANKA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
74 TAHITI 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
75 THAILAND 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
76 TURKS & CAICOS 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
77 UGANDA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
78 WESTERN SAMOA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18
    186 186 186 186 186 186 186 186 186  


                As can be seen in the previous table, Miss Venezuela was the only contestant who obtained the perfect score (36 points) and it can also be seen that in order to classify a candidate from the African continent (in this case Miss Republic of Zaire, who by the way had been third in Miss Universe that same year), they sacrificed Miss Finland or Miss Singapore, one of the two would have been chosen by the judges when breaking the tie. We also see that 39 of the 78 competitors, that is exactly half way, were considered by the judges in at least one of the lists. Here we see how the judges voted individually:

01.Iceland 01.Iceland 01.Bermuda 01.Bermuda 01.Brazil 01.Brazil
02.Ireland 02.Ireland 02.Curaçao 02.Curaçao 02.Iceland 02.Iceland
03.Israel 03.Israel 03.Iceland 03.Iceland 03.Ireland 03.Ireland
04.Ivory Coast 04.Ivory Coast 04.Ireland 04.Ireland 04.Israel 04.Israel
05.Jamaica 05.Jamaica 05.Israel 05.Israel 05.Italy 05.Italy
06.New Zealand 06.New Zealand 06.Jamaica 06.Jamaica 06.Jamaica 06.Jamaica
07.Paraguay 07.Paraguay 07.New Zealand 07.New Zealand 07.Kenya 07.Kenya
08.Poland 08.Poland 08.Paraguay 08.Paraguay 08.New Zealand 08.New Zealand
09.Puerto Rico 09.Puerto Rico 09.Poland 09.Poland 09.Paraguay 09.Paraguay
10.Singapore 10.Singapore 10.Puerto Rico 10.Puerto Rico 10.Singapore 10.Singapore
11.Spain 11.Spain 11.Singapore 11.Singapore 11.Sweden 11.Sweden
12.Sweden 12.Sweden 12.Sweden 12.Sweden 12.Switzerland 12.Switzerland
13.Switzerland 13.Switzerland 13.Switzerland 13.Switzerland 13.United Kingdom 13.United Kingdom
14.United States 14.United States 14.United Kingdom 14.United Kingdom 14.United States 14.United States
15.Venezuela 15.Venezuela 15.Venezuela 15.Venezuela 15.Venezuela 15.Venezuela
01.Australia 01.Australia 01.Colombia 01.Aruba 01.Brazil 01.Brazil
02.Brazil 02.Brazil 02.Finland 02.Bahamas 02.Finland 02.Finland
03.Guam 03.Guam 03.Hong Kong 03.Colombia 03.Guam 03.Guam
04.Holland 04.Holland 04.Iceland 04.Denmark 04.Iceland 04.Iceland
05.Iceland 05.Iceland 05.Isle of Man 05.Iceland 05.India 05.India
06.Isle of Man 06.Isle of Man 06.Ivory Coast 06.Jamaica 06.Isle of Man 06.Isle of Man
07.Israel 07.Israel 07.Jamaica 07.Poland 07.Israel 07.Israel
08.New Zealand 08.New Zealand 08.Poland 08.Singapore 08.Jamaica 08.Jamaica
09.Paraguay 09.Paraguay 09.Singapore 09.Suaziland 09.New Zealand 09.New Zealand
10.Poland 10.Poland 10.Sweden 10.Switzerland 10.Paraguay 10.Paraguay
11.Puerto Rico 11.Puerto Rico 11.Switzerland 11.Trinidad / Tobago 11.Poland 11.Poland
12.Sweden 12.Sweden 12.United Kingdom 12.United Kingdom 12.Puerto Rico 12.Puerto Rico
13.United Kingdom 13.United Kingdom 13.United States 13.United States 13.United Kingdom 13.United Kingdom
14.United States 14.United States 14.Venezuela 14.Venezuela 14.United States 14.United States
15.Venezuela 15.Venezuela 15.Zaire 15.Zaire 15.Venezuela 15.Venezuela
01.Bermuda 01.Bermuda 01.Brazil 01.Brazil 01.Australia 01.Brazil
02.Colombia 02.Colombia 02.Chile 02.Chile 02.Brazil 02.Holland
03.Finland 03.Finland 03.Finland 03.Colombia 03.Finland 03.Iceland
04.Hong Kong 04.Hong Kong 04.Germany 04.Finland 04.Holland 04.Israel
05.Iceland 05.Iceland 05.Holland 05.Germany 05.Iceland 05.Jamaica
06.India 06.India 06.India 06.Holland 06.Ireland 06.Paraguay
07.Ireland 07.Ireland 07.Israel 07.India 07.Israel 07.Poland
08.Israel 08.Israel 08.Jamaica 08.Ivory Coast 08.Jamaica 08.Puerto Rico
09.Italy 09.Italy 09.Paraguay 09.Jamaica 09.New Zealand 09.Sweden
10.Switzerland 10.Switzerland 10.Poland 10.Paraguay 10.Paraguay 10.Switzerland
11.United Kingdom 11.United Kingdom 11.Puerto Rico 11.Poland 11.Poland 11.United Kingdom
12.United States 12.United States 12.Switzerland 12.Switzerland 12.Puerto Rico 12.United States
13.Venezuela 13.Venezuela 13.United Kingdom 13.United Kingdom 13.United Kingdom 13.Uruguay
14.Yugoslavia 14.Yugoslavia 14.Venezuela 14.Venezuela 14.United States 14.Venezuela
15.Zaire 15.Zaire 15.Zaire 15.Zaire 15.Venezuela 15.Yugoslavia


