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Miss World 1982



                1982 was the year that Argentina and the United Kingdom went to war over the Falkland Islands, a conflict that lasted between April 2 and June 14 of that year, resulting in a British victory. Meanwhile, the war between Iraq and Iran continued, Israel invaded Lebanon causing a war and the Hama Massacre in Syria occurred. Earthquakes shake North Yemen and El Salvador, on the night that just hours before Miss El Salvador had been chosen in the middle of the civil war. In Vargas (Venezuela) the tragedy of Tacoa occurs. A Spanish priest tries to assassinate Pope John Paul II who was unharmed in Fatima, Spain reopens its border with Gibraltar, closed since 1969 and the confederation of Senegambia is formed (which lasted until 1989). The Irish terrorist group IRA explodes a bomb in London’s Hyde Park. Peruvian Javier Pérez de Cuéllar assumes the Secretary-General of the United Nations, a post he held until 1991. CDs (Compact Discs) are released for the first time, Ford launches Ford Sierra on the European market and at Disney World, the EPCOT Center theme park is opened. Italy wins the Soccer World Cup for the third time by defeating Germany 3-1 in the sporting event held in Spain. Canadian Karen Baldwin wins the title of Miss Universe, a contest held for the first time in South America (Lima, Peru), American Christie Claridge is crowned Miss International in Japan, while Nicole’s song “Ein Bißchen Frieden” gives her the triumph for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest held in the United Kingdom and the Venezuelan group Unicornio wins the OTI Festival in Lima with their song “You can count on me”. Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez received the Nobel Prize for Literature that year. In the cinema the films “E.T. the extraterrestrial”, “Gandhi” (Oscar winner), Poltergeist, “Pink Floyd – The Wall” and the third part of “Friday the 13th” are released. Michael Jackson releases his album “Thriller”, which became world famous in the following two years, José Luis Rodríguez (El Puma) releases his song “Dueño de nada”, in Argentina the rock band “Soda Stéreo” is created and the famous Swedish group ABBA disintegrates. In Venezuela the program “Bienvenidos” by Miguel Ángel Landa is premiered and on American TV the series “Family Ties”, “Remington Steele” and the soap-opera “Newhart”. This year, the Indian Miss World Priyanka Chopra, the Nigerian Miss World Agbani Darego, Prince William (son of the Prince of Wales and Lady Di) and Mexican actor and singer Aaron Díaz were born. While Maye Brandt, Miss Venezuela 1980 (committed suicide), actresses Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, Romy Schneider and Viridiana Alatriste (daughter of Mexican actress Silvia Pinal in a traffic accident), actors Henry Fonda, Fernando Lamas, Vic Morrow (the latter beheaded by a helicopter while filming Twilight Zone) and Russian President Leonid Brezhnev, died.


               This year the Morleys partnered with the sporting goods brand “Ascot International” that sponsored the contest, returning the bathing suits for the press presentation but unfortunately failed to reach an agreement to take the contest preliminaries out of London as the year earlier (originally thought to take the girls somewhere in the Caribbean). In addition, the local and international press devoted very little coverage to the Miss World activities.


               The Miss World organization maintained relations with 76 international directors as those from Dominica and Mauritius declined (the organizer in Mauritius canceled the contest for 5 years as she went to live outside the country for the diplomatic work of her husband), while the Turks and Caicos Islands made their debut after a failed attempt in 1978, Yugoslavia returned after several years of absence and finally Indonesia would have its first representative after a few tries. In Lesotho, Suriname and Swaziland, no national competitions were held that year, while Argentina decided not to send its representative due to the war between her country and Great Britain over the issue of the Falkland Islands. Argentinian director, Nelly Raymond, had everything planned to hold the contest in Canal 13 studios as every year, in the month of October, but decided that her Miss Argentina would no longer go to Miss World but to Miss Latin America (a contest that for true it did not take place that year) being crowned Miss Graciela María Jacobez. On the other hand, in the Virgin Islands, the rights of Miss World passed to another company that organized the event “Miss American Virgin Islands”. Among the remaining national competitions towards Miss World we have the following:

* MISS COLOMBIA.- On November 14, 1981 the new beauty queen of Colombians was elected in the city of Cartagena. The contest was won by the representative of Antioquia, María Teresa Gómez Fajardo, who attended Miss World since the rights of Miss Universe belonged to the “Queen of Queens” contest in those years. The Vice-Queen was Miss Bolívar, Adriana Rumié, who went to Miss International, and the Princesses were the candidates from Valle (Lorena Álvarez), San Andrés and Providencia (Rosa Henry) and Cundinamarca (Amparo Rodríguez).

* MISS FRANCE.- The PLM Saint-Jacques Hotel in Paris was once again the venue for the contest held on Tuesday, December 29, 1981. The winner turned out to be Miss Riviera, Sabrina Belleval, 16, while Miss New Caledonia, Maryse Salaun won the “Miss France Overseas” title. When Sabrina returned to her country after competing in the Miss Europe pageant, which had been held in Istanbul, Turkey on June 11, she was informed that she had been dethroned due to advertising deals she had contracted with a Japanese firm without authorization of Miss France. On June 28 the organization named Martine Philipps, born in Senegal, who was Miss Franche-Comté and 1st runner-up of Sabrina, as the new Miss France 1982 heading to Miss Universe and Miss World.

* MISS SUOMI.- Sari Aspholm was crowned in mid-March 1982 as “Miss Suomi” (Finland). The finalists were Tarja Hakakoski and Aino Summa. The organizers decided to send the winner to both the Miss Universe and the Miss World contests starting this year.

* MISS VENEZUELA.- It was held on Thursday May 6 at the Macuto Sheraton Hotel Theater in Caraballeda among 19 candidates. It was won by Miss Guárico, Ana Teresa Oropeza, who went to Miss Universe. Miss Falcón, Michelle Shoda was selected for Miss World, and Amaury Martínez, Miss Amazonas for Miss International,. The remaining finalists were Aragua (Conchy Grande Casas), Miranda (Lily Protovin), Lara (Sondra Carpio) and Sucre (Diana Juda). Miss Miranda then resigned her position as a finalist, so Miss Trujillo (Sandra Martínez) entered the finalists. The reigning Miss Universe (Irene Sáez) and Miss World (Pilin León) attended to crown their successors. For the first time the contest had as a guest the Mexican Raúl Velasco, who compered along with Gilberto Correa and Carmen Victoria Pérez. The contest was broadcast for first time to many countries thanks to the recent success of Venezuelan beauty queens and it was produced once again by Joaquín Riviera.

* MISS USA.- Terri Utley of Arkansas was crowned Miss USA on Thursday, May 13 at the Gulf Coast Convention Center in Biloxi, Mississippi, on her way to Miss Universe. The first runner-up, Miss Texas, LuAnn Caughey, went to Miss World. The finalists were Miss Utah (Susan Gasser), Miss Ohio (Kim Weeda) and Miss Kentucky (Kristina Chapman).

* MISS BOLIVIA.- The blonde representative of Oruro, Britta Cederberg, was second in the “Miss Bolivia 1982” pageant that took place in Santa Cruz on Friday, May 14, earning the right to go to Miss World. The girl chosen for Miss Universe was the 1st place holder, Sandra Villarroel.

* MISS HOLLAND.- Brigitte Dierickx was crowned on Saturday May 22 in Amsterdam as “Miss Holland 1982” so she went to Miss Universe. The first runner-up, Irene Schell, went to Miss World. The other finalists were Dingena Andriessen, Diana Timmers, and Debby Plugers.