                At 9:04 pm the live broadcast began when Peter Marshall proceeded to introduce the panel of judges. The nine people who were in charge of selecting the new Miss World were:

01- Ibrahim Keita, businessman from Ivory Coast.

02- Graeme Souness, Scottish professional footballer.

03- British Ralph Halpern, Director of Top Shop.

04- Sarah-Jane Hutt, the 1983 Miss World of the United Kingdom.

05- Eric Morley, Organizer of Miss World and Chairman of the Judges.

06- England swimming champion Duncan Goodhew.

07- The Director of Miss Switzerland, Anne-Marie Moser.

08- Tan Sri Jeyaratnam, Director of Sultan Idris Shah Foundation of Malaysia.

09- Irish Boxing Champion Barry McGuigan.


              After the presentation of the judges, Anne Diamond proceeded to call the 15 semifinalists, three by three, for the swimsuit parade, this time wearing the swimsuits chosen by themselves, while Peter Marshall commented on the personal data of each of them. After the individual parade, they ran to dressing rooms to put on their evening dresses, while viewers watched the prerecorded video done minutes before, where the 15 semifinalists posed together in their bathing suits. After the commercial cut, the 15 lucky ones paraded in their elegant evening dresses, introduced by Anne Diamond, who also described the gowns and details of each participant. At the end of the presentation, the 15 girls posed together once more in front of the judges. Peter Marshall proceeded to call Julia Morley and the outgoing Miss World, Venezuelan Astrid Carolina Herrera, who were interviewed by Anne Diamond and recounted details of their one-year work with “Beauty with a Purpose.” “Miss World must be a compassionate woman,” said Julia. Incidentally, Astrid Carolina had put on a few pounds during her reign, but when she returned to London to crown her successor, she followed a Micro-Diet recommended by Miss United Kingdom (who had lost 28 pounds) and managed to shed three pounds for the finals.

                Immediately Peter Marshall called the 7 finalists who were still competing, in random order. They were Miss SWITZERLAND, Miss ICELAND, Miss VENEZUELA, Miss JAMAICA, Miss UNITED KINGDOM, Miss ISRAEL and Miss UNITED STATES. Each of them was interviewed by both comperes as they were announced, comfortably seated in a kind of living room on stage. Miss Switzerland spoke of her studies and of a previous visit to London, Miss Iceland commented about her work in a nursery school, the same that Princess Diana had carried out. “I love my job, I finished my studies a year ago,” she told Anne Diamond; The Venezuelan was the only one who used the interpreter Verónica and spoke about her hobbies. Peter asked who was that special person she wanted to meet, but the interpreter misunderstood and asked who she admired the most, so Miss Venezuela replied that her parents, which surely subtracted points from the judges. She also added that she wanted to become an actress in the future, which she did !! The Jamaican candidate explained that she liked working in Public Relations and spoke of the wonderful places on her Caribbean island, although with her nerves she got stuck and could not continue. The local representative spoke of her hobbies and said that she did not believe in astrology, Miss Israel said that her job in the army was that of a secretary, that she wrote stories and that she played piano for the last 10 years. And finally, Miss USA spoke about her computer studies and said that she liked ceramics a lot, she also gave very intelligent answers that made her stand out in this part of the competition, like when she was asked if she believed in destiny and said: “Well , I believe that destiny is what you make of it. ” After posing together, the girls left the stage to wait for the final results. Meanwhile, American singer Jack Jones performed a medley of famous songs, including “Let it Be” and “We are the World.” Following the “cabaret”, presenters called the famous British Formula One racer Nigel Mansell on stage to present the awards on behalf of Top Shop, Julia Morley and, of course, Eric Morley to announce the continental queens and final results in reverse order.

                The Continental Queens were as follows: AFRICA’s, Miss Republic of Zaire; from the AMERICAS, Miss United States; from ASIA, Miss Israel; from EUROPE, Miss Iceland and OCEANIA’s, Miss New Zealand. All of them received their Top Shop trophies from Nigel Mansell and posed for the public as a whole. Morley then proceeded to announce the finalists and the new Miss World.

                As SECOND RUNNER-UP, Miss UNITED STATES (Brenda Denton) and as FIRST RUNNER-UP, Miss UNITED KINGDOM (Mandy Shires). Julian Morley, the eldest son of the Morley family, placed the crowns and Nigel Mansell presented the trophies on stage. Miss New Zealand went ahead to the announcement and shouted to Miss Iceland: “It’s you, it’s you”, when she saw that Miss United Kingdom had been the first runner-up … And she was not mistaken !!. The new MISS WORLD 1985 was … MISS ICELAND !!. Hólmfridur “Hofi” Karlsdóttir, a beautiful blonde with blue eyes at 22 years of age and 5 feet 8 and a half inches tall, a teacher in a nursery school, who played the clarinet and who liked traveling, swimming and jogging was the happy lucky one. She received the Miss World sash from Julian Morley and the trophy from Mansell before sitting on the throne, where she was crowned by the outgoing queen, Venezuelan Astrid Carolina Herrera. Then, she made her triumphal walk with the chords of the official march of the contest before concluding the broadcast of the show. Her smile never faded, and then she said she was never nervous. “I really can’t believe it,” said Miss Karlsdóttir, the first Icelandic woman to win the world title. “I will have to leave my children in the nursery for a year … and I just hope they miss me,” she said in English. “I will do my best … I love to travel.” She said she would also have to be absent from her boyfriend, Elfar Rúnarsson, who is in law school. “We are not yet engaged, but we have talked about getting married someday,” she said. She also mentioned that the first thing she would do would be to call her parents in Iceland. “I am sure they and my boyfriend should be very proud of me.” “I must have been lucky to have finished second in Miss Iceland and still have become Miss World.” The new world queen, wearing an electric blue one-shoulder sequin evening dress, had been ranked as the second bookies’ favorite with a 4-1 probability before closing, while the big favorite had been Miss Jamaica at 3-1. Ron Pollard, a spokesman for Ladbroke’s bookmakers, said there had been few bets this year because no British newspaper had published a photograph showing all the contestants. “If they can’t see them, they can’t bet on them,” Pollard said. “It has been the calmest Miss World election that any of us can remember.” On the other hand, Miss USA said: “From this group of girls, I feel that I was very lucky. I can only be very satisfied with my performance.” The American presenter John Davidson interviewed the new world sovereign behind the scenes, a talk that would be included in the broadcast of the contest in the US on deferred days later. Some 8,000 people crowded the Royal Albert Hall in London and an estimated 500 million other people watched the contest on TV in 55 countries, including Britain.

                Subsequently, everyone attended the Coronation Ball, this time held at the Hilton hotel in the West End. There the places of the remaining finalists were announced. In seventh place was Miss SWITZERLAND (Eveline Nicole Glanzmann), sixth was Miss ISRAEL (Maya Wachtenheim), in fifth place was Miss JAMAICA (Alison Jean Barnett) and in fourth, Miss VENEZUELA (Ruddy Rosario Rodríguez de Lucía). All of them received a prize of £ 500 with the exception of Miss Israel, who won £ 1,000 for being also elected as Continental Queen. The remaining eight semi-finalists won a prize of £ 100, with the exception of Miss Republic of Zaire and Miss New Zealand, who received £ 500 for being Continental Queens. The First and Second runner-ups received a prize of £ 2,000 and £ 1,000 respectively. The brand new Miss World received her check for £ 5,000 and the chance to earn a minimum of an additional £ 25,000 on a job contract for personal appearances and advertising during her year of reign.