* MISS HONG KONG.- Anglie Leon Leung won the contest held on Saturday May 29 and went to Miss Universe. The finalists were Cally Kwong (to Miss World) and Isabella Kau (to Miss International).

* MISS HONDURAS.- The contest was held on Saturday, May 29, again in the field of the AGAS Livestock Association of San Pedro Sula. The winner was Miss La Ceiba, Eva Lissette Barahona who went to the Miss Universe. The 4th runner-up was Miss Tegucigalpa, Patricia Hueso, the 3rd. runner-up was Miss Cortes Department, Shely Ralston, 2nd. runner-up Miss Comayaguela, Alba Luz Roger and the 1st. runner-up Miss San Pedro Sula, Ana Lucía Rivera, the great favorite, who traveled to London to Miss World.

Miss Honduras

* MISS TOURISM MEXICO.- María del Carmen López from the Federal District won the title of “Miss Tourism Mexico 1982” on Sunday May 30 at the Acapulco Convention Center and represented the country in Miss Universe. In 5th. place Griselda Macedo de Coahuila and Ana María Barba de Jalisco were tied. In 4th place Norma Méndez of the State of Mexico was placed, then, in 3rd. place Ana Ruth García from Tabasco, in 2nd. place came Roxana Pierce Uhlig from Chiapas with the right to represent Mexico in Miss World 1982. But Roxana became seriously ill and was unable to attend Miss World, so the organization appointed Ana Ruth to represent Mexico in London.

* MISS COMMONWEALTH BAHAMAS.- It was celebrated on Sunday 1st. August at the Le Cabaret Theater on Paradise Island. The winner was Oralee Stubbs, while the finalists were Anginette Newton, Julie Major, Sandra Moxey and Dale Rodgers. Thirteen contestants participated.

* MISS UNITED KINGDOM.- The Cunard Hotel in London was the venue for the contest held and televised on Wednesday August 25, which was interrupted by members of the Humane Society who condemned the use of fur coats and who the winner, Miss England Della Dolan called “animals”. The finalists were Miss Belfast, Alison Smith and Miss Chichester, Anne Jackson.

* SEÑORITA PANAMA.- In September 1982 the “Señorita Panama” contest was organized for the first time, organized by RPC Television (Channel 4) and whose winner, Lorena Moreno, went to the Miss World pageant. The finalists were Maricela de la Lastra, Irma Abrahams, Martha Cucalón and María Correa.

*MISS SINGAPORE WORLD.- On Friday, September 17, the final of “Miss Singapore World 1982” was held at the Theater and Restaurant Neptuno, with the attendance of the Venezuelan Miss World Pilin León and Julia Morley, organizer of Miss World. The winner was Yvonne Tan and the finalists were Thong May Nah, Sakina Shanaz Gandhi, Sophia Yap and Rubez Caroline Chang.

* MULHER BRASILEIRA EM PRIMEIRO LUGAR.- Miss Brazil World was chosen on September 17 in a contest called “Mulher Brasileira em Primeiro Lugar”, broadcast by Bandeirantes TV from the Bandeirantes Theater during the Flavio Cavalcanti Show. Seventeen candidates competed, each representing a regional state television station. Mônica Januzzi, representative of Tropical TV in Londrina, Paraná state, was elected Miss Brazil World 1982, while Carmen Júlia Rando Bonoldi, representative of TV Atalaia de Aracaju, Sergipe state, received the title of Miss Brazil International. Mônica had competed in Miss Brazil Universe 1981 and was a semifinalist there. She had also been the winner of the contest “Queen of the Beaches of the State of Paraná” in 1981.

* MISS MALAYSIA WORLD.- The contest took place in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, September 25, which was also attended by Pilin León and Julia Morley. The winner was the flight attendant Nellie Teoh and her finalists were Helen Ann Peters, Jeannette Kim, Phyllis Lim and Sharinah Shamsuddin.

* MISS SPAIN- Ana Isabel Herrero, Miss Aragon, fatherless and motherless, was crowned “Miss Spain 1982” at a disco in the town of Rosas (Gerona) at a gala held on September 25, representing the country in Miss World 1982 and Miss Universe 1983. Milagros Pérez Castro, Miss Gran Canaria, was second obtaining the title of “Miss National”, while Nieves Aparicio Hernández, “Miss Las Palmas” was the Maid of Honor.

* MISS DOMINICAN WORLD.- In 1982, Ramón Darío Cruz, organizer of the Dominican National Beauty Pageant, transferred the rights of Miss Universe and Miss World to other agencies. Thus, Mariasela Álvarez Lebrón was the winner of the First Dominican Beauty Festival, directed by Bárbizon, receiving the title of “Miss Dominican World”. The contest was held on September 25 at the National Theater. The finalists were Miriam Goetch and Denise Llaverías. Mariasela was crowned by Patricia Polanco, mother of Amelia Vega, who had participated in Miss World 1980 and who had been elected, in Ecuador, Miss Tourism of the Americas 1982. 15 candidates participated.

* MISS SWITZERLAND- Lolita Morena, an Italian-born student in Geneva, won the title of “Miss Schweiz” among 16 girls on Saturday October 2 at the Oerlikon International Hotel. She represented her country in Miss World 1982 and in Miss Universe 1983. The finalists were Corine Martin and Patrizia Lang.

* MISS PERU.- The rights of Miss World in Peru were taken by Gustavo Rubio from 1982. When he did not organize a contest, he decided to appoint Cynthia Piedra, who had been the first runner-up in Miss Peru for Miss Universe 1982. She was symbolically crowned in the hall of mirrors of the Hotel Bolívar in Lima on October 23.





                The first candidate to arrive in the British capital was Miss Gibraltar, who landed at Gatwick airport on Friday, October 29. However, the official arrival dates of the participants was one week later, on Saturday, November 6 and Sunday, November 7. Miss Canada arrived in London that Sunday and she felt ill with flu symptoms. In those days, the outgoing Miss World, the Venezuelan Pilin León, had also arrived in London to join the preparations for the contest. Among her achievements in the months prior to handing over her crown was having signed an advertising contract with the jeans firm “Ferlucci International”. The first days were dedicated to the usual tourist visits around the city such as the Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Bridge, the River Thames and others, as well as visits to sponsors and photo shoots. They also had the traditional welcome dinner at the headquarters hotel, which was once again the Grosvenor House on Park Lane, went shopping and made their rounds for the talent competition. There was also time to make friends among the roommates. For example, Miss Denmark shared a room with Miss Norway and Miss Guam with Miss USA.

                As usual, several of the participants had previous experience in international beauty pageants. The representatives from Aruba, Belgium, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Norway and the United Kingdom (who represented England there) had already competed in Miss Universe in Peru. The British, Finnish and German contestants had been semi-finalists while Miss Cayman Islands had won the Miss Congeniality award. In Miss Universe but from 1980 Miss Trinidad & Tobago competed and Miss Uruguay in Miss Young International in 1978. Miss Sweden was the first runner-up in Miss Europe, where Miss Denmark, Miss Belgium and Miss Malta also competed. Miss Portugal and Miss United Kingdom had been semifinalists in Miss Intercontinental 1982 in which Miss Ireland and Miss Cyprus also participated while Miss Indonesia represented her country in Miss Asia 1982. Meanwhile, Miss Panama had been 2nd. runner-up at the World Reign of Sugar Cane in 1980.