               Just as Eric Morley announced the Continental Queens, Julia Morley was told that her adoptive daughter Kathryn, 17, was in serious condition, so after coordinating the photographs of the new world sovereign of beauty and her finalists, she ran to her home in Dulwich, where, hours later, at 4:15 in the morning on November 15, her beloved daughter died … The condition of “Kate” as they affectionately called her, had become critical that week and Julia remained at her side the night before the event. In fact, both Eric and Julia had arrived late at the Royal Albert Hall on the night of the finals due to their beloved daughter’s health conditions. Before the tragic outcome, Eric Morley left the Coronation Ball at around 1:30 in the morning to return home and be with his sick daughter, whom they had adopted when she was only 10 months old, while in the Party continued to flow champagne in honor of the new beauty queen. “We are completely in shock, but life is something you have no control over,” said sorry Morley at the funeral.


                Hofi Karlsdóttir received the press in her suite at the Tara Hotel in London the next morning with champagne and strawberries. “I feel fantastic. I never expected to win,” she said still excited but tired as she had only slept two hours. When asked about the death of the Morleys’ daughter, she said she was not aware, that she was sorry but did not want to discuss the matter. Then, she posed for photographs. Due to the Morley family duel, the new world queen had little activity in the early days. However, on Tuesday the 19th she attended as a guest the television program “Des O’Connor Tonight” along with singer Jack Jones. She also visited the Ashmead school in London, where she took the books that each contestant had brought from her country as a donation. On November 27 she attended the Burton Staff Awards at the London Palladium and on the 29th she attended the World Travel Market held at Olympia. During her visit to the city of Southport on December 6, to open a Burton store on Chapel Street, a woman passed out and was taken to the hospital as the crowd stirred to take a look at the new Miss World.

               Hofi Karlsdóttir was finally able to return home on December 15, being received like a heroine and where she was named “Woman of the Year”. There she stayed during Christmas and the month of January and returned to London to fulfill her commitments as Miss World in February. Her first international trip was to Switzerland, where she did promotional work for her country, Iceland. Later, she traveled to Paris, France for a TV program and from there to Norway, where she took the opportunity to visit relatives in Oslo. Later, she traveled to New York (USA), Denmark, Jamaica (where she participated in two Fashion Shows with Miss Jamaica and Miss Venezuela), Cayman Islands (where she opened a school for disabled children), El Salvador (where she was the godmother of a baby and collected funds for an orphanage), Guatemala (where she visited the children’s hospital and where she also recorded a commercial for Max Factor), Austria (at an IBM computer convention), Greece, Canary Islands (where she was judging the preliminaries of the Miss England contest aboard the Russian ship “Leonid Brezhnev”), Hong Kong, Macau, Sweden, Poland (where she attended the election of Miss Poland in the month of July), the Isle of Man (same for their national contest), Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, in these last three, she also attended the election of their beauty queens for Miss World 1986. She was also a judge in the Miss United Kingdom 1986 pageant and, of course, she attended the election of the new Miss Iceland. After a year of many travels, she handed the crown over to her successor in London in November 1986.


                On December 13, Eric Morley had to send a check for £ 10,000 to his son Stephen’s former employers, the Allied Dunbar, a group of insurance companies, following the disappearance of an identical sum while in his care. Stephen Morley, 22, was traveling on a train earlier the year with cash on behalf of a customer when the money mysteriously disappeared. His father, Eric Morley, said that Stephen had acted in a very innocent way by leaving the money in a travel bag while he slept. “Stephen tried not to get us involved and tried to get the money on his own. When I heard about it, I thought he should take responsibility himself and pay the money to the group, but decided to send a check to Stephen’s company for £ 10,000 more the necessary interests”. Mr Morley said there was no connection between the disappearance of the money and the purchase of his son’s new £ 6,000 car earlier in the year.


                Don’t mess with Miss New Zealand !! Sheri Le Fleming-Burrow, 20, was arrested in Auckland on Christmas Eve after she punched a traffic officer, threatened him with her pointed heel and tried to flee barefoot. It all started on Sunday, December 22, when the police arrested her boyfriend after a high-speed chase. Police said Burrow went after officers when she got out of the car and had to be chased. Her boyfriend, publisher Murray Down, was accused of reckless driving and having alcohol on his breath.