                The girl who was elected Miss World this year would have to wear her crown without the usual gift of a natural fur coat. Julia Morley, organizer of the annual contest, said on Sunday 7 November that she was canceling the presentation of the coat, worth £ 7,000 from Edelson Furs, due to a protest by animal lovers who opposed breeding and the capture of animals for their fur. The organization known as “Animal Activists” had threatened to break into the Miss World pageant as well as invaded the Miss United Kingdom pageant last August over the same issue, Morley said. “We feel that we should not give another opportunity for violence to be used while the world is watching,” said Mrs. Morley. Sylvia Martin, a member of “Animal Activists”, said she was “very delighted” with the decision.


                Two days after arriving in London, Miss AUSTRIA (Rita Isabella Zehetner), who had been the first runner-up in her national contest, fell ill, so she decided to come back to Vienna and could not be replaced. The representatives of JERSEY (Leslie Murray), NIGERIA (Rita Martins) and PAPUA NEW GUINEA (Moi Eli) also did not arrive for unknown reasons. On the other hand, Argentina was boycotting the contest due to the Falklands War, organizers reported on Monday, November 8. “They felt it was too soon after the war to send a contestant here, but we have been told they will return next year,” said Julia Morley. “A young Argentine woman who comes to this country could be very vulnerable at the moment”. All but one of this year’s contestants had arrived in the British capital on Tuesday the 9th. Morley was waiting for the last candidate, Miss Indonesia, to arrive on Wednesday 10 November, to total 68 contestants.


                Martine Philipps, France’s delegate to Miss World, was ordered on Tuesday to deliver a truncheon she was carrying for self-defense. Miss France, a 23-year-old tall woman, was approached by security guards after showing the black truncheon to reporters at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London where the contestants were staying. “They told me it was an illegal weapon and that I should band it over to my chaperone,” said Miss Philipps. “I’ll get it back when the contest is over. I’m not really upset, however, I never had to use it seriously and I didn’t expect to have to do it here.” Miss France told the Associated Press that she had bought the truncheon in Spain a few months earlier to fend off any muggers and had carried it in her handbag ever since. Miss Philipps said she was particularly interested in karate and judo which she practiced at night classes in her town of Sochaux before preparing for the Miss World contest. “I bought the truncheon as a sort of last resort. But so far, the only time I’ve used it is on my boyfriend Jean” she joked, smiling broadly. Dennis Martin, Miss World’s chief of security, declined to confirm that the truncheon had been confiscated. “No comment,” he told a journalist.


                On the morning of Thursday, November 11, the contestants went jogging through London’s Hyde Park accompanied by strict security measures, and in the afternoon the girls attended the King’s College hospital, beneficiary of “Beauty with a Purpose” where They spent a pleasant afternoon at a special Christmas party that was offered to the little ones of the hospital. At the party with the children, Miss Dominican Republic shared with one of them when a small ring came out among the sweets. She asked the boy to put it on as a sign of friendship and promised not to take it away. With the plastic ring on she followed the entire contest, even the final night since she wanted the infant to see her on television, to know that she kept her promise. The next day, beauties from around the world attended the annual Variety Club of Great Britain luncheon, this time at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane. As was traditional, the participants arrived dressed in their national costumes and brought the gifts that would be auctioned for the benefit of charity and “Beauty with a Purpose”. In the evening, they attended a musical performance in a West End theater. On Saturday the 13th, the contestants were taken to the Sheraton Skyline hotel in Heathrow where they pre-recorded the swimsuit parade in the pool area with steel band musicians and many flowers, simulating a paradisiacal place in the Caribbean and where each of them wore bathing suits of their own choice. These images would be broadcast the final night.

Sheraton Skyline Hotel


                On Friday the 12th, Miss Zimbabwe, Caroline Murinda accused Miss World organizers of being racist. The African beauty filed charges of racism and claimed that she had been removed from the photos and replaced by other contestants and photographers had ignored her. The 22-year-old croupier, who said she wanted to go home, alleged that she had been left out of the advertising photos because of her color. “I feel depressed and unhappy and there is no way I can smile at the television cameras. I want to go home.” She also said that she wanted there to be separate contests for black and white girls because “there is no way they can be judged together, their characteristics are very different.” But the organizers, who rejected her claims and called them “totally ridiculous,” reassured her and persuaded her to stay. Incidentally, Miss Zimbabwe was the only participant who had arrived in London from the African continent, so she would have secured her Queen of Africa award. Meanwhile, the Ladbroke´s booking agency had opened the possibilities of each of the entrants and had given Miss United Kingdom with 5-1, followed by Miss United States with 8-1 and Miss Australia with 10-1.


                On Sunday, November 14, the press presentation of the 68 contestants for Miss World 1982 took place at the premises of the Ascot International store, the main sponsor of this year’s contest, and where they received journalists and photographers wearing the same style of one-piece strapless swimsuit, in white with black details and with the name of the country represented printed on the left chest. A contest spokesperson said that these swimwear, designed by Ascot, were much more revealing than those usually seen in the contest in previous years, “so viewers will now be able to see all the curves” …

                But not all the contestants were pleased with those swimsuits. The strapless swimsuit that all the contestants had to wear made Miss USA angry. Miss Caughey, 23, thought the swimsuit was too revealing and was not happy to have to wear it for photographers before ‘Big Night’. “I’m being exploited,” said the beauty queen, who lifted weights in her spare time. Miss United States at first refused to go out wearing the swimsuit in front of the photographers and had to reluctantly do so after being cautioned by Julia Morley. The American girl said she was upset by some poses suggested by the photojournalists. “I’ve never done this before”, said Miss Caughey who regularly attended the Methodical Church in Abilene, Texas. “I don’t like to be exploited. I will do what I am told to do up to a point, but I will not do many other things. Who wants to be Miss World?” she said annoyed. Julia Morley said that she did not understand the reasons why Miss USA was so upset because she considered that the swimsuit photoshoot had been done with dignity “but if she wants to talk about this with me, I am sure we will solve it” Julia added.

                As usual, journalists grouped favorites to be photographed, including candidates from Germany, the United States, Trinidad & Tobago, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel and Switzerland. By the way, at the end of the activity journalists and photographers chose Miss Photogenic, winning Miss SWITZERLAND, Lolita Morena, who received a silver trophy. That very night a very special dinner was held at the venue hotel where the participants showed their talents. A group of Latina contestants improvised a theatrical scene and Miss Dominican Republic delighted everyone singing while playing the piano. As in previous years, there was no talent award, but the competition was held to entertain those present. Here is a table with the main data of the participants of Miss World 1982:

AMERICAN VIRGIN ISLANDS Benedicta Acosta 20 St.Croix Business student
ARUBA Noriza Antonio Helder 19 Oranjestad Secretary
AUSTRALIA Catherine Anne Morris 19 North Bondi Model and student of archeology
BAHAMAS Oralee Laverne Stubbs 18 Nassau Receptionist and typist
BELGIUM Marie-Pierre Lemaître 21 Brussels Model
BERMUDA Heather Michelle Ross 22 Somerset Business student
BOLIVIA Britta Margareta Cederberg Schmidt 17 Oruro Student of high school
BRAZIL Mônica Jannuzzi 21 Londrina Student nurse
CANADA Jody Jensen 19 Calgary Student of education
CAYMAN ISLANDS Maureen Theresa Lewis 21 Georgetown Bank clerk
CHILE Mariana Margarita Reinhardt Lagos 20 Santiago Air hostess
COLOMBIA María Teresa Gómez Fajardo 19 Medellin Student of medicine
COSTA RICA Maureen Jiménez Solano 22 San Jose Student of publicity and TV presenter
CURACAO Vendetta Martha Roozendal 20 Willemstad Bank cashier
CYPRUS Marina Elena Raouzer 17 Limassol Student of high school
DENMARK Tina Maria Nielsen 18 Copenhaguen Student of business
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Mariasela Álvarez Lebrón 22 Santo Domingo Student of architecture
ECUADOR Gianna Macchiavello González 20 Guayaquil Works in travel agency
EL SALVADOR Berta Loredana Munguía Gutiérrez 20 San Salvador Student of business management
FINLAND Sari Kaarina Aspholm 20 Vantaa Model
FRANCE Martine Marie Phillipps 23 Audincourt Secretary
GERMANY Kerstin Natalie Paeserack 19 Wilhelmshaven Student and model
GIBRALTAR Louise Michelle Gillingwater 20 Gibraltar Secretary
GREECE Anthi Priovolou 19 Athens TV announcer
GUAM Frances Rose Limtiaco 22 Tamuning Public health educator with a master in sociology
GUATEMALA Edith Suzanne Whitbeck Cain 20 Guatemala City Medical student
HOLLAND Irene Maria Petronnella Henrichs Schell 20 Venlo Student of law
HONDURAS Ana Lucía Rivera Castro-Lucy 20 San Pedro Sula Student
HONG KONG Cally Kwong Mei-Wan 19 Victoria TV compere
ICELAND Maria Bjork Sverrisdóttir 19 Reykjavik Student nurse
INDIA Uttara Mhatre 19 Bombay Student of nutrition
INDONESIA Andi Botenri 17 Jakarta Student
IRELAND Roberta Brown 19 Londonderry Model and Student of tax sales and fashion
ISLE OF MAN Maria Elizabeth Craig 19 Jurby Hairdresser and beautician
ISRAEL Anat Kerem 18 Haifa Student of biology
ITALY Raffaella del Rosario 17 Bologna Model
JAMAICA Cornelia Ramona Roxanne Parchment 19 Kingston Student
JAPAN Mutsuko Kikuchi 20 Tokyo Sales assistant
KOREA Sung-yoon Choi 19 Seoul Student
LEBANON May Mansour Chahwan 19 Beirut Model and student of interior decorating
MALAYSIA Nellie Teoh Swee Yong 25 Kuala Lumpur Air stewardess
MALTA Delina Camilleri 18 Mosta Student
MEXICO Ana Ruth García Jiménez 23 Villa Hermosa Communicator
NEW ZEALAND Susan Jane Mainland 19 Hamilton Training teacher
NORWAY Janett Carine Krefting 19 Oslo Bookeeper
PANAMA María Lorena Moreno Arosemena 22 Panama City Freelance advertising designer
PARAGUAY Zulema Divina “Susan” Domínguez Gütter 19 Asuncion Secretary
PERU Cynthia Mercedes Piedra Viñas 21 Lima TV presenter
PHILIPPINES Sara-Jane Coronel Areza 22 Manila Sociology student
PORTUGAL Suzana Walker Dos Santos Dias 19 Lisbon Model
PUERTO RICO Jannette Torres Burgos 17 San Juan Model
SINGAPORE Yvonne Tan Yen Yen 19 Singapore Public relations executive
SPAIN Ana Isabel Herrero García 17 Zaragoza Student
SRI LANKA Tania Coleen Anne Pereira 19 Panadura Student of data processing
SWEDEN Anne-Lie Margaretha Sjöberg 18 Elkilstuna Student and model
SWITZERLAND Lolita Laure Morena 22 Locarno Student of egyptology
TAHITI Teura Tuhiti 17 Papeete Secretary
THAILAND Alisa Kajornchaiyakul 18 Bangkok Student
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Althea Ingrid Rocke 22 Port of Spain Public relations officer
TURKEY Ayse Belgin Güven 20 Istanbul Student of German literature and model
TURKS & CAICOS Lolita Elaine Ariza 21 Grand Turk Drama student
UNITED KINGDOM Della Frances Dolan 20 Grimsby Sales executive
UNITED STATES Elizabeth LuAnn Caughey 23 Abilene, Texas Adversting and media work
URUGUAY Varinia Roxana Govea Pazos 21 Montevideo Computer engineer
VENEZUELA Michelle Marie Shoda Bianchini 22 Maracaibo Student of electrical engineering
WESTERN SAMOA Lily Caroline Hunt 20 Apia Bank clerk
YUGOSLAVIA Ana Sasso 19 Split Student
ZIMBABWE Caroline Murinda 22 Harare Croupier


                On Monday November 15, the participants attended the House of Commons, an already traditional visit and had lunch with the parliamentarians and, in the afternoon, They began with the arduous rehearsals at the Royal Albert Hall in London, an activity that also occupied the entire following day. The blue-eyed blonde contestant from the USA, LuAnn Caughey believed that her fate in the prestigious beauty pageant had already been decided: “When the moment comes I’ll just be myself because if the Lord thinks I’ve got the qualities to win I shall anyway”, the 23-year-old girl from Abilene, Texas said Tuesday, “Otherwise I’m just happy to be here”. “God created us all equal and I think I could cope with any situation”, she said.

                On Wednesday the 17th, the girls attended Leonard of Mayfair’s beauty salon and then, in the evening, recordings of the introduction of all the contestants in their national costumes were made, who said their name, occupation and city where they came from. But, after filming ended, there was a technical error and everything had to be filmed again. The candidates returned to the stage. When it was almost time for her turn, Miss Chile arrived in a hurry, which made her lose focus, made a mistake and did not complete her introduction. After this, the candidates sang on the stage the song “For Only a Day” composed by John Dawson Read and Chris Gunning and performed by the group Unity. This song had participated in the British preliminary rounds of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981. Comperes Peter Marshall and Judith Chalmers also recorded their introductions. Later, the girls changed and wore a kind of white coat with tiaras on their heads, to accompany the members of the group “The Three Degrees” on stage, who performed the musical opening with the theme “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend “who immortalized the legendary Marilyn Monroe. Incidentally, that same night, a group of contestants posed for the DAILY MIRROR newspaper simulating the “happy days” of the fifties, wearing strapless white suits and long gloves. They were Miss Tahiti, Miss Switzerland, Miss USA, Miss United Kingdom and Miss Israel, favorites of the mentioned newspaper.

                Then the Dress Rehearsal was held and where the representatives of Belgium, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Germany were chosen as the last seven finalists. In the end, the Dominican girl was placed as the first runner-up and Miss Switzerland was crowned as the queen of that rehearsal. During this practice, the Miss Personality award was also given, chosen by all the contestants and that this year it went to Miss Cayman Islands (who had also won the Miss Congeniality award in Miss Universe in Lima, Peru months earlier). At first it had been rehearsed and it was thought to re-crown Miss World 1982 in a swimsuit so that the girls could wear the swimsuits of the Ascot International firm, but Julia Morley strongly opposed the idea that was later discarded to avoid feminist and even protests by the contestants themselves. The last minute change did not please Ascot International managers who sponsored the event.