                It was officially known that the contest was watched by 18.9 million people in the United Kingdom, obtaining fifth place for the most tuned programs of the month. By the way, the presenter Anne Diamond received a lot of criticism of her work from the press, so she decided that she would not host the contest ever again. Meanwhile, Miss Jamaica took the opportunity to visit her old school in Tullynassle where she shared with the children and signed countless autographs. In those days, on November 21, it was also announced the divorce of ex-Miss World 1974, Anneline Kriel, with South African magnate Sol Kerzner, owner of the hotel chain that years later would host the contest in Sun City, South Africa. On December 5, the press published that Julia Morley’s nephew, Eddie Crozier, had been summoned in court, accused of blackmail by the Morley family and his case would be tried in January.


                Hólmfridur Karlsdóttir was born in Reykjavik on June 3, 1963. Her father, Karl, was a civil engineer and her mother, Asta, a nurse. She learned English at age 16, studied for a teacher, and was working in a nursery school when she participated in Miss Iceland 1985 where she was the first runner-up, earning the right to go to Miss World. In London she was crowned the first Icelandic to wear the precious world crown on her head on Thursday, November 14, 1985. During the pageant, her roommate was Miss Sweden. As world sovereign she traveled to 22 countries. After handing over her crown, she returned to Iceland. Years later, she married her boyfriend, Elfar Rúnarsson, with whom she had three children: Anton Örn Elfarsson (1989), Rúnar Karl Elfarsson (1991) and Ásta Gígja Elfarsdóttir (1997). The family lives in Gardabaer, Iceland, where Hofi works at a local kindergarten and Elfar works nearby as a lawyer.


                In the 1986 Miss Universe pageant in Panama, Miss Gibraltar, Miss Turks & Caicos and Miss Switzerland competed, the latter was a semifinalist. Miss Malta participated in Miss Universe 1987. Miss Brazil won the 1986 Maja International, she also won the Miss Nivea Brasil and was second in the Miss Brazil International Beauty 1988. Miss Sweden was the first runner-up of Miss Scandinavia 1986, where Miss Denmark and Miss Finland also competed. Miss Chile was the second princess of the International Coffee Queen 1987, Miss Puerto Rico was a semifinalist in Miss All Nations 1990 and Miss Luxembourg participated in Mrs. World 1989.

                After having competed in Miss World, Miss Venezuela was invited to participate in the James Bond movie “The Living Daylights” starring Timothy Dalton. In 1986, she started her career as an actress in her country by participating in the soap operas “Enamorada”, “Inmensamente tuya” and “Y la luna Tambien” on Venevisión. The following year she obtained her first leading role in the soap opera “Niña bonita” by the writer César Miguel Rondón, in which she played a high society girl who falls in love with a humble doctor played by actor Luis José Santander. In 1989 Ruddy starred in several productions outside Venezuela. She made her international debut in the miniseries “Las Ibáñez” produced by the Caracol Network of Colombia in 1989. Later, a movie for Puerto Rican TV “En aquella playa” with Osvaldo Ríos, then she starred in the soap opera “El Magnate” filmed in Miami, where she shared a leading role with Andrés García and Salvador Pineda. In Spain, she was unveiled in 1992 in the television series “Brigada Central II” starring Imanol Arias and her colleague from Colombia, Margarita Rosa De Francisco. In 1990, Ruddy Rodríguez also started a short career as a singer, signing her only record contract with the Sonographic company for which she recorded the album “Espejismo”, with songs by the composer Rudy La Scala. “I fell in love” and “I don’t want to walk on fire” were the entry themes of the soap operas “Reach for a Star I and II”. She starred with Daniel Lugo in the Peruvian soap opera “Mala mujer”. She has also made several Colombian soap operas, among them “La mujer doble”, “Flor de oro”, “Pasiones secretas” with the Colombian actor Danilo Santos, “La ex”, “El useless” and “Cómplices”, in addition to the version Colombian-Ecuadorian-Argentinean “Desperate Housewives”. In 2007 she participated in the successful Ecuadorian soap opera “El Cholito”. On September 25, 2009, the Venezuelan film “Venezzia” was premiered where she worked with the Mexican Alfonso Herrera. That film marked Ruddy Rodríguez’s first film job as a producer. In 2013, the Venezuelan thriller “The House of the End of Times” was released, in which Ruddy played the leading role. The actress was involved in 2016 in a controversy, after the accusations in which she was accused of waste and flaws that had delayed the production of the feature film “The Flight of the Turpial”, a Venezuelan film that exalts indigenous roots in Venezuela. She once promoted a line of swimsuits and her own cosmetic line called “Ruddy Rodríguez Cosméticos”. She recently developed anti-aging facial care products that are distributed in her native Venezuela. She also has several beauty centers under her name in various cities in the country. In July 1995, Ruddy Rodríguez married the Venezuelan lawyer Rodolfo Pisani. However, the couple separated and divorced on July 3, 2006. In November of that same year, Rodríguez announced that she was having an affair with Colombian dentist Juan Rafael Restrepo Bello, with whom she would eventually end up marrying on October 1st, 2011 at Hacienda Riofrío, in Cundinamarca, Colombia. On February 18, 2015, Ruddy published on her Instagram account a statement where she revealed that the couple had decided to separate by mutual agreement on September 1, 2014 and finally, they divorced on January 23, 2015. Ruddy Rodríguez had no children from either of her two marriages.