                The closing of Labroke´s bets gave Miss Trinidad & Tobago as the winner with a 7-4 probability, followed by Miss United Kingdom with 4-1 and Miss Switzerland with 9-2. Others with possibilities were Miss Australia, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Finland, Miss Germany, Miss Ireland, Miss Jamaica, Miss USA and Miss Uruguay, all with 20-1. A little further back were Miss Guam, Miss New Zealand and Miss Sweden with 25-1. As was traditional, THE SUN newspaper interviewed the contestants about whom they believed could be the new Miss World. This time the opinions were divided as both Miss USA and Miss United Kingdom obtained 11 votes each, followed by Miss Finland with 6 votes and with 5 Miss Colombia and Miss Dominican Republic (the latter with the votes of Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras , Japan and Thailand). Other girls with votes from their partners were Miss Germany, Miss Italy and Miss Trinidad-Tobago with 3 votes each, Miss France and Miss Bolivia with 2 and the representatives of Canada, Ireland, the Philippines and Yugoslavia with a single vote. The other girls refrained from giving any names.

“FOR ONLY A DAY” (Unity)

If the world was filled with laughter
if only for a day
Every nation, its generation
For a hundred years thereafter
the people still will say
Can you recall of the walls that divided us before?
For a laughter last forever
only seconds fade the way
and the memory can better give a date
if the world was filled with laughter for a day
If the world was filled with laughter
if only for a day
Every nation, its generation
For a hundred years thereafter
the people still will say
Can you recall of the walls that divided us before?
For a laughter last forever
only seconds fade the way
and the memory can better give a date
if the world was filled with laughter for a day
if the world was filled with laughter for a day



               At noon on Thursday, November 18, all the participants were interviewed by the judges and where Miss Dominican Republic spoke of her trip through Europe and her opinion about the release of the Polish social leader Lech Walesa, who made headlines in previous days. Hours later, the Royal Albert Hall would open its doors to welcome thousands of attendees to the thirty-second edition of Miss World, which this year was called “Miss World 1982 for the Ascot Sportwear International Awards”. There was great security in the theater due to fears that environmentalists would disrupt the contest as they did in the Miss United Kingdom which was televised in Great Britain. At 7:55 at night the musical opening by the Phil Tate orchestra and the intonation of the British National Anthem began. Eric Morley immediately welcomed and introduced the group “The Three Degrees” with the theme “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend” with all the contestants on stage wearing their evening gowns. Next, Peter Marshall introduced all participants individually in alphabetical order (not by continents like the year before) in their gown parade with commentary from Judith Chalmers. Then, the 68 beauties paraded individually in swimwear from the Ascot International firm. This year they did not wear sashes. Later they all returned to the stage and posed in groups of five and six before the judges. At 8:30 at night the broadcast of the program began on ITV for an hour and a half, with the pre-recorded opening, the introduction of the contestants in their national costumes, the song “For Only a Day” and the images of the outdoor parade in swimsuits. At about 9:10 p.m., viewers began to watch live what was happening at the Albert Hall on stage when Peter Marshall proceeded to introduce the nine judges. They were:

01- Director of Fashion Fair, Alfred Forney Jr.

02- Director of Universal Beauty Club, Doreen Miller.

03- Director of Edelson Furs, Michael Edelson.

04- The Vice-President of Canal 4 of Panama, Mercedes Eleta.

05- Eric Morley, organizer of Miss World and Chairman of the Judges.

06- Miss World 1980, Kimberly Santos of Guam.

07- The Egyptian movie producer Dodi Fayed.

08- Director of Ascot International Sportwer, Dilys Monk.

09- Famous British stylist, Leonard Lewis.

                Once the members of the judges were known, Peter Marshall proceeded to present the 15 semifinalists in their individual swimsuit parade, with swimsuits chosen by each of them (another blow for Ascot). The 15 lucky ones were: Miss AUSTRALIA (Catherine Anne Morris, 19, 5f 9i, from North Bondi); Miss BOLIVIA (Britta Margareta Cederberg Schmidt, 17 years old and 5f 8.5i, from Oruro); Miss Cayman Islands (Maureen Theresa Lewis, aged 21 and 5f 11i, from Bodden Town); Miss DENMARK (Tina Maria Nielsen, 17, 5f 7i, from Copenhagen); Miss DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Mariasela Álvarez Lebrón, 22 years old and 5f 10i, from Santo Domingo); Miss FINLAND (Sari Kaarina Aspholm, 20 and 5f 9.5i, from Vantaa); Miss GUAM (Frances Rose Limtiaco, 21 years and 5f 5i, from Tamuning); Miss IRELAND (19-year-old, 5f 7i Roberta Brown, from St. John’s Park, Londonderry); Miss PHILIPPINES (Sara-Jane Colonel Areza, 22 years old and 5f 4 i, from Manila); Miss SWITZERLAND (Lolita Laure Morena, 22 years old and 5f 8i, from Neuchatel); Miss TRINIDAD & TOBAGO (Althea Ingrid Rocke, 22 years old and 5f 8i, from Port of Spain); Miss UNITED KINGDOM (Della Frances Dolan, 20 years and 5f 9i, from Grimsby); Miss UNITED STATES (Elizabeth LuAnn Caughey, 23, 5f 8i, from Abilene, Texas); Miss YUGOSLAVIA (Ana Sasso, 19 years, 5f 10i, from Split, Croatia) and Miss ZIMBABUE (Caroline Murinda, 22, and 5f 4i, from Harare).

              Immediately, Judith Chalmers welcomed the 15 semifinalists in their individual parade in evening gowns, who arrived on stage in groups of three alphabetically. Once the parade was over, they posed together in front of the judges so that theyy could choose the seven finalists. Peter Marshall invited the semifinalists to go backstage while inviting the Venezuelan Pilin León, Miss World 1981 to the stage to tell details of her reign and then, Judith Chalmers called Julia Morley to explain the advances of “Beauty with a Purpose”. That year she had managed to raise £ 150,000 for charitable works. Then Peter Marshall called the seven finalists, whom Judith Chalmers interviewed as they were called. They were Miss SWITZERLAND, Miss DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Miss UNITED STATES, Miss TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, Miss IRELAND, Miss FINLAND and Miss UNITED KINGDOM. The seven finalists posed together in front of the judges and while they were deliberating, the members of the American group founded in Philadelphia in 1963, “The Three Degrees”, made up of Valerie Holiday, Sheila Ferguson and Helen Scott, sang the theme “When will I see you again”, a very popular song in the United Kingdom and which consecrated the group in 1974, achieving Top 5 in seven countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States.


                Following the performance of the musical trio, Peter Marshall called on Mr. Geoff Seth, Director of Ascot International, to present the trophies to the winners and Eric Morley to announce the Continental Queens of beauty. They were: Queen of AFRICA (Miss Zimbabwe), Queen of AMERICAS (Miss Dominican Republic), Queen of ASIA (Miss Philippines), Queen of OCEANIA (Miss Australia) and Queen of EUROPE (Miss Finland). All of them received their precious trophies from Mr. Seth of Ascot International. Morley immediately announced the results of Miss World 1982 in reverse order: SECOND PRINCESS, Miss United Kingdom, Della Frances Dolan and FIRST RUNNER-UP, Miss Finland, Sari Kaarina Aspholm. Both were crowned by Morley’s son Julian and received their trophies from Mr. Geoff Seth.

Continental Queens of Beauty


                AND MISS WORLD 1982 is … Miss DOMINICAN REPUBLIC !!!. The astonishing Mariasela Álvarez Lebrón, with brown eyes, brown hair and measurements 35-25-36, whose hobbies included singing, ballet, gymnastics and volleyball, became the first (and until now only) Dominican woman to be chosen Miss World in the history of the pageant. Mariasela received the sash from Julian Morley and the trophy from Mr. Seth and then sat on the throne of galactic courts. The Venezuelan Pilin León then proceeded to crown her successor while Julian Morley presented Mariasela with the royal scepter. Before finishing the telecast, the brand-new queen made the traditional triumphal walk with the chords of the Miss World march. Mariasela smiled, wiped her eyes and articulated “thank you” as she paraded with her scepter and crown. It was estimated that the broadcast of the contest worldwide reached 500 million people.

              “I hope now I can put my country on the map,” said the brand-new beauty queen. “I’m so shocked,” she said, wiping away a tear with one hand and stabilizing her crown with the other. “It is the first time that a girl from my country wins the title. I feel it is a great honor”. Miss Álvarez had wanted to know London although she had already been in Europe, vacationing in Poland, Greece, Austria, Italy, Germany, Spain, in addition to several Latin American countries. London bookmakers initially gave her a somewhat remote chance of 20-1, though her odds improved to 10-1 before the contest began on Thursday. Subsequently, the new Miss World and the other girls made their way to the Park Lane Grosvenor House Hotel for the Coronation Ball where checks were presented to the winners. The new Miss World received a cash prize of £ 5,000 plus a minimum contract of £ 25,000 during her year of reign, totaling £ 30,000. The victory of the new English-speaking Miss World also gave her the chance to present a screen test with “Chariots of Fire” executive producer Egyptian Dodi Fayed for an upcoming film. By the way, Dodi was the last couple of Lady Di and died with her in a car accident in 1997. Mariasela did not receive the traditional fur coat, as animal rights advocates protested out loud for the award days earlier. The first runner-up (Miss Finland) received a check for £ 2,000 and the second runner-up (Miss United Kingdom) received another check for £ 1,000.

               The rest of the positions were announced at the party: Third runner-up was Miss SWITZERLAND, fourth Miss UNITED STATES, fifth Miss TRINIDAD & TOBAGO and sixth Miss IRELAND. All of them received a prize of £ 500. The continental queens of beauty (with the exception of the Finnish and Dominican ones) won a check for £ 1,000, while the remaining 5 semi-finalists obtained £ 100 and the rest of the competitors, who did not qualify in the 15 semi-finalists, received a check for £ 50. The new Miss World thus began her one-year reign with joy and disbelief in this coronation dance that lasted until the early hours of the morning. More than 1,000 people, including the 68 contestants, filled the Great Hall of London’s Grosvenor House Hotel for dinner and dancing organized by the owners of the beauty pageant. In the middle of the party they managed to put Mariasela on the phone with her dad who was in Santo Domingo, telling the excited father about her sensational triumph !!

               The next day and after only sleeping for a couple of hours, the new Miss World received the journalists in her suite at the Grosvenor House hotel while having breakfast, then taking a photo shoot and shopping with her chaperone. Then she had to unpack because the day of the contest she had packed her bags ready to return home, as she never imagined that she would be the winner. The journalists, seeing her with the ring on, thought that Mariasela was engaged and began to speculate and write about it, until they asked her. “I found it so funny and I had no qualms about telling it that it was made of plastic and that it had been given to me by a child in a hospital. They wanted to check it and they looked for him until they found him. They put together the most tender of the press reports, with the two of us recreating the moment: ‘Miss World introduces us to her fiancé’. You can imagine what it represented for that creature and her family. I will never forget it! The ring kept on my finger until it broke on its own!”, the beautiful Dominican queen recounted time later.


                In a contest where it was judged beauty and intellect, tears and backstage disputes were inevitable. But this year’s competition was particularly affected by the disputes even before the contest started. While the new Miss World sipped champagne at a luxury hotel on Friday, November 19, some losers were resentful, saying the winner Mariasela Álvarez Lebrón from the Dominican Republic was ugly and a prude. “They might as well rename the contest Miss Virgin World”, sniped Kerstin Paeserack, the 19-year-old German loser. ‘All they want is a safe, little virgin who will trot around visiting hospitals for them. And that is what they got. It was a farce”. “There is something strange about her face,” said the representative of Italy. “Her mouth is too big and her chin sticks out,” she added. Miss Álvarez Lebrón, an architecture student who boasted of her virginity, beat the odds of the bets that were 10-1 on Thursday to take the 1982 title, thousands of pounds in prizes and an opportunity for a screen test. Other losers complained bitterly of the judging system that allowed the panel to make up their minds at secret judging sessions at a London hotel prior to the big night Thursday at the Albert Hall. A Miss World official conceded part of the reason for the switch of policy was the track-record of some recent winners who proceded to make headlines in a way the organizers felt unladylike. Gabriella Brum quit after a few hours to live with her boyfriend of 52 years. Marjorie Wallace was fired after a series of public affairs, including one with soccer player George Best, and Helen Morgan proved to be a single mother who was later charged in a divorce case.

                “The days of the sexpots are gone. Only safe girls stand a chance and the safest girls are the Latins”, the Miss World official was reported as saying. Ron Pallard, public relations director of Ladbrokes, one of Britain’s biggest bookmaking chains, was more down to earth: “We’ve got to realize that they’re no longer looking for a beauty queen to do this Miss World job. They’re looking for a nun.” Interviewed in a suite at the luxurious Grosvenor House Hotel in London’s exclusive Park Lane, Miss Álvarez Lebrón, 22, replied: “I am a virgin and I am proud of it. I will remain so until I am married”. “I was not the most beautiful. But perhaps I was the most complete,” she concluded.


              As the new Miss World began her reign on the morning of Friday, November 19, the company running the contest woke up with a hangover. Scottish small brewer Belhaven Brewery Group, which owns two-thirds of the beauty pageant and chaired by Miss World founder Eric Morley, who owned the other third, announced lower half-time earnings and again passed its dividend on account. Belhaven’s pre-tax profit fell from £ 286,000 to £ 239,000 during the past six months, when turnover marginally advanced from 5.98 million to 6.22 million. The drop in earnings may have been as a result of the increase in contribution to Miss World from £ 55,000 to £ 99,000. At the heart of Belhaven’s troubles was a drop in group vacation camp earnings from £ 287,000 to £ 80,000. Belhaven, meanwhile, was poised for even more difficult trade by vacation camps in the immediate future, but Morley expected year-round losses from this source, yet was confident that the repair and rebuilding work at Denes Holiday Village would obtain a satisfactory return the following year. He said the other companies in the group had a solid foundation to help increase profits.


                Beauty queen Heather Michelle Ross, who represented Bermuda in the Miss World pageant, appeared in court on Saturday, November 27, on charges of attempting to smuggle cocaine worth $ 320,000 into Britain. Miss Ross, 22, a six-foot tall leggy, was detained for another court hearing next Friday. She neither pleaded guilty nor requested bail during the five-minute hearing in a trial court in Uxbridge, on the western outskirts of London. In contrast to the glamorous outfits and swimsuit she was wearing for the pageant on November 18, Miss Ross appeared in court in a wrinkled blue coat and plaid pants tucked into boots. Miss Ross, who studied at the exclusive Clarendon School for Girls in England, is the daughter of a respected Bermuda doctor. She was accused of trying to import the drug into Britain from Amsterdam on Thursday, a week after the Miss World pageant. A customs officer told the court that about 2.2 pounds of cocaine, worth an estimated $ 320,000, were found hidden in her suitcase after arriving at Heathrow airport. British newspapers said that a man traveling with Miss Ross was arrested shortly after in Amsterdam. The De Telegraaf newspaper in Amsterdam reported that an unidentified man arrested on Thursday November 25 at Schipol airport had more than three pounds of cocaine stuck to his buttocks. The newspaper quoted police sources as saying the man was believed to be a Bermuda criminal chief. Police in Bermuda were informed of the arrests. Miss Ross, who worked as a receptionist at an administrative consulting firm in Hamilton, Bermuda, was chosen as Miss Bermuda in early 1982 and also participated in the Miss Universe pageant in Lima, Peru. Miss Ross should have been greeted on her return to Bermuda with a great reception before her delay in London. Miss Ross’s father, Bertram, said that he spoke only once to his daughter ten days earlier and that she told him that she would stay in London with friends. He said that she did not say that she would go to Amsterdam. Miss Bermuda pageant organizer Wentworth Christopher, who flew to New York two days after the pageant, said, “I have always had, and continue to have, a great deal of respect for Heather.”