                Miss Colombia, Margarita Rosa De Francisco, also became an actress, singer, writer, songwriter and presenter, known for her starring role in the soap operas “Café, con aroma de mujer”, “Gallito Ramírez”, “Los pecados de Inés de Hinojosa “and” La Caponera “. She has won Best Actress awards on numerous occasions. She has also been the presenter of the reality show Desafío. She has been a columnist for Cromos magazine and has written in the newspapers “El Espectador” and “El Tiempo”. She married Colombian singer Carlos Vives on August 20, 1988 but divorced two years later. She maintains a relationship with Will van der Vlugt and decided not to have children. In 2000 she was named Goodwill Ambassador by the UN and in 2016 she published her first book “The man on the phone”.

The spectacular Benita Murekatete, Miss Zaire 1985

                Miss Zaire currently continues to live in Kinshasa and directs the NGO IBeM (Benita Murekatete Initiatives) that fights against Malaria in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, name as the country is currently known. She is also Vice-President of the Bel Campus Foundation. She is also a tireless fighter for the rights of women and children in her country. She has a teenage son named Junior. Her younger brother Chandrish, whom she loves as a son, became a well-known singer in Rwanda. Definitely a lady who throughout her life has worked from the heart for social causes and who strengthens the slogan of the contest that says “Beauty with a Purpose”.

               Miss United Kingdom became a prominent sales executive in the automotive industry as well as owns the women’s clothing, swimwear and jewelry line called “Madele” and lives in York. Miss Jamaica is today Dr. Cross and was Executive Director of the Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning since her career has been based on Special Education. Miss Switzerland owns her own beauty salon called “Kosmetiksalon” in the city of Therwill. Miss Brazil, today Mrs. Loferman, is an image consultant and still lives in Porto Alegre. Miss Poland was a model for many years in Paris, she worked with many fashion agencies, such as Karin Models in Paris, Louisa Models in Munich, Fashion Model in Milan and Next in New York. Her photos have appeared in many prestigious magazines, including “Madame Figaro”, “Elle”, “Cosmopolitan” and “Vogue”. She has worked for famous fashion houses such as Christian Lacroix, Donna Karan and Ralph Laurent. Posed for publicity photos of Esprit, Victoria’s Secret, Cacharel, Oil of Olay and YSL. In 1991 she married businessman Serg Varsano with whom she has two children and currently lives in Paris, France.

Miss St. Vincent

                Miss Dominican Republic works in real estate and lives in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Miss Belgium made an acting career in her country. Finn Marja Kinnunen’s daughter Bea Toivonen was chosen Miss Finland 2014 and unsuccessfully competed in Miss Universe. Miss Gibraltar, today Mrs. Tiron, became a renowned artist and painter. Miss Spain is a businesswoman with electrical appliance stores in Valencia and Madrid and Miss Tahiti heads the Tennis Association of French Polynesia. Poor Miss St. Vincent, Donna Maria Young, died on August 3, 1986. She and 12 other people were on LIAT flight 319 from Saint Lucia to the Arnos Vale airport in Saint Vincent and the plane disappeared in the middle of a thunderstorm. The victims were never found…