                Heather Ross was deported to her native Bermuda on Wednesday, February 8, 1984 after serving 13 months of a three-year prison sentence for smuggling cocaine. Police put Miss Ross, 23, on a flight Wednesday night from Heathrow, the same airport where she was arrested in November 1982 upon arrival from the Netherlands with $ 320,000 cocaine hidden in her suitcase. Before leaving Styal Prison in Derbyshire, the former Miss Bermuda said she was bitterly sorry for what she had done. “I’m really sorry,” she said. “I don’t know how I got involved in this whole mess. It was very stupid of me and it will be the biggest mistake of my life.”


                After some activities proper of the Miss World reign in London, Mariasela made her first international trip to El Salvador in early December, accompanied by chaperone Menai Dillon, where she visited hospitals with children who had been mutilated due to the bloody civil war. From there, she flew to Santo Domingo on an American Airlines flight, where she was received with honors on Friday, December 10, 1982. From the airport, she was transferred by helicopter to the city and drove around the boardwalk while thousands of compatriots applauded and cheered her in her way. She visited the President in the government palace, was named an honorary citizen, and was appointed Goodwill Ambassador in the Senate. She then returned to London where she continued her reign of “Beauty with a Purpose”. During the year she toured hospitals and disabled children in some 30 cities in 18 countries, including El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Jamaica, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Brazil, Venezuela, Ireland, England, Yugoslavia, Poland (where she was the first Miss World in history to visit that country), France, Monaco, Singapore and Malaysia. Among the anecdotes that Mariasela remembers is the trip to the first “Miss Guatemala World” contest at the National Theater and the event was held to benefit a nursing center. Julia Morley bought 200 tickets to invite all those children to the theater where Mariasela even sang the theme “Impossible Dream” of the play “The Man of La Mancha”. With great professionalism she attended the Congress in Brazil even when she had a high fever; The disease did not stop her from fulfilling her obligations, although she had to cancel her trip to Bolivia at the last minute because she was very ill. In Venezuela, she was received by Pilin León and appeared in the “Sábado Sensacional” TV program where Mariasela told of her Venezuelan roots, since her grandmother was a native of that country. In Colombia she stayed 15 days, visiting 8 cities and doing charity shows throughout the country. In Ireland, she met two girls who followed her to all the activities and were walking from one place to another because they had no financial means. Upon realizing it, Mariasela managed to get them some money for their passages, but with that money they bought flowers for Miss World and continued on foot !! Mariasela relinquished her crown in November 1983 in London.


                Mariasela Álvarez Lebrón was born in Santo Domingo on January 31, 1960. Daughter of the Veterinary Doctor Jesús María Álvarez Vicioso and Eva Lebrón de Álvarez, a university professor, who died of cancer in 1979. She has three siblings, two from the father of a previous marriage (Alexis and Sonia) and another of her father and mother (José de Jesús Álvarez Lebrón). Her name, Mariasela, comes from the names of the two Dominican obstetricians who attended her mother, María and Asela, since the birth of Mrs. Lebrón was difficult due to her advanced age. Her grandmother was Venezuelan and Mariasela visited Venezuela on numerous occasions, confessing her love for Hallacas. Mariasela learned to read at the age of three and a half, practiced ballet until she was 12, also did Olympic gymnastics and graduated from high school at 16. She participated in a musical group while she was in college. At first she was not interested in beauty pageants and her father was against them. However, they convinced her and the owner of Barbizón went to speak to her father to allow her to participate. In the end, Don Jesús accepted and she entered the first edition of the national contest two weeks before the finals. Mariasela was studying Architecture at UASD at that time. On September 25, 1982 she won the title of “Miss Dominican World” and traveled to London to Miss World, where she won the crown on November 18 of that same year. She visited 18 countries during her reign.

Mariasela and Julia Morley at Miss Poland 1983

                Mariasela met her husband, the Spanish Sergio Alberto Fernández-Del Pino, at the Hotel Jack Tar Village in Puerto Plata, in August 1983, being Alberto General Manager of that hotel, and she was still Miss World. The designer, Mercedes García, had insisted that she get to know the Playa Dorada project, and she coordinated with Fernando Rainieri, who at the time was managing Infratur, to invite her to spend a weekend at the hotel. They were the facilitators of that meeting. “At first (Alberto) I did not like him, he seemed unkind to me. He argued that he did not like the Misses, but I think it was a tactic to get my attention, because that same night he appeared in the town disco, where I had gone with my friends, and sat next to me with the excuse that someone at my table had invited him (by the way we never knew who), and to top it off, he invited me to dance a bolero, a moment that seemed very accurate to execute my revenge. We danced yes, but there was enough space for another couple between him and me. From that moment on, he was everywhere I went and the following night he asked me to marry saying that I was the woman of his life. Of course, he seemed crazy to me, and I told him so, but I was flattered, and I loved his courage and determination. In time he showed me that he was sure of what he wanted and that he would achieve it. We got married five months later”. Fernández-del Pino had previously been married to Silvia de León with whom he had two children, Carlos Alberto and Michelle; then he married María Teresa Fernández and had a daughter with the same name.

                At the end of her term as Miss World, Mariasela returned to her country and finished her architecture studies at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD). Mariasela designed many buildings in the Dominican Republic, including one of Santo Domingo’s landmarks, the Torre de Cristal, where the Codetel telephone company has one of its offices. She married Alberto Fernández-Del Pino in Puerto Plata on January 7, 1984. She stayed to live at the Hotel Jack Tar Village until they moved to Coppell, Texas in July 1984 for work issues of her husband. Her first son Andrés Alberto was born in Dallas in August 1984. Months later they returned to Jack Tar where they lived for a time before moving to a house in Puerto Plata where their daughter Chantal was born in March 1986. Then they moved to Santo Domingo where she continued working as an architect. (Mariasela is a Cum Laude Graduate in Architecture).

               In 1991 she got involved in the television business and organized her own weekly talk show called “Con los Ojos Abiertos” which was co-presented until 1995 with Milagros Germán, Miss Dominican Republic 1980. Mariasela founded “Hogar Mariololy” in 1993, through the Eva Lebrón de Álvarez Foundation, created in honor of her mother. She also founded the Casa Rosada de Santo Domingo, a home run by the Las Hijas de la Caridad congregation, to house orphans and children with HIV. Her second daughter, Rebeca, was born in 1995. That same year, she was a judge at the Miss World contest held in Sun City, South Africa. After this period, Mariasela founded the company Maralva, SA, the television producer responsible for the successful program “Esta noche Mariasela”, which began on February 11, 1996 in Color Vision and, in Its beginnings included artists such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Miguel Ríos, Ana Belén, Verónica Castro, David Bisbal, Cristian Castro and Chayanne. This program was awarded for four consecutive years with the Casandra award for the best special television program. The program then went on to air on the Telecentre. Her last son, Emmanuel was born in 2002, when she was 42 years old. On January 7, 2004, just as Mariasela and Alberto were 20 years married, they decided to unite their lives, this time under the sacred sacrament of the church in the Parish of Good Shepherd, where both found the joy of the Lord.

                That same year (2004) Mariasela went to live in Madrid with her husband and children and since 2005 she made the production of her programs “Esta Noche Mariasela” and “Esta Tarde Mariasela” on Popular TV, a UHF channel owned by the COPE, the second largest radio transmission station in Spain. She lived there for seven years. In 2005 he was invited as a judge in Miss World held in China. In 2010 she separated from her husband, however, she lived for another year and a half in Spain after the separation, which she did not make public until she returned to Santo Domingo in mid-2011. Mariasela was diagnosed with morphea scleroderma and her father passed away cancer in 2012. Her program “Tonight Mariasela” began airing on July 23, 2012 on Colorvision. Then she was dating with a Cuban singer-songwriter Bobby Delgado, with whom she had a love relationship since 2013 but they did not get married. After a release on their social networks, the communicator and ex-beauty queen confirmed the following on the website: “Life will never cease to amaze us. Sometimes what seems like a failure turns out to be our redemption. Always wins who loves the most, that’s why we should never regret having loved, no matter who, and if it deserved it or not. Love redeems and he who loves, in the end will receive his reward”. This raised suspicions of the breakup of the courtship. She is currently continuing her television program that airs Monday through Friday at 8 p.m. on ColorVision.


                The candidates from Cyprus, Gibraltar, Indonesia, Ireland, Lebanon, Spain, Switzerland and Turks & Caicos then participated in Miss Universe 1983, where Miss Ireland was the 2nd runner-up, Miss Switzerland achieved the 3rd runner-up in addition to the Miss Photogenic award and Miss Spain was a semifinalist. The Spanish also competed in Miss Young International 1983 while Miss Honduras competed in the 1983 International Coffee Queen and the Greek won the Mrs Globe contest in 1997.

                The Swiss Lolita Morena dedicated herself to the world of television as a presenter, working on television channels in Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Together with journalist Jacques Deschenaux, she presented the XXXIV edition of the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest, held on May 6 at the Palais de Beaulieu in the Swiss city of Lausanne and in 1991, presented the program to elect the representative of Switzerland in Eurovision. Later she worked on television “suisse romande” and on the SRG SSR. In 1990, she began her acting career in the film “The Double Nötzli” and in the Swiss comedy series “Les Pique-Meurons”. Lolita is a great participant in the Swiss animal protection organization. The Finnish Sari Aspholm married the Spanish Raúl Hernández and went to live in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. She had two daughters. She separated from her husband after 23 years of marriage. She is currently a businesswoman. Della Dolan from England married Craig Draper, is director of the company “Daniella Draper Ltd” and currently lives in Cleethorpes, Great Britain. Trinidadian Althea Rocke served as a Temporary (Independent) Senator several times between 2003 and 2007 in the Eighth Parliament, and has also served in her country’s Ninth Parliament. She is now an executive at a major insurance company in Trinidad. Irish Roberta Brown married in 1983 with the Italian-American Salvatore Polistina. She immigrated to America to work in marketing in Atlanta, Georgia. She has two children. The Spanish Ana Isabel Herrero made a career as a model in New York and then married the FC Barcelona basketball player Juan Antonio San Epifanio.

               Venezuelan Michelle Shoda became a Misses coach from 1983 to 1986 and later coordinator of the Reign of Chinita in Maracaibo. She prepared her friend María Begoña Juaristi and accompanied her to the Miss World contest held in London in 1986. She married, had three daughters, divorced and is currently the grandmother of a grandson and lives in the city of Miami with her new partner, Ignacio Rodon. Peruvian Cynthia Piedra, after her stage as beauty queen, was a model, presenter and television host. She is currently Director of Marketing and Operations for the company NHT Global Peru. Honduran Ana Lucía Rivera married the engineer Salvador García and is the mother of four children: Fernando, Gabriela, Ana Lucía and Dr. María José García Rivera (RIP). Ana Lucía is a grandmother and she dedicates herself to Christian activities with her husband and with their voices and the sound of the guitars they praise God. Bolivian Britta Cederberg went to study in Australia after concluding her commitments as a beauty queen. She is currently Director of the company “Solarreserve” and lives in Chile. The Colombian María Teresa Gómez starred in one of the most famous legends in the history of drug trafficking. The former queen married Dayro Chica, a man who was a pawn of the Ochoa family, one of the members of the Medellín Cartel. They say that on the day of the wedding the gift that the couple received was a golden chess game. The card that came with the gift said “For you to see how a pawn can eat a queen.”

              Yugoslavian Ana Sasso continued her modeling career in Milan and Paris. In the early 2000s she married Croatian engineer Igor Franceschi, whom she divorced in 2004. She also starred in television. Maureen Theresa Lewis of the Cayman Islands is now Ms. Pitcairn, serves as a lawyer, continues on her islands, and is currently an Administrative Consultant for the Caribbean Football Union. Frances Limtiaco from Guam is part of the US Department of Public Health in Washington DC. Noriza Helder from Aruba, today Mrs. Hoo, lives in the Netherlands and works as an Administration Assistant in the Municipality of Eindhoven. Hindu Uttara Mhatre was a famous model in India. She married the model Adwait Kher and they went to live in Nashik where they opened three restaurants. She was also successful in the furniture business and holds regular exhibitions in Mumbai. In 2006 she joined “Maharashtra Navnirman Sena” as director of the women’s wing and also in the environmental wing. Disillusioned with party politics, she resigned in 2009. Since then, she has been independently involved in the fight against many environmental problems. She is also a trustee of Nashik Run, a charity. Michelle, the daughter of the Gibraltarian Louise Gillingwater, who still resides in the famous Rock, became Miss Gibraltar 2011 and competed in Miss World. After the contest, the Danish Tina-Maria Nielsen moved to Florida (USA) where she worked as a model until 1985. Then she returned to her country to continue her studies. She had a daughter and worked for many years as a flight attendant for a Danish airline. At the age of 55, she lives happily in Copenhagen. Puerto Rican Jannette Torres continued modeling. Then she got married. She competed in Señora Maja de Puerto Rico 2005 and won. She still lives in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Lolita Ariza from the Turks & Caicos Islands but with Dominican roots, had three children with basketball player Trevor Saunders: Trevor Ariza, born in 1985, who also became a basketball champion; Tajh Ariza, who died on March 18, 1996 after accidentally falling from the balcony of a hotel in Caracas, Venezuela at the age of 6, and Kenny Ariza. Lolita Ariza’s sister Carmelita became Miss Turks & Caicos 1986 and ranked among the Miss Universe 1987 semifinalists. Lolita currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.



Thanks to Donald West, Daryl Schabinger, Neil Craig, Junior Zelaya, Carlos Cepeda, Henrique Fontes, Mario Jérez, Tina-Maria Nilsen, Lucho Ortega, Roberto Macedo, Michael Dos Santos, Rafael Mirabal, Toni Hidalgo, Sally-Ann Fawcett, Mills Aldorino, Norberto Colón, Chilean Charm, Paraiso de Reinas, Miss Holland Now and Glamour Argentino.

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